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Summary: I dare you guys to try to write one fic without a single swear word in it. I've tried it; it is ridiculously hard. No F bombs, no damns, no shits. Good luck. I don't particularly care if you tag this challenge in it, but it'd be funny to see you try.
Categories: Writing Contests, Anime/Manga, Books, Comics, Games, MMORPG, Movies, Mythology, Musicals, Originals Characters: Various
Summary: So, I've been catching up. I stopped at S8 now I'm a few eps in S9 so I'm 100% in the mood for some fics. Unfortunately its not a category on this site and I can't find ANY reader inset fics AT ALL. I don't mind the pairing though I am partial to Mark, George, Derek, Alex, Callie and Jackson. So challenge: Any GA reader insert fics.
Categories: TV-Shows/Radio Characters: None