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Cloudy Luminosity
I'm also guilty of that...
Haha, you're definitely not alone in that. I personally enjoy torturing my MCs >.>
Mister Pseudonymous
So I've learned that I really, really enjoy having the reader (or any char I make) be slightly not sane. And selfish. YOLO!
Mister Pseudonymous
Mister Pseudonymous
cool beans. :3
Cloudy Luminosity
I'm so close to finally being able to update again *cries tears of joy* (Yay for snow days adding time to write!)
Mister Pseudonymous
Lol the snow was overrated here.
SNOW DAYYYYYY~~~ I want some books to read
I bought a bunch of books over my winter break and now school is in session and I don't have time for them :( Uggghhh.
Oooh, I know how you feel :3 I bought a bunch of books recently as well that I haven't gotten the chance to touch *cough beenplayingvideogames cough*
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Happy Birthday Felina!
December 29th is a very special day, Spectres, and don't you worry, I'm gonna tell you why.

Today is the birthday of one half of your fearless leader duo, Felina. She turns 28 today, and we are honoring her always, but most especially today.

As Co-Owner of the Site, Felina does a lot for all of us--and has for a number of years. None of us would be here without her and I think today of all days, on her special day, it's important that we take time to thank her for all that she does for us and wish her a happy birthday.

On a more personal note, Cherub Bunny-Love, I just want to thank you for all that you do--for the site and for me, too. You are the best friend I have, and will ever have, and I am so grateful and appreciative to have you in my life I don't know where I'd be without you. You make me grateful we decided to take over GOtV and reshape it, and take care of it; it's where we met, and where our story began. I will forever be attached to this Archive for that reason, and I hope you know I wouldn't have accepted it if you hadn't wanted to take it over with me. It's us or nothing at all, pretty girl, and I'm thankful you choose us every time. I will spend today, as I do most days, thinking of you and sending you all my love and well wishes. Happy Birthday beautiful. I love you.

Please, don't be shy. Join me and those of us on Staff in wishing Felina a happy birthday. She deserves to know all of you are thinking of her on her special day.

Thank you for all that you do, Felina, and we wish you a very Happy Birthday.

All our best,
The Staff & The Community

--Madame Dreadful on 1 8 Comments
Happy Holidays & Staff Break
Happy Holidays Spectres!

It's been a quiet second half of the year for the Staff, as we haven't hosted meetings for a few months, but as we near the end of the year comes a revival and desire to see 2015 be even more prosperous than 2014 was--and it was a great launch year for GOtV. We tripled our Community numbers and are closing the year at 5500+ members! Congratulations and many, many thanks to all of you members who have made our Archive what it is today. We are so grateful to you and for you.

We on Staff will begin hosting meetings again in January of 2015, as we revisit the Archive and Community and see what we can do to continue to provide all of you with inspiration and a welcoming Community to call home for your writing. We hope you've found good stories, a welcoming Community, and helpful Staff through 2014, and consider this our dedication to carry that into next year.

It is time, however, to continue our annual tradition of Staff Break. From December 23rd through January 6th Staff members listed in the Supervisor and Manager groups will be on holiday break. This is something Felina and I, as site owners and Executives, are carrying over from last year to do for our Staff members in thanks for all the hard work that they do for all of you, and for us, on a regular basis. During this time, Supervisors and Managers will be on GOtV as members and authors, rather than having to be responsible for the daily upkeep and supervision of the Archive, Forum, and Community in general.

We are asking that you as a Community are respectful of this break, and to show your support of our hard-working Staff by remaining understanding and respectful during this time period.

This does not mean that Submissions will close, or the site will be neglected or will go unmanaged.

Felina and I will be here still, as we always are, and we are not closing Submissions so that our Community can still be active during the time off work and school. Feel free to continue submitting your stories as usual.

As a refresher from last year, here is what will be put on hold during Holiday Break:
*Site Suggestion Implementation
*Staff Meetings
*Supervisors and Managers as first point of contact

This means that while you can still make suggestions for the Site, they will not be implemented until after break. There will be no Contest additions or discussions, and no Staff meetings. And lastly, though it is standard protocol to go to a Supervisor first, and then a Manager, and then finally Executives, during Staff Break you will skip over Supervisors and Managers and bring your messages/concerns directly to Felina or myself. Supervisors and Managers will be taking this time to relax and should not be expected to report to the Site for their usual duties.

Short of submissions and site maintenance, Staff Members will be attempting to enjoy their holiday time as much as the rest of you will be. Please be considerate of holiday break and understand that this is a time for all of you to be reflective and appreciative of the work it takes to keep the site running. We thank you in advance for being gracious while we attempt to have some time to ourselves to celebrate the holidays.

If you have any questions in regard to Staff break, please send comment below and I will be happy to answer.

We hope your holidays are everything you want them to be, and thanks for spending them with us.

Merry merry, Spectres!

--Madame Dreadful on 1 2 Comments
Spammers & Temporary Solutions
From now until further notice, any and all members registering on the Forum will require Executive approval--that is direct approval from Felina or Myself (Dot).

This is a temporary security measure to help combat the overwhelming number of spambots that have assaulted the Forum and Staff over the last few weeks. Until the time can be devoted from Felina and myself to resolve this issue, this is our response and means of dealing with the problem.

To help expedite your Forum registration, please fill out your profile as completely as possible upon registering so that your account does not get lost amongst the spammers. You can also comment below with your registered name and/or email to help us immediately locate your profile and approve it.

We apologize for any inconveniences this causes, but please keep in mind this is to help us continue to provide a safe community for all of you.

A special thank you to the Staff members who have spent sometimes hours over the last couple weeks deleting spam posts and helping Felina and I deal with this problem. We would have been overrun and overwhelmed without you. Thank you.

Once we have more information on updated security measures, we will let you all know what they are and what will change.

Thank you.

--Madame Dreadful on 1 0 Comments
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