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Summary: Just basically a collection of drabbles, ficlets, one-shots, whatever floats your boat. Just You/Various. And you can change the title- I did.



Have fun!
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. . . That I'd say again. We all have lines that we really liked in our work, right? Well, pick ten (10) lines you've used and adored, and use them as prompts for other drabbles or one shots or . . . y'know, whatever.

If you choose to do this challenge, please put 10 Things I've Said somewhere in the summary, okay? That way I can see it!

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Ten words for your writing inspiration.


1. imperturbable
2. fustigate
3. crapulous
4. tergiversation
5. peripeteia

6. zoilist
7. weltschmerz
8. rodomontade
9. habiliment
10. exigent

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This challenge comes to you from my 'junk file' of unplaced and or unused random words and prompts. It's been building up for a while and when I looked at it this morning I saw that I had exactly 120 of them and decided to post it as a challenge.


[1] You must show in the summary that you have accepted my challenge, since I'd love to read what you've written.

[2] You can use any pairing you want and OC's as well as Reader Inserts are accepted. Yaoi and Yuri are accepted, also. Genre - romance/smut/crack - does not matter; all of that is all up to you.

[3] You can use any fandom you like or no fandom at all.

[4] They do not have to be in order.


1. Bottle
2. Masks
3. Venom
4. Flight
5. Pusher
6. Enlightened
7. Cosmos
8. Tulip
9. Bird
10. Speech

11. Sunbeam
12. Cups
13. Bulletproof
14. Nudity
15. Telephone
16. Backyard
17. Glowing
18. Chainsaw
19. Pioneer
20. Railroads

21. Barracuda
22. Hollywood
23. Grenade
24. Firecracker
25. Hyperlink
26. Superman
27. Broadway
28. Sundown
29. Linoleum
30. Champagne

31. Taken
32. Tremble
33. Fades
34. Gifts
35. Tornado
36. Dreamers
37. Postcards
38. Factory
39. Baroque
40. Disco

41. Frosted
42. Cowboy
43. Robot
44. Admitting
45. Secrets
46. Satellites
47. Forevermore
48. Separated
49. Professor
50. Picturesque

51. Pistol
52. Milkshake
53. Jetpack
54. Courageous
55. Forgetful
56. Icicles
57. Payphone
58. Palatial
59. Install
60. Institute

61. Interface
62. Lighters
63. Leaves
64. Heartstrings
65. Slumber
66. Losing
67. True
68. Boom
69. Horoscope
70. Dynamite

71. Backstage
72. Jovial
73. Victoriously
74. Tandem
75. Chiller
76. Sheriff
77. Opera
78. Airborne
79. Fashionable
80. Opulence

81. Healthy
82. Credible
83. Dreaming
84. Teahouse
85. Chateau
86. Waste
87. Gasoline
88. Afterlife
89. Cockiness
90. Enlightenment

91. Photograph
92. Faithfully
93. Renegade
94. Heroes
95. Misplace
96. Lethe
97. Enthused
98. Snowbound
99. Summertime
100. Yesterdays

101. Blinded
102. Candles
103. Breakout
104. Distraction
105. Changes
106. Boring
107. Breakdown
108. Fallen
109. Overjoyed
110. Radio

111. Running
112. Leaving
113. Missing
114. Solitaire
115. Happiness
116. Belladonna
117. Fragile
118. Dance
119. Mustang
120. Lover

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1.] Poisoned

2.] Free fall

3.] Lost and found

4.] Bed of roses

5.] June Bride

6.] Fire

7.] Innocence lost

8.] Obsessed

9.] Fear

10.] Trust

11.] Violate

12.] Lust

13.] All or nothing

14.] Control

15.] Understanding


Just some helpful writers block prompts~ no rules, no set characters-- just have fun with it! :D

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Summary: A collection of drabbles, ficlets, reader-inserts, whatever floats your boat.

1. Forehead Kiss: A kiss on the forehead means you are friends with him or her; some even use it as a starter too.

2. Eskimo Kiss: An Eskimo kiss is an affectionate one, from a parent to their child or a young one. The nose here is rubbed back and forth.

3. French Kiss: The passionate French kiss, romantic and hot. Lots of tongue action and mastering it takes time.

4. Single-Lip Kiss: Single-lip kiss, a kiss where you suck a lip of the next, sandwiching theirs between yours while doing so.

5. Kiss on the Hand: A kiss on the hand, when you grasp the persons hands using your fingers and kiss the back of the palm. Adorable and passionate, an act of being kind.

6. Earlobe Kiss: It is one of the most romantic kiss types, tugging up and down near the earlobes. When you use the tongue while doing so, it gets hot and passionate.

7. Butterfly Kiss: Butterfly kiss, when you get close to the persons face and both of your eyelashes physically connect with one another, while you kiss.

8. Spiderman Kiss: Go upside down as the superhero did in the movies and kiss him or her.

9. Long Kiss: Long prolonged kiss, lips only and lots of lip to lip kissing, full of passion and raw emotion.

10. Kiss on the Cheek: Friendly, respectful and adorable. Anyone can peck on anyone’s cheek and no deep meaning to it.

11. Lip Gloss Kiss: A lip with chap stick or lip gloss coats the partners lips until the gloss transfers on to his or hers.

12. Secret Message Kiss: Between very close people or lovers, perfect way to send out an erotic message or a secret sans the others knowing about it.

13. Lizzy Kiss (or Lizard Kiss): Where the tongue sticks in and out of the mouth of the partner, in quick strokes.

14. Air Kisses: Most common between friends and family, the kiss involves no physical contact.

15. Kiss of an Angel: A gentle kiss on someone’s eyelids or near to it.

16. Bite and Kiss: Bite and kiss an open mouth with the notes of a French kiss but not one exactly. Here the teeth bite and nibble the person’s facial features, the neck or where it is planted.

17. Neck Kiss: A kiss on the neck, for intimacy, eroticism and more.

18. Vampire Kiss: Kiss like a vampire, deep on the neck of him or her, suck and bite the area.

19. Jaw-line Kiss: Kiss on the jaw line, for those who are very close to one another.

20. The Tease: The tease, for those who start from the forehead to the lips and all the way down, down, down, and vice versa.

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I'm pretty sure a kissing challenge has already been done by someone somewhere, but I couldn't remember if all of these had ever been used before so I decided to post this with all twenty-one types of kisses.


[1] You must show in the summary that you have accepted my challenge, since I'd love to read what you've written.

[2] You can use any pairing you want and OC's as well as Reader Inserts are accepted. Yaoi and Yuri are accepted, also. Genre - romance/smut/crack - does not matter; all of that is all up to you.

[3] You can use any fandom you like or no fandom at all.

[4] They do not have to be in order.

Types of Kisses and Their Meanings:

1. The Forehead Kiss - The forehead kiss usually means that you are just friends. Depending on how it is planted, it can also be used as a means of showing deep affection to a loved one. Most people use use it as a starter kiss when they meet someone new, to express that they like them.

2. The Eskimo Kiss - It is commonly used by children and parents as an indication of affection. It involves rubbing your nose against your loved nose back and forth. This type of kiss has its origin from the Eskimo, hence the name Eskimo kiss.

3. The French Kiss - The French is considered most popular romantic kiss. A kiss is named �French kiss� when a person�s tongue touches another person�s tongue. This is why it is also known as tongue kissing. This type of kiss is very easy to execute but it may take years to master.

4. The Single-Lip Kiss - This type of kiss involves gently sucking another person�s lip. To give your partner a single-lip kiss, you have to take any one of their lips sandwiched between yours and suck gently. If done in the correct manner, this kiss can send a strong romantic signal to you partner.

5. The Hand Kiss - It is given by gently grasping someone�s hand by the fingers and kissing the back side. The hand kiss demonstrates respect, adoration and kindness.

6. The Earlobe Kiss - It involves taking someone�s earlobe between the lips and tugging gently upwards or downwards. This kiss can be made more intense by gently rubbing the tongue in a circular motion on the earlobe.

7. The Butterfly Kiss - This type of kiss involves getting close to someone so that your eyelashes touch. Just before kissing the lips, blink very fast so that eyelashes flatter very fast just like the butterfly wings. This type of kiss is usually done for fun.

8. The Upside-Down Kiss - This type of kiss originates from the Spiderman movie. it is a romantic kiss It is also known as the spiderman kiss. It involves kissing a person whose head is upside-down from yours. This way your bottom lip kisses their top lip and vice versa.

9. Lingering Lip Kiss - This is a closed mouth kiss that lasts for more than 20 seconds. The tongue is not involved in this kiss. Lingering lip kisses involve the lips only. This kiss serves as an indication of deep love.

10. The Cheek Kiss - This is a closed mouth kiss on someone�s cheeks. This kiss can be used to flirt, to pass a friendly greeting or to say goodbye to someone you love.

11. The Peck - The peck is a short tight lipped kiss on the lips or cheeks. It is used as an expression of friendship. A peck can also spark romance between two people. If you don�t get over it, just make him/her your lover.

12. The Lip-Gloss Kiss - This is a fun kiss. It involves putting on a harmless amount of ChapStick or lip gloss on the lips and then rubbing it on your partner�s lips until they are also coated. It is recommended that you use a lip gloss that is sweet and flavored to surprise your partner.

13. Secret Message Kiss - This is basically a French kiss with a �secret message�. It involves spelling out a message to your partner in the in the middle of a French kiss. This kiss is useful if you want to pass a romantic message to your partner.

14. The Lizard Kiss - This kiss involves sticking your tongue in and out of your partner�s mouth. It is done in quick strokes. The lizard kiss is usually practiced just for fun.

15. The Air Kiss - The air kiss is used as a form of greeting to friends and family. It is done by resting your cheeks on or near someone�s cheeks and then producing a kissing sound.

16. The Angel Kiss - This kiss involves kissing someone gently on the eyelids or on a spot near the eyes using the lips. This type of kiss indicates deep affection and is mostly used when saying goodbye to someone or when waking up a loved one.

17. The Biting Kiss - This is an open mouthed kiss that incorporates the tongue just like the French kiss. The only difference between this kiss and the French kiss is the fact that the teeth are also put into use. The teeth gently grab your partners tongue as you kiss.

18. The Neck Kiss - As the name suggests, neck kissing involves kissing someone�s neck. Most people love doing it after French kissing for a while. You have to learn to keep the saliva 'light' to execute this type of kiss perfectly. Use only your lips and do not suck hard to prevent you mouth from producing much saliva.

19. The Vampire Kiss - It is done for fun. This is a deep kiss on your partner�s neck. It also involves light biting and sucking. Some people might find this kiss not sexy, therefore it is important to find out whether your partner likes it or not.

20. The Jawline Kiss - It is done by people who are used to each other. You should never try this kiss on someone you just met. A jawline kiss is a firm kiss on the lower side of the jaw where the neck meets the jaw. It is usually fun to kiss someone�s jawline after having some intense French kissing.

21. The Teaser Kiss - This kiss begins from the forehead, to the lips and then down to the arms and hands. On reaching the hands, the sequence is reversed from the hands then up to the lips and forehead. This kiss can be quite useful if you want to turn on your partner and make them want more.

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Summary: I've been in a mood or rather stuck in a rut, I'm not really sure which since it sucks either way, of being able to write nothing but angst lately and it occurred to me that other people might have been or are in the same situation and since writing is what we writers do, no matter what, why not make a challenge just for angst?


[1] You must show in the summary that you have accepted my challenge, since I'd love to read what you've written.

[2] It can be any length, as long as it's over one hundred words - one-shots, drabbles, ficlets etc.

[3] You can use any pairing you want and OC's as well as Reader Inserts are accepted. Yaoi and Yuri are accepted, also.

[4] You can use any fandom you like or no fandom at all.

[5] Genre must be angst or angst related and you must do forty of them – the title speaks for itself on those matters.

[6] There are no prompts because when I write angst it’s always out-of-nowhere, but if you’d like to use prompts then by all means do so. It won’t bother me any.

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Five words for your writing inspiration.


1. oniomania
2. recalcitrant
3. nascent
4. scintillate
5. boustrophedon

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Summary: You know the drill. I saw some challenges like this, so I wanted to put together one of my own. Unfortunately, I’m not huge into music, so it proved a bit difficult to find fifty songs with usable lyrics. Hopefully I still managed a bit of variety.

1. Any fandom, any characters, any point of view, any sort of pairing or lack thereof.
2. I don’t really care what you do with the prompts. Want to quote them? Fine. Want to use them as a general idea? Fine. Think the prompt is a little long and want to shave it down? Fine. Want to look up the rest of the song and use it as a song fic? Also fine!
3. Write your responses as long or as short as you want. This can be a collection or a whole story. It’s up to you.
4. Feel free to do these in any order you desire.
5. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. My details can be found on my profile.

The Lyrics
1. “So your tears fell and melted the snow. You told me secrets nobody had known, but I never loved you more even though now I knew what you did.” –Oh My Dear, Tenth Avenue North
2. “You’re a liar, but I’m a coward, so I can’t throw a stone. We’re so imperfect, but so worth it, because we’re not alone.” –We Fall Apart, We As Human
3. “Times will be bad, times will be good; things I wish I hadn’t done and some I wish I would.” –American Noise, Skillet
4. “It’s been fun, but now I’ve got to go. Life is way too short to take it slow, but before I go and hit the road, I gotta know ‘til then: When can I see you again?” –When Can I See You Again?, Owl City
5. “You act like you don’t know me when you see me on the street, acting like I turn you off when I know you think I’m sweet.” –Why Not?, Hilary Duff
6. “Guess what? I'm not a robot, a robot. Can you teach me how to feel real? Can you turn my power off?”—I Am Not a Robot, Marina and the Diamonds
7. “Only know you've been high when you're feeling low. Only hate the road when you’re missin' home. Only know you love her when you let her go, and you let her go.” –Let Her Go, Passenger
8. “Come with me now. Look and see how there’s an ocean overflowing with our hope. So let’s jump in and take a swim. It’s you and me forever.” –One Drop, Plumb
9. “Sometimes I, I just want to close my eyes and act like everyone's alright, when I know they're not.”—I Refuse, Josh Wilson
10. “I couldn’t understand. You wouldn’t take my hand. I watched you fall into the ocean below.”—Overboard, Manafest
11. “And we started at zero and went different ways, now we're all out here wasting away. And if we started at zero, then how did things change? Seems like just yesterday thinks were the same.” –Zero, Hawk Nelson
12. “In the end, everyone ends up alone. Losing her, the only one who’s ever known who I am, who I’m not, who I wanna be.” –You Found Me, The Fray
13. “Lonely and forgotten, never thought she’d look my way, and she smiled at me and held me, just like she used to do. Like she loved me, when she loved.” –When She Loved Me, Sarah McLachlan
14. “Just another day to punch the clock. I’d do anything to make it stop. Can’t take it much longer; I just need something stronger.” –Turn it On, Hawk Nelson
15. “So how can you see what your life is worth, or where your value lies? You can never see through the eyes of man. You must look at your life, look at your life through Heaven’s eyes.” –Heaven’s Eyes, Brian Stokes
16. “I will be brave. I will not let anything take away what’s standing in front of me. Every breath, every hour has come to this.” –A Thousand Years, Christina Perri
17. “Well, does he leave a little note to tell you you are on his mind? Send you yellow flowers when the sky is grey? Hey! He’ll find a new way to show you, a little bit every day. That’s how you know, that’s how you know: he’s your love.” –That’s How You Know, Amy Adams
18. “Baby, close your eyes. Don’t open ‘till the morning light. Don’t ever forget we haven’t lost it all yet. All we know for sure is all that we’re fighting for.” –Syndicate, The Fray
19. “If I have to jump, then I’ll jump and I won’t look down. You can cry, you can fight, we can scream and shout. I’ll push and pull until your walls come down and you understand I’m gonna be around ‘cause I’m sticking with you.” –Sticking with You, Addison Road
20. “And I can feel fire in the night. Waiting here, baby, it’s like we’re walking on a wire through the fear. Take my hand. We’ll get there.” –Sooner or Later, Mat Kearney
21. “I try and try to understand the distance in between the love I feel, the things I fear, and I every single dream.” –I’ll Try, Jonatha Brook
22. “I can’t sleep tonight, so tell me one more time: When I dream, it will be you that’s on my mind. It’s my heart you hold, so never let it go. I still love you like I loved you long ago.” –Long Ago, Hawk Nelson
23. “All we are, and all we want. Forty years come and gone. All we are in photographs will never be taken.” –Absolute, The Fray
24. “Wrap your arms around me, I know, trying hard not let to go. Every time I stand up I fall without you. When you wrap your arms around me, I know, with me wherever I go. Nothing else matters at all when you’re here.” –Arms Around Me, Hawk Nelson
25. “It’s just one more day. No one said there would be rain again. Won’t blame it on myself. I’ll blame it on the weatherman.” –Blame it on the Weatherman, B-Witched
26. "How much longer will this keep getting stronger? I wonder what she’s doing when I’m singing myself to sleep. ‘Cause he’s a faker, so see you later. I wonder when you’ll realize that she means a lot more to me.” –Definitely Maybe, FM Static
27. “And all this time saying you were fine, and everyone still to blame. Well, there you are, you and your broken heart. It’s written all over your face.” –Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful, Seabird
28. “Storybook endings, fairy tales coming true. Deep down inside, we want to believe they still do. In our secretest heart, it’s our favorite part of the story. Let’s just admit we all want to make it, too.” –Ever Ever After, Carrie Underwood
29. “He was a simple boy; he just liked to have fun. He never wanted to be just like his dad was. He was a dreamer but he had never had none, who made the most of his life but never had one.” –Head On Collision, Hawk Nelson
30. "We used to keep our hearts safe. We kept them safe and locked away, but then we grew up learning that life could serve us in a better way.” –Hearts Safe (A Better Way), Tenth Avenue North
31. “As he begins to raise his voice, you lower yours and grant him one last choice: Drive until you lose the road, or break with the ones you’ve followed. He will do one of two things: He’ll admit to everything, or he’ll say he’s just not the same, and you’ll begin to wonder why you came.” –How to Save a Life, The Fray
32. “All those days chasing down a daydream. All those years living in a blur. All that time never truly seeing things the way they were. Now she’s here, shining in the starlight. Now she’s here, suddenly I know.” –I See the Light, Mandy Moore; Zachary Levi
33. “If only I could be the hero heartthrob in the pictures by her bed. She wants someone who’s perfect, like the stories in her head.” –Imaginary Boys, LeetStreet Boys
34. “So here we go again: the same fight we’re always in. I don’t care, so why pretend? Wake me when your lecture ends.” –It’s Not Me It’s You, Skillet
35. “It’s over. It’s over. Twelve days later, and I can’t start over. I left her. She hates me. We’ve been friends since 1990.” –It’s Over, Hawk Nelson
36. “Look like the boy too shy, ain’t gonna kiss the girl. Ain’t that sad? Ain’t it a shame? Too bad. He’s gonna miss the girl.” –Kiss the Girl, Samuel Wright
37. “I made a mess of me. I wanna get back the rest of me. I’ve made a mess of me. I want to spend the rest of my life alive.”—Mess of Me, Switchfoot
38. “It’s scratching on the walls, in the closet, in the halls. It comes awake, and I can’t control it. Hiding under the bed, in my body, in my head. Why won’t somebody come and save me from this? Make it end.” –Monster, Skillet
39. “On and on we go. Come, love, take my hand. On and on we go, as you run away again. On and on we go, back to where this all began.” –On and On, Tenth Avenue North
40. “Cheer up and dry your damp eyes, and tell me when it rains, and I’ll blend up that rainbow above you, and shoot it through your veins. ‘Cause your heart has a lack of color, and we should have known that we’d grown up sooner or later, ‘cause we wasted all our free time alone.” –Rainbow Veins, Owl City
41. "Turn the lights down low, walk these halls alone. We can feel so far from so close.” –Ships in the Night, Mat Kearney
42. “Gaze into my eyes when the fire starts, and fan the flame so hot, it melts our hearts. Oh, the pouring rain will try to put it out, but not this time.” –Shooting Star, Owl City
43. "We're so close to reaching that famous happy end. Almost believing this one’s not pretend. Let’s go on dreaming, for we know we are so close, so close, and still so far.” –So Close, Jon McLaughlin
44. “If you change your mind, well that’s the way it goes. But I am gonna keep your jeans and your old black hat—‘cause I wanna. They look good on me. You’re never gonna get them back.” –So Yesterday, Hilary Duff
45. “She’s a girl with the best intentions. He’s a man of his own invention. She looked out the window; he walked out the door, but she followed him, and he said, ‘Whatcha looking for?’”—Something that I Want, Grace Potter
46. “Sometimes I don’t want to be better. Sometimes I can’t be put back together. Sometimes I find it hard to believe there’s someone else who could be just as messed up as me.” –Sometimes, Skillet
47. “I’m so sick of it, your attention deficit. Never listen; never listen. I’m so sick of it, so I’ll throw another fit. Never listen; never listen.” –Freak the Freak Out, Victoria Justice
48. “The wind blows colder than before. Foolish me, dreaming that you’re holding me tight.”—Dancing All Alone,
49. “Don’t breathe too deep. Don’t think all day. Dive into work. Drive the other way. That drip of hurts, that pint of shame goes away, just play the game.” –What You Own, Rent
50. “They wanna knock that smile off her face, so she shuts her door, and she writes and dreams. It’s her favorite escape, and she knows it can only get better, so with patience she waits.” –Such a Beautiful Girl, Julianna Hatfield
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The challenge here is to use all seven of the prompts below in your story . . .but they have to be lies!

  • I don't mind.
  • I'm not suspicious.
  • I do.
  • I'm sorry.
  • It's for the best.
  • I understand.
  • It's true!
Other than that, anything goes!

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As the title reads it's short, sweet and simple - although I couldn't place these in any of my own prompt categories, so they got their own miscellaneous folder.


[1] You must show in the summary that you have accepted my challenge, since I'd love to read what you've written.

[2] You can use any pairing you want and OC's as well as Reader Inserts are accepted. Yaoi and Yuri are accepted, also. Genre - romance/smut/crack - does not matter; all of that is all up to you.

[3] You can use any fandom you like or no fandom at all.

[4] They do not have to be in order.

[5] You must make all seven prompts connect into a storyline.


1. Revolver
2. Speakerphone
3. Porn
4. Meltdown
5. Straitjacket
6. Mantra
7. Lamp

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If '120 Bits of Random' is too much, then try this. Although, '76 Prompts to Curb Boredom' isn't exactly a cakewalk either...


[1] You must show in the summary that you have accepted my challenge, since I'd love to read what you've written.

[2] You can use any pairing you want and OC's as well as Reader Inserts are accepted. Yaoi and Yuri are accepted, also. Genre - romance/smut/crack - does not matter; all of that is all up to you.

[3] You can use any fandom you like or no fandom at all.

[4] They do not have to be in order.


1. Infamous
2. Crosscurrents
3. Divorce
4. Borrowed
5. Nonplussed* If you use this then please use it correctly, since so many do not; check an online dictionary for the correct usage.

6. Boardwalk
7. Rescue
8. Lifeline
9. Trinity
10. Fierce

11. Cliffhanger
12. Fine
13. Glitter
14. Roundup
15. Havoc

16. Paranoia
17. Epidemic
18. Malpractice
19. Portraits
20. Revolutions

21. Sanctuary
22. Swim
23. Insomnia
24. Jailbait
25. Erotica

26. Fever
27. Sunless
28. Caterpillar
29. Intruder
30. Lament

31. Butterfly
32. Frozen
33. Amazing
34. Intervention
35. Cherish

36. Celebration
37. Quicksand
38. Sorrow
39. Candidate
40. Evening

41. Win
42. Fascination
43. Duplicitous
44. Skylight
45. Tenderly

46. Tricks
47. Radioactive
48. Hacksaw
49. Enjoy
50. Wings

51. Trigger
52. Ball
53. Elevation
54. Beacons
55. Jewels

56. Reversibility
57. Conservation
58. Cats
59. Burial
60. Obsession

61. Destruction
62. Meditation
63. Hymn
64. Animal
65. Supernatural

66. Supersonic
67. Pirate
68. Slaughter
69. Bridge
70. Serendipity

71. Electric
72. Medication
73. Perfume
74. Dragonfly
75. Wreck

76. Corporeal

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