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Shout Archive
Yeah, there's a lot of spam's kind of sad because I get my hopes up... :(
12/11/17 11:46:15 [Delete] [Edit]

In the forums. There is a spam thread. I just need the link to their account
06/11/17 12:42:22 [Delete] [Edit]

Quick question. Where's the proper place to report spam rreviews?
04/11/17 21:22:04 [Delete] [Edit]

@Cexane, just post your forum username here, so I add it. There are waayyy too many spam bots to go through all of them
04/11/17 8:34:21 [Delete] [Edit]

@Bikky - Hell yeah! I like the fact you tell us specifics - and it totally helps! Other sites just straight up reject w/no reason!
30/10/17 10:29:29 [Delete] [Edit]

You’re still amazing, Bikky~ All of you ladies are. *waves*
28/10/17 20:33:04 [Delete] [Edit]

You have to go to the forums and post a category request in the 'Request' section c:
24/10/17 9:17:09 [Delete] [Edit]

Hey, I'm new here. What do we do if a series we want to submit a work for isn't in the category list?
22/10/17 15:43:03 [Delete] [Edit]

And if I reject your submission, I tell you exactly why. :) You can always shoot me a pm if you have more questions
21/10/17 6:49:27 [Delete] [Edit]

Guess who's Dragon Age trash now? Me. XD
10/10/17 1:15:17 [Delete] [Edit]

Here, it doesn't take as long - whether as a validated or unvalidated writer :)
24/09/17 16:28:12 [Delete] [Edit]

A month, maybe two... But they reject you easily for any # of reasons
24/09/17 16:27:19 [Delete] [Edit]

Alice Lost
On average, how long does it take a story to be validated?
24/09/17 8:23:37 [Delete] [Edit]

@Chalky - damn, I had that problem there, but I came here - better treatment and more acceptance
20/09/17 18:19:06 [Delete] [Edit]

@Noiz - damn, I've heard worse than that...most of the writers here came from Luna (myself included)
20/09/17 18:18:16 [Delete] [Edit]

Let's just say I get a "lot" of rejection letters. xD Also, Okami HD on PS4... my body is ready. The only good thing about 2017.
14/09/17 14:44:58 [Delete] [Edit]

@darkmaster07, Luna has a long-a$$ wait period. I'm trying to upgrade my membership there.
12/09/17 10:05:54 [Delete] [Edit]

@Chalky - why would they hate??
12/09/17 2:32:08 [Delete] [Edit]

I guess I'm back, lol. I only post on AO3 and here usually since Luna hates my submissions. :P
04/09/17 18:56:47 [Delete] [Edit]

Sounds good, thanks Felina!! :D
20/08/17 22:30:10 [Delete] [Edit]

Felina Frenzy
You can delete the reviews yourself. Then send the users to us on the forum.
18/08/17 6:04:39 [Delete] [Edit]

Anyone? How do you report reviews that are just all spam links?? Or at least the users to delete them??
17/08/17 7:35:42 [Delete] [Edit]

Felina Frenzy
Yes, you request a category on our forum. @LastPoppySeed
22/07/17 12:59:40 [Delete] [Edit]

is there any way to add a new tv show archive
17/07/17 22:04:15 [Delete] [Edit]

@RejectedPrince, in the forums there is a request thread under sitely. If you need to make a forum account let me know, since it's all spam I just delete it all.
11/07/17 16:07:56 [Delete] [Edit]