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Reviewer: HoshiNeko Signed [Report This]
Date: 12/07/13 08:43 pm Title: Chapter 1 - Teaser

i hear ya... RF4 is really addicting... i picked leon first but doug is such a sweetie when you get past the second arc >w< i'll definately be looking for updates =P 

Author's Response: Isn't it so crazy addicting? XD I love it! And yeah the more I talk to Leon the more I enjoy his teases x3 But Doug is my man so I am sticking to him~! In this run through of the game at least XD I'm glad you enjoyed this! I'm actually going to do another story upload all together rather than update this one, so be on the look out for it! I'm in the works writing it but it probably won't be posted till the new year...HOLIDAYS AND ALL. But anyway thanks so much for the review! I hope you'll enjoy it once it's posted! :D

Reviewer: dragonfly Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 12/02/13 02:48 pm Title: Chapter 1 - Teaser

This is very cute. I've not played any of the games so if you choose to continue this {hinthint} I'm going to be able to read it as if I lost my memory like the reader character and become reintroduced to this universe and characters. Sounds like it would be a fun experience, I hope you'll consider continuing this! :D

Author's Response: So sorry this took so long to respond to! I've been having account issues DX But anyway, thank you so much for the review and input! I've gotten quite a few reviews saying they haven't played the I'll try to be a bit more descriptive for you folks so you can enjoy the story :) Usually with my writings I assume whoever is reading has played/watched the game/anime/whatever, so I can make a reference to a character and they'll know who they are. But if someone HASN'T played/watched, then they'll have NO clue. So really it's just a test for me to get better with descriptions and what not :) And try to not make it TOO boring for those who HAVE played. So we'll see! XD I'll definitely continue this though. It is in the works~! Thanks so much for reviewing!! ^^

Reviewer: Nyuu Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/20/13 06:54 pm Title: Chapter 1 - Teaser

This is really cute and makes me love Doug even more. I haven't been able to put the game down since the beginning of October and this makes me want to keep playing through the third story arc. You should really continue this, it's lovely. Good luck with this and getting farther in Rune Factory!~ u

Author's Response: Isn't this game so addicting?! XD I'm glad you enjoy it as much as I do. And I'm glad you are past the second arc YOU at least won't be spoiled! Thank you for saying I should continue. I definitely plan on it now! It's good to know I'll have support ^^ Thank you so much!!! And good luck with the third arc too. I've heard it's tough! :3

Reviewer: Honey and Milk Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/20/13 05:26 pm Title: Chapter 1 - Teaser

You, Madam, are amazing. Just take all of my love—I’m literally just throwing it at my screen right now. I can’t believe someone actually wrote a fic for Rune Factory. You barely see any Harvest Moon stories so to say it was a pleasant surprise seeing this in the Most Recent section is beyond an understatement!

I’m going to go on a bit of a divergence and say that I know how hard it is to feel like it’s pointless to write something that people don’t seemingly take any interest in, but the way I see it is like this: write what you enjoy not just for your readers, but for yourself. It may not garner the attention that you’d like, but know that somewhere out there at least one person has more than likely enjoyed it immensely, even if they don’t take the time to leave a review. That’s just my take on it anyway!

But on to the story/teaser! I’ll have to admit that I’ve not played RF 4 (not that I haven’t wanted to, mind you!) I’ve only had the opportunity to play the first two RF games and a handful of HM games as well, but I understand the basic gist behind both and don’t particularly mind the thought of reading through any potential spoilers this story may have if you choose to continue it. I honestly hope you do! It was well written, horribly cute, and it just overall gave me the greatest, light and airy feeling while I read it! :D

I look forward to more if you so wish to continue. Even if you don’t just know that I thought this was amazing and that you did a wonderful job!

Author's Response: This is seriously one of the most amazing, heart-felt reviews I have gotten EVER!!! You seriously have made me feel so happy and giddy that I'm like...excited!!! Thank you sooooo so much for your sweet words! You're totally right...I really need to focus on what /I/ want to write, rather than trying to please the crowds. I should be used to it by now anyway, as I always seem to write for random guys that don't seem to get much love (how sad! DX) I think it's just sad when I put so much time into a story and I'm super happy with it, then I only get like one or two reviews :( I mean I know I shouldn't write for the "glamor" per s but's nice to be told when you've done something good ;~; Can I do different paragraphs? I've never tried in a response lol ANYWAY, but seriously thank you so much for your sweet words. They have definitely given me the boost in confidence that I needed ^^ THANK YOU!!! And UGHHHH I totally know what you mean. I LOVE the Harvest Moon games but there are so few stories out there D: I can kind of understand no Rune Factory stories, as RF4 is the first one you can play as a female. BUT STILL. The fandom has such handsome males and there are SO FEW STORIES! So thus I kind of feel I have to take it upon myself to write something for them. BECAUSE WHO ELSE WILL WRITE MY "GOOD" IDEAS?! Cept they really aren't that good, but better than some, I'd like to think DX But I'm SO glad you're a fellow RF/HM fan!!! RF4 is honestly my first REAL one... I played Frontier for a bit but just kinda...stopped. RF4 has kept me super interested and I think the fact I can play as a girl really helps that (plus DOUGGGG!!! He's such a sweetie *heart*). You totally have to try it~ I hate to include spoilers but I feel I have to, if only because it's important character development for him. Thank you for saying you won't mind :) It's...kind of a 'big' spoiler but certainly not like, OMG EVERYTHING IS RUINED! The story in RF4 isn't super fantastic anyway so...yeah. I mean it's good but...yeah. I think you get it lol But anyway thank you for saying you'd like to read it anyway! :3 I'll try to write it well that you don't need to have played the game to understand it ^^; This is one of the longest replies I've ever done too XD Hee hee~ Thanks again so so much for this wonderful review! You are such a sweetheart and for you to take the time to type all that out was really just...fantastic and amazing. You have totally made my day, my Dear! Thank you thank you!!! I shall definitely do this story...and I'll work extra hard on it just for you ^^ THANK YOU!!! *hugs*

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