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Love Puzzle by Noizchild M
Wallace moves to this new arts apartment to seek fame and win back his love...
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Drunken Antics by Tsula K+
It was his own fault. He should have just left well enough alone. ::Tony x Reader...
Felina Frenzy
Of course! Any requests are still taken on the forum.
OMG You guys are the best mods ever!!!! Thank you for adding the new category!!! :D :D :D
Happy New Years everyone!
Felina Frenzy
Please read our news article!
I just did it. Sorry, we were off for the Holidays
Is anyone still doing the story validations?
Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas!!
Felina Frenzy
It's just a rating that people give you for your story. Whether they liked it and whatnot.
A lot of the random stories also have a thumbs up by the rating. Like, this story is rated accurately or something?
I want you to know, I have no idea. Maybe someone liked it? I was trying to see if it was because it was finished, but I looked at my stuff, and that's not the case. Sorry, I'm not more helpfu
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This site and our name symbolizes that we are the leaders of our field, taking control of an often obscure title and turning it into a symbol of pride. We may never see our work in print or flying off the shelves, but we know who we are and what we stand for. If you intend to haunt our medium and instill a strong symbol of leadership and fearlessness into a craft that is largely misunderstood and thankless and yet you intend to push forward in spite of the odds, this is the site for you.

Please don't forget to take the time to visit our forum.

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October Donation Update
Update: You guys are amazing!

After a few days of fundraising, the paypal account is sitting pretty at $48.79!

Please feel free to keep up the donations (as possible or desired) and we'll always stay ahead of the site bill, but for now, take comfort in that the lights will be on no problem for the next few bill cycles!

Happy writing!

--Madame on 1 2 Comments
Donations Update!
Hello Ghosts! Just a quick donations update!

As of September 2nd, we have a total donation pool of $46.12.

Thank you to all of you for your donations, from those of us on Staff and the Community as a whole. Every little bit helps, and if this keeps up we'll be paid through the end of the year in no time!

Happy writing!

--Madame on 1 0 Comments
Attention All Ghosts
Welcome back!

As I'm certain everyone is aware, at this point, we have been down since April, and have been discussing over our Facebook group (highly recommended you join the group if you have not done so already, we are there under the same title, Ghosts of the Vanguard) what the future of the site was to be. It was decided the community wanted to keep the site up through donations and that is where we are, currently.

I am not going to word for word reiterate everything that was said on the group, if you're interested in participating in the conversation you'll need to join, but the bottom line is that the only way the site is staying up from this point forward is through your donations. Felina and I have been discussing, for over a year, the lack of activity and community involvement as social media platforms take over fanfiction archives' territory. The site simply was not driving enough traffic to be worth funding, but you as a community decided you wanted to keep the site up and by doing so, have picked up the financial responsibility of it.

You can donate to the site here: PayPal Donations

All proceeds and donations will 100% go toward the site bill that's due by the 10th every month, and your minimum goal, as a community, is $20.00 by the 10th. If the bill is not paid by the 15th of the month, the site will be suspended until the unpaid invoice is handled.

We are currently paid in full through August, but will owe the site bill of $20.00 by September 10th, so please keep up the donations if available/interested in doing so.

No one is required to donate, but with that comes the understanding that if the bill goes unpaid for 30 days and the site is suspended, Felina and I will make the executive decision to close the site permanently.

Felina and I will continue to monitor and will keep you all updated on donations and other updates as needed, including getting a donation tracker up on the site.

Until then, we will update you by Sunday of every week where we stand on donations.

If you have not already done so, please save your work from the site now that it's back up. On the off-chance the site is not funded any longer and we do close it down, we will not be putting it back up for you to save your stories so if you have not done so, please save your work and do not rely on our site for permanent hosting/storage.

Under no circumstances will we be responsible for any lost work from this point forward!

Please feel free to go back to your regular posting, you all worked hard through donations to get it back live, so it's yours to enjoy!

Any questions or concerns, please comment below. Happy posting!

--Madame on 1 3 Comments
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