Colours by sora-h
Summary: Pick a colour of your choice, and incorporate it to your story.

- It can be any length so long as it’s at least 100 words—doesn’t matter if it’s a collection, one-shot, or a drabble
- It can be a fic, or an original
- Any pairing, or even without one
- Doesn’t matter what genre, or what fandom you’re writing for (if there’s any)
- Doesn’t matter how you you want to incorporate the colour(s) into your story, either
- It doesn’t matter what colour [you could even incorporate every single colour imaginable], but…
- The colour has to play a part in your story--not just a passing term used to describe something
- Please name your story title/chapter titles with said colour [examples: red lipstick, ultramarine blue]
- You could also join this challenge with some others. Maybe make it a songfic or something! [examples: Coldplay’s Yellow, Kagamine Len’s Purple Butterfly, etc]

Some ideas/examples:
- The reader has a red lipstick on, and the main male character expresses what he thinks about the lipstick.
- The main character of your story falls deep into depression, and you can describe this depression as a colour.
- Or maybe even how this character was saved by a character who's associated with a colour.
- An important incident that happened entirely in a room that's completely white, and how it affects how the characters feel about the incident.

I hope you guys have fun! Feel free to approach me for any questions! You can see my contact details in my profile.
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