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Post -exile era. A young woman starts her job as a carer and checks on all of...
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Treasure by Tsula K
The Captain’s greatest weakness. ::Reader x Buggy::
@Ame I swear I stared at the number plate on the door and was just this a joke? (cuz I had just started playing Seven's route lmao)
Ame Yuki
@Night OMG HOW DID YOU SURVIVE THE AGONY?!?! I legit would have curled up in bed and cried.
Stayed at a hotel and the room number...was...707...I kid u not. I even took a pic of the key card to prove it. IMAGINE THE AGONY.
@Marshmallow T.T *hands u hot cocoa and tissues* the feels are real. Tbh it doesn't go away like I still think about those endings. *sob* also I went out of state for a couple days and
@Night oh god you weren't kidding hahaha Ah I need to listen to the cute phone calls from Seven's route to make repair my sanity
@Marshmallow T.T RIP to your heart! Come back and share your thoughts and feelings afterwards because hooboy you'll have plenty of feels. Meanwhile I'm stuck in 707 reset theories hell T.T
@Night Please wish me luck on preserving my sanity....time to tackle the secret ends DX
Ame Yuki
It's been almost or has it been a week? Anyways I still not over it and I don't know what to do anymore! T-T
@Marshmallow T.T trust me it's going to be that way for a few days. I'm still not over it. *sobs*
T_T heart is slowly but surely crumbling to bits right now. @Night I hope it happens
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Happy Birthday, Chye!
Today is the birthday of one of our Supervisors, Chye!

She's put in a lot of time and effort for GotV, and as great as the site is, I know it wouldn't be quite as amazing without her hard work and contributions~

I think I could go on about how amazing she is for a long time, so I'll keep this brief! Everyone, if you have a moment to spare, please wish her a very happy birthday! She deserves all your praise and more.

For everything you do, Chye, thank you~ Happy birthday to the power of infinity!!!

--SHSL Fangirl on 1 1 Comments
Happy Birthday, Rei!
Today we have a special birthday, everyone! Rei, an industrious graphic designer as well as a lovely person, is one year more glorious today! We appreciate you not only for your artistic prowess, but also your indomitable writing spirit and hope that you're with us for a great time to come~!

Stay wonderful,

-Dantya Noire, feat. Staff

--Dantya Noire on 1 1 Comments
27 Years of Pure Perfection
Hello Spectres,

Today marks a special occasion! To those who don't know what today is, June 25th is a big deal for one of our own. Madame, affectionately known as Dot to our lovely community, is turning 27 today! Please come together with me to wish her a very happy birthday by leaving a comment below or yelling it out on the forum! Now here's the part where I get to ramble about her and thank her for all that she does not just for the community, but selfishly for me.

Why? It's her birthday and she deserves to know how much she's appreciated and loved!

Seeing as this is a writing site, I'm going to highlight her talents first! They're a huge inspiration to me and it only feels fitting that to those of you guys who are huge fans of her writing know what kind of talented, well-receiving, and warm woman she is known to be especially when she answers your reviews. Many of you may even look forward to either her revamp of her Avengers story or what used to be known as her Yusuke story! However you know Dot, it would be great if those who support her writing and her stories drop a comment to tell her how she may inspire you. I feel it's very important she know just how much her writing is loved, just as much as she is. She is MY inspiration and #goals when it comes to the discipline she shows when she knows she needs to write; to sit down and get things done and I have been lucky to see first-hand what her writing routine consists of and how she plans and organizes her beloved characters. We are writing partners and I absolutely feel honored about this fact.

Second, Dot is my best friend. She has gone up and beyond the duty of said title that she became a sister to me. We call each other lifemates and soulmates, and I feel that even that doesn't quite pin what we mean to each other or what she means to me. She's the best support I could ever ask for from anyone I have ever known: supportive, warm, loving, SQUISHY, and full of advice that because out of respect for her, I just don't hear her out and don't follow through. I actually take her advice because that is what eight years of friendship, closeness, and kinship means to me. If there was anyone I look up to who represents strength and the courage to face another day when their own problems are staring them down, it's Dot. After my own mother, she's the toughest person I know and although she's not invincible, it's extremely humbling when she comes to me for her problems too. That's what best friends are for - we rely and help each other, sharing the bad times as well as the good times. As she's so fond of saying, it's a two-way street. I can appreciate that she's there for my bad times as well as the good as I'm there for hers.

Thank you very much for being such a vital part of this community, Dot. Without you, there wouldn't be GotVG and without you, I wouldn't have my best friend. I hope your 27th is one of the best you've ever celebrated and that your birthdays afterwards can only get better.

And the staff and community family at GoTVG.

--Felina on 1 2 Comments
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