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Summary: In life, there are always going to be awkward moments. Everyone has them, so why not have a little fun by writing about them?

Disclaimer: None of the prompts belong to me.


[1] You must show in the summary that you have accepted my challenge, since I'd love to read what you've written.

[2] It can be any length, as long as it's over one hundred words.

[3] You can use any pairing you want and OC's as well as Reader Inserts are accepted. Yaoi and Yuri are accepted, also. Genre - romance/smut/crack - does not matter; all of that is all up to you.

[4] You can use any fandom you like or no fandom at all.

[5] They do not have to be in order.

[6] You do not have to do them all, but ten or more would be fine.


1. "That awkward moment when... you say 'Goodbye' to someone but you both walk off in the same direction."

2. "That awkward moment when... you're trying to get over someone you weren't even dating."

3. "That awkward moment when... you don't know if you should hug someone or not."

4. "That awkward moment when... you have a boyfriend, and a really cute guy tells you you're hot!"

5. "That awkward moment when... unexpected visitors arrive at 11 A.M. and you're still in your PJ's."

6. "That awkward moment when... she looks at you and smiles, and then her boyfriend glares at you."

7. "That awkward moment when... you say 'I love you' and he says 'Okay'."

8. "That awkward moment when... someone you don't want to date asks you out."

9. "That awkward moment when... you are introducing someone and get their name wrong."

10. "That awkward moment when... you find yourself in the same room as your ex."

11. "That awkward moment when... your ex kisses you unexpectedly! (And then your current boyfriend kicks his ass.)"

12. "That awkward moment when... you step out of the shower and then realize there is no towel."

13. "That awkward moment when... your girlfriend asks you if you love her more than your car."

14. "That awkward moment when... you burst into your sister’s room in your underwear, only to find her boyfriend and his friends are also in the room."

15. "That awkward moment when... someone walks in while you're changing."

16. "That awkward moment when... you lose your bikini top in the surf."

17. "That awkward moment when... you accidentally fart doing sit-ups at the Gym."

18. "That awkward moment when... you see someone coming your way after you've just farted."

19. "That awkward moment when... you bend down and your pants rip and you're wearing embarrassing underwear."

20. "That awkward moment when... you confidently say the wrong answer aloud in class."

21. "That awkward moment when... someone brings up an embarrassing moment you did not want to be reminded of."

22. "That awkward moment when... one heel flies off your high heels on the dance floor."

23. "That awkward moment when... you're trying to impress someone on the dance-floor but you dance into a pole."

24. "That awkward moment when... you think the trash can is a stool."

25. "The awkward moment when... your friends make plans right in front of you, and the plans don't include you."

26. "That awkward moment when... you're so tired from taking a nap that you feel like to have to take another nap to get over your nap."

27. "That awkward moment when... someone has told you that your tampon string is hanging out of your bikini."

28. "That awkward moment when... you don't know where to stand to pull your wedgie out without being noticed."

29. "That awkward moment when... your neighbor starts talking to you while you're hanging out your underwear."

30. "That awkward moment when... you're taking off your sweater and your T-shirt comes off too."

31. "That awkward moment when... you don't know whether you should tell someone they have food wedged between their teeth or not."

32. "That awkward moment when... you hold the door open for someone but they don't walk through it."

33. "That awkward moment when... you're trying to explain how a song goes but you don't want to sing it."

34. "That awkward moment when... you notice someone’s zipper is down but you don't want to say anything because you don't have a good excuse for why you were looking that low."

35. "That awkward moment when... you accidentally call your boss "Honey"."

36. "That awkward moment when... a really nice lady is helping you and you say "Thank you Sir"."

37. "That awkward moment when... you accidentally call your teacher "Mum"."

38. "That awkward moment when... you get a "Missing you!" text from someone you're not missing."

39. "That awkward moment when... your crush tells you you're acting like a stalker."

40. "That awkward moment when... your friends tell your crush how much you talk about him."

41. "That awkward moment when... you try to exit through a closed glass door."

42. "That awkward moment when... you pull the push door even though it's clearly signed."

43. "That awkward moment when... a guy has bigger boobs than you."

44. "That awkward moment when... someone asks you how far along you are, and you are not pregnant."

45. "That awkward moment when… you have to make up an excuse to not hang out with someone because you'd rather chill at home."

46. "That awkward moment when… everyone glares at you because you forgot to put your phone on silent during a meeting (Or on the plane, or in the Cinema!)."

47. "That awkward moment when… you don't know which arm rest is yours at the cinema."

48. "That awkward moment when… you get stuck in a bean bag."

49. "That awkward moment when… you arrive at the party and see someone else wearing the same dress."

50. "That awkward moment when… you're singing Happy Birthday but you don't know the name of the person so you just mumble the name part."

51. "That awkward moment when... you're talking to someone but you can't remember their name, so you try to avoid introducing them to the person you're with."

52. "That awkward moment when... you burst out laughing but everyone else stopped laughing ten minutes ago."

53. "That awkward moment when... you try to sneak a photo of someone but the flash goes off."

54. "That awkward moment when... you realize you've kept talking after the call dropped out."

55. "That awkward moment when... the guys from your office see you out partying and realize you're a wild child."

56. "That awkward moment when... you see someone that looks like someone you know, and you scream their name, and it's not them."

57. "That awkward moment when... it's quiet and you're eating something crunchy."

58. "That awkward moment when... you can't tell if someone is a boy or a girl."

59. "That awkward moment when... you've slept through your alarm clock and need to make up some kind of excuse for it."

60. "That awkward moment when… you start to cross your legs during a phone call because you're busting to go to the bathroom."

61. "That awkward moment when... you change your Facebook status to ‘single’ and your ex 'likes' it."

62. "That awkward moment when... you type your ex's name into your Facebook status instead of the 'Search' bar."

63. "That awkward moment when... your Facebook friend tags a photo of you as a kid."

64. "That awkward moment when... you've accidentally sent a text to the friend you were gossiping about."

65. "That awkward moment when... someone you don't want to date asks you out."

66. "That awkward moment when... you’re in a class where you don't speak to anyone, and your teacher says go find a partner."

67. "That awkward moment when... someone mistakes you for the shop assistant."

68. "That awkward moment when... you are gossiping about someone and they walk up behind you."

69. "That awkward moment when... you forgot to end the call on your mobile phone, now your crush knows what you're saying to your friends about them!"

70. "That awkward moment when... you push on the toilet door thinking no one was inside."

71. "That awkward moment when... a man walks into the ladies toilets."

72. "That awkward moment when... you realize you left the rest room with your dress tucked into your undies."

73. "That awkward moment when... you slip and fall then play it off like it never happened."

74. "That awkward moment when... you show someone something really funny and they don't think it's funny at all."

75. "That awkward moment when... it's an awkward moment and everyone knows its awkward then a random person says ‘awkward’."

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Summary: We're only 10 stories away from reaching 100 on GOTVG. So who is with me to reach that goal? The person that writes the 100th story can request a one-shot for their favourite character from me! And you can decide on the theme too! You can write whatever you want to write, multi-chaptered or a one-shot, for whatever character you choose. Happy writing! :)
Categories: Gundam Wing Characters: Catherine Bloom, Chang Wufei, Dorothy Catalonia, Duo Maxwell, Heero Yuy, Hilde Schbeiker, Lady Une, Lucrezia Noin, Other, Quatre Raberba Winner, Relena Darlian, Sally Po, Treize Khushrenada, Trowa Barton, Various, Zechs Merquis
Summary: This is just some random, hilariously stupid but altogether amusing thing I found on Facebook and decided to post as a challenge.


[1] You must show in the summary that you have accepted my challenge, since I'd love to read what you've written.

[2] It can be any length, as long as it's over one hundred words.

[3] You can use any pairing you want and OC's as well as Reader Inserts are accepted. Genre - romance/smut/crack - does not matter; all of that is all up to you.

[4] You can use any fandom you like or no fandom at all.

[5] They do not have to be in order.

[6] You do not have to do all of them.

The Bro's:

#1 The Friendly Bro - He's funny, non threatening, and generally very pleasant. He's probably one of your friends, and though he may have a crush on you, he's clearly stuck in the friend zone. Will he ever get out?

#2 The Sleazy Bro - He's hooked up with two of your friends, and if we're being honest, you. He says all the right things, and looks all the right ways, but this is not the bro to bring home to mom.

#3 The Goofy Bro - He's the funniest person you know, and you love him for it. Though he's not the hottest guy in the room, there's a good chance he'll sweep you off your feet on personality alone.

#4 The Heartthrob Bro - He's got the face, the body, and the personality. He's smart, artistic, and a great dad (potentially). Even if it doesn't work out with him, you'll always remember him fondly.

#5 The Cool Bro - He's good looking, talented, and highly sought after. The problem is he acts like it. He might be fun for a while, but he isn't going to bring any sense of stability to your life.

#6 The Pot Head Bro - This bro has a little too much time on his hands, and that's not a good thing. We love lazy Sunday's on the couch, but this bro is a beyond us. Stay away.

#7 The Player Bro - Not unlike the heartthrob bro, the Player Bro is the total package. So what's the problem? He's not known for being loyal, and might be tempted to test the waters form time to time. Take a pass.

#8 The Dreamboat Bro - Another cousin of the Heartthrob Bro, the Dreamboat is even more elusive. He is rarely seen, and when he is he's got an equally dreamy girl. If you ever get a chance, take it, it may be your only one.

#9 The Douchebag Bro - Yeah, he's sort of cute, but that's where the endearing qualities end. He's not someone you should ever take seriously, and if you do, you won't be taken seriously. Think about that.

#10 The Gay Bro - At one point or another we've all dated that perfect guy. The one who dressed well, had the great job, and the beautiful apartment. Well, we're here to tell you that yes, he is perfect, but maybe not perfect for you. Better yet, you're not perfect for him. Get it?

#11 The Burnt Out Bro - He use to be cool, but then he didn't stop. If he's still rocking his favorite high school band shirt, and waiting in line for the keg, run, just run. Don't look back, just run.

#12 THE Bro - He's a little bit of everything all rolled into one. Looks, charm, talent (arguably), and confidence (lots of it). Even still, there's something off about him, and you just aren't sure what to do. Well, we suggest you have a good time but don't get too attached. He will break your heart.

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Summary: This crossover needs a story of how a reader who is a descendant of one sage leader need to find the other descendants from outer space in order face Ganondorf. So anything goes.
Categories: LoZ: Ocarina of Time, Gundam Wing Characters: Ganandorf
Summary: Your characters have been rendered mute. Or, if you would prefer, your hands have told very specifically that they can no longer stray to those dreaded quotation marks for the duration of your story. Without words, without sound, your challenge is to portray emotion and get your point(s) across. Write about whatever catches your fancy, but feel free to point me to it, as I would very much like to see what the responses to this would be.
Categories: Originals, Anime/Manga, Books, Comics, Games, MMORPG, TV-Shows/Radio Characters: Various
Summary: You known them, every anime or manga has at least one, and you more than likely love them - although I usually find them annoying.

Now you get to write about them... and their oh-so obvious issues, their many issues. Remember, just because they're good-looking doesn't mean that they're perfect - more often than not they have more issues than anyone.


[1] You must show in the summary that you have accepted my challenge, since I'd love to read what you've written.

[2] It can be any length, as long as it's over one hundred words.

[3] You can use any pairing you want and OC's as well as Reader Inserts are accepted. Yaoi and Yuri are accepted, also. Genre - romance/smut/crack - does not matter; all of that is all up to you.

[4] Although I've listed two specific anime/manga, because I had two specific characters in mind, you can use any fandom you like.

[5] They do not have to be in order.


1. Bad Personality

2. Childish/Whiny

3. Too Many (loud and annoying) Fan Girls

4. Severe Obsession with their Sport

5. Too Flirtatious

6. Easily Hold Grudges

7. Fiercely Competitive

8. If you can think of any more prompts then by all means, use them.

Categories: Haikyuu!!, Kuroko no Basuke Characters: Various
Summary: So, I decided to make a challenge for the anime and manga Tokyo Ghoul series. It's one of my favorites to date and unfortunately enough it doesn't seem to have much of a following, but I was hoping that if I made a challenge then maybe more people would hop onto the bandwagon with me. :3


[1] You must show in the summary that you have accepted my challenge, since I'd love to read what you've written.

[2] It can be any length, as long as it's over one hundred words.

[3] It must be about a character or characters from Tokyo Ghoul, its prequel Tokyo Ghoul: JACK or its sequel Tokyo Ghoul:re.

[4] You can use any pairing you want and OC's as well as Reader Inserts are accepted. Yaoi and Yuri are accepted, also. Genre - romance/smut/crack - does not matter; all of that is all up to you.

[5] They do not have to be in order and you do not have to do them all. Also, most of the prompts are taken from the titles of the manga and words associated with the manga and anime.


1. Tragedy
2. Terrible
3. Coffee
4. Deception
5. Kagune
6. Hatching
7. Antique
8. Mask
9. Mission
10. Dove

11. Cloudburst
12. Imprisonment
13. Savage
14. Underground
15. Sorrow
16. Newspaper
17. Disappearance
18. Enlightenment
19. Opponent
20. Circle

21. Flattery
22. Dinner
23. Dismantling
24. Feast
25. Invitation
26. Moonlight
27. Curettage
28. Scar
29. Incarnation
30. Torch

31. Alias
32. Plunder
33. Lecture
34. Plan
35. Squirming
36. Escape
37. Closed
38. Ghoul
39. Kakuja
40. Excision

41. Blame
42. Siblings
43. Halfway
44. Spark
45. Persistence
46. Secret
47. Beacon
48. Diversion
49. Promotion
50. Subordinate

51. Experts
52. Father
53. Emerging
54. Visitor
55. Gossip
56. Insecure
57. Trick
58. Pursuit
59. Fortitude
60. Lady

61. Bait
62. Infiltration
63. Depths
64. Bikaku
65. Amnesty
66. Rift
67. Artificial
68. Returning
69. Entwined
70. Crumbling

71. Unlock
72. Kakugan
73. Target
74. Home
75. Tether
76. Punishment
77. Cannibalism
78. Ukaku
79. Human
80. Anteiku

81. Predator
82. Prey
83. Aogiri
84. Ward
85. Rinkaku
86. Birdcage
87. Quinque
88. Captivity
89. Hideout
90. Koukaku

Categories: Tokyo Ghoul Characters: Various
Summary: This is a simple 'just for fun' challenge inspired by Jelly Belly's Tropical Mix jelly bean flavors.


[1] You must show in the summary that you have accepted my challenge, since I'd love to read what you've written.

[2] It can be any length, as long as it's over one hundred words.

[3] You can use any pairing you want and OC's as well as Reader Inserts are accepted. Yaoi and Yuri are accepted, also. Genre - romance/smut/crack - does not matter; all of that is all up to you.

[4] You can use any fandom you like or no fandom at all.

[5] They do not have to be in order.


1. Berry Blue
2. Green Apple
3. Lemon Lime
4. Pink Grapefruit

5. Cantaloupe
6. Island Punch
7. Mango
8. Strawberry Daiquiri

9. Coconut
10. Kiwi
11. Peach
12. Tangerine

13. Crushed Pineapple
14. Lemon
15. Piña Colada
16. Top Banana

Categories: Anime/Manga, Books, Comics, Movies, Originals, TV-Shows/Radio, Webseries Characters: None
Summary: I'm a huge Mirai Trunks fan, and I'm saddened from the lack of stories featuring the loveable Saiyan. So, my challenge is for someone to write a fic/oneshot with Trunks x Reader as the main pairing. Any rating is allowed as well as making the Reader character any species. The only condition applied is if the reader character is a fighter, she cannot be unbelievably more powerful than the main fighters from the show. That is a major pet-peeve of mine. Aside from that, you're allowed to do anything else and, most importantly, have fun!
Categories: Dragon Ball Z Characters: Future Trunks, Various
Summary: It's that time of year again!

Have a listen at this song (which has a word or two if you're not familiar with it) and then write about it. Or, you know, don't; I can't make you.

The rules are: mention "twelve pains" someplace in the summary (or respond here) so I can find your work, and enjoy yourself. No, really, I'm putting my foot down on that one. If you're confused, contact me--my author page will help you: any fandoms go (I'm just putting what I'd know best); and you can use just canon characters, reader-inserts, OCs, or any combination thereof.

And now, the list:

1. Christmas tree

2. Lights

3. Hangovers

4. Christmas cards

5. Bills

6. In-laws

7. Charities

8. Kid(s)

9. Parking (or lack thereof)

10. Batteries/Electricity

11. Old, crappy TV movies/specials

12. Caroling
Categories: Harry Potter, Homestuck, Dragon Age [Series], Mass Effect, Avengers, The, DMC [Classic] Characters: None


A list of some of my favorite dialogue prompts. There are no real rules for this other than showing in your summary that you have accepted this challenge.


1. "You're always looking out for me, but no one will hurt me as long as they know that I'm with you."

2. "I don't have a fear, I have a healthy respect for gravity."

3. "Princess Cranky, the grumpiest princess in all the land."

4. "[----]... did I lose you?"

5. "Love makes us do remarkable things."

6. "The guilty must confess, or everyone dies."

7. "You know, [----], you go down this path, our path, it's not a long life."

8. "See how easy it is to think first and kill people later?"

9. "That man would walk into a hail of bullets for a plate of bacon."

10. "If I cannot have it, I will do everything I can to destory it."

11. "That karma will come back to you."

12. "As cute and fuzzy as they look, they can kick you right where you don't want to be kicked."

13. "My line of work, you got to lie down with the lion as well as the lizard."

14. "Mm, I'd pay money to see that fight."

15. "Rule of the Kingdom is reserved for the strong."

16. "I'll tell you this: dude's got some skills."

17. "All these years, you've lived, but you've never had a life."

18. "[----], don't try to change me."

19. "I should have just said, 'You look beautiful'."

20. "You were protected by your parents' love."

Categories: Anime/Manga, Books, Comics, Games, MMORPG, Movies, Musicals, Mythology, Originals, Poetry, TV-Shows/Radio, Webseries, Wrestling Characters: Other, Various

Your challenge is to use the types of love listed below in a story; be it a one-shot, drabble collection, or a full-fledged story—whatever works best!

Feel free to change up the order if you'd like, and have fun.

1. Storage - an affectionate love that slowly develops from friendship, based on similarity
2. Ludus - a love that is played as a game of sport
3. Eros - passionate physical and emotional love based on aesthetic enjoyment
4. Mania - obsessive love; experience great emotional highs and lows; very passionate and jealous
5. Prayma - love that is driven by the head, not the heart; undemonstrative
6. Agape - selfless altruistic love

Categories: Anime/Manga, Books, Comics, Games, MMORPG, Movies, Musicals, Mythology, Originals, RPFs, TV-Shows/Radio, Wrestling Characters: None

Summary: Something I have noticed about reader inserts is that the reader is almost always CIS heterosexual (or bisexual). That’s fine and dandy, as I’m sure plenty of actual readers are—but what about opening up the possibility to readers that aren’t and might like to see something closer to a representation of themselves?

What I would like to see is a fan fiction where the READER (not the canon character, not an OC) is non-CIS, non-heteroromantic, non-heterosexual, a combination…or even all at the same time. It’s something I’ve been trying to expand upon in my own writing (though I need to do more), and I’d like to see other people try their hand at doing so as well.


1. It is the reader that must be the non-majority.

2. You may do what you need to do with whatever romantic interest(s) you have, but if they are a canon character from something, do try to keep them in character (unless you’re one of those AU writers that don’t care about characterization).

3. Do your research. Be respectful.

4. Keep in mind that popular media portrayals aren’t necessarily correct. For instance, binding your chest with ace bandages is severely unhealthy. Your reader character might not know that, but it might be nice if you gave your readers a head’s up in an author’s note when things like that come up.

6. Remember that there is a difference between a story where a character being (for example) bigender is the entire point, and one where the character just is. I’m asking for the latter, but I won’t stop you from writing the former.

7. If you do the latter, make sure the fact that they are (another example) asexual comes up. Obviously, the reader character will have other interests, problems, and thoughts than their sexuality, but if they never discuss it and waltz away happily with your favorite boy from SnK, that’s not actually completing the challenge.

8. You don’t have to go the extreme route of any choice you make. If your reader character is a CIS bisexual girl and she ends up with CIS heterosexual boy from Once Upon A Time, that’s fine, so long as you actually wrote her as bisexual.

9. Remember that sexuality and romanticism can be entirely different!

10. This challenge is open to any length you’d like: drabble collections, one shots, and novel length stories are all applicable.

11. This challenge is open to any sort of story, fan fiction or original or crossover or whatever, so long as it is written in the second person point of view.

That’s it for now. If you feel that I have said or requested anything rude, insensitive, or otherwise ignorant, do feel free to message me so I can correct my mistakes. (:
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Story or one shot that has a ragnarreader or oc pairing or ragnarlagerthareader or oc pairing.


Categories: None Characters: None
Summary: Ten Whiskey Cocktails for your writing inspiration.


1. Mint Julep

2. Old Fashioned

3. 7 and 7

4. Irish Coffee

5. Three Wise Men

6. Blood and Sand

7. Prairie Fire

8. Hangman's Blood

9. Amber Moon

10. Bourbon Lancer

Categories: Poetry, Anime/Manga, Writing Contests, Webseries, TV-Shows/Radio, Games, Books, Comics, MMORPG, Movies, Originals, Mythology Characters: Other, Various
Summary: “Word for the Wise”

Okay! Here’s my challenge! Write a series of reader-insert drabbles, vignettes or whatever you want. I don’t care length. You can choose any show or video game you want, you can even work in multiple. Basically it just has to be You/Various. But they must be centered on these sayings:

"Old habits die hard."

"The early bird gets the worm"

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained"

"People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones"

"As you make your bed, so you must lie in it." "

"You've made your bed, now sleep in it"

"Too many cooks spoil the broth"

"Where there's a will there's a way"

"Many hands make light work."

"A friend in need is a friend indeed"

"You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink."

"When the cat's away, the mice will play!"

"Rolling stone can gather no moss."

"Rome wasn't built in a day"

"Don't count your chickens before they are hatched"

"Don't look a gift horse in the mouth"

"Barking dogs seldom bite

"There's no smoke without fire"

"Necessity, who is the mother of invention."

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder."

"All good things must come to an end."

"Actions speak louder than words

"All Bark and No Bite"

"An Arm and a Leg"

"Bakers Dozen"

"Blue Moon"

"Cry over spilt milk"

"No use crying over spilt milk"

"Curiosity killed the cat"

"Devil's Advocate"

"Go the extra mile"

“Word for the wise”

Think you can do it? Huh? Well, let’s see…
Categories: Anime/Manga, Books, Comics, Games, TV-Shows/Radio Characters: Various
Summary: I've recently found some yandere fics on dA and have fallen in love with them. So I'd like to see some of them on here. There are no real rules to follow so feel free to write just about anything you want. As long as one of the characters is yandere They can be character/Character, Character/Reader, Character/OC, or even OC/OC.
Categories: TV-Shows/Radio, Anime/Manga, Books, Comics, Games, Movies, Originals Characters: None
Summary: I'm really interested in seeing a different type of story... in which the writer makes the main character (reader or OC) a yandere type. Set your sights on the love of your life and kill for him, kill so he only sees you. Yes, you can make it as psychopathic or crazy as you want. Any pairings or fandom are welcome. You can even make it an original story, I will still read it.
Categories: Originals, Anime/Manga, Games Characters: None
Summary: I know that a lot of these types of challenges exist but let's give it a shot! Anyway the point of this challenge is that you take (at least) 15 of the words below combine them with the name and use it as a prompt :) So here goes: 1. Childish 2. Artistic 3. Happy 4. Romantic 5. Lonely 6. Temperamental 7. Creative 8. Brave 9. Kind 10. Playful 11. Tidy 12. Helpful 13. Cold 14. Friendly 15. Eccentric 16. Flirty 17. Mean 18. Mature 19. Sad 20. Quiet 21. Loud 22. Sympathetic 23. Organised 24. Pathetic 25. Messy 26. Harsh 27. Hard-working 28. Lazy 29. Plain 30. Loving 31. Annoying 32. Cute 33. Submissive 34. Arrogant 35. Athletic 36. Cowardly 37. Smart 38. Oblivious 39. Calm 40. Ruthless 41. Compassionate 42. Warm 43. Patient 44. Careful 45. Impatient 46. Reckless 47. Trusting 48. Hateful 49. Dirty 50. Irresistible 51. Dumb Oh and if anyone does Trafalgar Law, Supernatural, or YYH for at least one prompt will have my adoration (and some virtual cookies) Remember to tag any response to this challenge so that I can read it :)
Categories: Anime/Manga, Books, Comics, Games, Movies, Mythology, TV-Shows/Radio Characters: Other, Various