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Reviewer: steveg17 Signed [Report This]
Date: 09/12/18 03:19 am Title: Chapter 1 - New Life

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Reviewer: AzmariaMinohi Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 01/16/18 12:46 pm Title: Chapter 51 - Changing Reactions

I love this story. And I'm super sad it isn't finished. Insatiable curiosity abounds I want to know what happens but since you haven't updated since August I may never know...even so awesome story it is seriously great.

Reviewer: Pink power72 Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 09/21/17 11:09 pm Title: Chapter 51 - Changing Reactions!!!!! I literally thought she was gonna say that she loved him but that traveler just had to be there.... But I'm so glad your back this is probably one of the best chapters! But like ugh why can't Doug be real!! It doesn't make any sense...but tbh if he was i'd have to fight all the fan girls to get to him! And oh Leon! He is just so funny! And I wonder if he does know why Doug "can't" fall in love...Doug REALLY seems like he's in love tho! And I'm just over here reading this fangirling every two seconds. But I can honestly say that this is probably my favorite story and I'm so glad you didn't give up. I really hope everything will work out in your life and believe me when I say that things DO get better.
Until next time

Reviewer: Buni-Bi Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 09/14/17 03:00 am Title: Chapter 51 - Changing Reactions


It's nice to see a new chapter (total understatement, it is INCREDIBLY AWESOME TO SEE A NEW CHAPTER WHOOOOPPPP) but it's amazing to have you back~ I hope you've had a good year so far~

Oh boy, regarding the pacing of the story I think it kind of fits with Frey's situation as an amnesiac. When you're younger I find it's a lot easier to fall in "love" or to develop a crush on someone, especially when that someone is attractive (like our darlin' dougie!) so I actually like how Frey's crush developed. Plus, it's a funny contrast to how Frey used to be. Like going from "I ain't got time for boys" to "omigosh I have a cruuushhhhh" is a little weird but Frey lost her memories - it's alright for her to have a crush.

Now I'm going to start reading the chapter and I'll write this review while I read!


Alright alright alright Hachiko is the most darling pet, I wish I had a Hachiko of my own. He's so precious!

I actually love the interactions between Frey and her sister, absolutely adorable I assure you - perfection. I'm always wondering what life was like for Frey in the past like from her own perspective. I've read what Doug and Lenneth have said over and over again so I've got a pretty good idea. I'm particularly interested in her interactions with the guys in her previous life ;) and the responsibilities that come with her captaincy! It's like Frey was just made for roles of authority xD

Lenneth, oh, Lenneth as cunning as she is sweet. I really love jealous Doug so I'm definitely on board with the whole "oh this gorgeous bracelet? yeah I got it from Byron ISNT HE SWEET?!?!" Using people is a big no-no and I doubt Frey would even think about it but a little twist to the truth is okay ;) in this case at least. Leon and Lenneth are totally right about Doug needing a push except Doug seems pretty adamant on playing the martyr. Some chapters ago Doug was keen on setting Frey up with Leon. If she's got a husband in Selphia she probably wouldn't move back to Johana and I guess that's enough for Doug (COME ON DOUG, WE ALL KNOW THAT'S NOT ENOUGH AT ALL)

YESYESYESYES there it is - the moment when Doug notices the bracelet!!!! I'm going to read the next part before continuing~ I'm a little nervous for Frey right now, she's not known for her ability to come up with lies on the spot. I mean come on, when Venti was in her child form the best lie Frey could come up with was a family relation. So yes, Frey is not the best with lies but I hope she can play it cool for this!!! YES FREY!! She was so perfectly nonchalant. You're an amazing author you know? I don't think I've ever felt so strongly about any text in my life xD Buuuut if I was Frey I would've thrown something in there about Byron being mega hot lol except I'm not too sure how that would play out. Probably not well, Doug would probably just try to set her up with Byron.

Doug's failed attempts to be smooth are proof that he's constantly checking Frey out. Fight me on this.

Doug is also the poster boy of mixed signals.

AND LEON MAKES HIS APPEARANCE!! Teehee, "Frey senses". Instead of "quick my spidey-senses are tingling!" It's be "quick my Frey-senses are tingling! Time to go meddle~" Leon's antics are so endearing.

EHHHHHHHH I JUST SQUEALED OUT LOUD AND I DON'T CARE. I'll bake some cookies for my neighbors to apologize later but right now I'M FLIPPING OUT! Doug. You sly thing. "She's busy."

I knew I could count on Leon. That ultimatum was just perfect, I envy your ability to come up with scenes like this! I wonder how Doug is going to react!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- *breathes* -OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Darn you're good at this whole slow burn thing. This story is tantalizing, almost is never enough. *sigh* We'll just have to wait a little longer for the big kiss scene huh?

Okay that hug made up for this kiss.

Sometimes I wonder if Doug can tell that Frey likes him and he's just leading her on. Not with any malicious intent like of course I can tell that he does indeed like her but he's kind of not telling her the truth? Like leading her on because he knows he "can't date" but he's still interested in Frey. Oh Lordy, I'm keen to see how their relationship will progress!!

That's it for this review. I really loved this chappy, it was a perfect way to unwind after a long day, thank you so much for posting! Hope you have a good night~

Buni-Bi out

Reviewer: Lizz_x3 Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 08/16/17 01:30 am Title: Chapter 51 - Changing Reactions

Yay for new chapter!! I know you took eternity to reply but do not worry. I figured you had a lot of things going on in your life.

Ouch.. It is not cool to get more stresses in life. :( I am sorry to hear about it, and I hope your life is getting better!! Hugsssss!

Oh, don't mind Doug's eyes color. XD Yeah, let's stick with blue eyes. At first, I thought Margaret's hair was pale brown because it was hard to tell from the game. When I looked up for pictures or visited wiki, her hair is apparently blonde! XD

Lenneth was right about Doug!! I love how Frey teased Doug when he 'accidentally' called her cute. He freaked out! Oh, it was funny how Leon suddenly went into the store out of the blues. Oh, Leon!!! XDDD FINALLLY, YOU STOPPED LEON FROM HITTING ON FREY, DOUG!!! HOOOOOOORAY!! He is getting bolder! Ohhhh, sounds like Doug possibly knows who Frey likes because he got all upset when she said a silver bracelet was from a guy back home. And when Frey brought up a trait she wanted in her ideal guy.

Oooh, I thought they were going to kiss but noooooo! T.T Damn you traveler!!! LOL! At least, they had a tight hug! I am glad Doug becomes more courageous so he would make a move. At first, I thought it was Blossom when the doorbell was ringing so she was going to tease them lmao!

By the way, I saw your reply to one of my reviews. Totalllllllly about Frey being oblivious when Doug described a girl he likes in the game! It would be her payback since Doug did that to her before! Let's see how he will like that! XD Also, I love his jealousy with Leon and Dylas, too! XD I agree that his inability to get along with them is totally hilarious! Hahah!

Okay, thank you for continuing the story! I am looking forward to reading the next chapter when you can write! ^^ Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Reviewer: Pink power72 Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 07/25/17 08:53 pm Title: Chapter 1 - New Life

Hey! I don't know if you still continuing the story but I just wanted to let you know that I really love re-reading it and I love the story itself. I hope everything works out in your life and if you ever need to talk I can give you my Instagram or something like that. Always remember that you are loved and I think you are just a great person in general.
Stay awesome

Author's Response: Gawwww you are seriously such a sweetheart! I'm really so sorry that I haven't been active lately but I PROMISE I am still working on this story and I will finish it eventually! I'm sorry to keep you waiting :( I feel so bad. But your sweet words really do mean so much to me and after everything I've been going through, I really needed to hear that. So thank you very very much :) I hope things are going well with you also! I will try updating soon!!!

Reviewer: Lizz_x3 Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 07/05/17 12:14 am Title: Chapter 1 - New Life

Hi!! I know it is past the midnight, but I wanted to say... Happy Independence Day!!! :D I hope you're doing well.

Author's Response: Awww thank you so much! Again I'm so sorry for taking an eternity to write you back :( But I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July also! ^_^

Reviewer: Pink power72 Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 01/04/17 06:39 pm Title: Chapter 50 - Frosty Fun

This chapter was so cute! I wonder... does Douglas know Freya's feelings...hmm. Anyway, I just hate it when guys play someone! I liked this one guy who flirted with me non-stop. Turns out he was "in love" with my best friend. All that drama happened last spring, but I totally understand how you feel. When people treat you like that you really need to cut them out of your life and focus on people that do love you and would never want to hurt you. I'm now on a whole new whirlwind with this guy who is the other guys neighbor. He knows I like him(because I accidentally told everyone XD) but for some reason he likes to make everything complicated!! He obviously feels the same way... Kinda like Doug!! But he's not nearly as perfect. But ANYWAY, remember that there are so many people that love you(including me)! You are a great author and I admire you. You really bring the characters to life in a way that makes them so lovable(except Ethelberd lol). Don't stress just eat something yummy! Take all the time you need!!


P.S. Sorry for venting! I just needed to get my worries out somehow! lol

Author's Response: Oh gosh, that sounds super complicated! This was awhile ago (I'm SOOOO sorry I'm replying late DX) so how did things turn out?! I feel like that happened to me a lot in school where a guy I liked liked me back but then nothing was ever done about it -_- It just sucks cuz there are SO many assholes out there! there an asshole factory or something? I don't get it. But anyway I hope it worked out for you! And that's very sweet of you to say that there are people that love me. Sometimes it's hard to realize and see, but I'm sure it's there somewhere :) Thank you so much and thank you for being such a sweetheart! And no worries with the venting either. Vent away! I love to listen and maybe help out :) Thank you for sharing!

Reviewer: Buni-Bi Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 01/01/17 04:20 pm Title: Chapter 1 - New Life

Hi again! I was playing rf4 earlier and, I still can't believe this, I accidentally gave Vishnal a Tempura Bowl instead of DOUG

Kiel, Vishnal and our much loved dwarf were in Kiel's room and I don't know what happened but I found myself giving Vishnal the gift instead of Doug and whew good thing I had an extra bowl!

Now wouldn't it be funny if this happened in GYHAB ;) It doesn't have to be with Vishnal if you prefer another character. Doug's reaction nonetheless would be priceless (especially if the person receiving the gift wasn't a fan of rice or tempura XD)

Author's Response: OMG I HAAAATE when that happens! I just kind of stand there in shock for a bit and I'm like, WAIT, OMG NOOOOOO. Poor Doug, and you did it right in front of him too!!! For shame :'( But you're right, that would be hilarious to do in GYHAB! I need to figure out how to implement that XD Or at least something like it... Because Jealous Doug is a fun Doug XD

Reviewer: Lizz_x3 Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 01/01/17 04:37 am Title: Chapter 1 - New Life


I gotta love when Doug was like "That ruled out Dylas and Leon!" That cracked up me!!! I can see that! Frey was like "I told you NOT to try guessing!! >:O" Dylas and Leon are two men Doug mostly hates. Lolol!!

Author's Response: Oh gosh I'm so glad you liked that part hahaha. It was funny in my mind and I was like, I HOPE THIS COMES ACROSS AS WONDERFUL AS IT DOES IN MY HEAD. I love his jealousy with those two XD Well anyone really but his inability to get along with them is just humorous to me XD

Reviewer: Lizz_x3 Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 01/01/17 04:35 am Title: Chapter 50 - Frosty Fun

Happy New Year to you, too!!! :D I did have a good holiday. Thank you! I hope you did, too!!

Aww, I am sorry to hear about the shit with guys. >.< I will check out your blog. I know we wish we have Dougs in real life. None of guys in Rune Factory are cheaters. ^^

Finally, Chapter 50 is here!! ^^ Omg!!! Doug sounds like full of Doug in this chapter! Doug asked Frey what type of guy she did like. At first, I thought he possibly knew what Frey may like because he did not get all depressed. He was so excited to learn about her type... But he got jealous of Vishnal when he asked Frey who she did cook with before. I am not sure if Doug actually knows who Frey likes or he was oblivious while he subconsciously knows. XD Well, sounds like he is a oblivious dork cuz he said, "Well, I hope you'll find him someday." Hey... Frey already found one, silly! I cannot imagine if Doug wouldn't get the hint when Frey said she likes the redhead guy. x.x That reminds me of how oblivious Frey was when Doug was painfully obvious in the game after he told her what type of girl he likes. XD Ohhh, I love those oblivious dorks! *hugs Frey and Doug*

When Frey asked Doug what type of girl he likes, he was like "Oh, I can't have a relationship! No use thinking of an ideal girl, then!" What a jerk!!! XD Well, this is so Doug! :P I know that is what we love about him... He is actually sweet!

You do not have to give away whether I am right or wrong. I just want to tell you what I guess. In this chapter, Doug didn't want to talk about the girlfriend thingy because he may be embarrassed that he never had a girlfriend. lol. In the game, Frey was Doug's first love according to him during the marriage unless Doug in your story did have a lover. I am still so curious about the reasons why he cannot have a relationship and his past. ^^

Overalls, this chapter was so kawaii!! I want some hot chocolate, too! Wow, what a cliffhanger! Hardly wait for the next chapter!! ^^

I saw your reply. Awww, thank you for offering! You do not have to write anything for me though. I would ask you to continue with this story, so that is all I ask for. :D Also, my favorite shipping is Frey x Doug so I am all good. XD Thank you so very much though!! :D

Hope you have a good start off for 2017! :3

Author's Response: I am soooo sorry I'm taking a million years to get back to you. Time flies and shit happens and just ugh ;~; I'm sorry!!!!

UGH, I know right? Why can't we just all have Dougs? I mean sure he's frustrating at times, but better than being a straight up asshole -_- UGH. Boys. ANYWAY I'm glad you liked this chapter! :) Sometimes even I don't know what I want Doug to be thinking lol As for whether or not he knows who Frey likes you will have to seeeee~! But you're right, even if she spelled it out she likes "THE red-head" he'd still be like WHO THE HELL HAS RED HAIR? IMMA KILL HIM. Cuz he's sweet like that ;P And omg yes I love that part in the game haahaha. Frey is SO oblivious and I love it. I'm definitely including that in this story! Think of this as karma for her payback later ;)

Yeah I'm trying to keep quiet on any guesses so it's interesting to hear what people think XD I just hope that my reasons are okayyyyy! X_X And not super predictable lol Not that I want it to be unpredictable but I hope I didn't blow it out of proportion X_X BUT IT'S DOUG. HE'SSSS THE ONE BLOWING IT OUT OF PROPORTION! So ha. Not me. ANYWAYYYY sorry again for the delaying replying and thank you so much for leaving another lovely review :) I shall continue this story in your honor! XD

Reviewer: Buni-Bi Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 12/31/16 08:44 pm Title: Chapter 50 - Frosty Fun

"So...Frey. What do you look for in your ideal guy?"

Also I'm writing this while I read so you can read every single one of my dramatic reactions. Poor Frey, that question really caught her off guard!

I love how Doug will find every possible moment to call Dylas and Leon out. It's so amusing and I can totally see it happening in real life XD

Not gonna lie, Doug's happy go lucky cheery attitude has got me worriedddd
What is this dwarf up to?!

AHAH HERE IT IS, HE FINALLY CRACKS AND HIS TRUE DISTRESS IS REVEALED. Frey is lovely, of course she's close to the other guys ;) Poor Doug

"Okay, so that's sort of what you want in a boyfriend... But what about the guy himself? Like what particular traits would he have to have that you like?" Ooh looks like Doug is really keen on finding out what type of guy Frey likes!! *sigh* Sometimes I wish I could slap some sense into him

'throw me in the water' - DOUG THIS IS A MASSIVE HINT COME ON

Awww Doug is so cute~ Me myself prefers taller guys but if I knew someone like Doug ;)))))

Doug, smirking, brain, overload? Sexy? Sly? Smirk? Hot.

DOUG GETTING JEALOUS OF VISHNAL IS THE BEST THING EVER BAHAHAHAH with Leon it's pretty funny to read but with Vishnal I don't know, it just makes me so weirdly giddy! Probably because I love Doug and Vishnal~ Who wouldn't? I had such a hard time choosing between Doug or Vishnal - but I went with Doug, the heart wants what it wants.

Oh lordy!! Doug seems pretty sensitive about the girlfriend issue :/

KIND OF SPOILERS SO IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED DOUG'S ROUTE SKIP THIS PART - to anyone who might be reading this review right now ^_^

I was thinking that Doug won't date because of the whole tradition thing. Like how he's supposed to craft rings for everyone. Maybe because his dad died before he could teach Doug how to forge, Doug can't get married therefore he can't date!

Just a small thought I had while I was playing through Leon's route which also involved not getting married ^_^


That was just a little guess I had, it's probably wrong - IF ITS RIGHT DON'T TELL ME - but I don't know XD

Ok I gotta get back to reading about Doug's past romance??? - or not


Wow this was a good chapter! Looking forward to the next one~ Hopefully we find out about Doug's dilemma soon

Oh and also, I remember something about a seperate story/set of chapters dedicated to Doug's thoughts like a re-tell of the story but in Doug's POV after the completion of GYHAB. Is that still happening? I would most definitely read it!!

Hope you have a great 2017!


Author's Response: YESSS! I'm glad you're writing as you go so I can see what went through your mind XD I really need to do that when I read/review stories too because I always end up forgetting what i want to say X_X SO I SHALL REPLY IN KIND! XD Bahaha don't you love Doug's rivalry with those two? They're such fun to write and I love making Doug angry and jealous hahaha. And yesss Doug is such an enigma, and sometimes so complicated even I have a hard time figuring him out lol

Oh yes, Doug is trying to be ever so sly lol AND THE BEST PART IS FREY STILL DOESN'T GET IT! I do enjoy writing two clueless people coming together, I've realized XD PERHAPS THEY WILL FIGURE IT OUT EVENTUALLY. As for Doug and Vishnal, omg RIGHT?! I had SUCH a hard time choosing who to go for. I really love the idea of butler/princess together but Doug was too damn cute and OMG when you're dating it's just precious. I totally see what you mean about enjoying when Doug gets jealous of Vishnal XD It's like OH DOUG, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT! But he doesn't know that....hehehe x3 As for your guess, that's a good guesssss~! Not saying anything though ;D I did watch Leon's route and it's so saddddd! I realized I have to take that into account to with him and Forte lol So I gotta figure out how to weave that in *thinks* But you will find out what Doug's issue is soooooon~! Well not TOO soon. But...eventually XD Getting there, I promise! Ah yes, as for Doug's inner thoughts I definitely plan on doing it! I'm going to wait until after they're together though so the readers don't know his feelings and at what point and what not. I figure it'll be cuter once they're together so everyone can be like OMG HE LIKED HER BY THENNNN! POOR DOUG! That's my thoughts anyway lol So yeah if you think of any specific parts that you want to see his inner thoughts, let me know! I have no problem going over as many as wanted XD

Reviewer: Buni-Bi Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 12/31/16 08:00 pm Title: Chapter 1 - New Life

Happy New Year!!

So glad to hear from you again and a new chapter?! This is a great story to 2017!

Aw you don't have to write me anything ^_^ Just continuing with this story is all I can ask for~ [[but if you DO, I guess I'd like to see something cute between Vishnal and Frey tee-hee]]

But anyway, I'm looking forward to a hopefully great 2017, I wish for yours to be amazing as well~

Now off to chapter 50!

Author's Response: Awww thank you so much! Hopefully I don't disappoint~ And YES Vishnal and Frey! Ugh, he's such an adorable puppy dog, I love him x3 I know I'm super late with this but hope your "new" year is going well also! :)

Reviewer: Lizz_x3 Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 12/25/16 10:56 pm Title: Chapter 1 - New Life

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!! ^^

Oh, I've read those replied last month though, but I cannot reply since this is not the FB. XD Oh, well! Let me reply to one of them... You were wondering what I think why Doug cannot have a relationship. I doubt that I am right though, but let me tell you what I guess why. At first, I thought Doug accidentally spluttered out, "I don't want a relationship! Ever!" due to his shyness, so he tried to keep his "tough guy" image at last minute. He may also believe that he may not have rights to be happy while his clan was killed, so it would explain why he said, "I can't have the relationship because of Ventuswill!" Or it is also possible he was so concentrated on avenging his clan so he didn't get a chance to think about girls or learn how to develop a romance relationship. He may not want to end up with bad marriage like his "foster parents." Well, he could have no problem with telling Frey if this was the case. Perhaps, he may just be so very shy, and he didn't know what to do with dating. XD

Well, hope you enjoy your holidays! ^^ I am still looking forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Awww Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you toooo! :D I hope you had a wonderful holiday! I did...It was nice to finally get some time to relax!

Awwww~ Poor Doug :( I want to comment but I don't want to give away whether you're right or not, so I shall just say that is a very good guess! xD That certainly does seem like a Doug thing to do lol But we shall at least leave it to Frey to try and pull him out of whatever funk he's in! That poor darling little (errr I mean...sweet? I DIDN'T SAY LITTLE) dwarf! x3

Oh by the way, like I told Buni, you guys are super sweet for always taking the time to review my chapters! Especially you and your longggg detailed ones! So I wanted to do something for you :) Do you have a favorite bishie you wanted a little one-shot for? XD It can be from Rune Factory or whatever else... Just ask and I'll see if I'm familiar! If not then I can try again XD Just wanted to ask~! Thank you for being such a sweetheart and sticking with me even though I've been crappy updating! ^^;

Reviewer: Pink power72 Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 12/22/16 07:09 pm Title: Chapter 1 - New Life

Even though Doug is a handful I'm sure we all wish he was real! I actually think I'm going to start my own DougxFrey Fanfiction. I really love the pair so I might give it a shot...

Author's Response: Oh gosh I know!!! I want a sweet guy like him ;~; WHYYYY. WHY CAN'T HE BE REALLLL?!?!?! But omg yes, you should totally give it a try! Doug needs more love anyway~ If you need help with anything I can try! :D Just let me know! I'll definitely read it ^_^

Reviewer: Buni-Bi Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 12/17/16 04:30 am Title: Chapter 1 - New Life

I should have better things to do but nothing beats reading GYHAB for the 8th time! I've really learned to appreciate your characterization skills and the high vocabulary in this story. Still, my favourite part of it all is Frey's sassy remarks XD

'You rose an eyebrow. "So just because I planted some turnips, you think I'm some magical farmer?"'.

Magical. Farmer. I will never forget that line.

Anywayyy, I've got some reading to do!


Author's Response: Gawwww you're such a sweetie! This is a super long story too so for you to reread it all is amazing! O_O Thank you for your love and dedication! You really are amazing ^_^ *hugs* I actually wanna do something for you for being so awesome~ Do you have a favorite character (either in Rune Factory or anything else) that you want me to write you a quick one-shot for? I really like giving back to my faithful reviewers and you've always been such a darling~ So let me know who you'd like a short little story for and I can see what I can do ^_^ *hugs* Thank you again!!!

Reviewer: Buni-Bi Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 12/15/16 06:03 am Title: Chapter 49 - Giving Thanks

This chapter was honestly just a pure blessing to me. These past few months have been utter hell for me, you would not believe! But reading this, gosh I can just feel all the times I've curled up in bed late and night, reading this story and then falling asleep.

Firstly I just want to say - omg I literally had a massive fangirl moment when I saw you updated. Granted I'm late but hey better late than never!! XD please do take your time updating, I think this story is well worth the wait.

wowwwww reading this makes me wish I had friends like Frey and the rf4 gang. They're all so loving and caring and so perfect in their own ways, if only that could be a reality XD
And is it just me or does anyone else oddly anticipate Leon's appearances? Like I actually find the whole Leon helping not helping Frey with Doug absolutely endearing. I definitely ship Leon with Forte but awww I love Frey and Leon's bantering too. ESPECIALLY IF DOUG IS THERE TO WITNESS IT.

Regarding the 'greet' thing I'd use something like 'Well, see ya!' you finished with a wave. I can't seem to find a term that has something directly to do with speech but technically saying 'finished' kind of just wraps it up??? I don't know XD

Anywayyyy, that brings this review to an end! Very much looking forward to the next chapter!!


Author's Response: Awwww I'm so happy I was able to help you!!! I feel bad for being so awful at updating :( I was rereading my chapters and I saw one only a few ago where I was wishing everyone a happy new year. I was like...Did I only update like three times in 2016?! DX I feel so horrible... I will try to be better this year, I promise! And sorry to hear you're having a bad time too! D: If you ever need to talk, I'm here for you! You can send me a PM through here I think and it'll go to my email. I hope you feel better! ^_^

Yesss I totally agree! I really love everyone in RF4 (well...minus Illuminata lol) and I wish people were like that in real lifeeeee! But alas haha. I guess that's what fanfiction is for! I'm totally with you on the Leon thing too hahaha. He is SO much fun to write for and I love when he gives Frey and Doug a hard time XD HE'S THE BEST!

Thank you so much for sticking with me even though I've been a bum ._. I'll try to be betterrrrr!!! *dies*

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Date: 10/18/16 12:48 am Title: Chapter 1 - New Life

Heyyy!! Just letting you know I am still alive. XD I check here once a day almost everyday. I am still patiently waiting for the next chapter. ^^ Take your time! And I am still looking forward to reading the next chapter!

Author's Response: Awwww sweetie! You don't have to check every day! ;~; I feel bad D: Since you have an account you can just favorite the story and it should send you an email when it's updated I think. Unless you just check anyway XD I'll try to post the next chapter soon just to give you guys something to read. It's been awhile and I feel bad DX Hopefully it'll be worth it though! I'm trying ^^; Thank you for still sticking around; you're such a darling! *heart*

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Date: 09/04/16 09:40 pm Title: Chapter 1 - New Life

Oh BTW! I bet Doug has alot of wierd thoughts! But it's funny because Frey is totally clueless! Lol!

Author's Response: Oh gosh I know! I love how Frey is just completely oblivious to everything hahaha. Makes for some fun interactions ;P But yes, no telling WHAT is going on in that head of his! Nothing good to be sure haha.

Reviewer: Pink power72 Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 09/04/16 09:34 pm Title: Chapter 1 - New Life

Oh Doug you rascal!~
Lately my life has been a rolercoster! Reading this really is an escape for me. An escape from school, from drama, from boys! You are really an awesome author and I'm really glad your feeling better! Take all the time you need and write when you feel relaxed and happy! :)

I Love you very much!

Author's Response: Awww I'm sorry to hear your life has been kind of rough too! I know how it is, trust me! I'm glad that my story is a bit of an escape for you though. That always helps me too, just go read something fun and distracting to get my mind off of the shit in my life! So hopefully this helps for you :) Thank you for understanding, as always. You're a wonderful dear and I really appreciate it! I hope things start to look up for you as well. I'll always be here if you need to vent or anything also! *hugs* Take care and let me know if you need anything! I love you too! :D

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Date: 08/31/16 02:50 pm Title: Chapter 49 - Giving Thanks

Oh... You're welcome! ^///^ Don't worry about replying to reviews. And welcome back! :D I am grateful to hear that you're doing so much better! That is the most important thing! Oh, don't be sorry about the late update! :)

Wow, a long chapter!!! I love it though! Well, you've been gone for a while, so it is a perfect way to make up! XD Yes, I see why you didn't do interaction with all townsfolk during Valentine's/White Days. It is still wonderful to see interaction with every individual! Speaking of Illuminata... You're not alone. I am not very fond of her. I never forgot that she slapped poor Amber during the "Florist by Day, Sleuth by Night!" town event. :(

LOL at Blossom's teasing with Frey! Too bad, Doug missed her teasing. And Frey's silly thoughts while she walked upstairs. XD I am wondering what Doug was writing in his journal. In the game, we could never read his. Pfft!

I love when Frey teased Dylas at the restaurant. XD And the BFF (Frey and Meg) moments. They also teased each other about their crushes. XD

Hahaha! Leon was so obsessed with date thing! Frey just cut him out by slamming the door. XD

I also love the rest of town! Jones... Oh, really? He is still charging Frey for treatment. Hey! She was the hero who saved everyone in Selphia! She saved his life as well! Well, that is Jones! XD

Unfortunately, I cannot find a verb for farewell. I heard there is no verb for goodbye in English, but who knows? Hope you or someone will find it if it does exist.

Okay, that is all for now. Don't worry if you cannot update on time. I am looking forward to next chapter (Frey's and Doug's snowball fight "date" and Doug's possible confession)! ^^

Author's Response: I'm slowly slogging through my reviews and replies so I'm getting there! I feel bad asking for reviews and I can't even reply to them promptly X_X Ugh. I fail. And actually I WAS doing better, but more shit happened that sent me down another downward spiral so...that's that haha. But heyyyy what else is new.

Oh gosh I'm glad you agree! I love all the townspeople and honestly it doesn't FEEL like there's a lot of them, but they definitely add up quick haha. Especially when you're trying to write out full interactions with all of them. I even paired them up too (or grouped, rather) so one on one would've REALLY taken a long time. Phew! But hopefully it came out okay and not rushed ^^; I'm glad you agree about Illuminata too. Poor Amber! :( I dunno. Illuminata (and Bado too, really) just kinda seem like they don't have much depth to them. I mean I know they aren't marriage candidates so they don't really need it, but still. Just not a fan ^^;

Ugh, I know, right?! I wish you could read his journal in the game. I wanna know what he writesss! You can guarantee it's not a work log though, that lazy boy haha. I dunno, maybe I'll try to add something about that somehow. I don't really want Frey snooping in his journal but I wanna show what he put somehow. I'll have to think about it!

Oh gosh I love the relationship between Frey and Meg! Meg is seriously such a sweetie and I just adore the heck out of her haha. She's super fun to write about. Actually a lot of the characters are (sans Illuminata, as we've said XD) because they're all so fun and quirky. Leon is super fun too with his flirtatious moments haha. Ohhhh goodness. I love them all!

Well I'm glad we're in the same boat where there's no verb for farewell lol What's up with that? Kind of a weird thing, really. Well thank you for mentioning it! Perhaps we will find out this mystery eventually (or maybe we need to put Illuminata on it! Maybe THAT'S our problem! HAHAHAHAaaah jk...)

Okay time to go reply to your other reviews XD Thanks again so much for being such a sweetheart! I hope you'll like the next chapter~

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Date: 08/29/16 06:59 pm Title: Chapter 48 - Ultimate Destiny

Heyyyyyyy again!! I promise it is going to be my last post until you update so you won’t get annoyed. ^^; A part of me thinks that you’ll be happy though. Lol. I hope you’re doing well even if we haven’t heard a word from you for almost 5 months. I hope nothing bad happens to you. X.X If nothing bad happens to you, I know you’ll definitely be back eventually! :D No need to pressure you back into writing until you feel better! (My review is pretty long…. You do not have to read it. ^^;)

As I mentioned that I did reread the story while waiting for your return, it was too good not to reread. :3 Every time I read your story always brightened my bad days. Oh, I can also provide proper reviews I wanted to last May. I already refreshed my memory, and I jotted down notes. This time, I took my sweet time reading instead of rushing to read. XD; Sorry, if my grammar is not great sometimes, but please bear with me (Yes, I am the native U.S. citizen if you ask)! Anyway, your story the only one Frey x Doug fanfiction I find so far because this fandom is rare (not as popular as Frey x Dylas and Frey x Leon). I found few Frey x Doug fanfictions. They are okay but not as great as yours! Oh, there is also no lemon for Frey x Doug…yet! Well, there is sorta…Pearly (authoress) never finished it. Btw, I think you’d like to look at some fan comics of Frey x Doug. Here you go: (Addition: I love how scary wife Frey can be sometimes! XD) Here is a picture of Doug’s parents! Is that adorable??? ^^

Oh, you asked if anyone is okay with lemon. Did I answer the question? Sorry if I did not. My answer is… Absolutely! I am cool with it! Lol. As your reviewer Pearly said, the writer was so dedicated to their series and took their time to write so feel free to write a lemon (or multiple)! It is your series, after all! In my opinion, it is better if you include a lemon in one chapter instead of separating them so it would feel more naturally flowed that way. Of course, you can include a warning for those who are uncomfortable with lemon. It is really up to you, and it is your series.

Ok, it is time for me to leave reviews!~ Even if I did reread, I still cracked up and smiled like a dork. According to your little rant, well-written stories can make us having a “fluff”, laughing, smiling like a dork, second-hand embarrassed, and etc. If your story was so simple, I don’t think I would. XD I can feel a strong connection with your story. Maybe it is because I can feel your genuine love in this story. Whenever I read your story or thought of it, it cheers up me. Are you an engineer?? WOW! Well, it explains where you mathematical vocabulary comes from. I saw those words in the beginning of your story. Well, I originally thought that you were an English major, but I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. My bad! If you are good with English and math both, you are awesome then! You know how to capture the spirit of Rune Factory! When I was reading your story, it felt like it is the actual rune factory! Oh, yeah!! I love how visual your writing is. You included every little thing in the background. I mean… For example, In chapter 33, when Frey and Hachiko went into Venti’s chambers and she interacted with Venti in her human form and invited her to slumber party, WHAT DID HACHIKO DO?? STOOD LIKE A STATUE? Nope! He actually jumped into a pile of cookies. Who knows if we would ever see him again? Lmao! You also added his action instead of ignoring his existence as if he stood like a statue. You did that with everyone and put action in them instead of forgetting that they were there. XD

Let me compliment your style of writing (again)! I Ioved how you included your/Frey’s thoughts and expressions as if I was really in Frey’s shoes. Also, Reader-insert was a brilliant idea! It makes dialogue more crystal clear for me! I wasn’t perplexed and like “Who said that??” I was never a fan of reader-insert, until I read yours. Ahhhh, you know how to write it so well (use emotions and thoughts to affect reader and incorporate ideas into physical writing). You also used “Frey” when someone calls me Frey instead of a blank line for name insert like “Hey ______!” It bothers me if the writer did that. I don’t like nameless main characters! XD I heard writing in reader-insert is difficult because the writer has to immerse all readers in the new world since all readers have different personalities, so you did an excellent job! I could feel an emotional/intimate connection with the characters in the story. When I first discovered your story, I noticed “reader-insert,” I was like “Uhh….” I never liked reader-insert because it always felt forced and I did not feel connected with the main character. I gave your story a chance because I saw how talented and vivid your writing is, so I couldn’t resist it. GAWD! I couldn’t stop reading it last May! Finally, I found the right writer who knows how to write the reader-insert story and make me feeling emotionally engaged in your story. I don’t know how you can make me feeling related to the main character and it feels natural without feeling forced. It also feels realistic. I fell in love with reader insert!!!

Your writing is very well-written with “high-educated.” I personally haven’t written a fanfiction before…yet. Well, I have a vivid imagination, but I have to work on my writing though. :P Also, you are one of few fanfiction writers which could write that beautiful and clear. Also, your writing created many fluffs. Your grammar and punctuation are excellent. I believe that you have a gift for writing dialogue. Your dialogues feel like the real life dialogue. People may pause in the middle of conversation or their expressions and tones could change during conversations. And so on. I dislike when writers messed up dialogues with whoever like “WHO THE HELL SAID THAT!? I AM LOST!” But yours was so clear and easy to read! *thumbs up* That is all I can comment about your writing. I cannot really give much criticism about your writing because I am not an English major. I don’t see any problem in your writing except few typos. I am sorry I can’t help so much. So far, I am really pleased with your story, so please keep up!! If you really want constructive criticism, you have Pearly and some other reviewers! :D I know Pearly disappeared for over a year. :/ I hope nothing bad happened to her… Pardon me for saying that. Anyway, I enjoyed your style of writing so very much, and I am looking forward to the new chapter.

Speaking of dungeons!! Oh, we are like-minded, so you are fine! I am glad you skimmed through dungeons sometimes especially with the tree monster boss in Yokmir Forest and Delirum Lava Ruins. You wrapped up everything perfectly though you had to rush through dungeons! Well, it didn’t seem rushed in the story though! Excellent! If I was the writer, I’d do the same thing! Just in case if you thought I implied that “replaying” dungeons bored me… It is not true! It was very fantastic to read them with your creative writing! We just happened to be like-minded. For example, I thought it would be perfect if you skipped the tree monster boss because was it really necessary in this story? It is just more for the game thing. If RF4 was the non-game fiction instead, I am sure they wouldn’t include that! Otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense… Where has the chipsqueek been gone!?? If it was the non-game fiction, it would happen exactly what you wrote! XD Oh, yeah! Guardians’ voices were excluded, too, so I agree with you that they didn’t seem to do much to the plot in your story. Oh, yeah… I saw your reply to one of reviews. You said there will be no arc 3 as I figured. It makes sense! Well, in 2nd arc in your story, Venti is fine so I don’t see why there should be Arc 3. Oh, you can marry Doug after Arc 2 in game, so there is no point for Arc 3 for your story! LOL! I know you want to keep Venti for eternity after Arc 1 so do I! LOL!

I also liked how you stayed true to everyone’s character. I can see how they would act through situations which did not occur in the game. For example, Blossom teased Frey and Doug as if the game spotlighted Doug as the main bachelor like the previous rune factory games (Raguna x Mist, Aden x Sonja, and etc). I could totally see that!! (The game did not spotlight Doug at all even if he played a main role in the game, so Blossom didn’t tease so much. They wanted to give all bachelors/bachelorettes an even amount of attention. If they had to spotlight the bachelor, I am sure the canon bachelor would be Doug.) Oh, my gosh!!! I love Granny Blossom even more!! SHE IS MY FAVORITEEEEEEEE! Oh, yeah! She seems to know what is going on between Doug and Frey well. For example, Blossom teased Frey less (when Doug is not around) and advised her since she possibly figured that Frey already acknowledged her feelings for Doug. She must have good instinct. XD Ahhhh, I am soo looking forward to her more teasing in the future especially when they are dating!! Oh, yeah!! She is also a sweet granny and she watches out for her “grandson.” Wondering if you’ve ever have seen General Store date where Granny Blossom shows up in the game? GAWD! It was so funny! Oh, speaking of Leon… I really love how you wrote him in your story. As if Doug was the main bachelor, Leon flirts with Frey to get him jealous. I could totally see him doing that!! Hahahah! Gotta love that trolling bastard! He is my second favorite bachelor, but I never married anyone else than Doug. When I played RF4 for the second time, I married Doug again. Yay! XD

Oh, Margaret, Forte, and Frey are best friends… I could totally see that!! In the game, it is implied that Meg and Forte are best friends. I am aware that Frey and Meg in your story hang out with each other more often when Frey comes to see Meg for advice with her hopeless crush! XD I love the friendship between Frey and Meg… I wish we can have a BFF in RF4! At least, during Doug’s proposal event, Margaret was like a BFF to Frey. Oh, you stayed true to girls’ character. Meg is more of the big sister type. She is also bossy. And Forte is a tsundere!!!! She is also so stubborn!! She blushed whenever it comes to cuteness or romance, so she stuttered! XD Love those girls!

Oh, Ventuswill!! You wrote her damn well, and she sounded like herself from the game! She is one of my favorite characters! You also included her human form in your story! I agree she is soooooo adorable!!! For Chapter 22, I thought that Doug was going to tag along with Frey and human Venti and then the traveler talked to Frey and Doug and asked them if this little girl is their daughter so their cheeks would erupt into flames! But it never happened. XD Or they may bump into Blossom and she would tease them and say, “Anyone would mistake you two as her parents.” XD Oh, yeah… She has a very sad past even if you made up, so my heart aches for poor young Native Dragon!! *hugs Venti in her human form* The game never mentioned her past, but it would make sense if the past you made up was included because it would explain why Leon was his first friend. What about other people?? Obviously, she opened up herself in the past. She should have made more friends, right? She did not. The past you made up made more sense because people criticized her harshly about dying crops and wanted her to produce more runes. It would explain why she had four friends. Well, Venti in game could have said everyone likes her because she is charming, casual, and blah blah. It happened only when she produced enough runes and everyone opened up with her until their crops were dying again. I am glad everyone in modern Selphia are soooooooooooo nice and friendly unlike ancient Selphia! .< OMG!!! I loved the transmission between Doug and Dylas in Chapter 47! I can see that! Off topic, Blossom embarrassed Doug during the transmission as well. Poor Doug during the transmission thing! XD Btw, I think you’d love this comic. LOL! Oh, I have a question… How did Dylas know that Ethelberd was Doug’s former employer? He said, “…stupid dwarf’s former employer” through the transmission in Chapter 47. I thought that Ventuswill, Volkanon, and Forte were only ones who knew about the fact that Doug was the former Sechs spy. Am I missing something? Maybe I’ve overlooked? Or Doug did explain everything to Kiel and Vishnal so Kiel did spread the word? XD Just my assumption. I am sorry if I am a little puzzled.

I’d like to include more characters, but I don’t want to make my review too long for you… You kept all characters staying in their character, such as Porco, Jones, Nancy Kiel, and ALL! Including the way Xiao Pai! I love when she thought that Frey and Doug were doing the “foreplay” at general store!!! Silly Xiao Pai! Lmao! Btw, I love how you wrote that Frey interacted with all townsfolks so it indicated that she wasn’t just a love-struck girl who focused on Doug only. I also love developed friendships of Margaret and Forte. All characters have their own personalities when they interact with Frey, so they sounded like themselves from the game like I stated earlier! I love how you went slowly at paces with Frey and Doug. They just didn’t think how hot they were, and then they asked each other out for dates. The end! You wrote details with how they interacted with each other, and they had a slow development so it made readers more dying for more updates about their relationship. You also incorporated teasing, awkward moments, and etc…not just love stares. I could sense chemistry between Frey and Doug! You know how to put chemistry in there! Oh, yeah! You also concentrated on Venti, so your story wasn’t 24/7 about Doug. It is just like the game! Well, the game was a little Venti-obsessed for a while, but yours was not. It was well-balanced! XD

Speaking of couples, you said you’d pair up with few couples. I know there is not much interaction, but I can see Dylas x Margaret and Forte x Leon, too… because Leon said he originally thought Forte was bored since she was too “serious but it turned out that is quite fun to pick on! And what about Dylas and Margaret? Well, I can see her policing him when he said rude things to customers. And they work together! WAIT!!! Even if they do not interact so much in the game but you have to catch on in some dialogues! For example, during eating contest, Kiel or another bachelor mentioned that all girls are going on diet and Doug did downcast his eyes and reply, “They went on diets again this year?” then he made a crooked smile and said that he thought a chub on them would be cute. Arthur replied that it is just each his own and he would be careful with what he says to girls. Then Dylas agreed with Arthur and said, “For example, you cannot tell Margaret that she gained weight or she will never stick with diet.” Arthur made a crooked grin and said, “You specialized… It sounds like it came from your personal experience.” I cracked up on that dialogue! I can imagine Margaret berated Dylas!! For another example, during Autumn Harvest Festival, the girls complained about guys. Margaret complained that Porco and Dylas didn’t clean up the upstairs hallway even if it is not the place customers could see. Later, some guys gather up and mourned that girls scolded them. Dylas sighed and said that Margaret scolded him and Porco. Arthur asked what he had done, and then Dylas was like “Hey! It is partially your fault, you know!” Occasionally, Margaret requested you to find materials she could use to clean up and mentioned that the upstairs hallway is a mess that Dylas and Porco never cleaned up. It is funny how she always excluded Arthur since Dylas said it is partially Arthur’s fault. Poor Dylas. XD

Still wondering why Doug cannot have a relationship. Near the end of Chapter 5 – "You have no idea why I can't love...why I can't get close to someone... You know NOTHING!" I may get a clue. In Chapter 45, Doug told Frey about his past in the Sechs place. He lived with the Sechs soldier and his wife. They had an abusive relationship, and they always argued. Doug suspected that the husband murdered his wife when he returned from the booty camp. Wondering if it is part of why he didn’t want a relationship, but…. His parents had a happy relationship. Well, Doug implied that they did in your story. I can imagine that they did. ^^ Spending half of his life, he was so concentrated on his revenge so he didn’t think about relationship and marriage. After he left the Sechs Empire, it is possible he believed that Frey shouldn’t date someone like him since he caused so much trouble to her and the town. Or maybe it was already resolved since he left the Sechs Empire, but he wouldn’t want to admit that he likes Frey! XD Ahhh, so many questions and theories in my mind!! I have to wait and see!! :P Maybe his reason for not being able to fall in love was just silly. Everyone would be like “…Is that why?” XD

For all slumber parties… *gasps* I love all of those sleepovers! In game, it felt so stereotyped when the girls talked about weight. Frey was quiet in most of sleepovers. Well, I had many sleepovers in game, so few were funny. For example, girls (I forgot who said) wondered if boys have sleepover and another girl wondered what boys are talking about. Amber innocently answered, “Maybe they are talking about flowers and butterflies.” Meg sweat-dropped and replied, “I have a hard time picturing that…” Xiao Pai offered, “Maybe they are talking about dirty and lewd stuff.” Forte shouted, “THERE IS NO WAY KIEL WILL TALK ABOUT THEM! Well, some of them will. I WILL NOT LET BAD INFLUENCE ON KIEL!” Someone said that she grabbed her sword and said that they have had to calm her down. XDD Unfortunately, boys’ sleepover did talk about “dirty” stuff sometimes if you play as Lest. It was what I heard. In youtube video, Doug asked who had an idea to have sweaty guys for sleepover instead of ladies. It was his idea. All boys, except Arthur, said they were fine with boys’ sleepover. Arthur admitted that he agreed with Doug and suggested that he should go to girls’ sleepover. Doug replied in shocking, “All by myself?? N-No…” Arthur said he is still innocent. It was implied that he was still inexperienced. I heard from somewhere… Kiel told boys that Forte complained that she gained weight because she couldn’t fit in clothes, so Doug replied that it was because her boobs got bigger. Wow… “boobs” were actually mentioned in the game?? XD I dunno. Well, I will find out when I play as Lest. Well, “sex life” was already mentioned during Doug’s proposal event in the game. XD Ahh, I was rambling. My point is…. Your “Girls’ Sleepover” events are way better than girls’ sleepover from the game! They should put all of your sleepovers in RF4!

Btw, Doug is a sneaky pervert!! Like the game! XD Well, not really a sneaky pervert in the game. Just a typical guy. During the observation date, Doug asked Frey if she thought of crazy things doing with him since they are alone up in there... During the beach date, Doug splashed water on her and you selected “You want me to seduce you?” He would get thrilled, until Frey turned down. When Doug is present in upstairs of General Store during dating period, Frey stands by his bed and he would be like “Wh-What are you doing in my bed? Well…Not that I, err, mind.” During the bedroom date (before marriage), he would sound thrilled after you both agreed and when he is in your room, he would get all nervous…and there was a timeskip! Well, Frey said they could talk. But… Frey and Doug were only ones who have a timeskip during the room date! o.O All other bachelors never did that… I know wrong thoughts ran through my mind so they probably did talk and nothing happened XD; Wait…During Doug’s proposal, Leon said, “sex life” just to cover up, but Frey and Doug erupted into flames on their cheeks… So suspicious! They probably never did before marriage. Who knows? They may just blush because they knew they would have to do it someday. XD Oh… Doug’s wedding is only one bachelor’s wedding when Jones spoke to Frey and said, “Now you have Doug with you, so you have nothing to worry about.” Doug was shocked and like “IS THERE SOMETHING I SHOULD KNOW!?” Frey said thanks. Jones wished them congratulations. Doug was like “Don’t ignore me…” Ummmm…Did Frey suspect that she was pregnant and go to clinic before? Then tests turned out negative. Or was it related to Frey fainting in raining during his proposal? Dolce may have told Jones. Or did Jones know that Doug would carry Frey all way to clinic when she is ill like he did with Blossom? I guess I am overanalyzing on this part. ^^; In your story, when Frey and Doug were “enemies,” he still checked her out during the Beach Opening! Hahaha! Gotta love the face-in-skirt moment back in Chapter 12! Wow, he was soooo perverted in Chapter 44 and 45! Especially when Frey took off her pajamas, he took a peek! Frey was so CLUELESS! Bad Doug!! XD

Oh, yeah… One of your fans posted a link. Unfortunately, the video of Doug and Frey is unavailable, so I never saw it before!!! T.T There is videos of few other bachelors. Why must that video of Doug and Frey be removed!? I haven’t watched it yet!!! :’(

LOL at Frey for thinking that Bado and Doug were elves because she thought that dwarves are supposed to be short and beardy. I recently learned that Micah from Rune Factory 3 was surprised that Zaid wasn’t beardy or too short, so he got offended and called it a stereotype. XD I haven’t played RF3, but I learned from internet. :3 Surprise, Doug didn’t get offended. XD Dwarves’ pointy ears are smaller than elves’, and dwarves have a special intonation in speech, of course. By the way, I heard that games hinted that Doug and Zaid may be from the same tribe but both thought they were only one survivor. (Doug’s and Zaid’s eyes both are silver. I heard that Zaid bragged about his silver eyes. Don’t worry, I am not correcting you with Doug’s eyes color. I know they are blue in your story. :3) Zaid, of course, missed Sechs, so he did not get manipulated. Unfortunately, Doug encountered Sechs and got manipulated! Here is funny drawing when Doug and Zaid meet up… XDD When you scroll down to “This,” there is a short fanfiction before this scene. Lolol. If you are at writer’s block, it may help giving you ideas. XD

I didn’t realize that four guardians are earthmates. Wait, you may be right because they used the forbidden earthmate spell. It would make sense otherwise they wouldn’t be able to become guardians. Perhaps, they lost earthmate power after they became guardians. Even if they returned to human forms with some monster features, they still did not get theirs back I guess.

Noticed one of reviews from Luna site – Doug may be scrawny but he is actually muscular if you look closely. I thought you did a great description of him during the Beach Opening. If you compare him to Kiel, Kiel looks more childish and scrawny. His arms are non-muscular, skinny. Doug’s upper arms are thicker and his shoulders are also wider in his proportion. Sure, his torso is trim but it is still sculpted with some muscles and toned up if you compare him with Arthur and Vishnal. Their bodies did not get much outlined. Remember he is a dwarf so it explains about his height. XD Well, Bado is a dwarf as well but remember he came from a different tribe. Maybe his entire tribe has giant dwarves? XD Anyway, I am sure they would be more detailed with their bodies if this was non-game anime. XD During the “too much free time” town event, Doug bragged how big monster he took down and then Dylas and he later decided to have arm-wrestling contest to see who is stronger. Consequently, Doug and Dylas have had a tie. Dylas could have beaten up Doug easily, but nope. It proves that he is as strong as Dylas. Oh, Doug also knew how to fight since he had been working as a spy at Sechs Empire.

In Chapter 12, Doug was so self-conscious about his height. So cute! XD In game, when you date him, he would get furious and he outburst, “DAMN THAT BASTARD (Dylas)! HE IS TALLER THAN ME!” and I think Frey comforts him like “I like the way you are” or something. In your story, you said Bado and Leon are tallest. Don’t forget that Dylas is tallest, too. XD Dylas is taller than Leon. Unless you did not want to mention Dylas, it would cause Doug to explode “THAT STUPID HORSEFACE!” XD There is height chart. Scroll down to the 6th post then click “Spoiler: show.” The chart will be shown. Enjoy!

Oh, yeah… I know this is America and this is your series so you may adjust a little unless you haven’t realized that characters in rune factory series were naked in bathes or at least it was heavily implied from previous RF games. I know they wore swimsuits and even in dialogue style. If you played as Frey, you could tell that she was naked in her bath since there was going to be no dialogue while Frey was taking a bath. Other characters wear swimsuits because they do not want to make naked characters and naked drawings for dialogue. lol They were actually naked and sitting in water like Japanese bathhouses, but they wouldn’t show it and they used swimsuits to censor nudity. Oh, there was another implication in RF4. If you have watched the Town Event named A Part-Time Job or something like that. At the near end of A Part-Time Job, poor Doug’s privacy was invaded by Xiao Pai and Illuminata. I know he wore the swimming trunks in dialogue, but it was implied that he was actually naked or he may have towel wrapped around his hips otherwise why would he get flushed and irritated when two girls barged into men’s bath if he wore swimming trunks? Poor Doug! XD No, no, I am not trying to criticize or correct you! If it made you feeling that way, I am sorry. It was not my intention. I am sharing it just in case. What if you may like it? If you don’t, that is cool. You can, of course, retain swimming suits, unless you want to change. If you feel like you cannot change back, I have an idea. Lin Fa is forgetful, and she would be like “Oops, I forgot that we are supposed to be naked in bathes like the Eastern tradition. Sorry about that!” I just thought it would be funny if Lin Fa accidentally guided a person into opposite sex’s bath, it would be an awkward moment if they saw nudity. XD It happened to Volkanon in the game. He told Frey/Lest that Lin Fa accidentally guided him into girls’ bath and he said, “Thank god, there was nobody in the bath at that time.”

Oh, yeah! I forgot to comment about your fictional characters!! Well, Aria is a minor character. Oh, my gosh! I love Frey’s sister Lenneth!! She is soo funny!! I love her personality!~ I noticed reviews and your replies that you would love to pair up her with Leon but you felt like you couldn’t change back. Umm, it is tough. I can imagine that they would be funny, but we haven’t seen them interacting yet. I still like Leon teasing Forte though. Or Lenneth could team up with Leon on Frey and Doug and you can keep Leon x Forte. XD Poor Forte if she saw that. She would become jealous and outrageous. She would call him a womanizer. Oh, I never forgot about snowball fight! I loved how Doug and Forte concentrated on Leon, so their team lost because of them! Poor Leon. He was only one who got soaked while the rest of his team was dry. :P

OMG!!! My reviews are sooo long! I feel like I am Volkanon right now… *sweat-drops* lol I did shorten it, but I cannot shorten it anymore… You had 48 chapters in your story, so it may be the same length of my reviews in total, but I discovered your story last May. So all reviews I may leave are in one post. After that, I will not write that long though when you update. Maybe just 2-3 paragraphs. Maybe just a page. It depends on the chapter. Btw, you asked us that you’d like to include Doug’s thoughts at the end of chapter. I just thought of a few, but I will say one of them for now. How about Doug’s thoughts when he first met Frey? And including his thoughts when Blossom teased Doug and Frey during their first meeting! Bwahahaha! Okay, I better stop now. I hope you enjoyed my long review. :D If you don’t, I am sorry. No hard feelings. My reviews will be short next time. ^^ Hope you’ll update soon & everything in life will treat you better!

Yayyyyyyyy, Ethelberd died in Chapter 48!! I am looking forward to the progress between Doug and Frey. And Lenneth and Frey just had the sweet sister bonding in the end of this chapter as well. ^^

Reviewer: Lizz_x3 Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/01/16 03:14 am Title: Chapter 15 - Relaxing

Oh, I'd like to respond to your "mini rant" since I was unable to do it on Luna last May because of stupid register issues. I don't think you were the "review whore" at all! You have your reasons. You just desire to know how you are doing with your stories so far. I completely understand! If there is criticism, you can improve and do better next time. It is how you become a better writer, right? Let's say it is a "trial and error." XD So do not feel bad if someone thinks you are a "review whore." Ignore them! It is their problem, not yours. :P If I wrote fictions, I am sure I would like to receive some feedback and to see how I am doing, too. If I was doing bad, I'd be happy to have their feedback and do my best for next time.

I've been reading some fan fictions on different sites. I notice that the majority of them wrote simplistically. Honestly, I cannot feel a "fluff" from stories like that. I like well-written stories better...with more details. I never left reviews though. You are only one writer I left reviews for so far... Wait, I did leave a review for one other writer in this site after you another day. From now on, I should leave reviews for people who wrote very well-written stories as well because they really deserve them. I concur that they deserve reviews since they were so dedicated and they contributed their energy and time...also poured their soul and heart into it. In end, their stories (regardless of length of their stories) do have a "fluff". Also, I got entranced into their stories. Simple stories do not have a "fluff..." Where are details?? "He blushed." Did he blush? Is it light or dark? Did his cheeks get red? Or was it just across his nose? I like when you and other writers wrote more detailed like... "His already-red cheeks heavily darkened." or "A hint of pink forming dusted off across his nose" ...Like that. I know I still have to work on my creative writing (or general writing). orz I personally never wrote fan fictions before, but I enjoy reading them.

I forgot to add... I haven't bothered checking out fanfiction reviews in general. From your rant, it is sad that many writers who wrote beautifully received no to very few reviews comparing to "simple-minded" writers. :( If I find good stories regarding of my favorites, I'd be confirmed to leave them reviews so it may help their motivation to keep writing more chapters I'd die for! Now I am wondering if receiving no to few reviews may be the reason why some well-written fan fictions may be discontinued. DX They must be like "Ehh... Blah! I don't feel like writing since no one left me reviews so I am not going to bother wasting my time, anymore!" WAITTTTTTT! COME BACK! I LOVE YOUR STORY! I WANT YOU TO WRITE MORE!!! Unfortunately, I was the ghost reader.

Perhaps, "simple-minded" writers are actually much younger than we the middle school or high school age. It is just my assumption. Or they may just want to write stories and wish what happened in their favorite anime, games, books, or TV shows. Who knows? Anyway, I feel so flattered when you said your story is for "educated" readers! :D

Oh, yeah! I am already rereading your story. I am currently at Chapter 15. I don't rush reading them like I did two months ago. Well, I rushed because I was so excited and dying to see what happens next! Since I already know what happens in the story, I take my time and enjoy. After that, I would provide you a proper review (Please bear with me!) since I refresh my memory by rereading. Oh, yeah! I jotted down, so I won't forget! :P I won't be like "Oh, there I go! *submits reviews* HOLY CRAP!!! WAIT, I FORGOT TO ADD!!! *deletes and resubmits* Phew... Wait!! *deletes again and resubmits*" I am also looking forward to your return, so it will be first time you read my reviews... It means we officially meet at last! XD Anyway, you are still in my prayers and hope everything is getting better in your life now.

Author's Response: Oh I'm soooo glad you agree with me about my rant! I mean not that I was looking for people to agree with me, but it really does just frustrate me :/ Like I mentioned, I'm a huge proponent of justice (which sounds silly lol) but it just really bothers me when such well-written things go unnoticed while the shorter "crappier" ones are flooded. I mentioned this to my ex when we were still together and he was like, "Well beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Who's to say the stories are bad? That's just not something YOU find interesting." And I was like...well I mean lack of grammar and details kind of implies a poorly written story, but he'd argue that there's no 'set' way of defining a well written story, so to each their own. I was like, UGH YOU DON'T GET IT! I mean he did have a point, but still. There may be no 'set' way, but I guarantee if you're trying to get in to a special college and have to write an essay and you write it like that, no way in hell you're getting in. THAT'S ALL I'M SAYING.

But yeah, it's frustrating. So I really do try to make a point to review for those who are amazing, or even just 'okay'. I mean if it's good enough to keep my interest, that's something, right? Plus I mean positive feedback helps SO MUCH. When I started writing 15 years ago (oh god I'm so old lol) my stuff SUCKED. Like pure crap. But there were people still encouraging me and that kept me going, which eventually made me get better. So I guess in a way it's good the poor stories get it so maybe they can continue and get better too...but then you have to be careful you aren't "rewarding poor behavior" as it were lol Like if you give them too much positivity they will think they're fine and not fix anything? I dunno. I mean that's why I'm huge about criticism. Being positive is great and I love it, but honestly if there's something for me to work on, I'd love to hear it! Like one of my readers here, Pearly, she left me a long review that was actually super helpful and I could tell my writing definitely improved after that, for sure. So any way to get better is always a plus. Not saying I ONLY need constructive criticism, but either way, just knowing how I'm doing helps! I dunno. It's weird haha.

I'm soooo glad you felt flattered when I said you guys were educated! I mean not that that's an insult, but I guess calling the other readers simple-minded was lol But that's kind of what I think too, is that they're just younger and are like, OMG SAUSKE FROM NARUTOOOOO I MUST READDDD!!!! and just click on whatever. I guess it's hard to find fanfiction for the older audience lol Perhaps we should be growing out of it? X_X I hope not! I LOVE IT TOO MUCH. My imagination is too wild to give it up lol I think you are probably the same! XD

Well thank you so much for the thought out response to my rant, and I'm glad you see where I'm coming from instead of me just trying to be mean or jealous or whatever haha. It is what it is, I guess! But yayyyy I'm glad you're rereading my story! It's definitely long enough to keep you occupied, that's for sure lol DX And don't worry about the reviews. You don't need to delete them to fix anything or whatever! I mean obviously it's too late now but if you just wanted to leave a review per chapter that's fine too haha XD Whatever is easiest for you! As I always say, you are such a sweetheart and you make me feel so much better about myself *heart* Thank you so so much for being amazing and wonderful! You're the best! ^_^

Reviewer: Pink power72 Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 07/25/16 05:36 pm Title: Chapter 1 - New Life

I just listened to the song Give your heart a break by Demi Lavoto for the first time!!! I thought of all those cute Doug x Frey moments and I felt so nostalgic!! I think It fits the story perfectly. ^_^ I'm so glad you picked that title BTW I'm praying for you!

Author's Response: Oh that's great to hear! I wondered if anyone else actually went to go listen to it hahaha. I mean once we get to that point in the story it'll make a lot more sense, but there are some points in the story that have already happened that kind of relate (like the line about going home with tears in your eyes, that was in relation to when Doug and Frey fought Terraclone and Doug was kind of out of it before rushing home XD BAHAHAA I'M SO CLEVER *shot*). But for real though, I'm glad you listened to it! It always reminds me of this story when I hear it and gives me some motivation. I love Doug so much! XD So thank you for taking the time to check it out. Hopefully the story/idea makes a little more sense now! ^_^

Reviewer: Lizz_x3 Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 06/18/16 02:02 am Title: Chapter 1 - New Life

Heyyyyyy! I am glad I am able to leave a review in this site instead of another site! I also left the comment on your most recent post on your live journal last month.

I know you haven't written chapters lately because you have a very rough time with your life. Hang in there! All of your readers and I do care about you, and we are here for you. We will wait for your return when everything in your life gets better. :)

Last month, I was reviewing your whole story on another site and I tried to leave a review. It was a long one... I should re-read your story because it was fun reading and awesome! I am looking forward to upcoming chapters! Also, Doug is my favorite bachelor in RF4! I couldn't bring myself to marry someone else when I play a new file. If I did, I'd feel like I cheat on Doug. XD Oh, Frey is so oblivious no matter how painfully obvious Doug was. XD I am still sooo wondering why Doug "couldn't" have a relationship! Curiosity is killing me! DX Well, I made a guess in my mind, but I do not want to mention my guess. It may be a spoiler to some readers. :P Perhaps, it may be something I didn't expect. XD Anyway, I am looking forward to Frey and Doug getting together. Kiss and other stuff you know. lol. First, I know you still have a break from your story. I will still be here. :)

Author's Response: Oh hoorayyyy! XD I'm glad you were able to review here! And thank you so much for the comment on my Journal thing too. I really appreciate it! It sucks you have to make an account in order to comment, but that means a lot that you did so just to talk to me x3 You're a sweetheart! And thank you for understanding too. Life really sucks sometimes DX And I hate when you lose motivation to do the things you love. But I'm slowly getting over it so hopefully I'll be back to normal soon :) Thank you for your optimism! I could definitely use it ^_^

Oh I'm right there with you! Doug is such a sweetie and I absolutely ADORE him in the game! I just love his personality how it's so fun but he's really sweet and shy with things. UGH. I love him. I do wanna try the other guys too but you're right, it won't feel the same since it's not Doug! He's just too much haha. I'm curious to hear about your guess though! XD I'm kind of hoping it's a bit of a surprise but I realized I'm really horrible with "mysteries" in my stories and they aren't actually all that hard to guess lol But we will see when the time comes! ;) Hopefully it will still be interesting to you~ Thank you for saying you'll still be here though. I really appreciate that! I'll do my best to keep things interesting so I don't let you down ^_^

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