Submission Rules

Please read *ALL* the way through

Here are the rules for uploading a story; if you are looking for what we check when validating, it's at the bottom BUT PLEASE DO NOT SKIP THIS PART! Please read all of these rules carefully. Any story that doesn't apply to our rules will get you a point on our black list. Three points will get you banned from the archive. After every point you get, you will receive a message.

I. Label your story with *all* applicable warnings. We give you the opportunity to select the warnings that apply to your story. When you press down and hold the Ctrl-Button on your keyboard you can select more than one. Some people like to know what they get before they read the story. Not everyone likes slash or violence. You can select different warnings for each chapter, but it is preferred if you set all warnings on the first chapter, so people won't start reading to find out that there is something they don't like later in the story. If we find a missing warning, we'll add that warning for you. But after that, it will start counting against you. If you are not sure of what a warning means, please look it up on our site dictionary.

II. Please also take care that your rating is appropriate for your story.

K : no swear words, minimal violence, no sexual situations.
K+ : modified swear words, low violence, no nudity, no sexual kissing.
T : modified or mild swear words, moderate violence, above-the-waist nudity but none below, mild sexual situations
M : swear words, violence, nudity, sexual situations.
MA : swear words, extreme violence, nudity, fully described sexual situations. So, everything that comes to your mind.

III. If you have any doubts about what rating your story falls under, take the higher rating. Stories that are discovered as having a too low rating will be re-rated with the correct designation. If we have to keep changing your rating for you, it will earn you a point on our black list.

IV. We will allow English, Spanish, and any story that doesn't need special character because our script does not allow it. Just keep in mind that any story that is not in English or Spanish was not looked over by the staff therefore we will not be held accountable for what is inside.

V. Please indicate *all* the categories your story belongs to, when you are writing a crossover. You can do so by selecting all those categories when uploading a story. Also, PLEASE DO NOT USE A MAIN CATEGORY IN YOUR SUBMISSION!
Anime/Manga <-- do not choose
Naruto <-- choose mini-cat.
Movies <-- do not choose
Day of the Dead <-- choose mini-cat
If you add a main cat to the categories of your stories, I'll just go in there and remove it. This is so it'll not clutter up the main categories with stories belonging in two different areas and to help refine the search results. The only reason you should have more than one category in your stories is if you're doing cross-overs/booklets/etc.
VI. Please do not upload pictures into your summaries. A summary should be only used to inform the readers of the content of your story, not to promote it, by making it easy to spot. Any pictures in the summary will result in an immediate point in our blacklist.

VI-a. They are also not allowed in titles, or anywhere in the story at all. You may post a link to them in your author's note but that is all.

VII. RPFs are allowed in the archive. But there are special rules so please read carefully when you want to upload those. RPFs are carefully watched, and if one breaks the rules it is deleted without further notice. I will not give you the chance to edit your story.

VII-a. You will give a disclaimer on top of every chapter, best use the author's notes for that. The disclaimer will state that you don't know the person or persons in your story personally, that you do not wish to harm them or their reputation, that the story is completely fictional, and that you wrote the story out of deepest admiration for the celebrity/celebrities in your story. You can phrase that to your liking.

VII-b. In the story your celebrity or celebrities can not be involved in the following: Incest, Sex with minors, alcohol- or drug-misuse, crimes like raping or murder.

VII-c. You will post all your RPFs in the separated main-category. You are not allowed to post them anywhere else, not even as crossovers. If I find an RPF in another category I will not move it. I will delete it. You have two weeks to move your stories. If you need a sub-category not there, ask, and it will be created.

VIII. When writing summaries, keep the spaces between paragraphs to a bare minimum of two to three.

VIII-a. When editing your summaries, remember to erase the html tags (/br) that show up in there. Failure to do so will result in double the amount of spaces than from what you originally had.

VIII-b. Remember to close off your html tags in your summaries (bold, italic, underline, center, align left/right, etc) as other authors, as well as the admins and mods, will not appreciate your tags running down the page and hitting every story after your own.

IX. When writing summaries, refrain from posting "This summary sucks" or anything similar. If you wish to tell people, do it in your author's notes.

X. Keep your titles plain, as in, no symbols or anything of the sort in them. They are only titles, not artwork. These are some examples: ".h.e.l.l.o." "|Love|+|Me|" "~Forever~". Basically, no decorative titles please.

XI. Tidbits: we do not condone or publish the following:
Profile pictures: We allow up to *TEN* pictures to be on a single profile account. Any more will result in any additional profile pictures to be taken off. If we do not see that you have removed the pictures yourself, we will have to do it. Repeat offenders of this rule will result in a black point on their account, and their profile contents *WIPED*. Please do not break this rule.

Pictures in reviews or stories are not allowed either. Link to them if you wish to show people.

Flaming: Flaming is not allowed on the archive as we are mainly focused on giving out constructive criticism, and not to harm the self-confidence of our writers. For now, we allow anonymous reviews but if we get complaints about people getting spammed with flames or otherwise, we will be forced to turn off the anonymous reviews option. Please do not abuse this privilege!

Plagiarism: That means that you copy a story or story-part written by someone else. This can be the typical copy and paste, or just a re-write. Plagiarism does not only go for fanfics. It is *not* allowed to copy any story ever written, fan work or professional. If you spot plagiarism or feel that your work got copied by someone, who has his story on our server, please contact us. Plagiarism earns you a full three points on the blacklist and you will be deleted.

SPECIFIC TO READER INSERT STORIES ONLY: Please only include characters that the story revolves around. For example: Main protagonists and antagonist. This rule was added because the requester had brought up a great point. To help our readers zero in on the fics that they want to read featuring their character of choice, we ask that writers of the site add in the main characters only when adding characters to the character slot.
Requested by RhyeSammich

(More can and will be added to this section if applicable.)

XII. No OC-submissions are allowed in your stories direct any request to the forum. You may post a link to the forum board in your author's note. Since they really don't count as a chapter it would be easier and make your story look better if the submissions weren't in there. We DO have a thread for it on the forum; please use it!

XII-a. Character biographies should be posted in the forum as well. You may post a link to the forum board in your author's note. However, we prefer you actually describe your character in the actual story itself rather than a biography.

LASTLY: We recommend, that you find yourself a Beta Reader. A Beta Reader checks your text for grammar and spelling, and should be always honest with you about the story. We'll have a Beta Reader Board on our Forum, where you can find one, or offer to be one. A story that is fantastic, but poorly written often doesn't get reviews, and only has a few readers. Also a story that is awful gets bad reviews. A Beta Reader should be honest with you, if your plot carries you away. If you are sure everything you write is gold, please at least use the spelling check on your Text-Program, before you upload the story.

It is recommended that you indicate the Pairing you will use in your story, if you use a pairing. Some people like to know which couples they get. But this is not a rule.

Here are authors who have specifically requested that they have direct control over the publishing of fan works:

P.N. Elrod
Raymond Feist
Laurell K. Hamilton
Mercedes Lackey
Anne McCaffrey
Robin McKinley
Irene Radford
Anne Rice
J.D. Robb
Nora Roberts
Patricia Cornwell

Please, don't even ASK if we'll add these categories. We won't.


Okay. Now that you have read *ALL* of the rules, please read them over again. I stress this because there should be no excuse for anybody who breaks these rules. Once you have three black marks on your account, you will be banned! So please take extra care when going over these rules and ask if you do not understand what anything means! Alright. Since you are familiar with the rules now, you are now going to want to submit a story.


It is true that our archive is a community where members may submit their stories and anybody can read them but we look over the stories that the community submits to us. There are specific guidelines we look for when validating stories and here is what we check when validating those stories (this part is very important):

We will allow each author to submit ONE chapter to ONE story. Any more than ONE chapter to a story will have all of your submitted chapters deleted and you WILL get a rejection notice stating as such. However, if you post ONE chapter to MULTIPLE stories, this will be acceptable however the limit is three different stories in the queue at one time, anything over that will get deleted. We just do not allow more than one chapter to a single story in our submission queue simply because if we have to reject that one chapter, we will have to reject all the following chapters right after. This is to make it easier for our staff to validate your guys' stories a lot faster. Failure to comply to this rule after THREE warnings will earn you a black point.
Your story should not be one large block of text. Nor should it be entirely align to center or right. We do allow drabbles on the site, so shorter chapters are acceptable as long as all applicable warnings are labeled. Furthermore, the story text should not be too huge or too small that it distracts from the story itself. Please use an acceptable font size.

We want to be sure you aren't going overboard with the tags. By that, we are making sure all of your chapters are not just one big lump of bold, italic, or any of the like.

We will check if there are spelling errors. Please be advised that only a few mistakes will not have an effect on whether your story will be validated or not, however, if your misspellings are consistent then they will affect your story.

We will check for basic grammar in your story. If you have the right things capitialized, if you are using punctuation properly and the like. Most of what we read can be pretty common and are easily avoided if you take the time to find an editor to fix these problems.

You story and chapters need to make absolute sense. There are times where you can word things wrong and it won't make very much sense to your readers.

Please list all of the genres that pertain to your story.

Please list all of the warnings that pertain to your story.

Story Type
Please make sure you list your story correctly. There is a difference between a CYOA and a Reader-Insert; a CYOA is a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' which presents your readers different paths to take which leads to different outcomes of the story. A 'Reader-Insert' is a story where you write in second point of view. CYOA and Reader-Inserts are not considered the same unless you make your CYOA a Reader-Insert.

Please do not go crazy with your spacebar when writing your summary. Also, avoid writing how terrible your summary is in the summary itself. Both of these will affect your story validation.

Please refrain from decorating your title and remember that the title is part of your story, therefore capitalize. We will be checking these.

If you want to become a validated author, please refer to this thread for further information. It is important to remember that when requesting to be a validated author, you'll need to have at least one story with multiple chapters or at least three separate stories within your collection to request to be validated.