Muraki Kazutaka
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Cherry by Noizchild Rated: M [Reviews - 1]
Summary: On October 31st, 1999, Tsuzuki and Hisoka investigated a case involving the murder of a descendant from Eda-Kimoto clan. Tsuzuki met the murder victim's daughter on that same night and comforted her from the shock of her sudden loss. Now in 2009, the case is reopened by the daughter's murder. However, she might be tied to a greater scene for the clan's demise.
Categories: Yami no Matsuei
Characters: Chief Konoe, Gushoshin, Kurosaki Hisoka, Muraki Kazutaka, Tatsumi Seiichirō, Tsuzuki Asato, Watari Yutaka
Genres: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Supernatural/Paranormal
Story Type: Novel
Warnings: Adult Situations, Anime, Character Death, Extreme Violence, Language, Lemon, Mild Adult Situations, Mild Violence, Violence, Yuri
Series: Ghost Doll
Chapters: 27 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 49023 Read Count: 1052
[Report This] Published: 10/21/13 Updated: 11/14/13
Lotus Girl by Noizchild Rated: M [Reviews - 0]
Summary: Thirteenth book in "Ghost Doll." Things seemed to have cooled down around Meifu while things have gotten steamier for Tsuzuki and Anna during the springs nights. But yet, Anna finds herself unable to sleep afterwards and notices a strange tree outside of their bedroom window. It seems to be calling out to her, however she is not sure why. Meanwhile, Tsuzuki's wounds seem to be taking longer to heal and he always looks tired. The other Shinigami fear the worst ever since the Mother Kitsune has gotten free. Yet, how exactly can they be so sure about that? Surreal lemons to behold.
Categories: Yami no Matsuei
Characters: Chief Konoe, Kurosaki Hisoka, Muraki Kazutaka, Tsuzuki Asato
Genres: Drama, Erotic, Romance, Supernatural/Paranormal
Story Type: Sequel
Warnings: Anime, Language, Lemon
Series: Ghost Doll
Chapters: 25 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 19716 Read Count: 409
[Report This] Published: 06/29/15 Updated: 07/23/15
Queen to Pawn by Noizchild Rated: T Liked [Reviews - 1]
Summary: When Anna gets a letter from Muraki to Tsuzuki, asking him to meet up at midnight, Anna decides to take matters into her own hands.
Categories: Yami no Matsuei
Characters: Muraki Kazutaka, Tsuzuki Asato
Genres: Dark, Drama, Romance, Supernatural/Paranormal
Story Type: One-Shot
Warnings: Anime, Language, Mild Adult Situations, Mild Violence
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 2050 Read Count: 645
[Report This] Published: 10/05/14 Updated: 10/05/14