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Reviewer: AlexC Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 01/04/18 02:36 pm Title: A Bad Case of the Exes

Holy shit, whaaaaa??? Who’s Evita, and like woah man... like, not questioning y’all’s judgement, but what’d she do...

bright side for sure is that Dottie gets the physical rough and tough TLC our dear baby girl needs.

but woah.. I have so many questions. But c’est la vie. Not everything can be answered

Author's Response: Evita is bad news. She's one of Jimmy's groupies who has it bad for him, but you know, Jimmy isn't interested. There's a whole backstory I had planned but I lost my notes to it so I'm going to have to do this fresh, lmfao. But thank you for REMINDING ME THIS EXISTED because then, I can go back to planning and making this chick like, irrelevant, but canonically.

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