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Reviewer: xomessyxo Signed [Report This]
Date: 07/27/17 09:11 am Title: Confession One

Here I am again! I'm not ashamed to say that this is the 9th time I'm reading this story. No shame at all.
I actually wanted to ask you something. Will you be writing an epilogue for this story? I would love to see Rea-tan making Midorima blush again.

Good luck with all your other stories. I may not review all the time, but I love all your work!

Author's Response:

Yooooo hahaha, I'm happy you enjoyed it that much xD it's one of my favorite fics cause omg the torture of Midorima is what I live for!

I'm debating on writing a cleaner ending for these two but it might be after I finish with Kuroko's story.


Reviewer: Sapphiryl Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 07/14/17 05:41 am Title: Confession One

Loved it! The humor and crack made me smile and laugh

Author's Response:

awww thank you! :D

Reviewer: xomessyxo Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 06/30/17 03:18 pm Title: Confession Ten

I have read this story 8 times by now. No kidding.
I can't believe that this story is completed. This is the first time I'm feeling sad over a completed story. Why did this story end?? T_T

You are amazing. The story is amazing. Rea-tan is amazing! Thank you so much for writing this!! I really loved reading it.

Also, sorry for the late review ^^'

Author's Response:

Yoooo really?? xD

Cause honestly the story was a crack story with little plot. I had no interest in making in long even though it was fun to write xD

Awwww thank you so much!! Yeah the persona of this reader was hella awesome! ;w; Nah I'm so happy that you reviewed, it means so much to me! <3

Reviewer: Black Bat Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 11/24/16 11:32 pm Title: Confession Eight

I adore this story. I was so excited to scroll the most recent page and find that you post a new new chapter at long last!

Author's Response:

Omg so sorry for the wait on the chapter ;_; I didn't know if people were actually waiting so I was taking my sweet time forgetting about the story ughhh

But I'm so happy to hear! Thanks for reviewing! :3

Reviewer: Black Bat Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 11/17/16 09:19 am Title: Confession Eight

I adore this story. I was so excited to scroll the most recent page and find that you post a new new chapter at long last!

Author's Response:

Oh hey long time no see!

Awww thanks so much, I'm happy to hear that. I forgot that I had an update pending on this -.- But I have another one almost ready to be publish! Plus, there are only two more chapters left so ayyyyy

Thanks for the review! <3


Reviewer: Seducing_The_Night Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 05/28/16 03:32 am Title: Confession Six

Ok, so first, HA totally knew Takao was scheming XD the biggest surprise, however, was that sexy loser actually managed to get under Midorin's skin and make him realize his feelings for Rea.
"If you are ready for the challenges ahead, I suppose I can entertain the idea of you as my marriage candidate." - that line, OMG I choked on my drink from laughing so hard because, like, that's so friggin Mido to unromantic-ify (? I think I created a new word O.o) a situation! LOL IM STILL TRIPPIN OVER HERE. "MARRIAGE CANDIDATE" it's like he's running a marriage Senate and she's just one of the candidates oh gosh I'm laughing so friggin hard!
The character development in this chapter tho was in point XD it flowed into the story so smoothly- wonderful job!
So the extended ending....I laughed. Very. Very. VERY hard and received some extremely weird looks XD
Keep up the great work! I always get so excited when i see one of your stories update! :) can't wait for the next one!!!

Author's Response:

You're the best, omg these reviews ;_;

Bruh, Midorima wasn't going to learn by himself since he's so stubborn. Sooo it's up to Takao! Hehe it's always serious business with Midorima xD

Man, thank you so much! But it's time for more development *cracks fingers*

Reviewer: Seducing_The_Night Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 05/24/16 01:08 am Title: Confession Five

Stalker Midorin is a stalker! xD

This chapter had me feelin' all types of ways, I can tell you that much.

First of all, OMG MIDORIN IS JEALOUS AND I LOVE IT TO DEATH. xD Second, TAKAO HOW COULD YOU- YOU TOO REA! (though deep down I feel like this is all some kind of ploy to get Mido to realize his true feelings for Rea--and it may be working xD)

C, TAKAO DON'T YOU DARE KISS THE GIRL. (Though I would totally kiss that sexy bastard, but I kind of hurt for Mido-- then again-- WHY YOU STALKING?)

This chapter was like serious but at the same time it was enjoyable to see inside Midorima's head and heart on the matter. TIME TO GROW SOME AND CONFESS CARROT-SENPAI.

Also, Ginger-sama, I would like you to know that I live for this story and I check for it to be updated. Every. Day. (That goes for the Kuroko story too....and Akashi xD) T^T And I hear you, working sucks! Like, why we gotta work to live, y'know?!

I SHALL WAIT PATIENTLY FOR THY NEXT UPDATE! *shifty eyes* Me bad, I'm re-watching KHR and, just, Basil is rubbing off on me. Get it? Basil rub? Sounds like a chicken rub...NAHAHAHAHA -_- ok I'm done.

Author's Response:

Like he's gonna get caught being a weird ass stalker xD 

Weeeeeeellllllllllll, I ain't saying anything about Takao's true intentions >> but yo he's a hunk on a mission.


Reaaaally? *explodes from happiness* THAT'S SO NICE OF YOU! Like, I'm sorry I'm not a frequent updater but like I'm trying my best cause of your reviews. They give me life, no joke thank you ;_; <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Ahaha, I need to rewatch it. It's been a while since I last did xDD

Reviewer: Black Bat Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 05/13/16 04:39 pm Title: Confession Four

When you're n i t even apart of the fandom, but you love the story anyway and wait for it to be updated...

Much funny. Such awesome! I may just start reading the manga now. This isn't the first time fanfics got me started on a series either. I fell in love with KHR on Quizilla years before I started reading it. Which is weird, ...but anyway cool story, bro!

Author's Response:

Yoooooo you should check it out! It's funny and there are some yum yums there. is this legal?

Well if that's what gets you into cool fandoms like KHR, it ain't weird. Heyy fellow quizilla person <3 And thank you, I'm so happy to hear that bro ;w; <3

Reviewer: Seducing_The_Night Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 05/12/16 09:09 pm Title: Confession Four

*Fangirl Squeals* OMG YOU DID UPDATE AND ITS DEDICATED TO MOI?! *tears up and huggles you* Oh my cheese, here I was updating one of my fics and then BAM- notification that one of my favs has updated! Life is good~

OK. *breathes*

Have I mentioned how much I absolutely love this? Like seriously love it. Rea-tan is so crazy and I am seriously loving it. She is relentless in her pursuit for Carrot-senpai's heart!

Carrot-senpai, YOU SHALL FALL TO HER CHARMS. FALL I SAY. xD She's so damn bold. Like 'You comin' to see me play, bitch.' and he does. xD

oh ho ho, I see she's started to tear him down somewhat. Her craziness is starting to grow on him. =3 You see Shin-chan? She's like an attractive fungus- annoying at first, bit it grows on ya! *ba dum tiss*!

TAKAO. xD You sexy little rat you. I love Takao. LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM. He's like Shin's voice (?) I mean, he makes him do things Carrot-chan wouldn't. GOSH I LOVED THIS. IT GOT SERIOUS FOR A MILLISECOND. xD You never cease to make me laugh, Ginger-sama! I look forward to the next one! MUAH! *sorry I had like....3 Red Bulls!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

Author's Response:

OMG OF COURSE I DID YOU PRECIOUS YOU! I love your reviews and you're always there to encourage me ;_; //I'm gonna read your stories, I swearrrr

Yeah she's weird af, and everyone knows after seeing her so devoted to him. She's shameless and that's what winning Shin-chan over because she ain't afraid to make him love her. SHE HAS INFECTED HIM AND ITS TOO LATE >:3

The question is... is he serious or not? Because hot damn. Awww thank you so much <3 <3 <3 I'm happy this crack fic is at least making someone laugh xD

//omg what are you doing with so many red bulls????!??

Reviewer: Seducing_The_Night Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 05/11/16 06:23 pm Title: Confession Three

Omg. So I read this before it got deleted (and reviewed, but that seems to have gotten deleted as well so I'll re-review!) xD I re-read it and omg, it's just as funny as the first time. I swear, I get so excited when you update this because MIDORIMA YOU'RE SUCH A DAMN TSUN-TSUN AND IT'S ADORABLE AF.

Oh god, when Rea kept confessing her love and he kept freaking out, oh I was done. Seriously, my sister's looking at me like I grew another head because I'm practically barking with laughter at my phone. xD

Takao...oh god, I couldn't at the end.

"This is Shin-chan's first date! It needs to be saved forever!"

That line just made me cry-laugh because OMG ITS SOMETHING HE WOULD SO DO HUGHJKSHGUJKHGI.

xD I don't expect this to be serious for a while and oh god, I'm just loving it so, so, so much so please update soon! FOR ME? PLEASE?! *puppy dog eyes* So wonderful, as usual~

Author's Response:

OHMGOD it did delete your review, the paaaaaaaaaaain.

It's the funnest thing in the world bullying Shin-chan. I giggle when I write this, so you ain't alone in being weird xD

Yeah? I was kinda worried I made Takao too eccentric, but oh boy it's gonna get kinda serious in the next chapter. For like a hot second. AND YES ANYTHING FOR YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE THE JOY OF MY LIFE WITH YOUR REVIEWS AND KINDNESS ;_;

Reviewer: Seducing_The_Night Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 12/06/15 05:10 pm Title: Confession Two

I'M DEAD. *dead*

There are just no friggin words to express my love for this. Poor Midorima is getting tortured! xD OMG though I was rotflmao at the end with the nurse. HAHAHA "Only his might girlfriend is." Omg I just died. You killed me. I hope you do continue to update this because omg I love it to pieces!

Author's Response:

-gasp- DON'T DIEEEEE *resurrects*

He's only gonna get tortured even more. It's my specialty. It's what I live for. Legit, I decided to input myself in the story as the nurse. Husssh, don't tell anyone that to anyone though. 

Well now I will. I love seeing people enjoying my humor owo . Thanks for the beautiful review as alwayss!! :D

Reviewer: a__a__ Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 11/17/15 01:34 am Title: Confession Two

Re: Author's Chapter Notes
Umm.... Excuse you, I am excited that this got updated. And WHAT AN UPDATE! :D *pats you on the back a little too roughly because of excitement* *huggles you with the appropriate strength but a little clingy* I mean I didn't know I wanted it to be updated but BOY, AM I GLAD YOU DID. xD Hellooooooooo~ Welcome back, I guess. x3 Or at least WELCOME BACK TO writing KnB stuff! :D Didya know I stayed up reading your older stuff?! Like just this/yesterday morning? xD Seducing_The_Night wrote a lovely one-shot and it made me want to read "Irreconcilable Differences" again. (Which reminded me of your mention of Akashi!!) x3 Then I re-read some of your other things because sleep... what that is? *tilts head* But yes hello! Willkommen! :D Lookin' forward to your brain fruit! *thumbs up*

Author's Response:


Ahaha you're so funny! xD Well, I didn't know how much I needed your review. I was a little dubious to continue the Midorima story since it's mostly a highlight of my terrible humor, but yo now it's my favorite story. Omg my older work? My heart stopped when you said that cause jesus I cringe at them. BUT YOU DON'T SAY?! I WANNA READ THAT TOO. Gosh, I'm terrible at reading stories. Time to put that in 'things to read'. 

Yeah, I have a friend helping me with the Akashi story. I'mma go poke her so we can get that crap beta'd and published. It's gonna be my main story once it's up which is why I'm taking so long to publish it. I promise it's coming!

Excuse you, sleep is my best friend. I'll introduce you to them one day. Lol jk, I'm in the same boat.

Wtf my new slogan. *thumbs up* Hopefully my brain fruit is ripe.

Reviewer: RebornTheMonster Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 09/08/15 10:40 am Title: Confession One

im sQUEALING what a wonderful premise to start things off omfg crack and romance o hell ye siGN ME UP !!

all my yas to midorima /wipes tear/

HAHAHA everythings so unexpected from the beginning till the end omg thank u for starting this!!!

Author's Response:


Crack and romance is my fav. ABSOLUTE FAV. Non stop crack until we get to the end. 

Lezzzz goooooo torture Midorima, that little shit. ୧| ” •l8; لv0; •l9; ” |୨


Reviewer: Seducing_The_Night Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 09/07/15 08:17 pm Title: Confession One

O.M.G. YASSS bring on the Midorima feels like you did me with that Aomine two shot! XD I am so effin ready!!! Bahahahahaha I love how Rea-chan is the savior here and not the other way around! And omg I about died at the confession!! I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response:

MORE FEELS MORE FUN! It's not going to be as mature as Aomine, but I'm hoping it'll be just as entertaining! 

Oh no, no. This is going to be anti-shoujo. Or like reverse shoujo with it being Midorima's love story. Haha and there will be many more confessions xD

It won't be out for a while, but once I get some projects finished, I feel like this will be the first one I update. I just need to keep torturing Midorima.

Thank you for the review~~

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