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Summary: Reader-inserts are fun to read, and fun to write. You get to put the people who check out your story into it. Unfortunately, not everyone fits into the categories many authors include, whether it is eye color, hair length, or gender. Putting in (name blanks) alienates ALL the readers, by breaking down the fourth wall.

I challenge anyone who thinks they can take it on to write at least 50 chapters (likely a random collection, unless you really feel like dedicating yourself), featuring whatever characters you want however many times you want, without ever using a single name blank or describing a specific body aspect. These should be at least as long as your average collection, no writing 4-line chapters. (FYI, the worlds below are just some of my favorites; you can write for whatever you want)


-BE DESCRIPTIVE! Don't just write three-sentence chapters or else you're not getting into it enough to really benefit from training yourself to avoid these, because names/body features might not even come up normally in such a short chapter.

-Have fun with it. Be humorous, be serious, be sad, whatever motivates you to write more and better.

-Describe non-personal details, like outfits, or even body features (EX. Scars, Tattoos) that are acquired within the story.

-Describe actions as you normally would. While you can't talk about someone's long, flowing curls of red hair, you can still mention their significant other running their hands through silky locks. As long as it can apply to anyone, it's free game.

-Write a chapter or two about female characters. Just to switch it up a bit.


-Mention body type, shape, skin tone, hair color, eye color, hair length, tax information, driver's license ID, genetalia, Social Security Number, or any other identifying information.

-For the love of god, no name blanks. Please? That's exactly what I just said. You're not even listening any more, are you?

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Summary: Who are you? A morning person or a bird of the night? Do you love the sunlight or are you one of the souls that adore the darkness? This challenge traps you in the dreams of the night and the day - and the outcome of it all is the realization that you were dreaming all along.


1 Mention this challenge in your summary.

2 It can be as long as you like.

3 Any pairing and any type of writing is accepted.

4 You may use any fandom that you like - or none at all!

5 They do not have to be in order - but the realization, the 'waking up' has to be the last chapter.


Ordinary Dream: Ordinary dreams often mirror real life experiences, but they are full of fantasie. They often have a deeper meaning.

Daydream: A vionary experience - but you are fully awake! It is just your brain that is asleep, trying to find a solution for problems. Or maybe you are just experiencing what a different life could be like.

Nightmare: A haunting dream that scares you to the very core, until you feel completely paralyzed. Weep in fear or kill the beast - either way, the experience is filled with the flames of hell.

Lucid Dream: And suddenly you are aware of your surroundings and you know that this is only a dream. But you can do everything that you want to do - nobody is there to lecture you. You are free to do everything.

Waking Up: The dream is over and reality strikes back. What's left are precious memories that are forever stuck in your brain - and heart.

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