Graphic Designer
Hello Spectres!

I have exciting news for our site! We finally got a graphic designer on board with us to make us PRETTY THINGS FOR OUR PROFILES AND OUR SITE! Please give our newest member on staff, Nico (Who also went by Rei!), a warm and very loud welcome for being so gracious enough to fill this position. *Sobs into her arm* I'm really excited, I'm sorry. I can't contain my tears. I'm getting all mushy. OKAY, BYE.

Edit: In my excitement, I forgot to mention that while we finally have a graphic designer for the site, this doesnít mean the position is closed. If you feel like you want to join on, please donít hesitate to fill the application out. :)

--Felina Frenzy on 05/24/14 09:48 am 4 Comments
Staff Meeting Newsletter!
Hello, all!

We had a Staff meeting last night, and with that comes some new information to share with all of you!

You can find the information here: Meeting Newsletter

Thank you, and have a great week!

--Madame Dreadful on 05/07/14 10:00 am 0 Comments
Happy Birthday Bianca!
Today we have a member of our Staff celebrating their birthday! Please join us in celebrating one of your GOtV Staff birthdays.

Dantya Noire, known more formally as Bianca, has spent her tenure on Staff first as a Supervisor, and later as a Manager. Her promotion was prompted due to her desire to be a fundamental part of Staff, as well as her willingness to help both Staff and the Community. She has done so with excellence, and we take her special day to honor her for the work she does for us every day.

Have a very happy birthday, Bianca, and thank you for all you do. We appreciate you, and we hope that your day is full of all the things that make you happy. You most certainly deserve it.

We look forward to celebrating your next birthday with you right here, as GOtV certainly would not be the same without you.

Our best,

The Staff & the Community

--Madame Dreadful on 05/06/14 07:16 am 11 Comments
Staff Update
Good morning Spectres!

I've got a quick announcement for you; an update to our Staff has taken place and you all need to be made aware of it.

Due to complications on their end, one of our new Supervisors has been resigned from their position on Staff, and we have hired on RhyeSammich to fill the final fourth position of our Supervisory Staff.

Please ensure you are respectful and polite during her transition period, and throughout her tenure on our Staff. She will be taking a week or so to get acquainted to her new position and during this time we ask that you as members of our Community familiarize yourself with her (come out and say hi if you haven't before!) and don't be surprised when you start to hear from her in the coming weeks via responses to questions or in acceptance/rejection letters.

Thank you for your attention, and welcome aboard Rhye!

--Madame Dreadful on 04/07/14 08:32 am 12 Comments
Staff Updates
Happy St. Patrick's Day, Spectres! Dottie here, with some announcements regarding Staff.

We made our final decision in regard to our applicants over the weekend, and last night we announced, somewhat privately, to them what our decision was. After some discussion, we decided to take on four Supervisors, due to the number of applications we received, and also some promotions within existing Staff.

I'd like to take the opportunity now to introduce you to the newest members of your GOtV Staff.





These three ladies will be taking over as our active Supervisory Staff, so please ensure you are respectful and polite not only during their transition period, but throughout their tenure on our Staff. Congratulations are certainly in order, so feel free to extend yours to them!

They will be taking a couple weeks to get their feet under them in regard to their duties, and will be transitioning in slowly by next week, taking over the Submissions queue. During this time, we ask that you as members of our Community familiarize yourself with these new members (come out and say hi to them if you haven't before!) and don't be surprised when you start to hear from them in the coming weeks via responses to questions or in acceptance/rejection letters.

In the event of a mistake, please ensure you are sympathetic to their new status and please be respectful.

With the new additions to the Supervisory staff, there have also been promotions within our ranks. Your Managerial Staff is now as follows:




Dantya Noire

Amber and Bianca have been doing a phenomenal job as Supervisors, keeping the Submissions queue moving swiftly as well as being stellar examples of our Staff in keeping up with the Community. As a result, Felina and I have promoted them to the titles of Manager, and once the new Supervisors adjust to their roles, Amber and Bianca will settle into their new responsibilities as well. Feel free to extend your gratitude and congratulations to them, as their hard work has helped keep us moving forward as we launched GOtV and got us on our way to the growing, thriving Community we have today!

Your gratitude should also extend to Becky, who has one of the longest tenures of any member of Staff. She is constant in her want for the site to succeed and steady in the work she puts forth to ensure we succeed; as a senior Manager she does her share and then some.

Felina and I couldn't be prouder of our Staff as it stands today.

To round out the Staff, your standing two Executives continue to be Felina and myself.


Felina Frenzy

Madame Dreadful

As Executives, Felina and I tackle the final decision on all outstanding suggestions as well as any issues that arise, be that site maintenance or discrepancies with billing or site hosting. We pay for the site, and do what we can to ensure all members, Staff or otherwise, continue to have a safe, enjoyable place to host and read their favorite works by keeping a hands-on, business approach to the day to day operations of Staff, the Community, and the Archive in general.

In the coming weeks, with these new Staff members and positions established, the dead link "The Office" on the Archive will be filled in. Once it is, an announcement will be made. For the time being, this can be considered your reference for knowing who your Staff members are.

Feel free to get in touch with any of us for any questions or concerns you may have!

As of now, we are going to close the Supervisor applications, but as detailed in the thread you can still email your application in, to be reviewed and kept on file for the next available opening.

We are still accepting applications for our Graphic Artist! If you or someone you know would be good for that position, please come out and apply!

You can find a hard copy of this newsletter here: [03/17/2014]

Have a great day, stay green and beware those pinching fingers!

--Madame Dreadful on 03/17/14 10:27 am 4 Comments
Staff Decision & Valentine's Day Contest Update
Good morning Spectres, Happy March! Dotster here, with just a couple quick updates to keep you guys in the loop.

We on Staff received another application near the end of last week, for our available Supervisor positions; which puts our count at five applicants, now. We initially decided to open for 2 to 3 positions, since our demand isn't astronomical currently and we don't want a surplus of Staff members. However, that is still somewhat up to change since all of us have been quite impressed with each applicant we have received.

Obviously we didn't announce the new hires over the weekend, but that's due to the newest application and our desire to give everyone a fair review. Later this week, likely the end of the week or through the weekend, we will finish our reviews on the applications and make our decision public. Thank you to all our applicants, for your application as well as being flexible and patient as we get our last applications in.

Again, we are not closing the applications as of now and are always encouraging any interested to come and apply. It's been a truly humbling and wonderful experience for us on Staff, to see the turnout for those of you who want to have a hand in helping the Archive run. Thank you.

Second on the list, as most of you are likely aware, our Valentine's Day Contest wrapped the first weekend of March. We had only one contestant for it, and so we will do as we have done in the past. Our sole participant will receive the contest prizes, and later on this week I will be hosting a voting option for previous Contest winners to help decide on what you'd like shipped in your prize packages. Keep your eye out for the poll, as it will absolutely have bearing on what you receive in your packages.

From there I will also be collecting your addresses for shipping them to you. Thank you for your patience in regard to the prize aspect of the Contests, I personally really appreciate it. Hopefully when the packages get to you, it will have been worth the wait and certainly reward enough for you taking part in our effort to keep the Community active and prospering.

Once we announce our new hires for Staff, we will be hosting a meeting and will come with plenty of updates for all of you--as well as the status of our next Contest. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with a member of Staff, or simply comment below.

You can find a hard copy version of this Newsletter here.

Thank you, and have a great week!

--Madame Dreadful on 03/10/14 08:16 am 9 Comments
Staff Applications
To all hopeful applicants, and to all members of our Community, here is a Newsletter regarding Staff Applications and what our status currently is--

*Staff Applications Newsletter

*You will need to login or register to view this post

Thank you to our applicants, and we do look forward to hearing from more of you!

Have a great rest of the week, Spectres!

--Madame Dreadful on 02/19/14 08:11 am 3 Comments
Staff Applications & Available Positions
Happy Valentine's Day, Spectres!

As promised, on this most heartfelt and touching of days, we on Staff have now opened, and are accepting, applications to become apart of our family--or perhaps, family within a family would be a better way to put it!

If you are interested (or are curious) in the Staff positions being offered, we encourage you to check out our Applications Board* on the Forum.

*You will need to login or register to view this post.

You'll notice there are two choices for submitting applications, but they are not interchangeable. Since the Board is open and unlocked (information that is available via the Rules) you will need to submit your application in a new thread within the Applications Board. And no, we will not be cross-posting the Applications or making them available elsewhere. Being apart of Staff means showing an interest in the Community, and to be frank, if you're not already apart of the Forum and are unwilling to register, you won't have much success on our Staff.

There is no deadline for these positions, currently, or in the foreseeable future. We are hoping that any and all of you interested do submit your applications to us. Initially we stated we were looking for two or three new Supervisors, and just one Graphic Artist, but those numbers aren't set in stone. If you all surprise us with your responses, we'll return the favor by expanding further to welcome you with open arms.

If you have any questions or are unclear about how to go about applying, please comment on this post.

Please enjoy your Valentine's Day, whether it's with your sweetheart, your friends, or just yourself. To all of our hopeful contestants for the Valentine's Day Contest, we wish you further luck with your entries! We can't wait to see what inspiration today brings for you.

With love,

The Staff

--Madame Dreadful on 02/14/14 07:37 am 3 Comments
Valentine's Day Contest 2014 & Acceptance Letters
Love is in the air~

It's that time again, Spectres! A new Contest is upon us.

If you are interested in participating in the Valentine's Day contest this year, please navigate to the Forum via this link for more information:

Valentine's Day Contest 2014*.

*You will need to register or login to view this post.

We will not be cross-posting the information anywhere else, as there are a couple different items on the Forum to draw your attention to, so if you are interested in participating and you don't have a Forum account, you will need to register.

If you have any questions in regard to the Contest, you may speak up here or on the actual newsletter! The deadline has also been added to the Forum calendar to help all of us stay on task.

Happy Writing!

Edit: Starting Monday, January 27th, Acceptance Letters to non-validated authors will begin circulating!

For more information, please see here*.

*You will need to register or login to view this post.

You came out and voted, and the majority of non-validated authors were interested in receiving acceptance letters once their work was accepted and validated from the Submissions queue; we on Staff listened, and we are now going to begin sending acceptance letters.

Since this is a new policy, please allow a few days as a bit of an adjustment period as we on Staff acclimate ourselves to sending these letters rather than just validating straight away. After this week, if you find you still are not receiving acceptance letters, please follow the protocol detailed in the newsletter.

Thank you!

--Madame Dreadful on 01/27/14 09:58 am 4 Comments
January Staff Meeting
Happy New Year, Spectres!

We had our first Staff meeting of 2014 last night, and in accordance with our policies we have some new policies and announcements to go over! Please pay close attention, as a lot of what we discussed will come to affect you not just in the coming weeks, but are changes that have taken effect on the Archive and Forum.

To start, we had two participants for the Holiday Contest; and same as with the Halloween contest, we on Staff would like to personally thank you for participating. We understand the holidays can be a hectic time for all and that you managed to get your collections finished to present to us surely is deserving of reward. Felina has gone ahead and transferred your stories back to you and made the proper announcement. In terms of judging, however, we are going to reward both of you for participating, and you both will be sent prize packages as we feel strongly it is more important to honor your participation rather than split hairs by determining 1st and 2nd place. Thank you for showing support of what we were trying to do, and when the time comes, we on Staff sincerely hope the prize packages show our gratitude. I (Dot) will be in touch with you within the coming weeks, to discuss how the packages will be sent and to get your shipping information.

If you participated in either the Halloween or Holiday contests, please add to your safe list within your email accounts, as I will be contacting you via email. I will post when I've sent the emails so you know to be on the lookout for them, as well.

Carrying on with the talk of Contests, we have a new two-part poll on the Archive that we would like everyone to participate in. Please ensure your skin allows polls; and then select the option you prefer. It is in regard to Contests, and to be frank, deals with the lack of final participation and why, out of almost two thousand members, we have an average of two members at the end of each Contest. We encourage everyone to come out and vote, to help us to understand if Contests are an effective way to unite the Community. This poll will be closed on the 24th, so please vote in a timely manner! Once that poll is closed, the second part of the poll will be posted, which will follow-up in regard to the response from the first poll. Thank you in advance for your participation.

The final word on Contests is that we are planning to host a Valentine's Day Contest, and we will have all the information, from the theme to the deadline, for you next week. We will make the announcement in regard to that once it's ready to be unveiled!

Next up are a few policies that have either taken effect or will in the coming weeks, the first being in regard to acceptance letters. This affects non-validated authors only, so if you are a validated author, you may skip to the next policy. Non-validated authors, beginning Monday, January 27th, when you submit to the Submissions queue you will either receive an Acceptance letter, or a Rejection notice in your email, letting you know of the status of your Submission. That is why it is explicitly important that you have added AND to your email safe lists. If you submit to the queue, you will be receiving notification from Staff beginning next week and it is important that it not be received as spam as it could result in downtime for the Site. We on Staff listened when you expressed you wanted this new option to receive positive feedback should your work be validated, so please hold up your end by ensuring our emails don't go to your Junk/Spam folders. Be on the lookout for the Acceptance letters to begin circulating on the 27th!

The second policy is in regard to sub-categories on the Archive. It has always been a policy of ours to only add categories to the Archive that will have stories for them. As of right now, we are a small enough Community that bandwidth is not an issue, but we grow in number every day. One day, it could very well be an issue and so this new policy is not only one of preemptive measure, but simply a stricter enforcement of what we have always asked of you. When you request a category be added to the Archive, we request that you have a story to place within it to prevent it from sitting empty, or the category will not be added. Moving forward, any sub-category that sits empty for two weeks from the date it is added, will be deleted without notification. So if you request a category be added and you have a story to add, you need to add it before the deadline is up or it will be deleted. It is suggested that you complete any editing or adjustments needed before requesting the category be added, and before that deadline begins.

Next in line we have the fate of the old Freedom of Speech group on Facebook. As most of you know, it is still open and accepting new members, but is locked from members being able to post, and is used solely to direct old members to our new group and Archive. As we are still finding members wishing to be added to that FoS group, as well as the members still making their way to GOtV from there, Felina and I have decided to leave the group open until March 1st, 2014. Old members, if there are any posts or documents that were saved there that you would like, you have until the 1st of March to collect them before the group is purged and closed.

Next, we would like to simply make note that we are aware there are still dead links and "Coming Soon" social media sites that need to be tended to; trust they are not forgotten and that we have plans in motion for them for 2014. This includes special Community-involved Contests (outside of Holiday contests) as well as ways to be involved with GOtV every day on a small, but fun scale. Be on the lookout for those updates in the coming months!

The final announcement that we have for you is in regard to Staff; Felina and I are pleased to announce that we are going to be opening applications for Staff positions the first week of February. We are looking for 2-3 new Supervisors, and one specialty Staff position; we'll cover the Supervisor position first.

Though we are going to post up specifics in a newsletter upon opening the applications, for those of you who think you would like to become apart of our Staff, here are a few things to keep in mind should you want to start preparing to apply. As a Supervisor, your position is exactly what it sounds like. You would work closely with other Supervisors to keep tabs on the Forum as well as the Archive, and you're the first point of contact within the Submissions queue as well as member questions and involvement around our social media networks. You'd be the face of the GOtV Staff, a truly essential part to keeping the site running smoothly and an invaluable tool to helping our authors succeed in their own personal literary endeavors. If that interests you, keep an eye out for the announcement pertaining to the Applications process.

Our specialty staff position will contain different responsibilities than a traditional Supervisory role, and we are currently in the market for a graphics artist to become part of Staff, to help design Contest prizes as well as logos and layout skins. Do you design your own layouts for social media sites? Are you familiar with creating and designing logos? Are you artistic and looking to expand your portfolio? As GOtV's Graphics Artist, you'll be able to design and display your work on profiles of our members through Contest artwork, as well as fostering and encouraging our members through your own artistic vision. You'll be the visual side of our literary world. If that interests you, keep an eye out for the announcement pertaining to the Applications process.

That wraps our first announcement to welcome 2014. Let's make this year a year of literary growth as well as growth in our Community. Thank you for helping us reimagine our image in 2013, and we look forward to helping you realize your literary goals in 2014.

--Madame Dreadful on 01/22/14 11:07 am 13 Comments
Happy Birthday, Felina!
Today marks a very special day here within the GOtV Community. It's Felina Frenzy's birthday today.

As Co-Owner of the Archive and carrying the longest tenure on GOtV as a Staff member, Felina has been a guiding force in keeping our Archive going when everyone else had more or less given up on it. Through the years she has seen us through good times and bad, and has donated copious amounts of her free (and sometimes not so free) time to making sure all of you get the help and support you need when you reach out for assistance. She is the reason we are all still here, and so I am asking that today on her birthday, you take some time to be grateful to her and join me in wishing her a very happy birthday.

Thank you for everything that you do for all of us on GOtV, Felina. The rest of us on Staff would like you to take the day for yourself, to be pampered and just enjoy no responsibilities as you are always so very responsible when it comes to keeping the Archive running smoothly. We are sending all our love and hoping that your birthday is everything you deserve and more.

Our best,

The Staff & The Community

--Madame Dreadful on 12/29/13 10:54 am 7 Comments
Happy Holidays!
From all of us on Staff, we would like to extend warm wishes to all of you, regardless of the holiday you celebrate. Stay safe, stay grateful for what you had and appreciative for what you get, and most importantly, stay merry. There's to be no sad faces this holiday season!

We are thankful to all of you for being apart of our Community, and we hope that all days, but especially during the holidays, that you remember our gratitude for you.

Our best,

The Staff

--Madame Dreadful on 12/25/13 08:24 am 3 Comments
Holiday Contest 2013
It's finally time, Spectres, for our first annual Ghosts of the Vanguard Holiday Contest!

Are you wanting to compete, to see who can spread the most holiday cheer? We certainly hope so!

To all those hopeful contestants, you can find all the information you need on the Forum, by following this link:

Holiday Contest 2013

*You will need to register or log in to see this post

Please ensure you follow all specified rules and guidelines when participating, and please speak up if you have any questions or concerns!

We look forward to this being the first of many successful writing contests, and to help start off our literary year proper!

Our best,

The Staff

--Madame Dreadful on 12/20/13 08:05 pm 9 Comments
Staff Meeting Update & Newsletter
There was a Staff meeting last night, and in accordance with it, there are a few announcements to go over with all of you!

To start, for the two participants we had for the Halloween Contest, we on Staff would like to personally thank you for participating in our first attempt at a Contest after the Re-launch. You came out and showed support in the form of participation, and your dedication to our cause did not go unnoticed. We are going to go ahead and take your stories from our Staff account and you are free to post them up on your own account, and to claim your work as your own. In terms of judging, however, we are going to reward both of you for participating, and you both will be sent prize packages the first of the year, when the holiday packages from the Holiday Contest are sent as well. Thank you for showing support of what we were trying to do, and when the time comes, we on Staff sincerely hope the prize packages show our gratitude. I (Dot) will be in touch with you come January, to discuss how the packages will be sent and to get your shipping information. Thank you for being so patient as we attempt to get the Contests properly organized!

While we are not quite ready to unveil the guidelines and to announce the theme, we would like to declare that there will be a Holiday Contest for all of you to participate in, complete with prize packages as well as site promotions should you place in the Contest! Please understand that there is going to be a specific theme for the Contest, so prepare yourself for writing but donít get started just yet! Stay tuned for further announcements this week in regard to the deadline for submitting your entries, as well as the required theme. We encourage those of you interested to participate, as there are plenty of incentives to win if you place!

The poll regarding review limits on the main Archive has been closed and will be discussed by Staff at the next Staff meeting, and a determination reached on whether or not to implement the change. When the poll closed, the results were 53% positive, and 46% negative; multiple factors will be utilized to determine the greatest good that can be done for our members. Thank you for those of you who came out and voted!

A new poll has taken its place, however; please navigate to the Archive and ensure that your skin allows for polls and then read over the poll and select the option you prefer. We encourage all of our members to participate as itís a very simple way of ensuring that your voice is heard, as the decisions we make, nine times out of ten, do affect you.

Another of the things we discussed last night was the Review Initiative that was proposed by a few of our members in the Shoutbox a few weeks ago. If youíre unsure of what that is, thatís more than fine and not to worry; itíll be explained in the coming weeks. Itís something we on Staff are highly interested in helping our members regulate, and we are currently in talks with the best way to implement something of the sort. The plan is to unveil it and have it up and running for 2014, so when that time comes we will either enable a poll to allow you to select what level of involvement youíd like Staff to have, as well as where youíd like the initiative to be hosted, or if we find a snug fit, weíll take care of that for you.

Coming in 2014, youíll see some more changes to policies as well as the more recreational side of the Archive and Forum. We want to foster and encourage a very tight-knit Community who regularly participates together and interacts, and a lot of the changes that are coming for the new year are all about involvement. Keep those pens moving, those ideas flowing, and thank you for being a part of our growing Community.

The final announcement from the Staff meeting last night is that from December 23rd through January 6th, Staff members listed in the Supervisor and Manager groups will be on holiday break. This is something Felina and I, as site owners and Executives, want to do for our Staff members for all the hard work that they do for all of you, and for us, on a regular basis. We are also asking that you as a Community are respectful of this break, and to show your support of our hard-working Staff by remaining understanding and respectful during this time period.

This does not mean that Submissions will close, or the site will be neglected or will go unmanaged.

Felina and I will be here still, as we always are, and we are not closing Submissions so that our Community can still be active during the time off work and school.

Whatís an example of Staff involvement that will be put on hold during this break? For example, any incoming suggestions will be put on hold until 2014, as while Felina and I are still here, we would all like to enjoy a bit of our Holiday break. Short of site maintenance and Suggestions, Staff members will be attempting to enjoy their holiday time as much as the rest of you will be. Please be considerate of this holiday break and understand that this is a time for all of you to be reflective of the work it takes to keep the site running and to be thankful and gracious while we attempt to have some time to ourselves to celebrate the holidays.

We are going to host one more Staff meeting before our break, and will make the necessary announcements to you afterward.

Again, stay tuned this week for announcements in regard to the Holiday Contest!

Thank you, as always, for being a part of our Community. We would be nothing without our members, and we are grateful for all you do to keep our Archive thriving and an enjoyable place for all.

--Madame Dreadful on 12/09/13 09:07 am 7 Comments
Happy Thanksgiving!
From all of us on Staff, we would like to extend warm wishes today for Thanksgiving. We appreciate and are grateful for every single one of you, for making our Archive and Community what it is.

On a day devoted to giving thanks, know we are thankful for you. Please enjoy your day, be safe, eat up, and have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Our best,

The Staff

--Madame Dreadful on 11/28/13 10:04 am 5 Comments
Help Desk

Ghosts of the Vanguard now has two active Frequently Asked Questions pages!

Do you have questions, but are too scared to inquire yourself? Did you want to double-check a policy or gain a deeper understanding of something thatís already been asked before? Look no further! With a listing here on the Archive as well as the Forum, there are a myriad of questions that have been answered by Staff and are available to all of you now.

You can access both pages by utilizing the now active "Help Desk" link detailed in our Welcome message!

Please brush up on them if you need to and hopefully they clear up and answer any questions about anything you may have!

Thank you!

Edit (November 11th): We now have an Auction Board on the Forum! Please see here for more information: Author's Auction.

Edit (NOV. 12th): Please remember to request *ALL* categories via the forum. If you do not see your category up on the site, PLEASE HEAD OVER TO THE FORUM AND REQUEST YOUR CATEGORY. Visit this link for the request board!


Just a heads up; everyone go over your stories and make sure they are in a CATEGORY and not a MAIN CATEGORY (anime/manga, TV shows/Radio) but a proper SUBCATEGORY (Yu Yu Hakusho, Free!, etc) because I am going to start deleting EVERY story I see that does not belong to a proper category. If you do not see your category there, REQUEST YOUR CATEGORY IN THE FORUM. There should be NO excuse whatsoever for uploading a story to the site without a category.

Staff, there should be NO excuse whatsoever for any story to be validated that does not belong to their proper sub-category. If you see that your story has disappeared, CHECK YOUR EMAIL. MAKE SURE OUR EMAILS ARE NOT GOING INTO THE SPAM BOX.

This is not up for discussion. Please make all necessary changes.

Thank you.

--Madame Dreadful on 11/07/13 10:08 am 5 Comments
Validation Requests
As promised, there has been a thread made for those of you who would like to request to become Validated Authors here on the Archive. You can find that thread on our forum, located here:

Request to be Validated thread.

*You will need to register to view and utilize this thread

Please follow all instructions on that thread carefully, and good luck!

Otherwise, for those of you who are planning to participate in the Halloween Contest there has been a change made to the guidelines, so please refer to the newsletter for an update. You can find that here:

Halloween Contest 2013

Thank you!

--Madame Dreadful on 10/29/13 12:43 pm 5 Comments
Re-Launch Week : Conclusion
It's October 28th, and today wrapped up the Re-launch week for Ghosts of the Vanguard.

Thank you to all of you who came out and participated in our Re-launch, for making it a very special occasion for all of us on Staff who worked very hard to present the best new Archive and Community that we could. Thank you to all of you who read and followed the Rules and special guidelines specifically for our Re-launch, and thank you to all of you for respecting the protocol we had in place. Our Re-launch was a fabulous success, we gained 500+ members in just over a week and that's truly something to boast about. We're steadily growing every day, and it's a sight that warms the hearts of every member of Staff. From the bottom of those warm, squishy hearts, we extend our thanks.

And in order to honor the first 500 members who participated in our Re-launch, we on Staff are going to do something special for you. We've been carefully watching the member count, and those of you who came out to participate and join our ranks during our early stages of getting off the ground, we are going to design a special profile button for your Archive profile, for you to display proudly as our numbers continue to grow. It will show any and all who view your profile that you were one of the first to join, and it's a symbol of our thanks on Staff. It's a small token of our thanks, for rushing back to our home when we re-opened our doors.

Once the button is ready to be displayed, we'll be in contact with you via email to give you the image.

Please stop what you're doing and make sure you have added our email address ( to your "Safe" lists so that when we email you, it doesn't go to your junk folder! On top of minimizing the possibility of being flagged as spamming, this step will ensure you get the button when it's done!

So where do we go from here? That's an excellent question, and one I have an answer to.

To start, many of you expressed concern and question over what Submission procedure was actually lasting, and whether the chronological, alphabetical procedure was for forever--it's not. From today and moving forward, you are to following the Submission guidelines as they are detailed in our Rules on the Archive. If you are a validated author, this section does not apply to you, and you may skip to the next section. If you are an unvalidated author (and that status is not hard to determine) and you are looking to submit a story to be validated by a member of Staff, you need to follow the following procedure:

"We will allow each author to submit ONE chapter to ONE story. Any more than ONE chapter to a story will have all of your submitted chapters deleted and you WILL get a rejection notice stating as such. However, if you post ONE chapter to MULTIPLE stories, this will be acceptable. We just do not allow more than one chapter to a single story in our submission queue simply because if we have to reject that one chapter, we will have to reject all the following chapters right after. This is to make it easier for our staff to validate your guys' stories a lot faster. Failure to comply to this rule after THREE warnings will earn you a black point."

It also stands to mention that if you continue to break the aforementioned rule, you will receive an account lock of varying degrees after the first offense. This is a procedure we take seriously and we expect you to do us this courtesy when submitting your works to us. If this procedure is something you do not understand, you need to speak out about it. This can very quickly rack up your blacklist points.

Otherwise, the Rules document should not be a surprise to any of you, and it's something that you need to be responsible for checking over for changes to ensure you're always current on what we expect of you. We do have a blacklist point system, and three blacklist points will get you banned. Keep current, ask questions when confused, and you'll never need to worry about that.

Another question that a lot of you were wanting answered, was how to become a validated author if you are not one. This is now covered in our Rules section:

"If you want to become a validated author, please refer to THIS THREAD (will link when it is made). It is important to remember that when requesting to be a validated author, you'll need to have at least one story with multiple chapters or at least three separate stories within your collection to request to be validated."

And it's also important to note that there is no section for that yet. That's because we were not allowing people to request to be validated during Re-launch week, but keep an eye out today or tomorrow, and we'll get that thread made. Please make sure you're caught up on what we require of you to be validated before you request, as otherwise you'll be immediately rejected solely on that basis. You need to have at least one story with multiple chapters (no fewer than five or six) or three separate stories within your collection to become validated. This thread will be shared and linked around once it's made available to you all.

Next on our list to discuss is the Halloween Contest. Some of the guidelines have been amended to cater to Re-launch week, so if you're looking to participate in the Contest, you'll need to pay attention to the following Newsletters:

Writing Competition Announcement

Halloween Contest : 2013

Otherwise, from here on out, you can consider us officially off the ground and open. Thank you for your attention, and as always if you need to, get in touch with a member of Staff for any questions or concerns.

--Madame Dreadful on 10/28/13 11:34 am 7 Comments
An Old Privilege and an Update.
Hello, Spectres, and Happy Friday!

Weíre nearly through our Re-launch week, and for the most part I think everything has been going relatively smooth. Thank you to all of you who have come out to join us as we get back off the ground again! Itís nice to see the Community again, to see all of you active and enjoying our new home. Iíd also like to express gratitude to all of you who read the Rules and have been following them and to those of you who spoke up and had questions about them. Never apologize for asking a question, you should prefer that rather than making an assumption and doing something wrong.

I know that reading Rules is tedious, and youíre all excited about posting and so when you first register itís simple to go right into uploading, but we thank you for respecting our Re-launch submission rules.

So, here is how our schedule looks as of Friday the 25th:

Monday the 21st: 0-10

Tuesday the 22nd: A-D

Wednesday the 23rd: E-H

Thursday the 24th: I-L

Friday the 25th: M-P

Saturday the 26th: Q-T

Sunday the 27th: U-Z

*Normal Submission rules apply.

If you are just now joining us and that list doesnít make sense to you, please register on our Forum and view the newsletter [RE-LAUNCH] Validating Procedures. for more information. Please understand this procedure is only in effect until the 28th, wherein normal Submission rules will kick back in. If youíre unsure what those are, tab over to our Rules on the Archiveósomething you should familiarize yourself with before submitting anyway.

We are encouraging every member of our Community to register on our Forum as well. Itís where we all can converse and get to know one another, but on top of that there are multiple boards for games, sharing favorite things, and writing tips. Itís where youíll request categories or a penname change, as well as requesting to be validated once Re-launch week is over. The majority of our Newsletters will be posted there and you will need to register to be able to see them. We arenít demanding that you participate or even register, but please understand that some features may be unavailable to you if you choose not to.

There has also been a slight change of policy, or rather a reinstatement of an old privilege. For more information, please visit the Story Rating System : A Trial Run newsletter.

And we sincerely hope you havenít forgotten about our Halloween contest! Thereís prizes to be won! Check the News or our social media sites tomorrow for an announcement in regards to that, but keep those pens and keyboards blazing, and do your best! Youíll be finding out about those prizes here soon, and trust us, youíll not want to miss out on them!

As always, if you have any questions in regard to anything, reach out to any member of Staff, and weíll be happy to answer them for you.

Have a spooktastic final weekend before Halloween!

--Madame Dreadful on 10/25/13 06:03 pm 5 Comments
Re-Launch Submission Procedures
Before Submissions open tomorrow morning, we on Staff would like everyone to draw their attention to the following newsletter:

Validating Procedures

*You will need to register to view the post.

Please read all of it and if you have any questions, make use of this space or the thread to ask. Understand that failure to read, understand, and adhere to the policies will result in disciplinary action taken against your account.

We on Staff do want to thank all of you for making our blanket and re-launch weekend a complete success, and we look forward to opening our Archives to you all beginning tomorrow.


For more information about the grandfather clause, please visit this thread here: The Grandfather Clause.

If you participated in the Suggestion Box prior to or leading up to the Re-launch, please visit the following thread to see how your suggestions helped to shape the Archive as it stands today: Suggestion Box : Re-launch Edition.

Interested in promoting your work? Perhaps promoting a fellow author or a favorite of yours? Head over to the Forum and check out our new board, The Bookshelf. It's just what you need!

--Madame Dreadful on 10/20/13 05:51 pm 22 Comments
"Welcome Home."
After several weeks and a few extra days to make sure everything is perfect, itís time we welcome you back home.

We on Staff would like to thank you, copiously, for all of your patience and support while we worked on the new Archive and Forum. It is because of all of you that we did this, that we put in the man hours and why we are so very proud to unveil this to you today. What you are going to see is hours of work put in by Staff members, from the hosting aspect, the aesthetic work with the skins, to the meetings (sometimes not even a full 24 hours apart) that we all devoted to making sure that our unveiling to you is a complete success.

However, we are not a completed work. The ink may be dry on the pages weíre going to open to you, but there are still epics to be written. Our story is not finished, and so we ask that if you encounter pages that are crossed out or unfinished, that you bear with us. Some things were not feasible to complete even within the timeline, but we on Staff all have the same mindset that we are all working together to provide you with the best Archive, the best Community, that we possibly can and we assure it will be completed as soon as is possible.

That does not mean, however, that there arenít plenty of things that are done and ready for you to explore.

Iím sure that youíre anxious, and you want the site links and you want to dive in headfirst. We are unbelievably happy with all of the excitement but there are things that we need to go over before that happens, and some of these issues can result in disciplinary action if the words are not heeded, so I must ask that before you scroll through and pluck out the links, you focus first on what Iím saying to you. Ignorance of rules and policies does not mean youíll be excused if you break one unknowingly. These are important, but I promise there are rewards for you if youíre all good boys and girls.

The most important thing we have to discuss is the procedures that will take effect during our re-launch period. What dates are included in the re-launch period? The 18th through the 28th! During this next week or so, the usual Rules and Guidelines (while still in effect) take secondary position to a temporary set that will keep us all moving forward slow and steady to minimize the possibility of downtime because of so much traffic. This week-long period is a testing phase to ensure everything is operational when weíre at max capacity (weíve done extensive testing just with the Staff members and everything checks out, but thatís much different than having hundreds of people on the site at any given time) as well as easing the site into a normal sort of ebb and flow. Youíll need to pay close attention to news postings during this week, to stay current with policies and announcements, or youíll wind up lost in the shuffle and we donít want that!

The first of the procedures we need to talk about is the Validating and Submission procedure for re-launch week. With so many authors, it would be inconceivable to imagine all of us uploading our stories at once, and so we on Staff are issuing what weíre calling a Blanket Weekend.

Absolutely no stories are to be uploaded from the 18th through the 20th.

I cannot stress that to you enough. There is to absolutely be no uploading of any stories from today through Sunday. Disciplinary action against your account will be taken if you break this rule. We know and understand that all of you are anxious to get writing and reading, but we just arenít there yet. We have implemented a system that will be explained shortly, that will span re-launch week and will help keep the Submissions queue from over-flowing. The focus of this weekend is not to be on the uploading and sharing of your work, but rather getting to know the new Archive and Forum. Some features youíll get to experience once there are stories posted, but there are plenty new modules and features to keep your little hands busy over the weekend.

One of the things we on Staff are encouraging you to do is register on our Forum, to join our FB group, and our social media sites, and get to know the Community all over again. So many of us have been present during this transition, yet others will be finding us as time progresses; trust us, youíll want to be on the ground floor for this growing Community. Itís a good opportunity to pretty up your bio, to come up with new designs for your Forum avatar and signature, and participate in the excitement of the re-launch.

Hand in hand with registering on the Forum comes the request boards, and we on Staff are asking you to make use of them over the weekend, to request the categories and characters for your stories to find homes in. Youíll see this for yourself, but while the main categories have been added, itís up to you to make sure the sub-categories are created. This means that if you have a story to upload, you will want to check and see if there is a category, a sub-category, and characters for it. If not? Youíll need to head to the Forum and request them be added. We cannot simply add categories and characters without provocation or cause, because it sucks up bandwidth if theyíre only going to sit empty, so we are passing the responsibility on to you. Personal responsibility for your own writing is taking effect here, so donít sit and wait for someone else to request it for you! Once Submissions open, youíll want to get your work validated and posted and the only way that will happen is if thereís a category for it to call home. Once you learn to navigate the Forum, locating the boards is exceptionally simple. If you run into any problems or you have any questions or concerns, PM a Staff member and weíll be happy to answer that for you.

Along with requesting categories this weekend, we want you to make sure that you familiarize yourself with our Rules and the Terms of Service that you will agree to uphold upon registering. Do not assume that the rules are the same from the old site, and Iíve stated before but ignorance of rules and policies is not an excuse not to follow them. We are implementing new disciplinary policies and you donít want to find yourself on the wrong end of those, so it will be your responsibility to keep up with rules and policies.

Submissions will open on Monday, October 21st at 8 a.m. EST.

There will come an announcement on Sunday in regard to the Submissions, but for now please understand that severe disciplinary action will be taken if you try to upload anything this weekend.

You have been warned.

A lot of you expressed concern about the validating procedure if you were a previously validated author on the old Archive. Donít worry, we have an answer for you as well, and that will be covered in the announcement on Sunday.

To those of you who made suggestions or requests, we went through every single one and did the best we could to implement them all. We are arranging a document full of all of your questions and our responses, which will be posted tomorrow. Stay tuned if youíre interested to see what happened with your suggestion!

Our Social Media sites, Tumblr and Twitter, will be undergoing URL and name changes at some point today, so please be aware of that and if you have them bookmarked youíll need to change those URLs. Donít worry, weíll post those when weíre finished switching them over!

Our original Livejournal, the temporary Index FoS Forum, and the FoS FB group will all eventually be purged. We have not decided on a timeframe for that, probably somewhere within a month or two; theyíll be deleted eventually because we have created or are in the process of creating replacements and they will become obsolete. This announcement will be posted on all sites to be left there so people can find us should they need to, but this is your warning now. If there is anything youíd like to retrieve from these places, we suggest you do so as soon as is possible.

Are you chomping at the bit yet? Is the excitement stirring up those nervous tummy flips and butterflies? Are you ready to see your new home?

Ghosts of the Vanguard Archive :

The Vanguard Vault :

Ghosts of the Vanguard on FB :

We are now opening the doors to you, with our gracious welcomes and in the hopes that your wait time was worth it. If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to comment or message a member of Staff in any location and weíll do our best to get back with you as quickly as we can.

Please remember that this is still a testing phase, and so if you encounter any errors do not panic or assume they cannot be fixed or dealt with. Simply let a Staff member know, and we can get it resolved. Please, as always, be respectful and gracious, we have worked exceptionally hard on our re-launch.

Our thanks again for being a part of our Community.

Welcome home.

The Staff

--Madame Dreadful on 10/18/13 12:59 pm 10 Comments