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Summary: I've recently found some yandere fics on dA and have fallen in love with them. So I'd like to see some of them on here. There are no real rules to follow so feel free to write just about anything you want. As long as one of the characters is yandere They can be character/Character, Character/Reader, Character/OC, or even OC/OC.
Categories: TV-Shows/Radio, Anime/Manga, Books, Comics, Games, Movies, Originals Characters: None
Summary: I'm really interested in seeing a different type of story... in which the writer makes the main character (reader or OC) a yandere type. Set your sights on the love of your life and kill for him, kill so he only sees you. Yes, you can make it as psychopathic or crazy as you want. Any pairings or fandom are welcome. You can even make it an original story, I will still read it.
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Summary: I know that a lot of these types of challenges exist but let's give it a shot! Anyway the point of this challenge is that you take (at least) 15 of the words below combine them with the name and use it as a prompt :) So here goes: 1. Childish 2. Artistic 3. Happy 4. Romantic 5. Lonely 6. Temperamental 7. Creative 8. Brave 9. Kind 10. Playful 11. Tidy 12. Helpful 13. Cold 14. Friendly 15. Eccentric 16. Flirty 17. Mean 18. Mature 19. Sad 20. Quiet 21. Loud 22. Sympathetic 23. Organised 24. Pathetic 25. Messy 26. Harsh 27. Hard-working 28. Lazy 29. Plain 30. Loving 31. Annoying 32. Cute 33. Submissive 34. Arrogant 35. Athletic 36. Cowardly 37. Smart 38. Oblivious 39. Calm 40. Ruthless 41. Compassionate 42. Warm 43. Patient 44. Careful 45. Impatient 46. Reckless 47. Trusting 48. Hateful 49. Dirty 50. Irresistible 51. Dumb Oh and if anyone does Trafalgar Law, Supernatural, or YYH for at least one prompt will have my adoration (and some virtual cookies) Remember to tag any response to this challenge so that I can read it :)
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