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SHSL Fangirl
We have a Spectre birthday today! Happy Birthday, NavyRuin! Have a great day!
Happy birthday children(s), have a good one~!
Dantya Noire
We have a Spectre birthday today! Happy Birthday Schwer-von-Begriff! Have a great day!
Dantya Noire
We have a Spectre birthday today! Happy Birthday Unagi-kun! Have a great day!
Dantya Noire
We have a Spectre birthday today! Happy Birthday Rei! Have a great day!
Dantya Noire
We have a Spectre birthday today! Happy Birthday Solbraves! Have a great day!
Dantya Noire
We have two Spectre birthdays today! Happy birthday to thepalelady and theweeknd! Have a great day!
Dantya Noire
We have a Spectre birthday today! Happy Birthday Becks91! Have a great day!
Happy birthday, dear!
Dantya Noire
We have a Spectre birthday today! Happy Birthday Murder-chan! Have a great day!
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Where countless things are brought to life by authors who happen to be an unseen force, but very powerful in existence.

This site and our name symbolizes that we are the leaders of our field, taking control of an often obscure title and turning it into a symbol of pride. We may never see our work in print or flying off the shelves, but we know who we are and what we stand for. If you intend to haunt our medium and instill a strong symbol of leadership and fearlessness into a craft that is largely misunderstood and thankless and yet you intend to push forward in spite of the odds, this is the site for you.


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Happy Birthday Emma!
Hello Specters~

Today we have a special announcement!

Today, let’s take a moment to appreciate Emma aka SHSL Fangirl. On the site, Emma works hard to make sure stories are being validated. Nominating authors who deserve to be validated, and keeping order all around. When she’s not busy being a supervisor, Emma is right with everyone else fangirling over fictional characters.

Please take a moment to thank Emma, and wish her a very happy birthday.

--Bikky_The_Great on 1 10 Comments
Happy Birthday Dot!
Good day, Spectres!

Today of all days warrants a special message and that is why I am utilizing this news space to inform you all just why. June 25 is a very special day for one of our cherished own. Let us all gather around to wish Dot (Madame) the very best on her birthday and wish upon her many, many more best days in the future. She certainly deserves them! I also feel that it is entirely important to express our gratitude to her and not just because of what she does behind the scenes to keep this place running spic and span without error, but because we want to show her how much of an important piece she is to our community. This is not because she is co-owner but also because she puts her time, energy, effort, and hard earned money to keep this site running for everybody to enjoy.


If I am allowed to be personal for a bit, I want to share what makes her so special to me. My first opinion is that I feel that Dot is an extraordinary author who deserves the recognition she gets. Her writing affects me in a way that invokes feelings I never thought I would ever have again because I feel too old to have them; such as the school girl crush thing, you know? Who else feels this way? Don't be shy! Say so in the comments if you'd like! Personally, I know how hard she works on pouring herself over her written work and I feel incredibly lucky to read her material. You are a fantastic writer, Dot. You touch my soul.

On the best friend front, Dot has a certain way of making one feel incredibly cherished if you're lucky enough to be her friend. She gives the best advice and will always be there when you need her shoulder to cry on. I know this from experience. However, despite all my pretty words, I still find it so hard to put into proper words just how wonderful a best friend and person she is. It's even harder to articulate just how important this date is because this is the day my best friend was brought into this world. So please enjoy your birthday, Dot, because you were put here for a reason and that was to selfishly be my best friend and co-owner to this archive. ;)

That is my little dedication and thank you for allowing me to indulge on wishing my best friend and the co-owner of Gotvg a very happy birthday. Don't be shy and add your own comment to Dot too! I'm sure she would absolutely love hearing from you guys.

As it goes, Dot, have a slice of cake on us.

--Felina on 1 10 Comments
Happy Birthday Bianca!
Today is the birth day of our own Commander Shoggoth! She is quite the help around the site, and works diligently to see that this community runs smoothly and efficiently.

Let us wish her a very safe, fun birthday filled with smiles and one of those ugly birthday hats. With polka dots. In yellow.

We love you, Commander! Have a great birthday.

--Passerby on 1 9 Comments
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