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SHSL Fangirl
@Shiawase: I was going to mention that too--I know that heaps of my views are just mine. XD
Hmm, I tend not concern myself with those kinds of things. While acknowledgement and attention is very much appreciated and satisfying, I'm at a point where I post simply because I want to no matt
Idk, I know some of those reads are mine, so I don't put too much stock in that count lol But I'm happy, of course. I'm always happy when people read my stories :D
SHSL Fangirl
I don't usually look at the view count, just reviews/favourites/etc., so I never consider them actual 'reads'. For all I know, someone didn't like it, or clicked on it by accident.
Lately it's a mixture of things. Happiness that it's being read...but on certain fics almost no one is reviewing soooo sometimes meh
Opinion: How do you all feel (writers) when you see your stories have over 1000 readers??
Madame Dreadful
Please direct your attention to the News section, as a new article has been posted. Thank you!
SHSL Fangirl
SHSL Fangirl
SHSL Fangirl
Suicitus XD
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This is a temporary security measure to help combat the overwhelming number of spambots that have assaulted the Forum and Staff over the last few weeks. Until the time can be devoted from Felina and myself to resolve this issue, this is our response and means of dealing with the problem.

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Once we have more information on updated security measures, we will let you all know what they are and what will change.

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Gotvg's Secret Santa Event
A few of the members from our community have gotten together to bring a new event to Ghosts of the Vanguard. Dot and I have been a bit skeptical about it considering that a few of our events never really worked out in the end, only ever having a couple of entries to submit. But there was a lot of interest in this Secret Santa event that it was more than enough to get us to sponsor the event on our site.

Now, seeing that it's November, that leaves everybody who wants in plenty of time to actually participate in this event. There were plenty of messages throughout the main website, the forum, and our facebook group. Personally, I do not know what goes on in a Secret Santa but I have been given plenty of resources to hand it out to you guys.

The official start is today (November 8th) to turn in forms to show your commitment to the event. The deadline should be by November 30th! That surely gives everybody enough time, right? Right! Then, Secret Santas will be assigned between December 1st through the 3rd and everybody participating has until the 31st to post their gifts.

There are a few suggestions and rules that, of course, come with every event. For this particular event, it has been suggested that people participating and writing stories for your partner should write in second POV (reader-inserts) to make the presents that much more personal. Authors should write a minimum of 1000 words for their gift.

We understand that there was an issue about the people who want to participate but are not writers. But our very own Renohotness has come up with an excellent idea to even include these kind of participants in the event.

For the ones who aren't authors, write a short blurb to either your favorite author appreciating the work they've done or the possible impact the author has had on them. If a lot of people like the idea of assigning author/reader, we can also do that. Reno has also brought up the idea that it can also be done anonymously or not.

The small blurb itself shouldn't be anymore than a thousand words. We're still working on that but if that happens to be too much, please speak up about it at the forum.

We understand that a lot of details still need to be worked out but we'll keep the community updated as things change or shift. There shouldn't be any large changes besides that of what consists of a Secret Santa. We've already set the base so we're just building up.

Now for the form itself:

Gift Specifics: (Fandom, Character, Genre (Up to 2 genres), rating (K- MA), Extra (anything you want to be included)
Fandoms you are willing to write for: (List all)
Up to what rating can you write for:
Limitations: (Topics you won't write like male inserts, lemon, etc)
Are you willing to be a backup? (Just in case, one secret Santa doesn't come through, you are willing to write another Oneshot for the giftless person)

All forms should be emailed to, not on the forum thread. Also, if a participant cannot post something before the deadline because of unforeseen circumstances, they should inform the staff as soon as possible by sending an email to the address given above.

For suggestions, comments, or questions, feel free to respond in our forum thread*

*Must be a member/logged in to see the contents.

~~Edit by Bikky~~

Just when you send me an email, could you guys mention Secret Santa in the subject, so I don't accidentally think it's spam? Thank you very much!

--Felina Frenzy on 1 4 Comments
Small Forum Update
It has been changed on the forum so that users may go ahead and edit their display names. You do not have to request to have it changed on the forum anymore but requesting a name change on the actual site still does require a request. If there's a chance that this function is getting abused, such as inappropriate or unacceptable names floating about on the forum, it will be changed back so that staff does monitor name changes on the forum again.

--Felina Frenzy on 1 0 Comments
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