A Light Update (aka we're not dead)
Hello Spectres. It's so nice to see and speak with everybody tonight.

It's been pretty quiet around here concerning staff and the site itself. For those of you unaware, we have had a change in staff where a couple of our moderators have stepped down due to some real life priorities. We are not looking for any staff members to fill the now empty ranks since things seem to be pretty breezy lately. For that, we must thank Becky for all the hard work she continues to put into the site.

You're the real MVP, Beckums!

Unfortunately, the spam issue is still around. Dot and I have been a pinch busy with real life issues as it has basically made it hard for us to be around like we used to be but we also try to ensure that the lights stay on. We haven't had any trouble besides the spammers so if I may ask that everyone put up with them for a while longer, that'd be great. Additionally, we have given our authors the permissions to delete any review as they see fit (since these are your stories and your content), I must ask that you delete any spam review that is sent your way.

However, to be extra helpful, we do have an open thread on the forum to submit the accounts of these pesky spammers. Becky will lock them and I will delete these accounts as soon as I can get to them.

I believe that really is the last thing for announcements or updates. Thank you for sticking with us and the staff here at the Vanguard hope that you guys get to enjoy the upcoming holidays!


I am going to put this here since our forum registration sees a lot of spam bots as well. Bikky herself states to email her at:

"Send me a fb message. Flag me down in the shoutout box. Anything to be like "DON'T DELETE MY FORUM SIGNUP ACCOUNT!!!""

--Felina on 11/28/17 02:53 am 2 Comments
Awe thanks. Doing my best while working 50+ hour work weeks, going to school part-time, and planning my wedding. I need an all paid vacation lol

But here's the link if anyone is unsure:


There are waaaayyyy too many spam bots, so I just delete them all atm. You guys can email me too at send me a fb message. Flag me down in the shoutout box. Anything to be like "DON'T DELETE MY FORUM SIGNUP ACCOUNT!!!"
- Bikky_The_Great on 12/22/17 07:52 pm
Thank you for all the hard work you do Bikky.
- Ame Yuki on 12/23/17 11:22 pm