Reviews For 101 Ways
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Reviewer: AlexC Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 11/07/13 02:16 am Title: Idea #7

hm... Did Domino already get checked off of the list of possible culprits? I can't remember... but if he didn't he just moved to my #1 spot.

ooh! Sydell is pretty /interesting./ :3 I'm looking forward to seeing how he gets to know Dottie ;)

by the way, I love the way you write Vaughn's accent! It's so fun to read his parts out loud ^-^

Author's Response: Domino may or may not be involved; for his sake, he probably isn't because he knows better than to touch Dot's shit without permission. But the fact that he moved to your number one spot makes me laugh really hard. Sydell's a buttmunch. I'm glad you and Dot are the ONLY PEOPLE WHO FIND HIM INTERESTING. And thanks, I worry about Vaughn's stupid accent. It's getting harder to make him Irish. I need to consult my boyfriend on Irish accents, lmao.

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