Reviews For Darkness
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Reviewer: Zelos Signed [Report This]
Date: 09/20/15 04:15 am Title: Darkness

Another great Kaiba smut. What a great day it's been, haha.

I love how Kaiba had everything planned. Hey, the guy knows what he wants and whatever he wants, he gets. XD

Author's Response:

Yes he does, he uses all of his abilities to his advantage :) I'm glad you enjoyed it!! :D

Reviewer: Seducing_The_Night Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 08/12/15 12:52 pm Title: Darkness

Hot. Damn. Girl, you and that sextastic Kaiba smut!! I read this before breakfast and now I think I'm full :D that is so perfectly Kaiba! -side note: my autocorrect wanted to change Kaiba to labia- omg though that was just perfect to the t! And in a glass elevator?! I have a feeling Rea-chan and Seto will be reacquainted next event....

Author's Response:

Okie dokie....

First, I had to do a double - no triple - take to see who was reviewing....

And to think it was THE SAME person writing "A Game of Hearts"...

I nearly fainted..

Okay...second part -- I am glad you had a healthy breakfast of fanfiction that sated you, but please eat real food lol! Plenty of fanfiction to go around!! And stupid autocorrect....I don't think smart phones are all they're chalked up to be...Labia...please...don't get me started lol!!

Yes, a glass elevator (when I first read the story a long, long, long time ago, it was something along the lines of that, so I went with it in this one because that story is's long lost in the abyss of the internet darkness)... :(

And well...we shall see if they get reacquainted... ;]

Thanks again for reviewing!! :D This made me really happy!

Reviewer: Perfectionshipping Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 12/04/14 11:09 pm Title: Darkness

Wow. once again you have really taken my breath away. there is a reason you're one of my favs

Author's Response:

Thanks :) I'm glad my stories can take people's breaths away!! :D

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