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Reviewer: darkmaster07 Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/01/14 02:27 am Title: What...Do You Think I Live Here?

Yes...I feel the same way...

What I would get though [on some of the slow days] is people READING THE SYNOPSIS IN MY FACE and then telling me "oh have you seen it?" "is it good?"

Fucking no!!! I haven't seen it!!! I'm not interested and I will not see it!!!!

Plus, when i worked at the theater I had to take TWO FREAKING BUSES TO GET THERE!!!! AND WALK [or scooter]!!!! WALK!!! IT WOULD TAKE ME ALMOST 2 - 3 HOURS JUST TO GET TO WORK!!! And then to top it off, I'd have people giving me rides, my sister giving me rides, even my mom and her bf!!! Now that I have my car [2 yrs after I quit my job there] I don't even go visit! Almost all the workers there were dickfucks who talked shit about each other and had the nerve to start drama with a friend of mine....Plus I'd bust my ass off working and NO ONE would appreciate my hard the district manager was a dickfuck too and my friend called him a "ginger" - because he was -- and he drives a mini cooper [XP I FUCKING GODDAMN HATE THOSE CARS WITH A PASSION!!!] And I happened to memorize the first 4 symbols of his license plate just to scope him out if he's ever around....

So yeah...I hated when they asked me about movies...and if I did go, I'd go to my local theater [it's affiliation is also to the one I worked with] and I'd sneak in my stuff :)

Plus, I pretty much don't watch movies unless they have a good plot, one of my celebrity crushes or it's a series [Batman, Spiderman, Avengers, etc.]...And yes, I agree - I get sick of all the same movies coming out again with the same themes....ugh...

And you know what's worse?!?! The fucking kids movies!!! SO.MANY.FUCKING.KIDS.....SO.DIRTY.THEATERS!!!! FUCK!!!! I HATED IT!!!  Especially when Wreck It Ralph came out...I got sick of the movie because of the kids...then it came out on tv recently...

Hey, there's an idea - wait for a movie 2-3 years from now and WATCH IT FOR FREE ON TV!!!! BUY LITTLE CEASARS PIZZA AND THERE!!! [Hey, that's $5 and you get a WHOLE PIZZA!!!!! MORE FOOD THAN THE THEATER!] There you go, perfect date night! And if your tv can record, even better!!!

Ugh....I think people nowadays have lost their process of consciousness....maybe the ability of thinking too!??! Yeah....

I love your rants!a

Reviewer: UP2L8 Signed [Report This]
Date: 01/01/14 07:35 pm Title: What...Do You Think I Live Here?

Never worked at a theater, but did work at MacDonalds, so yeah, your analogy is perfect - people who work at Macd's really, really, REALLY don't; eat absolutely everything on the menu. Frankly, I'd have much rather thrown myself into the chip fryer than eat some of that stuff. To this day I still break out into a cold sweat when that ridiculous little theme ditty plays over the radio. I'm so NOT lovin' it.

There. Now I feel better too. Thanks.

Reviewer: Tree_Of_Life Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 11/08/13 08:56 am Title: What...Do You Think I Live Here?

Ah, my love I hope everything gets resolved! Though, I'm unsure as to how you feel because I'm not of age to work yet, I do hope that you don't get so pissed of at them next time. Not that you shouldn't get pissed off at them, because I'm sure I would too, but I hope you find a way to see through them and simply say kindly, "No, I haven't seen every movie, sorry." Maybe some people haven't worked a day in their lives or something, but hopefully they don't annoy you too much. ^-^ It's nice that you find an outlet for your rage, because writing is exactly what I turn to as well. Best of luck for your work and midterms, though~

Author's Response: Oh, love, I'm typically very nice when I tell them I haven't seen it, unless they are rude, then screw them. haha But this is what goes through my head, definitely. haha And thank you!

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