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Welcome to the Ghosts of the Vanguard's links page! Presented here are our easy access links to our media sites where you can follow our official staff run pages and some of the useful resource pages our members have submitted to us! If you find a page that is not linked here but hosts Ghosts of the Vanguard content, it is not run by the staff! Please report any inappropriate links claiming to be our staff at; we would appreciate it!

:: The board our members want to frequent if they would like to participate in events, birthday announcements, and other goodies we'll bring to you! In order to see the posts, you have to register!
GotVG Facebook Group
:: Ran by Felina and Dottie.

GotVG Tumblr
:: Ran by the staff, overseen by Felina.

:: Anyone can join and submit! This is overseen by Felina and Dottie's dA accounts too.


Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar
:: Need to look up a word?
:: Who doesn't use one of these?
Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips
:: Requested by Dark_Wing19 "Everything from capitalization to tense to punctuation and it's generally worded in a simple way to make it easier to understand."
Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation
:: Requested by Dark_Wing19 "This is generally a good site to use for rules about punctuation. It helped me immensely with how to use and remember commas."
Purdue Online Writing Lab
:: Requested by Dark_Wing19 "Here's another one that offers nifty tips and tricks about grammar and punctuation."
Grammar Education Guide
:: Requested by Isabel "has a lot of in-depth info about grammar resources."

Naming and Character Resources

Behind the Name
:: One of Dot's favorite places to visit if she needs to do some research on a name! She recommends you try it out too!
The Writer's Mary Sue Test
:: Requested by Dark_Wing19 "This is a pretty interesting site that can give authors an outside opinion on how someone views their OCs. It's pretty interesting."
Fantasy Name Generator
:: Requested by Dark_Wing19 "This is a site that helps those fantasy writers out there pick out names if they're stuck. It's pretty easy to navigate."
20,000+ Names from Around the World
:: Requested by Dark_Wing19 "They, too, offer brief meanings to names as well as where they originated. They can also be divided into male or female names."

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