Another Light Update
Hello Spectres, it's been a while.

This is just a small update on combating the spambots we've been seeing around lately. I appreciate everyone who has taken the time on submitting their pesky accounts on the forum.

Which, by the way, if you need to register a forum account, you will have to tell us--in whatever way is convenient for you whether here or in the shoutbox or emailing one of us--what your username is so we may be able to validate your account on the forum.

Anyway, we have seen that the CAPTCHA has not quite done its job in preventing spammers from infiltrating our site but I have turned on random generated passwords when one signs up for our site. This means that upon registering, you will be given an email with a password you then must use to log in. But don't worry, you can still change your password to whatever you want once you log in and change it in the settings.

Hopefully, this will slow down or, more favorably, completely stop spammers from polluting our site with their infuriating spam reviews and accounts. I appreciate the patience and understanding you guys have shown us.

[ Cross-posted onto our Facebook group, as well. ]

--Felina on 04/23/18 04:57 pm 2 Comments
A Light Update (aka we're not dead)
Hello Spectres. It's so nice to see and speak with everybody tonight.

It's been pretty quiet around here concerning staff and the site itself. For those of you unaware, we have had a change in staff where a couple of our moderators have stepped down due to some real life priorities. We are not looking for any staff members to fill the now empty ranks since things seem to be pretty breezy lately. For that, we must thank Becky for all the hard work she continues to put into the site.

You're the real MVP, Beckums!

Unfortunately, the spam issue is still around. Dot and I have been a pinch busy with real life issues as it has basically made it hard for us to be around like we used to be but we also try to ensure that the lights stay on. We haven't had any trouble besides the spammers so if I may ask that everyone put up with them for a while longer, that'd be great. Additionally, we have given our authors the permissions to delete any review as they see fit (since these are your stories and your content), I must ask that you delete any spam review that is sent your way.

However, to be extra helpful, we do have an open thread on the forum to submit the accounts of these pesky spammers. Becky will lock them and I will delete these accounts as soon as I can get to them.

I believe that really is the last thing for announcements or updates. Thank you for sticking with us and the staff here at the Vanguard hope that you guys get to enjoy the upcoming holidays!


I am going to put this here since our forum registration sees a lot of spam bots as well. Bikky herself states to email her at:

"Send me a fb message. Flag me down in the shoutout box. Anything to be like "DON'T DELETE MY FORUM SIGNUP ACCOUNT!!!""

--Felina on 11/28/17 02:53 am 2 Comments
Happy Birthday, Felina!
Hello Spectres! Gather Ďround, because we have a Staff birthday to celebrate today!

Today is Felinaís birthday! Our fearless leader, as the saying goes, and a long-time, long-standing member of Staff turned Owner. She deserves your attention and well wishes today, so I hope you will join me in celebrating her!

For those of you who have been long time members of GOtV (even from Freedom of Speech days!) you will undoubtedly be familiar with Felina and her presence here in our Archive and Community; she has been a member of Staff for a number of years. The dedication she has continually shown this Archive and Community through the years, through numerous Staff and Owner changes (until becoming Owner herself!) and her commitment to this Archive has never wavered. The years pass and times may bring change, both good and bad, but one thing that has been such a gift to this Archive is that Felina has been consistent and present through all of it. I can say from experience, firsthand, that the Archive would not still be standing as it is without Felina; we all owe her so much for her countless time spent maintaining and assisting this Archive in itís continued success. Thank you so much for all you do and have done, Felina!

Outside of her dedication to our space here, Felina is a woman to admire for both her natural born talents when it comes to writing (and artistry in general!) alongside her years of work to continuously improve her talentsóeven going to college to study and polish her writing to professional levels. I can speak from personal experience to her talents and what it has been like to receive her gifts in writing, as she is my writing partner, and how proud I am of her that she never stops. We all know writing is difficult; itís a struggle to keep going and the older you get, the longer youíre a writer, the harder still it can beóbut Felina doesnít let anything stop her ambition and her wants when she sets her mind to a project or an idea and through that dedication I have seen her talents grow to something both unattainable and inspiring. I know thatís something all of you can appreciate as writers as well, and I want to tell you here in this public space, Felina, how proud I am of you. I tell you all the time youíre #goals and though you always laugh off the silly way I say it, I hope you know how much I mean that. Youíre my writing partner because I know I have a lot I can learn from you, and I feel very privileged to be close enough to you to benefit directly from your skill. Thank you for that, and I know I speak for many when I say that I cannot wait to see where your talents take you in the future.

To any of you who are new, you may not know that Felina is my best friend (has been for the last eight years) and I met her here on GOtV, back when it was called Freedom of Speech. This Archive has a very special place in our hearts, which is why we decided to take over ownership of the Site rather than let it die when the previous owners wanted to let it go. Here in this space where we first met, Felina, I want to tell you how much I love you. You have been such a support to me all of these years, and there is no one else I would rather have spent this time with. I hope you have a fantastic birthday, and that you know here, publicly, in this space you helped shape and now allow to continue to grow and thrive, how much you are loved and thought of, today and every day.

Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

Dot, the GOtV Staff, and Community

--Madame on 12/29/16 08:39 am 0 Comments
Happy Birthday, Renohotness!
We have another staff birthday this month!

Please join me in wishing Renohotness, one of our lovely Managers, a very happy birthday!

Thank you, Reno, for all the hard work you put into the site, and for being your awesome self. Here's hoping your birthday is one of the best~

--SHSL Fangirl on 10/28/16 11:10 am 2 Comments
Happy Birthday, Chye!
Today is the birthday of one of our Supervisors, Chye!

She's put in a lot of time and effort for GotV, and as great as the site is, I know it wouldn't be quite as amazing without her hard work and contributions~

I think I could go on about how amazing she is for a long time, so I'll keep this brief! Everyone, if you have a moment to spare, please wish her a very happy birthday! She deserves all your praise and more.

For everything you do, Chye, thank you~ Happy birthday to the power of infinity!!!

--SHSL Fangirl on 10/05/16 11:21 am 1 Comments
Happy Birthday, Rei!
Today we have a special birthday, everyone! Rei, an industrious graphic designer as well as a lovely person, is one year more glorious today! We appreciate you not only for your artistic prowess, but also your indomitable writing spirit and hope that you're with us for a great time to come~!

Stay wonderful,

-Dantya Noire, feat. Staff

--Dantya Noire on 09/24/16 01:28 pm 1 Comments
27 Years of Pure Perfection
Hello Spectres,

Today marks a special occasion! To those who don't know what today is, June 25th is a big deal for one of our own. Madame, affectionately known as Dot to our lovely community, is turning 27 today! Please come together with me to wish her a very happy birthday by leaving a comment below or yelling it out on the forum! Now here's the part where I get to ramble about her and thank her for all that she does not just for the community, but selfishly for me.

Why? It's her birthday and she deserves to know how much she's appreciated and loved!

Seeing as this is a writing site, I'm going to highlight her talents first! They're a huge inspiration to me and it only feels fitting that to those of you guys who are huge fans of her writing know what kind of talented, well-receiving, and warm woman she is known to be especially when she answers your reviews. Many of you may even look forward to either her revamp of her Avengers story or what used to be known as her Yusuke story! However you know Dot, it would be great if those who support her writing and her stories drop a comment to tell her how she may inspire you. I feel it's very important she know just how much her writing is loved, just as much as she is. She is MY inspiration and #goals when it comes to the discipline she shows when she knows she needs to write; to sit down and get things done and I have been lucky to see first-hand what her writing routine consists of and how she plans and organizes her beloved characters. We are writing partners and I absolutely feel honored about this fact.

Second, Dot is my best friend. She has gone up and beyond the duty of said title that she became a sister to me. We call each other lifemates and soulmates, and I feel that even that doesn't quite pin what we mean to each other or what she means to me. She's the best support I could ever ask for from anyone I have ever known: supportive, warm, loving, SQUISHY, and full of advice that because out of respect for her, I just don't hear her out and don't follow through. I actually take her advice because that is what eight years of friendship, closeness, and kinship means to me. If there was anyone I look up to who represents strength and the courage to face another day when their own problems are staring them down, it's Dot. After my own mother, she's the toughest person I know and although she's not invincible, it's extremely humbling when she comes to me for her problems too. That's what best friends are for - we rely and help each other, sharing the bad times as well as the good times. As she's so fond of saying, it's a two-way street. I can appreciate that she's there for my bad times as well as the good as I'm there for hers.

Thank you very much for being such a vital part of this community, Dot. Without you, there wouldn't be GotVG and without you, I wouldn't have my best friend. I hope your 27th is one of the best you've ever celebrated and that your birthdays afterwards can only get better.

And the staff and community family at GoTVG.

--Felina on 06/25/16 01:38 pm 2 Comments
You don't look a day over forty-five, darling~
Well, awesome members of GotVG, I have the pleasure of announcing the birthday of one of our Staff. It's the day of birth for our very own Commander Shoggoth so please be dears and leave a lovely comment or seven so we can make her day even more fantastic. Life has us all busy at the moment with that adulting thing (just go away please) but you'll be hard pressed to find someone as dedicated to making sure things run smoothly on the site. Not to mention staying cool under pressure like the jive cat she is and always with more than a few ideas tucked into her sleeve.

Her applying for the position gave me the courage to do so as well and I'll always be grateful for that. Throw in the best sense of humor, inviting personality, and a unique writing style, and you get the best package there is.

Thank you for all that you do, Commander, and may this be the best birthday you've had by far~

And the Staff family

--Renohotness on 05/06/16 11:51 am 4 Comments
Important Notice
Please direct your attention to the following thread on the Forum for information in regard to the issue of missing chapters/reviews/etc on the Archive:

Missing Chapters.

The post reads, "Felina and I are going to be monitoring this issue over the weekend to see if we can pinpoint which of our servers/services might be the root of this problem. Please let us know here if you lose something , and please be specific! I do apologize for the inconvenience this causes all of you, but thank you very much for your patience while we work to sort through this."

You will need to login to be able to access the thread to read and comment! Please do so there so we can keep continuity of reports.

Thank you!

--Madame on 03/29/16 08:00 pm 0 Comments
Acceptance and Rejection E-Mails
Hello, Spectres!

Unfortunately, there seems to be an issue with our site's e-mail system. Its bugs have rendered us unable to easily send out letters regarding submissions in the queue. While we try to work through this problem, we'd like everybody to please be aware of the following:

1. You will not be receiving acceptance letters any longer, as the efforts outweigh the benefits. We advise you to check your page every so often to see if it has been posted. If it hasn't been posted in a couple of days (maximum), it has probably been rejected.

2. Rejection letters will still come, but they'll be sent from our personal e-mails. If you'd like to talk to a certain staff member, please be aware that our signature will be present in the e-mail's contents, telling you who looked over your submission.

3. You can still PM staff members on the forums. So, if e-mailing us isn't working, we can be contacted there.

4. Submissions should not be discouraged! The problem lies within the notification process, so all chapters can still be submitted as usual.

Thank you for bearing with us. Love,

The Staff

--Bikky_the_Great on 02/02/16 05:48 pm 3 Comments
Happy Birthday Felina!
Hello, Spectres! Front and center and give me your undivided attention, because we have a very special birthday to celebrate today!

Today is Felinaís birthday! Thatís right, our very own Co-Owner and one of the original Staff members on the Archive for almost a decade!

Yeah, I know. Impressive, right? I thought so too.

Today is the day we celebrate Felina, our compassionate and fair, fearless and most wonderful of Leaders, who has stood by and supported this Community before some of you even started your writing careers. This is a woman who is deserving of your utmost respect and appreciation for her tenure on the Site, as well as the time and efforts she has continually put in to keep the Archive and Forum active, running smoothly, and looking damn fine. I doubt there is a thing on this Archive you could point out that she hasnít had a hand in, and for all of you who are happy to call this place home, you definitely owe such a prospering and welcoming Community to her hard work. In fact, Felina has dedicated so much of her free time to all of us here Iím debating whether she should actually have to do anything else for us the rest of her time on the site. {Taps her chin.} We could just set up a shrine with a throne for her to sit in. I think that makes the most sense. Weíll build it out of panda plushies and boxes of candy! {Rubs her hands together.} Yeah, yeah, thisíll definitely work.

My silliness aside, please take a few moments out of your day today to get in touch with Felina (either utilizing the comments below, or the Shoutbox on the Archive, or even message her directly!) and wish her a Happy Birthday. She deserves to know the Community is thinking of her, in the same selfless way she always thinks of all of us.

On a more personal note, I want to thank you, Felina, for sharing ownership of this wonderful Archive with me. I wouldnít have taken this over without you, and I would have been devastated to lose the place we met all those years ago. Itíll be eight years for us in 2016! And we owe the start of our friendship to this lovely little Archive; I can think of no better way to honor our friendship than to stand side by side with you and keep the doors open, in the hopes others might be lucky enough to find what I have found in you. You are my best friend, my writing partner, my inspiration, and the writer I most look up to when it comes to honing my talents and continuing toward furthering my writing career. I admire your talents more than I could possibly say, and one day I know youíll do even greater things than you have with them alreadyóbecause letís not overlook your writing is a gift to anyone who is lucky enough to experience it. I know I consider myself immensely lucky for all that you write for me.

Iím wishing you the very best birthday ever, Lina-Love, and know I am right here with you to make sure that happens. I love you dearly, Lifemate, and please know, as I announce it for all our Community to see, that you are the best friend I have ever had. I am so proud to call you my sister, Co-Owner of this fantastic Community with me, and my partner in all things.

Happy Birthday, Beautiful Girl.


Dot, The Staff, and the Community

--Madame on 12/29/15 04:19 pm 10 Comments
The End of a Good Year.
Hello, Spectres!

What a fantastic year 2015 has been for us. We celebrated our second year of operation, closing out the year with almost 10,000 members to our ever-growing community. I know I speak for all Staff involved when I express my sincerest gratitude for your continued support and being a member of our Community. We are all grateful for you and your contribution to what makes us truly worthy of being Literary Spectres.

As the year draws to a close and we get ready to ring in 2016, there are just a few things Felina and I want to bring to your attention, before we wish you Happy Holidays:

Anonymous/Spam Reviews:

Due to the continuous (and annoying) spam reviews we've been flooded with the last few months, Felina made the Executive decision to turn off anonymous reviews until further notice. This means that for all of you adorable little ghosts who either don't log in to read/review, or those of you who have yet to officially join our ranks, you are going to have to moving forward. That means, yes, you will either need to login or register to be able to review stories.

This is done both as a convenience to Staff members having to track down and delete the reviews, but also to our authors who have been receiving them.

We do not have an official date of when Anon reviews will be turned back on, but going forward just anticipate it to be awhile until we can get this Spammer situation under control.

Tacking onto that, Felina would also like to remind all of our Authors that you do have the option of deleting your own reviews--so if you do wind up with spam reviews, while we appreciate you letting us know so we can go after the account (something we hope turning off Anon reviews will help) you can go ahead and delete the review yourself.

If you have any questions about that, don't hesitate to comment and let us know.

Staff Break:

The Staff's Holiday Break is officially underway! This is the two week break for all Supervisors and Managers on Staff to kick up their heels and relax, in thanks for all the hard work they put in throughout the year keeping our Community running smoothly, and assisting Felina and myself with all the responsibilities that come with the Archive and Forum.

It is also your time, as a Community, to reach out to our hardworking Staff (utilize the comments below, the shoutbox, the Forum, or even message them directly!) to thank them for all they do for all of us every day. We truly are very lucky to have such a dedicated and hard-working Staff who spend their free (and other times not so free) time keeping us up and running.

From all of us, Supervisors and Managers, we thank you dearly for your continued dedication to the Archive. We hope your break is restful, and that you enjoy the holidays to their absolute fullest.

Staff Break runs from December 21st-January 4th and during that time, Felina and I will be the only members of Staff available, including for questions, concerns, and monitoring the Submissions queue. During this time we ask that you refrain from contacting other members of Staff, to allow them their break uninterrupted; you'd just be forward on to Felina and myself anyway, so, easier to just come to us straight away!

We also ask that you are patient with the two of us, as we're juggling work and school and our schedules do vary and can be rather hectic. We thank you in advance for your help in making this Holiday Staff Break a success!

In closing, Felina and I simply wish to thank all of you for your continued support in making this Archive thrive. Though we've been open for two years, we are continuing to grow every day, welcoming new Authors and Readers alike, providing entertainment and a place for all of us to safely call home. We appreciate your time, your talents, your support, and your sense of family as a Community.

We wish you a very Happy Holiday (no matter what you choose to celebrate) and a wonderful New Year. We look forward to 2016 being even bigger and better than 2015!


Dot & Felina

--Madame on 12/22/15 09:59 pm 11 Comments
Happy Birthday, Amber!
Today is pretty special! It's Renohotness' birthday, so please send her your birthday wishes!

It's only been around a year and a half since I've known her, but I can tell you this: she works hard for you guys! She's also very reliable, friendly, and considerate; she helped me feel at home back when I had just come on staff. Maybe it's a bit weird, but I kind of feel like she's a mentor~

I don't even know how long she's been (happily) working her butt off for everyone, but please be sure to thank her and wish her a very happy birthday! Here's hoping her day is really awesome.

--SHSL Fangirl on 10/28/15 08:59 am 13 Comments
Happy (BE-LATED!) Birthday, Rhye!
Okay, Spectres, listen up! Today is a very special day. I'd like you all to join me in wishing Rhye (known formally as Chye), one of our Supervisors here at GotV, a very happy birthday!

From day one, Rhye has always worked hard to maintain the Archive to the best of her ability. She's also full of great ideas and suggestions; I'm often surprised at her ingenuity. She also happens to be one of the most amazing people I have ever had the fortune of meeting, online or otherwise. Not only am I proud to work alongside her as a member of staff, I'm also proud to call her my best friend. I hope you'll all forgive me for delving into more personal territory here:

Rhye, I'm so glad for this opportunity to wish you a happy birthday (again. I figure I can't say it enough times). It's only been about a year and five months since we first started talking, but I feel like I've known you for ages. Messaging you back then was easily one of the best decisions I've ever made. Thank you so much for being a part of my life! I hope you're always in it. I love you. May this birthday be your best ever; you deserve it!

--SHSL Fangirl on 10/06/15 08:22 am 9 Comments
Happy Birthday Emma!
Hello Specters~

Today we have a special announcement!

Today, letís take a moment to appreciate Emma aka SHSL Fangirl. On the site, Emma works hard to make sure stories are being validated. Nominating authors who deserve to be validated, and keeping order all around. When sheís not busy being a supervisor, Emma is right with everyone else fangirling over fictional characters.

Please take a moment to thank Emma, and wish her a very happy birthday.

--Bikky_The_Great on 08/20/15 06:20 pm 16 Comments
Happy Birthday Dot!
Good day, Spectres!

Today of all days warrants a special message and that is why I am utilizing this news space to inform you all just why. June 25 is a very special day for one of our cherished own. Let us all gather around to wish Dot (Madame) the very best on her birthday and wish upon her many, many more best days in the future. She certainly deserves them! I also feel that it is entirely important to express our gratitude to her and not just because of what she does behind the scenes to keep this place running spic and span without error, but because we want to show her how much of an important piece she is to our community. This is not because she is co-owner but also because she puts her time, energy, effort, and hard earned money to keep this site running for everybody to enjoy.


If I am allowed to be personal for a bit, I want to share what makes her so special to me. My first opinion is that I feel that Dot is an extraordinary author who deserves the recognition she gets. Her writing affects me in a way that invokes feelings I never thought I would ever have again because I feel too old to have them; such as the school girl crush thing, you know? Who else feels this way? Don't be shy! Say so in the comments if you'd like! Personally, I know how hard she works on pouring herself over her written work and I feel incredibly lucky to read her material. You are a fantastic writer, Dot. You touch my soul.

On the best friend front, Dot has a certain way of making one feel incredibly cherished if you're lucky enough to be her friend. She gives the best advice and will always be there when you need her shoulder to cry on. I know this from experience. However, despite all my pretty words, I still find it so hard to put into proper words just how wonderful a best friend and person she is. It's even harder to articulate just how important this date is because this is the day my best friend was brought into this world. So please enjoy your birthday, Dot, because you were put here for a reason and that was to selfishly be my best friend and co-owner to this archive. ;)

That is my little dedication and thank you for allowing me to indulge on wishing my best friend and the co-owner of Gotvg a very happy birthday. Don't be shy and add your own comment to Dot too! I'm sure she would absolutely love hearing from you guys.

As it goes, Dot, have a slice of cake on us.

--Felina on 06/25/15 09:44 am 14 Comments
Happy Birthday Bianca!
Today is the birth day of our own Commander Shoggoth! She is quite the help around the site, and works diligently to see that this community runs smoothly and efficiently.

Let us wish her a very safe, fun birthday filled with smiles and one of those ugly birthday hats. With polka dots. In yellow.

We love you, Commander! Have a great birthday.

--Passerby on 05/06/15 07:18 pm 13 Comments
Spam in Reviews + Spring Break
Lately, there has been a startling amount of anonymous spam reviews hitting some people's stories. First off, I want to apologize about it. Second, I want to express that it would be okay to delete these spam reviews yourself granted that they are anonymous.

Signed spam reviews would be ideal to report since I have a way to keep track of anonymous reviews. I do not have a way to keep track of signed reviews. So it would be very helpful if anyone who received spam reviews with a signed penname to report it at our forum here.

Second thing that Dot and I wanted to address was that the staff is officially on vacation now! Starting yesterday (March 29th) I believe, to Sunday, April 5th. Until this time, the staff is unavailable for anything site related. They may make their presence known but just think of them as members of the community at this time. Avoid asking them questions or going to them with your issues. Dot and I will be available for any site issues, questions, etc and you can easily contact us through the forum!

--Felina on 03/30/15 02:16 pm 6 Comments
Happy Birthday Passerby!
Today, letís give a big birthday shout out to Miss Sydney aka Passerby!

Sheís one of our Supervisors here on GOtV. She works diligently on the submissions. Syd is quick to make sure she is the first one on it. Syd can be quiet and reserved, but she has a heart of warm, squishy goodness. Sheís the type who tends to let her feeling come out in her writing.

She is an amazing person, and one who works very hard to keep this site up and running smoothly. Please, take a moment to thank Sydney and wish her a happy birthday.

Happy birthday from all of us on Staff, and thank you for all you do!

--Bikky_The_Great on 02/25/15 06:50 am 10 Comments
Happy Birthday Felina!
December 29th is a very special day, Spectres, and don't you worry, I'm gonna tell you why.

Today is the birthday of one half of your fearless leader duo, Felina. She turns 28 today, and we are honoring her always, but most especially today.

As Co-Owner of the Site, Felina does a lot for all of us--and has for a number of years. None of us would be here without her and I think today of all days, on her special day, it's important that we take time to thank her for all that she does for us and wish her a happy birthday.

On a more personal note, Cherub Bunny-Love, I just want to thank you for all that you do--for the site and for me, too. You are the best friend I have, and will ever have, and I am so grateful and appreciative to have you in my life I don't know where I'd be without you. You make me grateful we decided to take over GOtV and reshape it, and take care of it; it's where we met, and where our story began. I will forever be attached to this Archive for that reason, and I hope you know I wouldn't have accepted it if you hadn't wanted to take it over with me. It's us or nothing at all, pretty girl, and I'm thankful you choose us every time. I will spend today, as I do most days, thinking of you and sending you all my love and well wishes. Happy Birthday beautiful. I love you.

Please, don't be shy. Join me and those of us on Staff in wishing Felina a happy birthday. She deserves to know all of you are thinking of her on her special day.

Thank you for all that you do, Felina, and we wish you a very Happy Birthday.

All our best,

The Staff & The Community

--Madame Dreadful on 12/29/14 12:18 pm 12 Comments
Happy Holidays & Staff Break
Happy Holidays Spectres!

It's been a quiet second half of the year for the Staff, as we haven't hosted meetings for a few months, but as we near the end of the year comes a revival and desire to see 2015 be even more prosperous than 2014 was--and it was a great launch year for GOtV. We tripled our Community numbers and are closing the year at 5500+ members! Congratulations and many, many thanks to all of you members who have made our Archive what it is today. We are so grateful to you and for you.

We on Staff will begin hosting meetings again in January of 2015, as we revisit the Archive and Community and see what we can do to continue to provide all of you with inspiration and a welcoming Community to call home for your writing. We hope you've found good stories, a welcoming Community, and helpful Staff through 2014, and consider this our dedication to carry that into next year.

It is time, however, to continue our annual tradition of Staff Break. From December 23rd through January 6th Staff members listed in the Supervisor and Manager groups will be on holiday break. This is something Felina and I, as site owners and Executives, are carrying over from last year to do for our Staff members in thanks for all the hard work that they do for all of you, and for us, on a regular basis. During this time, Supervisors and Managers will be on GOtV as members and authors, rather than having to be responsible for the daily upkeep and supervision of the Archive, Forum, and Community in general.

We are asking that you as a Community are respectful of this break, and to show your support of our hard-working Staff by remaining understanding and respectful during this time period.

This does not mean that Submissions will close, or the site will be neglected or will go unmanaged.

Felina and I will be here still, as we always are, and we are not closing Submissions so that our Community can still be active during the time off work and school. Feel free to continue submitting your stories as usual.

As a refresher from last year, here is what will be put on hold during Holiday Break:

*Site Suggestion Implementation


*Staff Meetings

*Supervisors and Managers as first point of contact

This means that while you can still make suggestions for the Site, they will not be implemented until after break. There will be no Contest additions or discussions, and no Staff meetings. And lastly, though it is standard protocol to go to a Supervisor first, and then a Manager, and then finally Executives, during Staff Break you will skip over Supervisors and Managers and bring your messages/concerns directly to Felina or myself. Supervisors and Managers will be taking this time to relax and should not be expected to report to the Site for their usual duties.

Short of submissions and site maintenance, Staff Members will be attempting to enjoy their holiday time as much as the rest of you will be. Please be considerate of holiday break and understand that this is a time for all of you to be reflective and appreciative of the work it takes to keep the site running. We thank you in advance for being gracious while we attempt to have some time to ourselves to celebrate the holidays.

If you have any questions in regard to Staff break, please send comment below and I will be happy to answer.

We hope your holidays are everything you want them to be, and thanks for spending them with us.

Merry merry, Spectres!

--Madame Dreadful on 12/19/14 08:36 am 7 Comments
Spammers & Temporary Solutions
From now until further notice, any and all members registering on the Forum will require Executive approval--that is direct approval from Felina or Myself (Dot).

This is a temporary security measure to help combat the overwhelming number of spambots that have assaulted the Forum and Staff over the last few weeks. Until the time can be devoted from Felina and myself to resolve this issue, this is our response and means of dealing with the problem.

To help expedite your Forum registration, please fill out your profile as completely as possible upon registering so that your account does not get lost amongst the spammers. You can also comment below with your registered name and/or email to help us immediately locate your profile and approve it.

We apologize for any inconveniences this causes, but please keep in mind this is to help us continue to provide a safe community for all of you.

A special thank you to the Staff members who have spent sometimes hours over the last couple weeks deleting spam posts and helping Felina and I deal with this problem. We would have been overrun and overwhelmed without you. Thank you.

Once we have more information on updated security measures, we will let you all know what they are and what will change.

Thank you.

--Madame Dreadful on 12/15/14 08:08 pm 4 Comments
Gotvg's Secret Santa Event
A few of the members from our community have gotten together to bring a new event to Ghosts of the Vanguard. Dot and I have been a bit skeptical about it considering that a few of our events never really worked out in the end, only ever having a couple of entries to submit. But there was a lot of interest in this Secret Santa event that it was more than enough to get us to sponsor the event on our site.

Now, seeing that it's November, that leaves everybody who wants in plenty of time to actually participate in this event. There were plenty of messages throughout the main website, the forum, and our facebook group. Personally, I do not know what goes on in a Secret Santa but I have been given plenty of resources to hand it out to you guys.

The official start is today (November 8th) to turn in forms to show your commitment to the event. The deadline should be by November 30th! That surely gives everybody enough time, right? Right! Then, Secret Santas will be assigned between December 1st through the 3rd and everybody participating has until the 31st to post their gifts.

There are a few suggestions and rules that, of course, come with every event. For this particular event, it has been suggested that people participating and writing stories for your partner should write in second POV (reader-inserts) to make the presents that much more personal. Authors should write a minimum of 1000 words for their gift.

We understand that there was an issue about the people who want to participate but are not writers. But our very own Renohotness has come up with an excellent idea to even include these kind of participants in the event.

For the ones who aren't authors, write a short blurb to either your favorite author appreciating the work they've done or the possible impact the author has had on them. If a lot of people like the idea of assigning author/reader, we can also do that. Reno has also brought up the idea that it can also be done anonymously or not.

The small blurb itself shouldn't be anymore than a thousand words. We're still working on that but if that happens to be too much, please speak up about it at the forum.

We understand that a lot of details still need to be worked out but we'll keep the community updated as things change or shift. There shouldn't be any large changes besides that of what consists of a Secret Santa. We've already set the base so we're just building up.

Now for the form itself:

Gift Specifics: (Fandom, Character, Genre (Up to 2 genres), rating (K- MA), Extra (anything you want to be included)
Fandoms you are willing to write for: (List all)
Up to what rating can you write for:
Limitations: (Topics you won't write like male inserts, lemon, etc)
Are you willing to be a backup? (Just in case, one secret Santa doesn't come through, you are willing to write another Oneshot for the giftless person)

All forms should be emailed to, not on the forum thread. Also, if a participant cannot post something before the deadline because of unforeseen circumstances, they should inform the staff as soon as possible by sending an email to the address given above.

For suggestions, comments, or questions, feel free to respond in our forum thread*

*Must be a member/logged in to see the contents.

~~Edit by Bikky~~

Just when you send me an email, could you guys mention Secret Santa in the subject, so I don't accidentally think it's spam? Thank you very much!

--Felina Frenzy on 11/08/14 04:34 pm 8 Comments
Small Forum Update
It has been changed on the forum so that users may go ahead and edit their display names. You do not have to request to have it changed on the forum anymore but requesting a name change on the actual site still does require a request. If there's a chance that this function is getting abused, such as inappropriate or unacceptable names floating about on the forum, it will be changed back so that staff does monitor name changes on the forum again.

--Felina Frenzy on 10/02/14 04:19 am 4 Comments
Our One and Only
Let's take a moment to wish our one and only Dot Dreadful, the beautiful and talented co-owner of Gotvg, a very happy birthday! Through thick and thin, she has been with us giving the site her support in lots of ways and not only through financial funds. In very much the same way she has been there for me, she has done her best to make sure to present the community a writing archive that you all can also call a home. So please, as thanks for raising up fos-ff from what it was before, wish her a very happy birthday because she at least deserves that in thanks for all she's done.

To Dottie: You have been the greatest friend I have ever asked for and have gone up and above the call of what it means to be a friend by selfishly giving and giving without asking for anything in return. On your special day, I want to wish you the very best of birthdays and that no one dares ruin it. Without you by my side, I do not know where I would have been today but I know because of you, I've been able to face many things with your support when all I wanted to do was run away. Thank you, Dot and enjoy your special day.

--Felina Frenzy on 06/24/14 10:07 pm 18 Comments