Reviews For Baby Steps
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Reviewer: Miss Reem Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 09/12/16 09:59 am Title: Baby Steps


I only downloaded it like yesterday so I am on Day 2 but I am trying to get on to Zen's route. But every time I see Yoosung or Jaehee I want to comfort them and the next thing I know I have gotten a billion hearts from them D: It is so hard!

This was so fluffy and cute like Yoosung! I really like him and I can't wait to do his route when I finish Zen's (if I get onto his lol). I think in the beginning, like the first few sentences you wrote "quicking" instead of "quickly." But other than that, it was really well-written and of course, I loved the little chat at the bottom! It was very cute!

Thanks for telling me about the game by the way! I really appreciate it! :D

Author's Response: Yay!! You've officially become a member of the dark side lol. Omg it is so hard to just pick one like you just feel like comforting them all.

Awwww thank you~ So relief to hear that I did our cinnamon roll justice. ^^ Gah how did that escape my eyes? Lol sorry about, but I fixed it now so thanks for pointing that out. Haha can you tell the lack of sleep is getting to me? I figured I should add the chat since its one of the main things in MM

I'm surprised you could understand my nonsense, but you're welcome~ Thank you for reviewing!

Reviewer: FranMakara Signed [Report This]
Date: 09/12/16 12:36 am Title: Baby Steps

AAAAAAAAAAAAA IM SO HAPPY U WROTE YOOSUNG NEXTTTTT :') tbh... His route is the first i got and tomorrow (or today lol) is my last day with him... This is just what i needed to endure the eventless night~

I love that u wrote him all cute and forward like he is in the game (and thankfully not yanderish) hahah~ i cant help but love him even more :3

And the baby thing omg so perffff

Author's Response: I wasn't going to write for him, but dang Yoosung made me feel and I fell so hard for our precious cinnamon roll. Omg if you get the good ending you'll love it!

Awww thank you~ ^///^ Super glad to hear I did his character justice. I THANK ALL THOSE ENDLESS HOURS OF CHATTING TOGETHER!!! There is a tiny hint of yanderish, but nothing really noticeable since in his route it's nothing big. Omg yes!!! The baby thing was the icing on the cake~ Thanks for the wonderful review!!!

Reviewer: AstharoshesAmaranth Signed [Report This]
Date: 09/11/16 11:47 pm Title: Baby Steps

The precious cinnamon roll~ <3! Yay for the route I ended up on naturally! That V-Yoosung interaction at the end hit the feels! You really do write the characters and their interactions well! Felt a little bit of subtle yandere Yoosung hints in there (cause we all know he's got a yandere side). 

lol Didn't know how to reply to the author's response in the other review, but I think 707 is probably my fav? But then there's Yoosung, Zen, and 'Unknown' right after him. xD And then Jaehee, Jumin, and V.... I love them all. >.> 

Author's Response: Our cinnamon roll deserves some love on here ^^ Omg I always get thr feels whenever V and Yoosung talk together. Awwwww that means a lot to me, hearing you guys saying that I did the characters justice. I tried my best so thank you~

Its fine. 707? I feel like he's the most difficult to understand well at least to me. He may not be my fave, but I do like him. ^_^ Lol you can't just chose one accept it and love them all!!!

It's always a pleasure reading your comments. Thank you for the review!

Reviewer: Seducing_The_Night Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 09/11/16 06:47 pm Title: Baby Steps

*DIES at the cuteness of it all* OMG. OMFG. I'm dead at how fucking adorable this is OMG AME-CHAN ILYSM for this OMG Yoosung is such a cupcake and I love how u showed that here along with hints at his yandere-ishness that we all know exists! Gah I love him so much he really makes you fall hard for him!

OMG thank u so much for writing these they are glorious and satisfying for us obsessing over these boys!

I'll write some soon! I promise lol I need to get back home first lol. I need to start a new route but I legit can't get over Yoosung! T.T I need a day of recuperation lol

I look forward to more Ame-chan!

Author's Response: Can you feel the love being poured into these fics?! Like I legit lock myself in my room and just write away. It's crazy how these boys have effective me. Omg I'm so happy to hesr I did Yoosung justice with his cute side as well with that hidden yanderish side of him. ^^ YOU NOTICE THE SUBTLE HINTS OF IT!!!! Bless you Night-chan. Lol you did warn me about Yoosung and I didn't listen. Like how did he worm his way into my heart?

I write these as our remedy. We need it after all the things those boys put us through.

If you're on vacation don't worry about it just enjoy yourself. Omg I wanna start Jumin's route, but I wanna prepare myself before taking the dive lol. A day?! Gurl more like a life time, gah we've dug ourselves in way to deep. There's no getting out now.

Lol oh you bet there'll be more not soon, but eventually. ;) Thanks for the wonderful review Night-chan. ^_^

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