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Reviewer: LitBlerd601 Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 05/24/16 09:04 am Title: How to encourage readers to review!

This is super encouraging, thank you!

Author's Response: Awe thanks! Have the courage to tell authors how much you love their work. Don't be afraid!!!!

Reviewer: AlexC Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 03/26/16 01:07 am Title: How to encourage readers to review!

I always like to reread this whenever I wonder about reviews... I can definitely attest to reviews being the start to numerous friendships, as well as the motivation to do certain things in stories. For instance, one of my reviewers is now also going to be a character in one of my stories, and (on other sites), reviews are what made me turn a one-shot into a multi-chapter story.

Reviews really are the best. (As long as they're not that stupid spam those dumb bots leave >.< )

...I just went through the reviews here and realized I never reviewed this before. I apologize. But, as I meant to do a long time ago, thank you for writing this! It definitely is very helpful in pointing out what a writer can do. As for the reviewer side, I've always done this. In fact, sometimes I feel like I annoy people with my random babel of opinions and information and slight critiques, but mostly feels. But once I got over my shyness over leaving reviews (All thanks to Dottie), I've always left reviews if I can. Sometimes I have to do some things and forget. Or I write the review, then my computer/cell phone refreshes before I can post it. Or my review just doesn't go through for some reason. It always makes me sad when the last two happen...

Anyways, great points! Thank you! :)

Author's Response: That is the biggest compliment! Thank you so much!

Reviewer: lolita001 Signed [Report This]
Date: 04/23/15 08:25 pm Title: How to encourage readers to review!

Very interesting and truthful. I was only a lurker until recently, then began reviewing once I decided to try to write again, even though I'm terribly scared and lack self-esteem. I realized receiving just a little feedback pushes my limits greatly and was put to shame when I finally understood that support really does mean a lot! From this point on I decided I'd finally fight back my shyness and always try to at least leave a little something. Thanks for the wonderful guide and I hope more people will tend to review! All those good writers here really deserve it :)!

Author's Response: Awe thank you!! And I'm glad you're ready to fight your shyness, and leave more feedback. Sometimes, that is the hardest step. <3

Reviewer: SoundofSapphire Signed [Report This]
Date: 02/28/15 03:18 pm Title: How to encourage readers to review!

Actually, a friend and I (Who, since you mentioned it, has actually become my best friend in the entire world. Even though we live two and a half hours apart, we try to visit each other whenever we have the time and money. We started emailing back and forth a few years ago when I was still on Luna and before I moved here for personal reasons. Emailing turned into texting, which turned into phone calls, which finally turned into hanging out with each other in person.) came up with an idea to make it easier for people to review. We call it the Quote Game. We ask a reader to pick a quote, line, exchange, or anything they really liked, copy and paste it into a review, and then explain why they liked it. Maybe they thought it was cute, found it funny, found it very emotional, even made them cry, or thought it was just really well written. She and I have found that it does make it easier for readers to leave reviews. It gives them a starting point instead of forcing them to start from scratch when reviewing. Then, once someone does leave a review, it's always good to respond to them, but I've also found that giving them a shout-out in the next chapter's AN shows them even more appreciation, and it encourages them to keep reviewing.

Anyway, that's just my two cents, but I figured I'd express it here all the same.

Author's Response: I really like the quote idea! I'll have to start doing that.

Reviewer: Prosit Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 11/20/14 02:36 am Title: How to encourage readers to review!

Pft, to the real world. XD thats oh. really funny.

good i like it. thanks for some guidelines on how to review.

Author's Response: Thanks! :D

Reviewer: Mister Pseudonymous Signed [Report This]
Date: 09/29/14 08:08 am Title: How to encourage readers to review!

please update

Reviewer: Tree_Of_Life Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 09/20/14 10:02 pm Title: How to encourage readers to review!

As soon as I saw the title I was just like: mhm yeah girl I need some advice because I needs me some reviews. Okay, joking aside though, I was thinking about this the other day. My story "Omnipresent" started off wonderfully with like 7 reviews on the first chapter, and I was just fangirling nonstop because of this. But as more chapters were added (since I was eager to see my readers' response) the more my review rate lessened. The most recent chapter I have only has a couple of reviews, which make me think: are the readers bored? Do they like this chapter less? What did I do wrong? And it leaves me second guessing my writing and completely unmotivated to update.

Don't get me wrong - every single review matters, like you said, but I know for a fact that there are more than two people reading my story. We do see how many views it gets, and it makes me sad about the fact that more people don't review. I think that as writers, we are all self conscious about our writing, so lack of reviews compared to our first chapter lowers our self esteem. I want to make them proud, and I want to have them enjoy my story, but how do I know you like it if you don't tell me?

I also kinda would like my readers to be more personal with me. Yeah, we haven't met, and they probably have never talked to me until that moment, but hell, I don't care. Tell me how your day has been, tell me how much you fan girl about how attractive Rin from Free is; I love each and every one of my readers, so who's to say I won't appreciate your inspiring and warming comment? yeah. I ranted. Holy shiat. Anyway. Thank you for posting this. I hope you didn't fall asleep half way through my rant. I'm gonna my Tamaki depression corner now.

Author's Response: Mmmmm Rin is smexy~~~ Do we still say smexy? Or is that completely outdated? Can I bring smexy back? I think I just did!!! As you can tell, I joke around too. Maybe too much. Ooops........

Reviewer: RaelyBae Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 09/09/14 08:25 am Title: How to encourage readers to review!

yES. why isn't a loved button on here gdi

Author's Response: Awe you're too cute <3

Reviewer: Nemure Signed [Report This]
Date: 07/25/14 09:27 pm Title: How to encourage readers to review!

I read this on an impulse and could not agree with your points more. xD

I've been on both sides as an author and a reader and I have to say, I wait with equally bated breaths when I'm waiting for a review or hovering in anticipation to see how an author replies to my review.

Granted, I don't expect reviews right away and while those are nice it's kind of hard for me to reply to some reviews when all they say are "please update soon".

It's not that I don't appreciate them.

No, on the contrary. I want to burst out and tell you how grateful I am that you read my story and took the time to review. I want to assault my keyboard to reply to your kindness but alas -- I am just like the readers, socially awkward and withdrawn -- and worried that if I reply to your comment with a story chapter of text, you'll feel weirded out.

But that might just be me.

And I feel like I went off topic.

But this was a great guide and the tone you set was a nice addition to the advice. Becoming friends with fellow authors/fangirls has to be the greatest thing since strawberry shortcake a were invented and I hope everyone can get to know the feeling at least once. xD

Author's Response: I just visual everything you had said. And it's very comical. XDD

Reviewer: Curiosity Nox Signed [Report This]
Date: 07/03/14 11:20 am Title: How to encourage readers to review!

This is all so true! Thank-you for posting this :)!!

Author's Response: Awe! Well thanks foe reviewing!!!

Reviewer: CW-AKA the best Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 06/23/14 03:23 pm Title: How to encourage readers to review!

:D new person on here, and your advice is pretty true and I hope it helps when I actually get up the courage to write ^.^

Author's Response: Welcome! I hope you're enjoying the site! And just write! Remember, you write for yourself!

Reviewer: Crimsoncat Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 06/14/14 08:10 am Title: How to encourage readers to review!

I like how you explained the reasons people do not review without blaming the readers. It was explained in very simple, easy to understand terms which only added to its usefulness. I really liked how you put the oneus on the writers to encourage the reviews. After all, if you want something, I feel it should be up to you to work for it. I think it'd be even better if you added a little section with some "do this not that". One of the most common things I see writers do that totally alienates me from reviewing is holding a story hostage for reviews (ie. no updates until X number of reviews). To me, writing a story should be something you do for yourself first and others second. It makes me feel sad and frustrated when good writers cut themselves short just for validation from others. Not to mention some people word the request (reviews please) more like a demand (reviews or else) and it makes me feel a bit defensive as the reader. I think being open and friendly is a far more effective tactic and I'm glad to see you mention it. :)

Author's Response: Egad! I could not even word that as well as you! Thank you!

Reviewer: Knight Z Signed [Report This]
Date: 05/19/14 11:08 am Title: How to encourage readers to review!

Lol. So true.;u;

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: MortyVongola Signed [Report This]
Date: 04/30/14 08:44 am Title: How to encourage readers to review!

Wonderful! I used to be one of those lazy readers who didn't review, but when I started writing I started reviewing! But this is a fantastic guide! :3

Author's Response: Awe thanks! You're too sweet! <3

Reviewer: SkullKitty Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 04/28/14 01:24 pm Title: How to encourage readers to review!

This summerises it ALL. Really, I used to be too shy to post a review, and I also believed "The author will never read this or care." But now that I write, I understand better. I try to review every story I read on here(I don't read much, but it's a start) now that I get it.

Author's Response: :) well I read all my reviews. One step at a time, and we shall over come this!!

Reviewer: xoEmmaxo Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 04/28/14 02:00 am Title: How to encourage readers to review!

Hehe, you can include me in the 'ramble off of video games' category. XD

This was really interesting to read. You're absolutely right. I'm one of those authors who hates reviews like 'update please' because it just makes me think...was there really nothing better to say than that? I've even gotten one before that just said 'update'. Nothing else. :( I'm fine when people say 'This is great! Please update!' - at least I know that people actually like my work.I love reviews but I hardly ever get them. It's discouraging, sometimes, especially since it just makes me compare myself to other authors. And then I feel bad and get writer's block.

I haven't had much luck making friends with people on sites like this, either. I always feel like I'm bothering them. -_-

Pft, to the real world indeed. The real world doesn't have a crapton of bishies for me to fangirl over.

This was fun to read when I was supposed to be working in Biology. XD

Author's Response: Oh Emma, you are so cute!!! I just want to pinch your cheeks!!! You can consider me your new friend, and we can fangirl over Link or whoever ha, ha

It's okay, I don't get many reviews either. Maybe I'm not funny and clever like I think. Lol

Reviewer: Madame Dreadful Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 04/21/14 06:48 am Title: How to encourage readers to review!

You did a wonderful job, Becky. Thank you for writing this. :]

Author's Response: Thanks Dottie <3

Reviewer: darkmaster07 Signed [Report This]
Date: 04/20/14 11:33 pm Title: How to encourage readers to review!

Hell to the EFF Yeah!!! [I would cuss but I don't want to be rude]...Reviews are like so awesome. I love how they can vary from superficial to prolific...and like you said, even if it's something short, the author does feel something. And like you said, friendships do form! I know I've made a few friends from reading and writing, and I still talk to them [despite our journeys from like 3 different fanfiction sites - sadly they were all decomissioned and that also included the old site]

It's just me, but it's always worth reviewing --- whether it's a one shot, drabble, or a looooong novel...always worth it.

And also with the flaming...there's warnings and people can READ the warnings, so if they don't like...then they SHOULDN'T READ---that way there is no flaming!! :D

It's also cool how every reviewer has like a signature format or just something that distinguishes each review where the author is like "Hey, it's Felina" or something...or whoever - so it's pretty cool - I know with me it's the bad grammar [because of my sparatic thoughts] and the dot dot's just something I came to love since I started reading fanfiction

But yeah...enough of me ranting...I'm glad you posted this and I hope people READ this to at least get some insight :)

Author's Response: Please, I curse like a sailor. :-p it's not rude. Haha but thanks

Reviewer: Ame Yuki Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 04/20/14 08:58 pm Title: How to encourage readers to review!

This reminded me of when I first started reading fanfiction. I loved it, but I was always to shy or lazy to review. Until one day I was sitting in front of my computer really thought about what the writer would think or feel.

I realized that they're putting a part of themselves out for us to see. A fic that they spent endless hours writting and editing just to show us. It's then that I would leave little reviews, like "I liked it or please update."

It's not until I began go write fanfiction myself that I realized just how much a writer did. The endless hours spent writing. The amount of determination they put into their fic and let't not forget the creativity. That fic, that small one-shot or even that never ending story; the writer was pretty much baring a part of themselves to others.

In that moment I decided to leave more then just a simple, "please update."

Every story I read I review for. I leave a review expressing how I feel about the story and why I love it. I have my moments in which I fangirl and let me tell you, the author loves it. They fangirl with you!

Author's Response: Yes! I started out as a reader too! And fangirling together is always fun!

Reviewer: Felina Frenzy Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 04/20/14 02:08 pm Title: How to encourage readers to review!

Becky, this is wonderful. Thank you so much for writing this up. Even in your writing, I can hear your excited and cheerful tone. You are truly an optimist. I'm really happy to have known you for so long!! God, when you brought that up, I just couldn't believe it ahaha. But anyways! Enough of the sappiness, I'ma cry before I realize it. *Huggles* Great job, Beckums! I'm just going to go ahead and feature this now. Doop doop~ :D

Author's Response: Awe, don't cry! <3

Reviewer: Shihaisha Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 04/16/14 01:18 pm Title: How to encourage readers to review!

The gasoline freaking true! When I receive a review my fingers immediately itch for the keyboard. :D

I also am reminded how I sometimes fall prey to intimidation (though I usually push through) myself. It brought up a point that I've considered from time to time. I've read countless articles on this subject and ultimately its always encouraged for the reviewer to write more than update soon.

I'm simplifying I know, and I wholeheartedly agree (with your article and others), but I was just wondering what other authors feel about responding to their reviews? I know for myself I feel responsible to respond to each and every one..

I'm just going to say here that I acknowledge that there are extremes in everything, and if you have hundreds of reviews...well, it's probably not possible.

That being said, there have been times when I've reviewed with considerable effort and received no response. Now I know I'm not owed a response, and I get life and its interferences all too well. But I'm also a stupid worrier. And I agonize over whether I wrote something that came off in the wrong way, when I meant it in the best way possible.

Usually, it's nothing and I'm just blowing it out of proportion in my head. There's a perfectly plausible reason for why it ended up that way, but still it leaves that little seed of fear that rears its ugly head when I go to review again.

So I wonder if maybe we (authors) shoot ourselves in the foot sometimes? Maybe it took everything to type the token, update soon? I always think about that when I get one and try to respond with something despite it being irritating or discouraging, etc. I think maybe, or really more often than not, that I fail in writing something back that would encourage them to converse with me on another review.

I know this isn't applicable to every situation. I've never had the stream of update soon from one reviewer and I'm not laying any blame! It's just something I've considered recently and I thought I'd be brave and share... ^_^;

Anyway, lovely job on taking such a touchy subject and keeping it light and fun. I enjoyed reading this!

Author's Response: Why thank you :) and yes, I agree that maybe writers should reply back to the reader's review. But to say that might make feeling that it's forced(?) haha who knows in the end. But I'm glad you liked it :) and hopefully more readers will read this and all of these reviews, and hopefully they will review more.

Reviewer: Seducing_The_Night Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 04/13/14 12:40 pm Title: How to encourage readers to review!

I loved reading this. You made such good points and in such a sweet, happy way! If I was a non-reviewer ( but I proudly a reviewer :D) this would so encourage me to get out there and start reviewing! I do hope that people get encouraged by this, Thank you for writing this, :) you pointed out exactly how writers feel when we see/read a review! Everything was so true! So once again, thank you and great job!

Author's Response: Awe schucks. You're gonna make me blush <3

Reviewer: UP2L8 Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 04/12/14 10:04 pm Title: How to encourage readers to review!

That was a very up-beat appeal to readers. I think you hit the nail on the head when you suggested that many readers are simply too shy to make contact with the author of a favorite story. Hopefully your pep talk will provide the positive energy necessary to help those timid readers overcome their shyness and review. They'll be so glad they did!

Author's Response: Why thank you doll face <3 We must start spreading the love all around!!! One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind! Kind of stuff!!! I'm just a happy person, and I really don't know why.:x

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