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We have a Spectre birthday today! Happy Birthday, TwistedBeauty! Have a great day!
We have a Spectre birthday today! Happy Birthday, Pharix! Have a great day!
Mister Pseudonymous
@Seducing Only consolation is that Scarlett is a fun actress and the failure of the live-action will likely be due to script and poor choices. lol
@Mister *sigh* Sadly, I totally agree and I was actually pretty bummed when I read it. :/ Though some friends of mine seem to be excited for it.
Mister Pseudonymous
@Seducing I think westerners have a terrible record with live-action adaption of anime. The only one that was good was something that many didn't see anyway. Grain of salt.
SHSL Fangirl
We have a Spectre birthday today! Happy birthday, silver-x-crimson! Have a great day!
So what does everyone think about Scarlett Johansson starring in the Ghost in The shell live action movie in 2017?
I'm unashamed to admit I am watching Super Lovers because, wut? REN AND HARU.
SHSL Fangirl
We have a Spectre birthday today! Happy birthday, Kaykay1986! Have a great day!
Tending to your friend's gf is tiring especially if she's a bit of close minded.
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Happy Birthday Felina!
Hello, Spectres! Front and center and give me your undivided attention, because we have a very special birthday to celebrate today!

Today is Felina’s birthday! That’s right, our very own Co-Owner and one of the original Staff members on the Archive for almost a decade!

Yeah, I know. Impressive, right? I thought so too.

Today is the day we celebrate Felina, our compassionate and fair, fearless and most wonderful of Leaders, who has stood by and supported this Community before some of you even started your writing careers. This is a woman who is deserving of your utmost respect and appreciation for her tenure on the Site, as well as the time and efforts she has continually put in to keep the Archive and Forum active, running smoothly, and looking damn fine. I doubt there is a thing on this Archive you could point out that she hasn’t had a hand in, and for all of you who are happy to call this place home, you definitely owe such a prospering and welcoming Community to her hard work. In fact, Felina has dedicated so much of her free time to all of us here I’m debating whether she should actually have to do anything else for us the rest of her time on the site. {Taps her chin.} We could just set up a shrine with a throne for her to sit in. I think that makes the most sense. We’ll build it out of panda plushies and boxes of candy! {Rubs her hands together.} Yeah, yeah, this’ll definitely work.

My silliness aside, please take a few moments out of your day today to get in touch with Felina (either utilizing the comments below, or the Shoutbox on the Archive, or even message her directly!) and wish her a Happy Birthday. She deserves to know the Community is thinking of her, in the same selfless way she always thinks of all of us.

On a more personal note, I want to thank you, Felina, for sharing ownership of this wonderful Archive with me. I wouldn’t have taken this over without you, and I would have been devastated to lose the place we met all those years ago. It’ll be eight years for us in 2016! And we owe the start of our friendship to this lovely little Archive; I can think of no better way to honor our friendship than to stand side by side with you and keep the doors open, in the hopes others might be lucky enough to find what I have found in you. You are my best friend, my writing partner, my inspiration, and the writer I most look up to when it comes to honing my talents and continuing toward furthering my writing career. I admire your talents more than I could possibly say, and one day I know you’ll do even greater things than you have with them already—because let’s not overlook your writing is a gift to anyone who is lucky enough to experience it. I know I consider myself immensely lucky for all that you write for me.

I’m wishing you the very best birthday ever, Lina-Love, and know I am right here with you to make sure that happens. I love you dearly, Lifemate, and please know, as I announce it for all our Community to see, that you are the best friend I have ever had. I am so proud to call you my sister, Co-Owner of this fantastic Community with me, and my partner in all things.

Happy Birthday, Beautiful Girl.

Dot, The Staff, and the Community

--Madame on 1 5 Comments
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