Next Generation by Ame Yuki
Challenges didn't come along very often, but when they did Rin was usually the victor of said challenge. Although this challenge might prove to tougher than he expected, especially since said challenge is raising you, his daughter.

Parental; Rin X Reader

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Chapter 1 (First) by Ame Yuki
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Reader's age; 4

"I'm scared."

"I'm holding you. There's nothing to be scared of." Rin had yet to put you in the water and you were already freaking out.

"Mommy said there are sharks in the ocean." You're grip on Rin tightens. "What if a shark tries to eat me?"

Rin sighs, of course you would bring up sharks. You had a habit of doing so whenever water was involved.

"I thought you liked sharks."

You're silent, your (e/c) orbs on his mouth and then your hands come up to cup your father's face. Your small nimble fingers pry his mouth open.

"Daddy, you're a shark!" You gasp at the sight of his sharp teeth. "Does that mean I'm one too?"

Once again Rin sighs, but maybe this wasn't as bad as he thought. Maybe he could use this to his advantage.

"Yeah and sharks aren't afraid of the ocean."

Extended Ending

"You lied to her." Gou glares at Rin.

"She overcame her fear."

"Daddy! Look, I'm a shark!"

You were happily splashing around in the water, chasing the other kids out of the water.
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