Cyndi Lauper Songs by SugarLandBabyGirl

I've always loved Cindi's music and the last time I checked there were, sadly enough, no challenges for her stuff. So, I've decided to issue this, just incase anyone else thought the same as I do.

Take care, and remember to have some fun with this.


[1] You must show in the summary that you have accepted my challenge, since I'd love to read what you've written.

[2] You must only use the songs listed.

[3] They do not have to be in order.  

[4] It can be from any fandom: anime/manga, games, books, TV, movies or other. You can use any pairing you want and OC's as well as Reader Inserts are accepted. Yaoi and Yuri are accepted, also. Genre - romance/smut/crack - does not matter; all of that is all up to you.

[5] You may interpret the songs however you wish and even include the lyrics if you want.

The Songs:

1. Girls Just Want To Have Fun
2. Money Changes Everything
3. Who Let In The Rain
4. She Bop
5. Time After Time
6. I Drove All Night
7. Hat Full Of Stars
8. Change Of Heart
9. Sisters Of Avalon
10. All Through The Night
11. When You Were Mine
12. True Colors
13. Unhook The Stars
14. The Goonies 'R' Good Enough

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