You don't look a day over forty-five, darling~
Well, awesome members of GotVG, I have the pleasure of announcing the birthday of one of our Staff. It's the day of birth for our very own Commander Shoggoth so please be dears and leave a lovely comment or seven so we can make her day even more fantastic. Life has us all busy at the moment with that adulting thing (just go away please) but you'll be hard pressed to find someone as dedicated to making sure things run smoothly on the site. Not to mention staying cool under pressure like the jive cat she is and always with more than a few ideas tucked into her sleeve.

Her applying for the position gave me the courage to do so as well and I'll always be grateful for that. Throw in the best sense of humor, inviting personality, and a unique writing style, and you get the best package there is.

Thank you for all that you do, Commander, and may this be the best birthday you've had by far~

And the Staff family

--Renohotness on 05/06/16 11:51 am 4 Comments
Happy birthday boo-boo cakes!!!!!
- Bikky_The_Great on 05/08/16 09:26 am

Happy Birthday!! :D

- MizzGinger on 05/08/16 04:25 pm
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- on 06/17/16 03:44 am

Happy Birthday!

- FairyFudge07 on 06/19/16 08:21 am