Can't Break the Spell (Daughtry Album Challenge) by SugarLandBabyGirl
Summary: I absolutely love Chris Daughtry's music have since the very beginning (American Idol) - and just his voice in general really. So, in honor of his wonderful music, which I could listen to forever, I present to any who view this humble challenge.


[1] You must show in the summary that you have accepted my challenge, since I'd love to read what you've written.

[2] It can be any length, as long as it's over one hundred words.

[3] You can use any pairing you want and OC's as well as Reader Inserts are accepted. Yaoi and Yuri are accepted, also. Genre - romance/smut/crack - does not matter; all of that is all up to you.

[4] You can use any fandom you like or no fandom at all.

[5] They do not have to be in order.

[6] You must use at least one of the albums Daughtry has released (Daughtry, Leave This Town, Leave This Town: The B-Sides EP, Break the Spell, Baptized) and be sure to choose wisely, even though you can't really go wrong with any of them, because every song in the album or albums must be used if you accept.

[7] You can use the songs however you wish just as long as there's a connection between the title or lyrics to your writing.

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