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Shout Archive
Omg this might be late but the april fools dlc of MysMe killed me
02/04/17 21:19:34 [Delete] [Edit]

Woo hoo!
16/03/17 4:38:03 [Delete] [Edit]

Super happy they managed to get themselves back online! I was starting to worry.
15/03/17 18:51:21 [Delete] [Edit]

Knight Z
Lunaesence is back you guys!!! <3 Big round of applause for em ;w;
15/03/17 9:51:39 [Delete] [Edit]

Happy birthday to SayaChan!!!
28/02/17 19:03:46 [Delete] [Edit]

Happy birthday to Key!!!
25/02/17 5:03:11 [Delete] [Edit]

Happy birthday to Novetteus!!!
18/02/17 6:34:59 [Delete] [Edit]

Happy birthday to dazedkitsune!!!
15/02/17 23:34:44 [Delete] [Edit]

Happy Belated Birthday to !!!
15/02/17 0:18:32 [Delete] [Edit]

Ame Yuki
@Keari seems like you have better luck than I do lol. I've only gotten one 4 stars. The feathers are a ridiculous amount. I only have 1,000.
11/02/17 7:10:05 [Delete] [Edit]

@Ame Yuki Right? All I can seem to get is 4 stars but you can evolve them with 20,000 feathers!!! Which is crazy
10/02/17 23:49:26 [Delete] [Edit]

Downside of when you start watching anime at night...the inevitable urge to marathon it the entire night while forsaking sleep. x_X I started watching Drifters, died when i recognized Kuroo's VA
10/02/17 1:58:51 [Delete] [Edit]

Ame Yuki
@Keari I haven't had much luck either. :(
09/02/17 16:15:59 [Delete] [Edit]

I am! It's super fun! Haven't had any luck with characters though :/
08/02/17 23:34:29 [Delete] [Edit]

Ame Yuki
I know there's some Fire Emblem fans on here so anyone playing FE Heroes?
04/02/17 13:29:36 [Delete] [Edit]

Happy Birthday, Yami Sango
04/02/17 4:54:01 [Delete] [Edit]

Happy birthday, AvannaCiel
01/02/17 6:27:57 [Delete] [Edit]

Felina Frenzy
Think it was only just two days.
28/01/17 6:00:44 [Delete] [Edit]

If you're talking about before, there was an update they had to do manually, that's why it was down for what? 2 days? Maybe longer.
28/01/17 0:46:24 [Delete] [Edit]

What just happened? Did the site go down or was it just me?
28/01/17 0:20:33 [Delete] [Edit]

Yaay. Now I can rule the Most Recent page with another prompt challenge I wanted to work on. XD
27/01/17 18:14:52 [Delete] [Edit]

yay it's back!
27/01/17 15:40:47 [Delete] [Edit]

Knight Z
Faith is all I have for it. Lunaesence was and is my home and my heart still goes for her. Sally has done tremendous by it to date.Prayer is all we can do. 3:
19/01/17 13:58:55 [Delete] [Edit]

They jacked the prices way down on eBay. Normally what I want is like $200 & up, so I'm in a mad scramble to afford them.
15/01/17 22:05:42 [Delete] [Edit]

Yup. I'm trying to save money, well, truthfully speaking: to buy two more action figures I still need. .-.
15/01/17 21:51:47 [Delete] [Edit]