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Reviewer: Such A Fckn Lady Signed [Report This]
Date: 05/26/15 04:51 am Title: It Ain't My Fault

Sorry for the late response! haha I definitely work at a theater! People drive me INSANE complaining about the prices! I don't care! haha Glad you laughed!

Reviewer: darkmaster07 Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/01/14 02:11 am Title: It Ain't My Fault

I'm laughing too because I can relate....I think you work at a theater and I used to work at one [a "cheap" one too]...The one I used to work at was the "$3 theater" since tickets were three bucks - only because we showed the movies that "are already out" - so like you know how there are like the movies that come out NOW [like they are in the commercials all the time], the theater I worked at showed the ones from like a few weeks to a month from the ones that are out NOW...

Anyways...yeah....prices were riduculous as fuck I agree...and the comments - fuck the comments from everyone and I'd think "fucking damn, there are SO MANY FUCKING PLACES AND THINGS you can sneak in so you can STOP BITCHING AT ME FOR THE PRICES OR HAVING TO SHARE SOMETHING!!!"

Yeah, I know I'd sneak to dollar tree before the movie or Vons and I'd stash all kinds of crap in my bag - and I was great at getting away with it....I know my family came in the theater I worked at and they snuck in HOMEMADE burritos!!! LOL!!! AT MY OWN WORK!!! I WAS TRYING NOT TO LAUGH SO HARD!! 

Omg...if it's not enough....people snuck in PIZZA BOXES to my work one time....FREAKING PIZZA BOXES!?!??! HOW THE FUCK DID THEY DO THAT?!?!!? AND IT WAS THE LARGE BOXXES!!! LARGE!!! 


I agree 100% with you...freaking corporate just wants your money and they're not even reasonable about it.....I say suck it and go to freaking dollar tree or anywhere else...sneak in some shit and be happy....Plus, there's that Jack in the Box commercial where Jack is crying about the price he paid for the popcorn and stuff...I agree....for $5 you can get that munchie meal from Jack, I know you can get a full plate of nachos with meat or chicken from any of the Mexican joints where I live, tacos, a drink, fries and burger/nuggets from like Mcdonalds or any of the fast food joints - pretty much you can get  A LOT MORE anywhere than at the theater...the best $5 could get you at mine was like 1 candy bar - that's it....or just the nachos...or just a drink and a hot dog....or just those Dibs ice cream things...or just a popcorn...or the kiddie meal [i actually liked those]...yeah...if you wanna starve at home or at the theater, then yeah - go for it and buy their stingy priced shit....I'd rather sneak in a full meal than starve!!! Sneak in a pizza or burritos for all I care! Just don't make it obvious!!!

I know this one time I went to the movies with my sister and two of my cousins....we went to Dollar tree and we all bought candy...I had a pull over sweater and my cousin also did along with pants (guy pants have DEEPER pockets - lucky bastards) we snuck all the candy in my pants pockets, sweater pocket, my cousin's pants pockets and his sweater....we were trying so hard not to make it obvious and then we got in all cool...the moment we sat we started laughing our asses off and taking out all the candy!!! It was fun!!!

Thanks again for sharing! I hope my little rant helps you too!

Reviewer: Such A Fckn Lady Signed [Report This]
Date: 12/29/13 01:55 am Title: It Ain't My Fault

If they aren't being an asshole about it, I typically just laugh about it and joke about how we only get paid minimum wage (which is true). If they are being an asshole, I kindly tell them that no one at the theater controls the price of the items, and that they are able to write to our headquarters, which is located in Texas. I also tell them that I apologize, but there is nothing I am able to do about it. In my head, however, this rant is happening. Lol

Reviewer: AlexC Signed [Report This]
Date: 12/27/13 01:34 am Title: It Ain't My Fault

I completely understand being in the situation where someone is yelling at you for something you have no control over, but I've never known exactly how to respond. According to people that are around, I'm just like a deer caught in headlights, but it's because I don't know what to say. when this happens to you, what's your response to the person?

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