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Reviewer: AlexC Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 10/06/18 10:02 am Title: Idea #12

Hi Fifi! How goes it love? I hope super! 

Just dropping by to say hi, and love you~ <3<3 ^-^

Author's Response: Hi hi Alex! Thanks for such a lovely message! I hope you're doing well, sweetie!! :DD

Reviewer: AlexC Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 01/05/18 03:42 am Title: Idea #12

Omg, what’s the brawl about? Like, the typical brawl thing you hear about when it comes to biker gangs, or territory, or what up?? I know these boys will be super tough and put the fear of Dot in each of their opponents, but still curious.

i love that her secret precious stalker loves her enough to want her to be comfy even late at night. But omg, they gave me a heart attack because I honestly worried for Dottie when she opened the door and the lights weren’t on. I half thought they’d smashed the lights out so she wouldn’t be able to see them. Glad she just forgot ^-^’

im with Dottie! We needs to find out who this secret admirer is... But I still got my suspicions!

Author's Response: Yeah, the boys usually deal with territory brawls and people just thinking they're strong enough to encroach on Rocker turf. They're hella stupid because these boys don't play. They do put the fear of Dot (lol, you're so cute) into them. It is safe to admit that yeah, Dot's "stalker" is from the Clubhouse. I love watching you guess who it is and I FEEL HELLA BAD ABOUT NOT CONTINUING, I'll even tell you who it is if you wanted. Just... not out in the open just in case I do restart this series. Urg. You're the sweetest worrying for Dot. She's the safest in the Clubhouse and no one's actually dumb enough to mess with her... unless your name was Bennett Graves. ;)

Reviewer: AlexC Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 01/04/18 02:36 pm Title: A Bad Case of the Exes

Holy shit, whaaaaa??? Who’s Evita, and like woah man... like, not questioning y’all’s judgement, but what’d she do...

bright side for sure is that Dottie gets the physical rough and tough TLC our dear baby girl needs.

but woah.. I have so many questions. But c’est la vie. Not everything can be answered

Author's Response: Evita is bad news. She's one of Jimmy's groupies who has it bad for him, but you know, Jimmy isn't interested. There's a whole backstory I had planned but I lost my notes to it so I'm going to have to do this fresh, lmfao. But thank you for REMINDING ME THIS EXISTED because then, I can go back to planning and making this chick like, irrelevant, but canonically.

Reviewer: AlexC Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 01/04/18 02:16 pm Title: Idea #11


Ok, so who the fuck is the master mind getting everyone to do their will? He just said he was gonna kill “him.” Which him? Like, gaaaahhhhhh!!! Soy metiche! I gotta know who to thank for these gloriously cute blush-tastic moments Dottie keeps getting!!

i give you all the kuddos and thumbs up, babe!!! Perf!


Author's Response: THAT "him" IS THE MYSTERY. BWAHAHAHA and thank you again for reviewing!

Reviewer: AlexC Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 01/04/18 02:08 pm Title: 20 Questions

YYYAAAAYYY!!!! He’s back!! And he’s precious~!

yeah. He’s so her secret admirer. You can’t convince me otherwise!

But then I feel like I’m going to end up having the same push and pull I have wth Adrien’s dad being Hawkmoth in miraculous ladybug.. I’m always, “THATS ADRIEN’S DAD!” But then 5 seconds later, “no it can’t be because he was here when hawkmoth was there...” but I’m still convinced he’s him, just like I’m convinced Stephen is the admirer. But again, who isn’t? Cuz like, Dot is bae. You’re bae! Like, you gots to be out of your mind not to be head over heels for you two!

Author's Response: Ooooh my god, Alex, you are SO sweet to read these. I haven't updated this in SO long, haha. I AM THRILLED I GET THAT REFERENCE (total Steve Rogers moment there) about Miraculous Ladybug!! BWAHAH I AM SO PROUD I CAN ELICIT THE SAME REACTION OUT OF YOU LIKE YOU GET FROM AN ~OFFICIAL~ television show. Woo. AND YOU'RE BAE TOO, ALEX. YOU'RE BAE TOO! The Rockers in the Clubhouse are all specially tailored for Dottie is a Hottie. So they're all crazy about her and that means there are SOO many suspects, you know? I love how you're guessing, it's so freaking adorable. Thank you so much for reviewing SWEETEST GIRL!

Reviewer: AlexC Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 01/04/18 02:02 pm Title: Making Bonds, Not Stalkers

Oh my gosh, it’s sooo him! He’s got to be her secret admirer! I mean, it works... he’s not around as often so she wouldn’t think of him right off the bat. He totally loves her because. It’s Dot. Who wouldn’t? And like, ugghhh!!! I haven’t read this in so long and like bruh, instill immediately fall into gushy gush-ness because it’s always so fluffy~!

great job, my love!

So, will we be seeing more of Stephan in coming chapters, or is my theory so wrong, there’s like no way he’s the sneaky sneak who’s totally Gaga for my Dottie sweet?

Author's Response: Stefan, like the other characters, do make appearances down the road. The initial chapters where they first arrive are just to introduce them because well, there's a LOT of Rockers at the Clubhouse. Like, so so many. I will tell you that he is definitely an admirer of Dot. Nothing too secretive about it, though. He'd tell anyone he was attracted to her if anyone were to ask!

Reviewer: AlexC Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 11/10/14 12:24 am Title: Close But No Cigar

I finally have an idea of what Ewan looks like! :D

Anyhow, oh gosh, Ewan's drunk texting! *soundless laugh from laughing so hard* I swear, I don't know why, but seeing Ewan passed out on the floor just broke my laugh botton or something.

I'm so curious as to who took that picture.

But even more so as to who the ring leader is!

Although, something that is bothering me a bit: that repairman. I don't know if I'm just misunderstanding, but did he just come in and then leave? I guess it has a lot to do with how I imagined him (glasses, hat, features not all that visible), but I'm starting to think he was a spy for whoever the ring leader is...

I'm not sure, but I need to find out!

(I've been missing this story, but it's so hard to get a chance to get on gotvg sometimes :'c )

I'll be back as soon as I can! ^3^

Author's Response: There is art of what Ewan looks like. I can definitely give you a picture if you needed some idea. I hope seeing Ewan makes you laugh your butt off every time, he's a freaking dope. I love your theories! I'M NOT GOING TO SPILL ANYTHING despite me not updating. You bringing this up again really makes me want to update it though. I'm just not too sure how far I got in this series. [Rubs her chin] Hmmm. Anyway! I hope you've been able to get on GotVG a lot easier now!

Reviewer: AlexC Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 09/11/14 10:09 am Title: Idea #10

Haha! Oh my gosh, that was sweet and funny and great!

It's been a while since I read the story, so I don't exactly remember who Nikki is, but I'll re-read so I'll remember.

That letter was so adorable.

And Mark's great! Can't wait to see more of Mark later. (He sounds so cool!)

Author's Response: Don't let them fool you. They're all butt-wipes. Nikki is sort of cool because he's the type that's pretty cool with everyone but not Mark. Mark is the biggest butt-wipe of them all. PS. Don't tell Dot. BYEEE. Oh wait, thanks for the review! :D ok byeee

Reviewer: AlexC Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 09/10/14 10:40 pm Title: Idea #9

Eeeeeeepppppppp!!!!! I've been gone for too long!

This is so too cute!!!! :D

I love how Jimmy is with our dear Dottie. And she's just too adorable here! ^-^

I swear, this book has some pretty brilliant ideas :D

Author's Response: She's adorable all of the time so I'm glad I was able to catch her essence in this chapter. 8D The book is alright! Pretty sappy and I think I'm having a hard time trying to make big, bad biker dudes do romantic things. It just seems goofy for them. But as long as it's fun to read and especially for Dot, I think they won't mind looking like fools for a couple of more chapters. Thanks again for your review, Alex! :D

Reviewer: AlexC Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 11/20/13 02:17 am Title: Pull

*covering eyes!*
*slightly peeking...*
*going in the "duck under a table during an earthquake" position*

ahaha! Oh my gosh, Avery... *blush*

I'm so curious about what Maddox's job is since he seems to be away from Dottie often and is always tired... But I imagine it's one of those things where, I could be told, but then "they'd have to kill" me... So I'm fine without knowing. :D

(I missed reading your story! :( But I'm glad I came back to it today/tonight/this morning?. I'm not even sure anymore. It's 1-- gah! Oh my gosh, it's 1:14 am! Well, I'm glad I got to read this before my bed time ^-^)

Thank you Fifi! and g'nite! ( h8; h8;)d84;

Author's Response: Ahahah, I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter especially considering mushy stuff isn't my forte. Maddox is a cop! A homicide detective. So nah, he's not gonna have to kill you. He's just really tired of all the crap he has to see on a daily basis, plus paperwork, I'm sure. I hear cops complain about paperwork all the time! :D So you're safe! Lol, you're up pretty late, huh? I hope you have a good night! :D

Reviewer: AlexC Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 11/09/13 02:24 am Title: Idea #8

haha! oh this was too cute Fifi!
Loved this chapter! Just, I loved it :D

Author's Response: Thank you, Alex! :)

Reviewer: AlexC Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 11/07/13 02:16 am Title: Idea #7

hm... Did Domino already get checked off of the list of possible culprits? I can't remember... but if he didn't he just moved to my #1 spot.

ooh! Sydell is pretty /interesting./ :3 I'm looking forward to seeing how he gets to know Dottie ;)

by the way, I love the way you write Vaughn's accent! It's so fun to read his parts out loud ^-^

Author's Response: Domino may or may not be involved; for his sake, he probably isn't because he knows better than to touch Dot's shit without permission. But the fact that he moved to your number one spot makes me laugh really hard. Sydell's a buttmunch. I'm glad you and Dot are the ONLY PEOPLE WHO FIND HIM INTERESTING. And thanks, I worry about Vaughn's stupid accent. It's getting harder to make him Irish. I need to consult my boyfriend on Irish accents, lmao.

Reviewer: AlexC Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/02/13 03:47 am Title: Idea #6

Oh, poor Ewan. He's probably going through withdrawals since it's been so long for him... and being so near his drug... *shaking head*

Hm, so the newest message gives me more hints, but I'm not sure what it's adding up to... But, I shall keep reading to find out. Just (unfortunately) not tonight. I've already felt 4 earthquakes in the past hr, and that only happens when I'm dead tired.

I'll come back soon though! :)

(and Fifi, I always leave a review when I like what I read. It's my way of showing my love. ^-^ I hope you don't mind...)

Author's Response: Lol, I don't even want to think about that. ::Covers her ears:: Lalalala that's gross. LOL, ALEX PLEASE DON'T READ TOO MUCH INTO ANY HINTS because I'm still not too sure who has the book. No one wants to tell me and I keep getting weird instructions about what to write and it's stifling my creative process. ::Sobbing as she clacks away on a typewriter:: Thank you for the review though! I really do appreciate them. :) Also, feeling earthquakes when you're tired cannot be normal. I... I hope you're okay. o__o;

Reviewer: AlexC Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/01/13 01:59 am Title: Away From Home

O.O aa~ah?! *covering eyes like a little kid...*
Fifi, I don't know what to do... Should I stay or should I go? Oh, I know! I'm just going to sneak away and leave them to their private time. Make sure Liam has a suitable answer to where Dot is at the moment so she won't get interrupted.

"'When you're the only one we need and we have to share you, damn straight we're going to be a needy bunch.' Twist replied."
^loved this line. Just, loved it! :)

Author's Response: ::Wiggling her finger around in the air, singing:: Darlin' you got to let me know....should I stay or should I go? IF YOU SAY THAT YOU ARE MINE, I'll be here till the end of time! SO YOU GOT TO LET ME KNOOOOW, should i stay or should i go? Ahaha, sorry. I love that song. :D

It's okay, Alex. You can stay and watch. They're freaks like that. They'll probably find it exciting. ::Hands Alex a note:: Here, give this to Liam and he shouldn't interrupt them for awhile. I told him he has a funny looking face so while he's beating me up, he won't be thinking about Dottie! :D I WATCH OUT FOR HER LIKE THAT, YO. Best friends 4 lyfe. Thank you again for reviewing! n__n

Reviewer: AlexC Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/01/13 01:04 am Title: Idea #5

Oh Fifi, I'm addicted to your stories! ^-^ Right now I'm trying to pull a Sherlock Holmes to deduce who "borrowed" Dot's bookie and is now lavishing her with love (instead of sharing ideas with us... selfish person! >.< ) but, since you said you don't know yet either, I'm just observing. Like a fly on the wall. An invisible fly so I won't get swatted. Or better yet, a shadow: always there but never really noticed... c; I'll be reading more soon! :)

by the way, you know Christian Bale? and how his real voice sounds? Every time I read Vaughn's lines, I imagine his voice sounding VERY similar to CB's... :3

Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time to read them, Alex. I really appreciate it. n_n Lmao, a fly on the wall. That's what I should be right now but I'm sure Liam will hit me with a flyswatter. Not that he doesn't do that now but if I were a fly, I'd be dead. I know Christian Bale but all I think about is his Batman voice and I find it really hard to pin that to Vaughn lmao. But thanks for putting that into my head and I can now laugh at Vaughn just as much as I laugh at Liam.

Reviewer: AlexC Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/31/13 12:38 am Title: Idea #4

.... Liam is kind of scary....
but he's interesting... :)

hm. I wonder, would he beat up a girly too? Say, an 18 year old creeper that loves all things Dot and Fifi?

Author's Response: You don't have to be scared of Liam. He may seem scary but in all honesty, he's really stupid.

He wouldn't beat up a person without a reason unless they were bugging the shit out of him (ie. me) but he would kick ass if someone were to threaten his happiness with Vaughn, Dot, and the RnR clubhouse and their duties. He is very overprotective about this stuff, too.

Reviewer: AlexC Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/31/13 12:32 am Title: Quality Time

I hope Maddox starts resting up... He could get sick and not be able to go out or do anything. What is he going to do if he's stuck in bed and can't see Dot?

Fifi, have I mentioned I love your work? Just wanted to throw that out there in case I haven't. :)

Author's Response: Maddox would text Dot to come visit him because he becomes a spoiled brat when he's sick, or just a spoiled brat around Dot. I can't really tell. At least, Maddox would text her if Avery wasn't breathing down his neck about getting sick and then throw his phone out the window and forces him to recover. Dot would wonder why she hadn't seen Maddox in a century because Avery probably killed him and she would eventually go see him herself. And THEN she would baby him upon finding out he were sick.

Thank you, Alex! I appreciate your reviews. :D They're so sweet and I'm really grateful you take the time to review at all. You're so sweet!

Reviewer: AlexC Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/31/13 12:24 am Title: Turned Tables: Idea #3

ooh! I'm so curious who took it... I have an idea, but I don't know...

Author's Response: Lol, at this point even I don't know who took it. To write these chapters, I get paper slid under my door and an order to type it up to keep the identity a secret... even to me. XD

Reviewer: AlexC Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/31/13 12:21 am Title: The Mysterious Book

I like Domino. so protective and... *giggle*

Oh, Domino... *shaking head*

on an other note

I've seen a lot of Ewen, Liam, and Vaughn recently. Are the RnR boys the newest stamped?

Author's Response: Yep! Domino is pretty overprotective of Dottie and anything Dottie may have because of their *special* relationship! It's special because they're both freaks. xD Ewan, Liam and Vaughn are not new stamped because I hadn't really written about them publicly until I started putting the stories on fosff/gotvg. :) There are some new RnR boys but Ewan Liam and Vaughn specifically are not.

Reviewer: AlexC Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/31/13 12:04 am Title: Idea #2

awwwww!!! This was just too cute!

Fifi, are these from a real book? Because I think I may need to buy it... :3

Author's Response: The 101 suggestions are from a real book, lol. But the RnR boys are all OCs. :D

Reviewer: Madame Dreadful Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 10/30/13 09:13 am Title: Pull

Don't mind your read count ticking up obscenely again. It's just me, worshiping the ground you walk on.

Author's Response: Well, you should stop it. xD

Reviewer: AlexC Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/24/13 01:55 am Title: Idea #1

hahahaha! Oh Fifi, this is too cute! And B.B. is just, too... (taking cell phone out slowly in case I need to call for help...) *whispering -->* adorable!

Let's see what other romance tips I see ;)

Author's Response: Ahaha, thank you for the review, Alex! 8D It's okay, I'll not tell BB you said that so you should be safe. Dot can't even say that aloud without getting a sore bottom.

Reviewer: Madame Dreadful Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/23/13 12:19 pm Title: Idea #1



Author's Response: Tee-hee!

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