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Reno, you can have my babies any day of the week!
*raises hand from the back of the room*
Nobody wants mah babies lol
@Bikky: Oh...why's that...?
I had to wear braces for a few years, too. That was such a pain. I'm so happy that those times are in the past.
Me too!!!! Thought I'll never have any. D:
global superstar
Ugh, right?! I'm definitely making my kids (if I have any) get braces when they're young though.
I think we should all be born with amazing, perfect teeth. Lol
global superstar
@Bikky I share your pain :( I have a button on my last molar so I can't chew on one side.
it's not so much the braces, as it's more my mouth can't chew hard stuff. Idk if that makes any sense. You should see the way I eat a plum lol but toothpicks! I'll have to try that nex
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Our One and Only
Let's take a moment to wish our one and only Dot Dreadful, the beautiful and talented co-owner of Gotvg, a very happy birthday! Through thick and thin, she has been with us giving the site her support in lots of ways and not only through financial funds. In very much the same way she has been there for me, she has done her best to make sure to present the community a writing archive that you all can also call a home. So please, as thanks for raising up fos-ff from what it was before, wish her a very happy birthday because she at least deserves that in thanks for all she's done.

To Dottie: You have been the greatest friend I have ever asked for and have gone up and above the call of what it means to be a friend by selfishly giving and giving without asking for anything in return. On your special day, I want to wish you the very best of birthdays and that no one dares ruin it. Without you by my side, I do not know where I would have been today but I know because of you, I've been able to face many things with your support when all I wanted to do was run away. Thank you, Dot and enjoy your special day.

--Felina Frenzy on 1 10 Comments
Graphic Designer
Hello Spectres!

I have exciting news for our site! We finally got a graphic designer on board with us to make us PRETTY THINGS FOR OUR PROFILES AND OUR SITE! Please give our newest member on staff, Nico (Who also went by Rei!), a warm and very loud welcome for being so gracious enough to fill this position. *Sobs into her arm* I'm really excited, I'm sorry. I can't contain my tears. I'm getting all mushy. OKAY, BYE.

Edit: In my excitement, I forgot to mention that while we finally have a graphic designer for the site, this doesn’t mean the position is closed. If you feel like you want to join on, please don’t hesitate to fill the application out. :)

--Felina Frenzy on 1 0 Comments
Staff Meeting Newsletter!
Hello, all!

We had a Staff meeting last night, and with that comes some new information to share with all of you!

You can find the information here: Meeting Newsletter

Thank you, and have a great week!

--Madame Dreadful on 1 0 Comments
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