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Reviewer: Tree_Of_Life Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 01/03/16 03:32 pm Title: Hope


That aside, I just. Adored this to death. Fluff for him is indeed difficult to write, but the dose you gave here was the perfect amount. With his character and backstory, it's kind of natural for an angst-y story to be written for him. It's just kind of in his personality xD But he shows his love in different ways, and the fact that he always comes back is something he'd do. We are his hope. WE ARE HIS ANGELLLL pfft I don't know if you got that reference BUT IT WAS WORTH A TRY HAHAHFD UGH I LOVE THIS SO MUCH IM GONNA CRY SASUKE I LOVE YOU???? AHG

Also the time we were gonna punch him like BOI GET OUT MY FACE BC SAME ugh you kind of got my character like personally correct? Although this is written for a reader, you got the way I would act out pretty perfectly. LIKE THIS IS ACTUALLY ME???? I would bottle up, lash out, and be hurt silently for a while before becoming affectionate and loving because I care for them so much. Idk I can't speak for everyone I've met, but I do know for a fact I'd do this. I'd do and maybe say things that I regret and in the end come back. AGH I HOLD SUCH A SPECIAL EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT TO THIS FIC GDI I LOVE THIS PRESENT SO MUCH ASJHD

I'm sure Sasuke hurts too bby come into my arms like??? Honestly I don't think he's taking her for granted because it's kind of his duty for whatever he goes out and does. He knows he's gone longer than he wants to be. He wants to be with Rea-chan. And it's hard for him because he wants to see her, even though Rea feels like he doesn't care. BUT AGH THE FEELS????? HES SO AFFECTIONATE AT THE END GDI IM CRYING THATSSO CUTE SASUKE YOU KNOW IM A SUCKER FOR KISSES LIKE????????? FOREHEAD KISSES????? IM GONNA ACTUALLY SUFFOCATE FROM THE FLUFF and that author's note at the beginning is so :') You are such an amazing friend too and I hold you so close to my heart like I care about you a whole lot and I appreciate you writing this for me. I really do. It touches me that you thought of me that much to write me something like this. I'm always happy to listen to you rant. I can't thank you enough.

Author's Response: Lol yes I indeed hate him, but mostly because Itachi. I think I told you before, right? I mean you know this, I love Itachi andand Sasuke killed him so that's why I dislike him. I'M SO GLAD YOU LIKED IT AND YEAH HE IS A CHARACTER THAT COMES WITH ANGST, BUT YOU'RE RIGHT HE SHOWS HIS LOVE IN DIFFERENT WAYS.

Omg that is awesome like I got sudden inspiration and for the reader to come out like you is asdfghjkl because I was worried you wouldn't like the reader, but I'm glad you do. I sometimes act like that to, bottle it up, lash out and then hurt silently and then become all affectate like asdfghjkl we're so confusing at times, but we're people. I'M SO GLAD YOU LIKE IT SO MUCH OMG THIS REVIEW IS JUST ASDFGHJKL I HOLD THIS REVIEW CLOSE TO MY HEART.

Lol he wouldn't admit to it, but yeah he was hurting to. *he reluctantly goes into your arms* lol xD *nods head* Yep that's true. He wants to be with her (you), but he has things to do which stop him from being by the reader's side. Although he does things for her which remind her of his affection and why she fell in love with him. OMG I ACTUALLY FORGOT YOU WERE A SUCKER FOR FOREHEAD KISS UNTIL I WAS EDITING IT AND I WAS LIKE ??? WOULD SASUKE DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS? AND I WAS LIKE THE HELL WITH IT TREE LOVES FOREHEAD KISSES SO BAM THERE YOU HAVE IT! ^_^ Everything I said was true. You're a true and close friend to me and I appreciate you for always being there for me when I need you. :)

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