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Reviewer: Ame Yuki Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 02/16/18 09:51 pm Title: [H.5]High School: Diary Entry 5

Omg I never my reviews would be appreciated so much, but its such an honor to hear you enjoy them. ^_^

Poor Rea, it honestly breaks my heart to read just much her fear affects her. It literally cripples from moving forward. I like that she still keeps in contact with Nijimura and that even though they don't go to the same school, he still sort looks out for her.

Also I need to know what happened between her and Kuroko! What happened that makes her think Kuroko would hate her?!?!

Reviewer: Ame Yuki Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 02/04/18 09:17 pm Title: [H.4] High School: Diary Entry 4

I love how the girls all look out for Rea. Its nice to know that she has friends that understand her.

Ah poor girl, meeting Haizaki definitely unsettled her. She was doing so well, encouraging herself to step a bit out of her comfort zone. I really thought Haizaki was going to scare more, but thankfully someone showed up. And to be honest I thought Aomine was going to intervene, but to my surprise it was Akashi.

And speaking of Akashi, I do sort of feel bad for how she blew up, but with everything that she just went through moments before Akashi appeared, it all was to much for her.

Thank you for the update and. I look forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response:

Yeah! :,) there is more of a bond there when it's an all girl's school (sometimes)

Nah I didn't want to give Haizaki too much pleasure in giving the reader a hard time. It's best to scare him off with someone he really despises... Though that dislike for Akashi might not be canon, I'm just assuming based on what Akashi did--switching him out for Kise and kinda making him out to be the weak link. 

Honestly, the dichromic Akashi has an overwhelming presence to him that the reader cannot handle. She's much better with the other Akashi, where he's much kinder. I don't feel all too bad for the dictator-side of him is what I'm saying xD

Of course, I have more coming to ya soon! :D Thanks for the lovely review <3

Reviewer: Ame Yuki Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 09/18/17 05:47 pm Title: [H.3] High School: Diary Entry 3

I bet if Kuroko knew she was there cheering for him, he'd be blushing and smiling. I thought it was cute of her to show such happy emotions because a sad Rea breaks my heart.

I didn't think she'd meet Aomine and Momoi so soon, but she and I expected Aomine to act as he did. I mean he cares for Kuroko and since Rea left them when she did and she stopped talking with them, I'm sure Aomine would have been mad? I mean he does seem like the type of friend who would be protective of his friends. And Momoi is always so friendly toward Rea. I feel like she feels sort of bad for cutting off communication with them like she did and especially since Momoi is still so friendly with her.

Gah, what does Momoi's smile mean?!?! I don't know if I should be worried or not.

Author's Response:

HE WOULD BE A PUDDLE OF GOO. And yeah, they do say that time apart makes the heart grown fonder >w>

Honestly, Aomine comes off hostile to everyone. He's just starting to become less harsh after being beaten by Seirin, but with the reader, he remembers the hurt she caused to his best friend. So clearly he won't be as receptive to her, since yeah he seems to be supportive of Kuroko.

Momoi is being Momoi haha xD She always knows something! But yes, she feels guilty for not being able to protect/communicate/encourage the reader. If she didn't have Aomine to worry about, I feel like she would have gone to the all girl's school the reader goes to just to keep a lookout on her. I just feel like she's a selfless person haha

Oops didn't mean to write a small analysis on both of them -x-;; As always, thank you so much for the review <3

Reviewer: Ame Yuki Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 08/23/17 09:09 pm Title: [H.2] High School: Diary Entry 2

Omg haha I wasn't sure what to expect, but I'm pleased to say that this chapter was enjoyable. Your OCs are very well written. If I had never watched KnB, I would have mistaked them for really characters.

I was sort of terrified that she might come across Minato, but so far she hasn't and I'm glad.

Mizz, my heart broke into a million pieces too!!!! I swear my heart stopped for a moment. I had my fingers crossed and I was literally hoping it was Kuroko she saw, which she did!!! She hasn't official met Kuroko yet, but aaaahhhhhh I can't wait for their reunion. I just hope that when they do meet that nothing bad happens.

Author's Response:

Awwww you're so nice :,) It's more fun with OC's have different motives and personalities!

Not yet... I'm actually in the middle of writing that part but it won't be for a LONG time. 

Yes, the first taste of Kuroko! I'm really excited to publish the chapter where they meet again. I SWEAR THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!!!! My heart ships them 10000% (which is why I write so much for this fic). 

Thanks for the lovely review <3 

Reviewer: Ame Yuki Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 08/08/17 03:45 pm Title: [H.1]High School: Diary Entry 1

I know you said Kuroko won't appear until a few chapters later, but that's okay with me, I'm interested on how Rea handles herself now that she's in a different school and all. I wonder if she'll meet any of the guys from middle school at the tournament.

Author's Response:

Haha aww thanks for being patient with me! :3

YESS!! I can't wait to explore how the reader gets by without Kuroko in high school and her new set up. shall see! xD it IS the winter cup!

Reviewer: Ame Yuki Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 06/26/17 11:09 pm Title: [M.20]Middle School: Diary Entry 20

This chapter made me feel all sorts of emotions.

"Kuroko's protective demeanor deflate." For some reason I picture a chibi Kuroko with his chest puffed out, all proud and stuff only to deflate in disappointment at Rea's words lol.

I know Rea doesn't want Nijimaru to worry about her and its understandable as to why she lied, but Nijimaru also has a valid point. Taking advantage (whether she noticed or not) of Kuroko's feelings like that would only lead to the both of them hurting. Nijimaru is just trying to be a good friend and he genuinely believes that Rea need to toughen up because she won't always have someone with her to protect her.

I feel bad for Rea because she's so terrified of guys and we all know why. I know she probably had tried her best to overcome it. I wonder how she's going to handle this fear of hers now that she's in high school.

Good luck with your writing!

Author's Response:

Awwwww the image makes me super sad D; But yeah it's honestly just like that, where he was full of pride to be by her side and then it just poofs!

Yeah she didn't realize that she was taking advantage of him, but it's not like she was in her right mind to full understand what she was doing. She has her own insecurities and trauma that rooted deep within her, and she's using whatever method she can to cope with it. Unfortunately for Kuroko his kindness and love for her was the easiest way to shield her from her troubles. Nijimura knew what she was up to and stopped her from attempting to do the same to him.

Her high school life is going to be fun to write, I already have 11k written for the high school arc and that's only like 30% finished -o-; 

Thank you so much!! Your reviews are absolutely spectacular and have helped me immensely in getting this middle school arc completed ;w;

Reviewer: Ame Yuki Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 06/19/17 01:06 pm Title: [M.19]Middle School: Diary Entry 19

Oh my gosh at first I was confused on what Nijimaru hinting at, but than the next few sentences explained it. Ah, Kuroko's hope isn't the only one affected by Rea's words. Haha Kuroko is definitely sly, he saw an opportunity to spend more time to Rea and he took it. This boy is definitely head over heels for her. Its adorable how Rea's words/compliments have Kuroko giddy with happiness.

Hmm. . . could this be the start of Rea developing feelings for Kuroko?! Omg I desperately hope so.

You what's fatal, this fic is. You have no idea how happy I get when I see you've updated. I appreciate the time and effort you put into this fic ^_^

Author's Response:

Ah yes, Kuroko the poor loving boy ;_; All he wants is her love. 

The reader is too much in her own world to recognize any feelings for him sadly enough.

Haha thank you so much! You are honestly so nice to be reviewing each time <3

Reviewer: Chewbacca-Love Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 06/10/17 10:45 pm Title: [M.18]Middle School: Diary Entry 18

T-T that's what my face looked like after reading this! You know how to pull on a girls heart strings. Another wonderful chapter and I'm looking forward to your next one lovely! :D (hearts)

Author's Response:

Hahaha xD I try yo <3

Thank you so much, I really do enjoy your reivew! :3

Reviewer: Ame Yuki Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 06/08/17 07:49 pm Title: [M.18]Middle School: Diary Entry 18

Ah, I never did know how I felt about Akashi, but than again I never did pay much attention to him. It breaks my heart to see that she's already struggling without Nijimaru.

Asdfghjkl awww, Kuroko!! This boy is too adorable for his own good and I swear sometimes I can't handle it. He has a kind heart and omg that hug! I SWEAR THAT HUG ALMOST KILLED ME! That was a strike straight to my heart asdfghjkl, I'm fangirling mess.

That last sentence worries me though. I don't want any of them to get hurt. Omg please don't hurt these precious cuties

Author's Response:

I KNOW! She relies too much on him and it's been a constant issue ever since Minato's assault on her. 


I mean, pain is imminent because the reader is not good at handling her emotions. POOR BABY

Reviewer: Ame Yuki Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 06/04/17 12:55 pm Title: [M.17] Middle School: Diary Entry 17

My poor heart! Nijimura is going through some tough times and he still manages to worry about Rea and hold himself together. She going to miss him and I'm sure she feels like she won't feel as safe as she did with Nijimura around, but she's trying to reassure him that she'll been fine so he doesn't worry. These two are seriously friendship goals. I actually thought she was going to hug Nijimaru, but I guess holding his hand does just as good lol. Kond of breaks my heart that she won't have her friend around, but totally understand why.

Mizz, you're so talented. Your writing always captivates me and just asdfghjkl its beautiful

Author's Response:

Yeah I adore their friendship and really don't wanna tarnish it by making it romantic... I feel like the reader was too scared to hug him because there was a high possibility he will break under that hug and cry. Seeing him break will also break her.

NO YOU WRITE AWESOME REVIEWS! Thank you for all the support you give!! <3

Reviewer: Chewbacca-Love Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 06/04/17 11:05 am Title: [M.17] Middle School: Diary Entry 17

Ah reading this broke my heart! T-T Knowing your best friend is going to be with you is so sad. Wonderful chapter though and I can't wait for your next update lovely! :D (hearts)

Author's Response:

*peace sign* It only gets worse from here.

Ah boy, we can't always have Njijmura and the reader is unfortunately finding that out pretty soon... Thank you, and I really do look forward to your reviews!!

Reviewer: Chewbacca-Love Signed [Report This]
Date: 05/25/17 08:57 pm Title: [M.16]Middle School: Diary Entry 16

That was just too cute! :'D The reader is so oblivious, poor Tetsuya I would hug him if I could! Great job with the chapter lovely! :D (hugs)

Author's Response:

Ughhhh right?? He needs all the hugs in the world cx

AHHH! Thank youuuu, you're the best for reviewing <3 *hugs*

Reviewer: Ame Yuki Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 05/24/17 03:23 pm Title: [M.16]Middle School: Diary Entry 16

Asdfghjkl Kuroko will always have my love! I honestly can't see why not many people like him. He's a sweetheart. And omg asdfghjkl she's slowly getting over her fear and all thanks to Kuroko's help. It's so sweet of Kuroko to be the cause.

Kuroko you smooth pup, how can you just say it like that?!? Because you want to, ugh I wish Rea would have noticed. Also that cute moment where they're just staring at each other omg you almost gave me a heart attack. I wasn't sure what was going to happen, but the way you write them asdfghjkl they're so darn adorable!! I wished Nijimaru would have waited a bit, but oh well. And an embarrassed Kuroko is always a cute Kuroko.

Poor Kuroko, don't worry you'll get your time to shine.

As always your writing is absolutely wonderful and thank you for sharing this wonderful fic with us

Author's Response:


Kuroko is honestly the best, and the best to write for since he's made up of 1000000% cuteness ;w;

Hehe thanks, going for that middle school vibe of innocence BECAUSE IT SUITS KUROKO SO MUCH! Any sort of Kuroko is a cute Kuroko to be honest, he's just too much.

One day he will...

Awww no, thank you for the lovely reviews. I've been editing this fic like crazy so I can get them out e_e your reviews are seriously helping me!

Reviewer: Chewbacca-Love Signed [Report This]
Date: 05/24/17 10:01 am Title: [M.15]Middle School: Diary Entry 15

Nooo I must have more, they are so awkward with each other it's adorable! :'D I'm curious are you going to go all the way until they graduate? O: You're doing an awesome job lovely, I can't wait for your next update! :D (hugs)

Author's Response:

Riiiiight? I love writing their adorable stage ;w;

So far, I have middle and high school planned out. College is next to be planned and will be the final installment of their diaries :3

Awww thank you so much *hugs* you are too nice <3

Reviewer: Ame Yuki Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 05/21/17 12:46 am Title: [M.15]Middle School: Diary Entry 15

Omg!!! I only left a few reviews not to long ago and than BAM I get a notification about your update!! Asdfghjkl you're so sweet! I honestly do enjoy your work and I had no idea a few reviews could motivate you. Thank you for taking the time to read them all and answering them.

Olay so when I read that people where staring at Rea, I thought maybe someone saw her out with Kuroko or something related to that. But nope I was wrong. Turns out Haizaki has been spreading rumors and not only about Rea, buy also Nijimaru. Like I know people mistake them for a couple and I think they've had to explain things more than a handful of times. I'm just surprised people believe Haizaki, but than again it is middle school and well those kids believe anything.

Aw poor Kuroko, he seemed so awkward about bringing up the subject. NO ONE CAN REPLACE YOU KUROKO!!! It was sweet of him to make sure there was no one around before speaking about it.

Its so cute how they both get embarrassed when she mentions their hug. So adorable and that ending just makes me squeal.

Thank you so much for updating!!! You're the best!!

Author's Response:

Ahaha, actually you made me realize that I didn't post the edited chapter here. I was like "14?? I thought 15 were out?". Omg yesss they do ;_; there's been a drought with reviews for me, so I don't know if people are enjoying the story or not. I know Kuroko might not be as popular as the rest of the GOM, but this has so many reads and I'm wondering how.

Yeah the thing is that people will instantly believe that the reader and Nijimura are a couple cause they can totally see it happening. Kuroko is the biggest sweetheart and I WONT WRITE HIM ANY DIFFERENT! ;w;

Their purity is beautiful, a hug is what gets them blushing xD

NAH YOURE THE BEST! I love your reviews, and of course I'll respond to them all! :3

Reviewer: Ame Yuki Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 05/20/17 09:47 pm Title: [M.14]Middle School: Diary Entry 14

Ah so it was what I thought it was well at least Nijimaru finally told her.

You really are amazing for writing thid fic and I hope to read more

Author's Response:

No, thank you so much for all the reviews! I actually just realized that I didn't do an update like how I was supposed to last month x_x

You definitely just made me fired up to write more. I cannot thank you enough <3

Reviewer: Ame Yuki Signed [Report This]
Date: 05/20/17 09:43 pm Title: [M.13]Middle School: Diary Entry 13

If Nijimaru is hiding something, is it what I think it is?

And that last bit it was Kuroko, right? I'm certain it is.

Author's Response:


And yeah definitely is Kuroko.

Reviewer: Ame Yuki Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 05/20/17 09:41 pm Title: [M.12] Middle School, Diary Entry 12


I'm glad Nijimaru and Rea apologized to each other.

Author's Response:



Reviewer: Ame Yuki Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 05/20/17 09:36 pm Title: [M.11] Middle School, Diary Entry 11

Ah no Nijimaru T_T I know he doesn't mean to be harsh, but I think he let his anger/frustration get to him.

Oh gosh I almost had a heart attack with that drunk man scene. But Kuroko saved her. ^_^ So sweet of him to try to comfort her

Author's Response:

He did, and he doesn't have a knack for delicacy. 

Kuroko is the sweetest and is #1 in my heart ;_; (clearly I've become a Kuroko fangirl)

Reviewer: Ame Yuki Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 05/20/17 09:33 pm Title: [M.10] Middle School, Diary Entry 10

As expected by the GOM, they don't really care about anything else. Also Aomine jumping in to help was nice.

Author's Response:

Haha yeah, they only care about basketball and that's about it xD

Reviewer: Ame Yuki Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 05/20/17 09:28 pm Title: [M.9] Middle School, Diary Entry 9

Lol the more I read the interaction between Rea and Nijimaru it warms my heart. He looks out for her as if he was her older brother and that's so sweet.

Also Momo being there to help her out is also heartwarming.

Author's Response:

They are good people at heart, and it's only fair to portray them as such =w=

Reviewer: Ame Yuki Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 05/20/17 09:03 pm Title: [M.8] Middle School, Diary Entry 8


Kkay this was so adorable!!! I laughed when Kuroko stated that he thought they were friends and Rea got embarrassed. XD And they seemed so awkward at first, but I think Kuroko being himself helped her to relax.

Author's Response:


Yo this awkward middle school love is so freakin' cute to right for! x)

Reviewer: Ame Yuki Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 05/20/17 08:49 pm Title: [M.7] Middle School, Diary Entry 7

If Nijimaru did beat Minato up I not surprised. Seeing as the other guy did frightened his close friend. And it's sweet of Nijimaru how he worries for her even though he seems sort of bothered he really does worry for her.

Aww that last part is cute. Kuroko asking her to some shakes is certainly something I can see Kuroko doing.

Author's Response:

Oh he did for sure xD

Kuroko is precious, and he must be protected at all cost!

Reviewer: Ame Yuki Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 05/20/17 08:05 pm Title: [M.6] Middle School, Diary Entry 6

My heart was racing this whole chapter. I thought that Minato guy was going to do worse, but he didn't. It was a huge relief when Kuroko showed up. I honestly thought Nijimaru was going to be the first to notice, but seeing that it was Kuroko was a nice surprise.

Aw poor Kuroko, he wanted to protect her, but he wasn't strong enough. Hopefully he finds a different way to protect her.

Author's Response:

I thought about it, but I didn't want to enter that territory because it's a whole other level that is a sensitive subject and needs to be treated as such... I don't think I can do it justice. Nor did I want a heavy tone in this story,

Nahh gotta give Kuroko some face time here since it is about them two.

He will ;u;

Reviewer: Ame Yuki Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 05/20/17 07:54 pm Title: [M.5] Middle School, Diary Entry 5

Ah poor Nijimaru being given a hard time by the captain just because he doesn't like his close friendship with Rea. I mean its understandable because they've been friends since they were young and maybe their relationship can be mistaken as something else, but its still unfair.

I'm glad you included Momoi even though she likes Kuroko and also the fact that you're not bashing her.

Like always your writing is wonderful.

Author's Response:

Nijimura is so chill and hardcore at the same time, you never have to worry much about him when it comes to these fights. 

Yeah they kinda have the same relationship that Aomine and Momoi have--where it's easy to assume their love as romantic instead of platonic.

And nooooo I can never bash her for no reason. From what I can tell in the manga/anime, she's too sweet to be a complete bitch or deserve any anger from others.

Thank youuuuu <3 Loving these reviews, you're the best!

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