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Reviewer: Tree_Of_Life Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 05/09/15 01:50 am Title: Choice

D'awww, how cute. I love it. I understand how guilty rea would feel, after she had done (what I'm assuming) so many evil things. Reminds me of sasuke a bit, when he always tells Naruto that it's too late for him and he can't go back, etc, etc. I do admire that, since that point of view isn't necessarily rare, but interesting to read. Not as to say we haven't all done our bad things in the past but we have to forgive ourselves and move on if we want to move any further in life.

And if you're wondering why I'm leaving a review so late, it's because I can't sleep. Parents are living some kind of sexual fantasy that keeps me up, but somehow lulls my little sister deeper into sleep. I really don't understand. It pisses me off a lot, though because I love sleep. I really do. I'd marry the physical form of sleep. That's how much I love it. And to lose any of it is losing something precious. But unfortunately, I dnt have the heart to tell them to keep it down some times. Oh well. One day. One day.

Anyway, I'm sorry I ranted, I just need to pass the time somehow while I'm unable to sleep and rambling (from my phone) seems to do the trick. And oh look, they've finished. I'm off to bed now. Thank you for helping me in my quest for slight Link fluff. Keep up the good work *passes out*

Author's Response: Yep you've got it right, she's done some terrible things and because of that she feels like she can't be safe and thus unable to return t her old life. And while Link understands that she's done some terrible things and she still has a chance to redeem herself, Rea isn't able to forgive herself because of what she did in order to survive. Link however is determined to change Rea's mind because (let's face it) he's lost or parted with so many friends that he doesn't want to lose someone else.

Well that is strange. O_O Although I'm glad to hear that they've stopped and you can finally sleep. Sleep is important and I know how you feel. When I'm kept from sleeping I became angry. Also reviewing late at night doesn't bother me, if it helps you to pass time then go right ahead.

Reviewer: M Anonymous Liked [Report This]
Date: 11/01/14 09:23 am Title: Choice

Aww, that last line! "He was prepared to sacrifice everything just for your sake."

I'm a big fan of warm-hearted emotions, and this is just... hah..

Author's Response: Oh, M you're spoiling me with your reviews. ^///^ I'm so happy you enjoyed this. Seriously you made my day. Thank you.

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