Another Light Update
Hello Spectres, it's been a while.

This is just a small update on combating the spambots we've been seeing around lately. I appreciate everyone who has taken the time on submitting their pesky accounts on the forum.

Which, by the way, if you need to register a forum account, you will have to tell us--in whatever way is convenient for you whether here or in the shoutbox or emailing one of us--what your username is so we may be able to validate your account on the forum.

Anyway, we have seen that the CAPTCHA has not quite done its job in preventing spammers from infiltrating our site but I have turned on random generated passwords when one signs up for our site. This means that upon registering, you will be given an email with a password you then must use to log in. But don't worry, you can still change your password to whatever you want once you log in and change it in the settings.

Hopefully, this will slow down or, more favorably, completely stop spammers from polluting our site with their infuriating spam reviews and accounts. I appreciate the patience and understanding you guys have shown us.

[ Cross-posted onto our Facebook group, as well. ]

--Felina on 04/23/18 04:57 pm 2 Comments
I hope that does the trick!! Pesky spammers.
- Bikky_The_Great on 06/17/18 12:33 pm
Yeah, let's hope it'll keep the spammers away.
- Julayla on 11/09/18 11:18 am