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Lol don't worry about it. I'm awkward too
@Bikky omg I just saw your message and Im sorry for the late reply. I'll contact you when this thing is stable and IDK why but Im kinda embarrassed when communicating bc Im awkward
@Felina I used the same name in signing up.
@Felina Thanks a bunch!
Felina Frenzy
Anya, I may need you to register again and tell me the name you signed up with. We have an influx of spam accounts registering and new, real members get swept along with them.
Felina Frenzy
@anonmeansanon, you should be registered on the forum now. Sorry about the trouble and thank you for being patient!
@Bikky_The_Great I saw it already. Thank you! :))
Lol I registered with the same name And I already registered again.
@Anya I see the tumblr message, I'll add those for you right away. @Anon, if you want, you can email me your request, and I can add it for you for the time being
Hello, i'm having the same situation as well. I wanted to add characters but I haven't been validated yet. I tried contacting the tumblr site, too.
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"the leaders of any intellectual movement"
Where countless things are brought to life by authors who happen to be an unseen force, but very powerful in existence.

This site and our name symbolizes that we are the leaders of our field, taking control of an often obscure title and turning it into a symbol of pride. We may never see our work in print or flying off the shelves, but we know who we are and what we stand for. If you intend to haunt our medium and instill a strong symbol of leadership and fearlessness into a craft that is largely misunderstood and thankless and yet you intend to push forward in spite of the odds, this is the site for you.


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Please don't forget to take the time to visit our forum.

Also, please take the time to review the rules as they are a very important foundation of our site. Please look them over if you are unsure about how to submit a chapter. Please look them over if you have a question. Please look them over if you like to read. We also beseech you to read our Frequently Asked Questions page (titled Help Desk above) if you have any questions regarding our archive, your account, or our forum. Last, if you do not see your issue has been addressed in any way or form within our Rules or our Help Desk, please email us at Thank you!

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Happy Birthday Bianca!
Today is the birth day of our own Commander Shoggoth! She is quite the help around the site, and works diligently to see that this community runs smoothly and efficiently.

Let us wish her a very safe, fun birthday filled with smiles and one of those ugly birthday hats. With polka dots. In yellow.

We love you, Commander! Have a great birthday.

--Passerby on 1 8 Comments
Spam in Reviews + Spring Break
Lately, there has been a startling amount of anonymous spam reviews hitting some people's stories. First off, I want to apologize about it. Second, I want to express that it would be okay to delete these spam reviews yourself granted that they are anonymous.

Signed spam reviews would be ideal to report since I have a way to keep track of anonymous reviews. I do not have a way to keep track of signed reviews. So it would be very helpful if anyone who received spam reviews with a signed penname to report it at our forum here.

Second thing that Dot and I wanted to address was that the staff is officially on vacation now! Starting yesterday (March 29th) I believe, to Sunday, April 5th. Until this time, the staff is unavailable for anything site related. They may make their presence known but just think of them as members of the community at this time. Avoid asking them questions or going to them with your issues. Dot and I will be available for any site issues, questions, etc and you can easily contact us through the forum!

--Felina on 1 2 Comments
Happy Birthday Passerby!
Today, let’s give a big birthday shout out to Miss Sydney aka Passerby!

She’s one of our Supervisors here on GOtV. She works diligently on the submissions. Syd is quick to make sure she is the first one on it. Syd can be quiet and reserved, but she has a heart of warm, squishy goodness. She’s the type who tends to let her feeling come out in her writing.

She is an amazing person, and one who works very hard to keep this site up and running smoothly. Please, take a moment to thank Sydney and wish her a happy birthday.

Happy birthday from all of us on Staff, and thank you for all you do!

--Bikky_The_Great on 1 6 Comments
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