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Reviewer: Seducing_The_Night Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 03/25/16 09:10 pm Title: Chapter 1 - Sexy Springs


Oh. My. Gosh.

Ok so before I say anything I want you to know that I've never really been an Ichigo girl, I mean yea I think he's a total babe and all but he's never really been a love interest. So with that said, this has completely changed that!!!!!!

I especially love that you used his long hair because yes oh Lord he is gorgeous with that long hair! Also, you made him dirty enough that it's not even OOC for him, like I could totally see him acting that way towards someone he's been with for a while, besides dirty Ichigo is just...umph!So kudos in keeping him in character! (even tho he's a prude lol)

The lemon itself was just...just perfect for lack of a better word! Like I seriously think that is THE BEST Ichigo lemon I've ever, EVER read! Honestly I read it twice because oh my damn the hot Ichigo in my head made me. Now I'm googling shirtless Ichigo pix.

Now, because of your fic I'm an official Ichigo fangirl....the kind that is now in the hunt for any and all Ichigo fics; I thank you for that.

After reading this I sat back and thought to myself: Oh my gosh I love Ichigo now and Why the hell did I not find this wonderful, perfect, glorious fic before now?!

So on behalf of Ichigo fangirls everywhere, I would like to thank you for this wonderful and sexy piece of work. You are simply talented beyond words and I look forward to reading more!!!!!

Author's Response: *flails* OH GOSHHHH YOU ARE TOO WONDERFUL!!!! I totally have to agree that I actually didn't think Ichigo was all THAT attractive, but after I heard his voice I DIEDDDD (I'm a HUGE fan of Johnny Yong Bosch...oh yes I am). But hooray! I'm glad my story made you into a believer! AND OH WOWWWW YOU READ IT TWICE AND IT WAS THE BEST YOU'VE EVER READ??!?! *o* I'm dying... You are so wonderful and I'm seriously so happy you liked it that much!!! That is SUCH a wonderful compliment... Like wow. And to make you into an Ichigo fan, no less! I feel so accomplished x3 GO, MY CHILD, GO FIND THOSE SEXY ICHIGO SHIRTLESS PIX AND SHARE THEM WITH THE WORLDDDD!!! You are seriously so wonderful and oh gosh you are inflating my ego something crazy xD I'm so happy to have helped you see the light! COME, JOIN ME ON THE SIDE OF TRUTH AND JUSTICE AND SEXY LONG-HAIRED ICHIGOOOO!!!! *hugs and drags you off into the sunset*

Reviewer: Annabel2371 Signed [Report This]
Date: 07/19/15 12:50 am Title: Chapter 1 - Sexy Springs

That was indeed very hot sex. I liked reading this quite a bit - quite a bit indeed. Great job! *thumbs up* And I love Ichigo with the longer hair, too.

Author's Response: Fweee! Thank you so much! I'm glad you thought it was hot ;D THAT'S WHAT I WAS GOING FOR~ And yeah isn't he super sexy with longer hair?! I don't know what it is Hehe. Thank you for reviewing. I'm glad you enjoyed it! ^^

Reviewer: Becks91 Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 07/04/15 09:35 am Title: Chapter 1 - Sexy Springs

One thing I like the best about this, is how you've changed Ichigo's personality just slightly to fit the story. And I must admit that this is one of the best Ichigo lemons I have ever read. Good job and keep up the good work :D

Author's Response: Oh gosh, best ever? -O_O- Fweeee thank you! ^^ I know something that you always have to worry about with Ichigo lemons is the fact that he is in fact a prude...but I'm convinced he just needs a little push then he'd be a huge perv XD I'm glad that didn't throw you off! But thank you so very much; I'm glad you liked it so much! :D

Reviewer: Kayuka Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 07/03/15 09:38 pm Title: Chapter 1 - Sexy Springs

I remember reading this story on freedom of speech when I first found it and it's was great then. It's such a great story I'm glad you bought this back out. You did a wonderful job and who doesn't like Ichigo being a little dirty I think it's perfect. Wobderful work and keep more stories like this one coming if you can all of them are awesome

Author's Response: Oh yay, thank you! I always like finding people who read my stuff back in the day XD I really need to dredge up my other stuff and put it up here too. But anyway thank you very much! And you're definitely right, who doesn't like a dirty Ichigo? XD I know he's a prude but he has to get over it eventually right? Hehehe~ Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it x3

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