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Kilig by Seducing_The_Night MA
"I'm in love with you.""You realize I'm 14 years older than you, right?"~ Makoto~X~Older!Reader
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Occupy My Every Sigh by coffeerepublic M
After all has been said and done, Jury and Conduit sleep together for the first...
@Marshmallow OMG YOU TOO?! HE IS BEAUTIFUL. lmao and I remembered his name was Kanon and I so badly wanted them to kiss or something <.< I am so excited for this.
@Night I...can't say I recall that but then again I was a bit distracted by Schneizel myself...haha v.v;; I need some self-restraint
@Marshmallow LMFAO. Darn you're onto me! So I'm sitting here trying to remember Schneizel's hot red haired assistant that we all suspected he was hooking up with...<.<
@Night Careful or you'll reveal your master plan
@Marshmallow Yesss I was gonna rewatch it too lmao totally not bc I wanna stare at Lelouch tho >.> nope.
@Night I heard about that the other day ;A; I might want to watch Code Geass again to refresh my brain in preparation for the new season >w<
When you open one of the chapters, at the bottom will be add story or author to your favorites
how do you favorite a story? im new here pls help
I just heard there is a new Code Geass series/and or movie in the works and OMG IM EXCITED. LULUUUUU
The one I got working was "Underground", and I have the Xbox 360 version of my other TH fave "American Wasteland".
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For everything you do, Chye, thank you~ Happy birthday to the power of infinity!!!

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