Summary: The Champion has faced ten worlds, and met his opposite in battle so many times he has almost become used to it. But now, he faces his greatest challenge, his greatest battle. The war he has dreamed of for so long turns out to be a nightmare in disguise... and those he has held dear for so long are at risk once again. What will he find in the darkness between worlds, besides sadness and pain? Here he faces the end of his story... and its beginning.
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The Champion's faith has fallen. Not in others, but in himself. How useful can one man be? Even his counterpart, what he sees as a physical embodiment of everything he stands against, was felled - not by a champion of the light, but by a warrior of balance, equal measure. He has been felled by his twin in equal measure as he has dealt the final blow, and his pedestal is not so high as he once believed it was.

But in a land of myth and legend, where a man can slay an army and a word can hold the power of a world, who's to say what can be changed? When the gods play, the world can shift in an instant.

Categories: Eragon
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Summary: Okay . . . role play time. What if you were in the woods, totally NO where near any place that you live near by when you woke up. Would you

A)Freak out B) Go back to sleep or C) Ask the nearest person or thing.

Because Isay so, you pick C and look around. Said nearest "thing" happens to be a very very big blue dragon who is right above your shoulders. Now, you

A)Run away screaming B)Say how do you do or C) Use aweird and questionable skill you've mysteriously gained.

But here... You get it all. Murtagh you or Eragon you(later)
Categories: Eragon
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Story Type: Novel, Reader-Insert
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