Next Generation by Ame Yuki
Challenges didn't come along very often, but when they did Rin was usually the victor of said challenge. Although this challenge might prove to tougher than he expected, especially since said challenge is raising you, his daughter.

Parental; Rin X Reader

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1. Chapter 1 (First) by Ame Yuki

2. Chapter 2 (Pet) by Ame Yuki

3. Chapter 3 (Stuffed Toy) by Ame Yuki

4. Chapter 4 (Lost) by Ame Yuki

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7. Chapter 7 (Sweets) by Ame Yuki

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Chapter 1 (First) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
So this somehow go deleted and it's terrible because all of the lovely reviews were also deleted. I RE-READ THOSE FOR INSPIRATION!!!! *Sigh* Bare with me for now and I'm sorry.

I do not own FREE or you, but I do own my OCs.


Reader's age; 4

"I'm scared."

"I'm holding you. There's nothing to be scared of." Rin had yet to put you in the water and you were already freaking out.

"Mommy said there are sharks in the ocean." You're grip on Rin tightens. "What if a shark tries to eat me?"

Rin sighs, of course you would bring up sharks. You had a habit of doing so whenever water was involved.

"I thought you liked sharks."

You're silent, your (e/c) orbs on his mouth and then your hands come up to cup your father's face. Your small nimble fingers pry his mouth open.

"Daddy, you're a shark!" You gasp at the sight of his sharp teeth. "Does that mean I'm one too?"

Once again Rin sighs, but maybe this wasn't as bad as he thought. Maybe he could use this to his advantage.

"Yeah and sharks aren't afraid of the ocean."

Extended Ending

"You lied to her." Gou glares at Rin.

"She overcame her fear."

"Daddy! Look, I'm a shark!"

You were happily splashing around in the water, chasing the other kids out of the water.
End Notes:
Sorry once again and thank you to everyone who had reviewed before this got deleted.
Chapter 2 (Pet) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
I do not own FREE nor you just my OCs.

Reader's age; 6

"Shuji, what's that?" You questioned your cousin as you stared at the fluffy thing in his hands.

Crimson eyes follow your gaze down to the white creature.

"It's a rabbit."

"Cool! Is it a toy?"

"No." Shuji replied as he held the rabbit out to you. "He's my pet."

You gently pat the rabbit's head.

"What's a pet?" You questioned as you gazed up at the redhead.

Shuji sighed; he should have known you would question him non-stop.

"A pet is an animal you keep to care for it."

"Does it do any tricks?" You asked, eager to know.

"Just one."


Rin had just arrived at Gou's house; waiting for you to come downstairs so that the two of you could head home.

"Daddy!" You rush down the stairs, tackling Rin with a hug as you reached him. "Can I have a pet?"


"What? Why not?" You give him the puppy pout and Rin had to restrain himself from giving in.

"You're not old enough to have one."

You cross your arms, a pout evident on your face.

"But Shuji has one, so why can't I?"

Rin sighs as he kneels down to your level. He places a hand on your head and you glare back at your father.

"Shuji isn't my kid." He ruffles your hair. "When you're older, I'll get you a pet."

"No. I want one know."

Rin wondered if he was this impossible at your age.

Extended Ending

"So can I have a pet now?"

God, you would not give up. No matter how many times he said no, you still bugged him about having a stupid pet. Why did you want one so badly? You were beginning to annoy Rin with your constant nagging.

"If I say yes will you stop?"


Rin had a feeling this was your plan along to nag at him until he gave in.

"What kind of pet do you want?"

"I want a shark."


You would have to settle for a gold fish.
Chapter 3 (Stuffed Toy) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
Useful information Hitoshi, Shujo, and Koyuki are Gou and Seijuro Mikoshiba's kids.

I do not own FREE or you just my OCs.

Stuffed Toy

Reader's age; 7

You were spending a week at your aunt's house. Your mother had some important business trip and Rin had a swimming tournament in a different country. You were pissed, why couldn't you tag along?

"They did this on purpose." You angrily told your cousin; Shuji.

"No they didn't."

"You're no help." You turn your back on your cousin. "Who's side on you on anyways?"

"I'm on _____-chan's side!"

Orange fills your line of vision as you're tackled to the ground. Shuji is at your side in moments, prying his little sister off of you.

"Aw, I knew I could count on you, Koyuki." The crimson eye girl tackles you once more.

"H-Hey! Stop that already." Shuji helps you to your feet, while holding an eager Koyuki by the back of her shirt.

"Nii-san you're so mean." The girl whined. "_____-chan is my cousin too."


You were waiting by the door; Rin was to walk through said door at any moment now. There's a knock and Hitoshi (your older cousin) is the one to answer the door. Your eyes shine with excitement as Rin walks in.


You turn your back on your father. After all he left you here for a week and you were not going to break easily.

"Tch. I knew you would be mad." He steps toward you, kneeling to your level. "Here."

Once again the excitement returns to your eyes. You take the stuffed toy from his hands; hugging it to your chest.

"I love it!" You surprise Rin by tackling him with a hug. "Thank you!"

Extended Ending

"I can't sleep."

"Why not?"

It was late at night and all Rin wanted to do was sleep, but it would be impossible since you couldn't sleep.

"I need Sharky."


"I need Sharky. The stuffed toy shark you gave me."

He wasn't even going to question why you named it.

"Where is it?"

The sooner you found it the sooner you would head back to bed.

"I left it at Auntie's house."

Rin drove to Gou's house that night.
Chapter 4 (Lost) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
I do not own FREE or you just my OCs.

Reader's age; 9

"Oh, no . . . no."

You had taken your eyes off your dad for one second and already you were lost. Or was he lost? Either way, nothing looked familiar and that didn't settle right with you. Where did he say the park was at?

"It's this way- no, wait. This . . . way?" You didn't know whether to go right or left.

"Are you lost?"

You jump; startled by the person who had spoken. You quickly turn around falling to the ground in the process.

"I didn't mean to scare you. I'm sorry." The brunette before you apologized as he held a hand out to you. "Are you hurt?"

You nod your head and take his offered hand. Once you're standing you thank him and reassure him that you're fine.

"I'm Hiro." He's smiling; his hand out stretched.

"_______." You reply as you take his hand once more.

"It's nice to meet you." He shakes your hand. "You were heading somewhere, right?"

"The park, but I don't know where it's at."

"I'm heading there too. C'mon I show you the way."

You let the brunette take hold of your hand and lead the way.

Extended Ending

"You got lost, didn't you?"

You timidly nod your head in confirmation.

"But Hiro helped me find my way."

"Hiro?" The name sounded familiar to Rin.

"Yeah, Hiro. He’s this tall." You stood on your tippy toes to show how tall said boy was. "And he has really pretty green eyes."


You shake your head. "Hiro, not Makoto."

"Hiro is Makoto's son."

You cross your arms over your chest; a pout evident on your face.

"How was I supposed to know. You never told me your friends had kids."
End Notes:
Almost back on track.
Chapter 5 (Rival) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
This is one of my favorite chapters. ^~^

Reader's age; 12

"Shuji, watch this."

You dive into the water only resurfacing once you had finished your lap. You were pulling yourself out of the water when suddenly someone dives in. Your eyes were glued to their form as they swim to the other side. His feet push against the wall as he started on his second lap. He swims pass you; your eyes locking with blue.

He emerges from the water and you quickly pull yourself out of the water as he did. Ignoring your cousin, you ran over to the raven hair boy. You reach his side just as he was heading to the boy's locker room to change.

"Race me." You huffed as you took a moment to catch your breath.

"I only swim free."

"I don't care just race me!"

Extended Ending

"It's like watching Rin-chan and Haru-chan all over again." Nagisa stated as he and others watched the scene unfolding before them.

"You're right." Makoto said with a chuckle.

"You two are stupid if-"

"Join me and the others in the relay race." You said, your (e/c) eyes set into a determine stare. "I'll show you a sight you've never seen before."

Rin met Haru's gaze.

"She's definitely your daughter." The raven hair male beside him spoke.
Chapter 6 (Introductions) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
I do not own FREE or you just my OCs.

Arata and Shuji seem like they would be best friends. Of course Rea will join the two, so they're a trio.


Reader's age; 11

You and Shuji were in the main office; waiting for your father to arrive. Both you and Shuji sigh as a kid with grey hair exit the principal’s office. He takes the seat next to you.

"Well?" The redhead to your left asked as his gaze landed on the nervous boy on your right.

"He called my dad." He replied then he casted his eyes downward.

You slump in your chair. "We're doomed."

Both males slump in their chairs.

"I'm sorry."

You look over to the boy next to you; Shuji doing the same as you.

"It wasn't your fault." The redhead beside you spoke.

"Yeah." You reassure the boy.

You had been at on your lunch break, sitting under a tree with Shuji when you had spotted a boy picking on another boy. You had stomped over and demanded the boy to leave the other alone. Of course said boy didn't listen and so you had gotten frustrated. Shuji had to intervene as another boy appeared.

"I'm _____ by the way." You offer your hand to the boy on your left.

"Shuji." Your cousin supplied with a friendly smile.

"A-Arata." He offers you both a friendly smile as well. "Thank you for sticking up with me."

You pat his shoulder. "Hey, that's what friends are for."

"W-We're f-friends?" He stutters, a faint blush evident on his face.

"Yep!" Both you and Shuji reply.

Extended Ending

"You bit the kid?"

"He was asking for it!" You shot back; glaring at your father. "Plus he said girls weren't good at swimming."

Rin sighs; of course this somehow had to do with swimming. He was beginning to think that your love for water rivaled Haru's.


"Nitori?" He hadn't seen the younger male in years. "What are you doing here?"

"I was called to pick up my son."

Cue their gaze shift over toward where you, Shuji, and Arata were seated.

"I told you I didn't start it." You deadpan as Rin shook his head in disbelief.
End Notes:
I plan on having these three get into more trouble or you know do whatever.
Chapter 7 (Sweets) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
Finally back on track!! * Does a victory dance*

Shout out to Melanie96, Sarcha, TikiYiki, JayJay, and Jade for review the last chapter before all this got deleted.

I do not own FREE or you just my OCs.

Reader's age; 12

You had never seen someone as cheerful as him (aside from your younger cousin; Koyuki) and you didn't understand why he felt the need to shout your name from the other side of the pool. Before you knew it blonde filled your line of vision as you tumbled down to the floor. Shuji is at your side in seconds, pulling a hyper blonde off of you, but it's no use. As soon as you're on your feet, he tackles you with a hug once more. You don't know whether to push him away of to kindly tell him to release you. You settle with letting him hug you.

"I want to swim in the relay race with you!"

You stare at him in disbelief. You had been trying to get a few people to join you in a relay race and here was someone who was eagerly waiting for you to accept him.

"Okay!" You smile as his bright pink orbs shine with excitement. "What's your name?"


"Do you want to swim now?" You asked said boy.


You both race toward the pool, diving in as soon as possible.

Extended Ending

"_______-chan! I'm tired!" Yuji whine from his spot on the floor near your bag and his.

"I'll give you candy if you keep swimming."

End Notes:
I think Yuji is adorable. He's like that hyper friend that always cheers up with the littest things.
Chapter 8 (Glasses) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
Huge shout out to Melanie96 for reviewing. In fact she reviewed each chapter (before this story got deleted) and I can't thank her encough for all her support and encouraging words. You're the best and words cannot express how grateful I am to have you as a friend.

I do not own FREE or you just my OCs.


Reader's age; 12

You were seated at the bottom of the pool, content with the calm and soothing feeling that you only got from being in the water. You close your eyes for a moment and then just as they flutter open you notice a pair of glasses sinking to the bottom of the pool. Swimming over, you retrieve the pair of glasses and surface.

"Hey!" Your gaze lands on a boy near the edge of the pool. "Are these yours?"

Amethyst orbs meet your gaze as he nods his head in confirmation. You make your way to the boy, pulling yourself out of the water after you had handed him, his glasses back.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome." You watch as he places his glasses back on. "Do you swim?"

The boy looks at you with surprise, but nonetheless he replies. "Yes."

You jump to your feet. "Race me!"

He shakes his head and the excitement disappears from your eyes.

"I don't have any goggles."

You nod in understanding and then you take your goggles off from their place on your head.

"Here you can have these." You hand him said goggles. "I have another pair in my bag."

Extended Ending

"Fumio, will you join me in a relay race?"


"Aw, you're the best!" You surprise the navy blue hair boy with a hug that leaves him blushing.
End Notes:
You finally meet Rei's son!!!! I think he's adorable with his blushing and all.
Chapter 9 (Friend or Foe) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
Huge shout out to Melanie96, Sarcha, Anonymous, Jade, TikiYki, and JayJay for all the wonderful reviews.

I do not own FREE or you, but I do own my OCs.

Friend or Foe

Reader's age; 12

She was staring at you again. Miki Ryugazaki had continued to stare (glare) at you the more you interacted with Mizu.

"Miki, aren't you going to jump in?" You asked the navy blue hair girl.

Said girl scoffed at you then turns her head away. You look over to Shuji, who simply rolls his eyes in disbelief.

"What is she mad about?"

"You really don't see it?" Shuji asked you.

"No." You replied honestly.

The redhead beside you sighs.

"She likes Mizu." He bluntly stated.

You stare at your cousin for a moment, then your eyes flicker over to Miki and then to Mizu.

"And I fit into this how?"

Shuji resist the urge to face palm.

Extended Ending

You stare into amethyst orbs, which were glaring back at you.


"From this day forth, you're my love rival." Miki declared.

You stare at the navy blue hair female in disbelief.

"W-Wait!" You yell after the girl as she begins to walk away. "I don't like Mizu!"

"You're still my love rival and I don't believe you!" Miki shouted back.

Sad to say you gain another rival, but for the wrong reason.
End Notes:
So you've met all the new characters. So what do you think? Who do you like so far? Who seems a better fit for Rea?
Chapter 10 (Cookies) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
Shout out to Melanie96, Aiko, ArY, Sarcha, and Moea for the wonderful reviews.

Just to clear things up since most of you seem to be confused as to who's son Mizu is. Mizu is Haru's son. In the Rival chapter I gave a hint. The part where he says he only swims free. So yeah Mizu is Haru's son. Sorry for the confusion.

I do not own FREE or you, but I do own my OCs.

Reader's age; 7

"Are they ready yet?" You eagerly questioned your mother.

"No, but almost. We just have to wait a bit longer."

You slump in your chair as your mother continues with her task of cleaning the dishes.

"But we need to hurry, daddy will be home soon."

Rin had left for another swimming tournament and he was due back today. You wanted to do something to welcome him home after weeks of being gone, so you had asked your mom to help. She had kindly agreed to help you and so you had decided to bake Rin's favorite cookies.

You hear the front door open and then close.

"He's home." You look toward your mother just as you hear footsteps. "They're not ready!"

"What's not ready?"

You race toward the oven, shielding it from Rin's view.

"N-Nothing." You shake your head. "You can't see them until they're finished."

Just as you finish the oven bell rings and your mother moves over to the oven. You rush toward Rin and take his hand, leading him into the living room before he could see what was in the oven.

Extended Ending

"They're shark shaped." Rin stated as he held a cookie between his fingers.

"She insisted." Your mother smiled at you.

"Do you like them?" You nervously questioned as you watched Rin bite into the cookie in his hand.

His hand lands on your head, ruffling your hair.


The way you jumped up with excitement was enough for Rin to keep his dislike of sugary treats a secret from you. He was willing to eat them just as long as he was able to see you smile and laugh like now.
End Notes:
So Rea has some bonding time with her mommy. ^~^ I'm update twice since I might not be able to update tomorrow.
Chapter 11 (Play) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
Second update for tonight.

I do not own FREE or you, but I do own my OCs.


Reader's age; 13

"I don't want to be the mermaid." You huffily replied as you crossed your arms over your chest. "I want to be the shark king."

"You can't, you're not a guy." Hitoshi stated as he adjusted his crown. "Besides it's too late to change rolls."

"You're the worse cousin ever." You pouted, but the orange haired boy simply rolled his eyes.

"You guys ready?" Shuji asked as he appeared.

You race over to said redhead; giving him your best puppy dog pout.

"Shuji switch places with me."

Shuji slowly backs away from you, a weary smile on his face.

"Sorry, but I can't."

You sigh in defeat.

"Fine be a meanie."

All three of you were called back stage where the rest of the performers were gathered in a small circle. In the middle was your teacher, giving everyone some last minute advice.

Extended Ending


You sigh; it was just your luck. It would just so happen that Miki would be playing as the evil mermaid queen.

"Aw, man not you too."

"You're not going to kiss Mizu!" The navy blue hair girl declared, her eyes glaring daggers at you.

That wasn't part of the play, but you guessed your teacher let it slide.

"Hey don't get mad at me." You retorted as you crossed your arms over your chest. "I wanted to be the shark king. A-And I don't want to kiss him either."

Extra Extended Ending

"What the hell does he think he's doing?!" Rin all, but shouted as he watched your teacher give Mizu the signal to lean in for the kiss.

The play ended with your father yanking Mizu away from a blushing you while a fuming Miki gave you a death glare. Your teacher had forbid you from performing in any more plays. You didn't care; you had just wanted to be the shark king.
End Notes:
You can take the last part however you want. I'll leave you guys to guess on what happen. ;)
Chapter 12 (Defeat) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
Shout out to DesDeviant , Melanie96, ArY, and Sarcha for the wonderful and amazing reviews! Seriously you guys are so awesome!

I do not own FREE or you, but I do own my OCs.


Reader's age; 13

You yank your goggles off your head, huffing as you took a moment to catch your breath. Your grip on your goggles tightens as you glared at the wet tile floor. You had been so close; just a hair line away from victory.

"_____?" Shuji stares at you with concern.

The redhead continues to stare as tears surface. He knew you had trained for this moment and now all that training had paid off for nothing more than defeat. You were still second best compared to Mizu.

"I-I'm fine." You wipe away your tears with the back of your hand. "I'm o-okay."

Your (e/c) eyes gaze forward just as Mizu steps before you. You quickly wipe at your face to discard any lingering tears. You didn't want your rival to see you crying.

"I'll swim with you in the relay race." The raven hair boy spoke; his blue eyes focus on you.

You stare at him in disbelief. It had taken you this long to get the blue eye teen to agree to join you in a relay race.

"Thank you, Nanase-san!" You give him a closed eye smile.

You may have lost against him in this race. You may be second best, but you had sparked his interest. Mizu Nanase had acknowledged you as his rival and that was more than enough for you.
End Notes:
I would really like to know what your thoughts on this chapter are? What is your opinion on Mizu? Do you like or dislike him?
Chapter 13 (Trophy) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
Shout out to Melanie96, anon, and Ninjagirl for the awesome reviews.

So in case you guys are wondering what their names mean, here they are.

Shuji- disciplined; studious. Hitoshi- motivated person. Koyuki- little snow. Miki- beautiful princess. Fumio- literature; scholarly hero. Arata- New, fresh. Hiro- generous. Mizu- cold water. Yuji- Courageous second son.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

I do not own FREE or you, but I do own my OCs.

Reader's age; 13

The moment had finally come. Yuji and Hiro had already finished their part of the race. Mizu had just took the turn; swimming back to you. You take a step forward just as the other contestants do. You snap the back of your goggles; taking your position. Your (e/c) eyes trained ahead, waiting for Mizu to finish his lap.

Said raven hair boy is ahead of the others, gliding through the water.

"______!" His hands smack against the concrete part of the pool; his blue eyes on you for a moment.

That same moment you dived in, water surrounding you as you swim ahead of the others. Everyone's voices disappearing as you focused on your goal.


"We did it!" Yuji cheered as he wrapped his arms around you and Fumio.

"H-Hey!" The navy blue hair boy beside you struggles to escape the blonde's embrace.

"We did, didn't we? We won!" You happily cheered as well, your (e/c) eyes shining with excitement.

"What are we going to do about the trophy?" The blonde next to you asked as his gaze shifted over to Hiro, who had the trophy in his hands.

Hiro hands the metal object to Mizu and you watch with curiosity as he turns toward you. He holds it out to you and you take it from him.

"He wants you to keep it." Hiro stated. "It's only fair since you were the one who brought all of us together as a team."

You stare from the brunette to the raven hair boy and then to Yuji and Fumio, who were both nodding eagerly, agreeing with the other two.

"T-Thank you!"

Extended Ending

"This brings back memories." Makoto stated with a fond smile.

"Mako-chan is right."

Rin and Haru gaze in the direction of you and the boys; watching as the five of you interact.


"Or not." Rin frowned as he noticed the blush on your face and the blush on the raven hair boy before you. "Nanase keep your kid away from my daughter."
End Notes:
Review, please and thank you
Chapter 14 (Club) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
Shout to anonmeansanon, Sarcha, and Melanie96 the wonderful reviews.

I do not own FREE or it's characters nor you. I do own my Ocs.

Update; 1/2

Reader's age; 15

"Have you picked a club to join yet?" Shuji questioned you as you both descended the stairs.

"Yep!" You offer him a bright smile.

"Let me guess-"

"______-chan!" You're tackled by Yuji.

"I TOLD YOU, SHE IS NOT JOINING YOUR CLUB!" An angry Miki shouted.

Your younger cousin appears as well, her crimson orbs swimming with concern as Miki and Yuji tugged on you.

"Nii-san." Koyuki turns toward Shuji.

"I know, it's bad." The redhead was beginning to wonder if he should step in.

"But _____-chan is an excellent swimmer and the swim club needs her."

"Well she's not going to join." The navy blue hair girl retorted as she pulled you toward her. "Besides the swim club is full of guys and _____ is a girl."

Extended Ending

"MIKI! Wait!" You stretch your arms out.

"No. Swimming is not for you." Said girl was currently struggling to pull you away from the pool.

"But I want to swim!" You cried.

"What's going on?" Mizu questioned the others who were watching from the sidelines.

"Miki doesn't want ______ to join the swim club." Shuji replied as he eyed the two of you.

"Fumio! Get your sister off of me!"

"We should probably separate them." Hiro suggested.

"Yeah." Shuji agreed.
End Notes:
Don't question the updates, I just happen to have time for updating twice so yeah.
Chapter 15 (Late Night Race) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
I do not own FREE or the characters nor you. I do own my OCs.


Late Night Race

Reader's age; 15



"S-Should we even be here?" A nervous Arata questioned as you, Shuji, and Arata; himself stepped on to school grounds.

You were heading toward the pool that was located toward the far back of the school grounds. Somehow you and Mizu had agreed to race each other tonight.

"Don't worry about it; we'll be gone before anyone shows up." Shuji stated, trying to comfort the shy boy.

"You're late." Came Mizu's voice.

The ebony hair teen was already in his swim wear. You stripped down to your swim wear as well.

"Sorry." You take your position next to the blue eye teen. "Ready?"

He nods and you both adjust your goggles.

"Nanase prepare to lose!"

"Mizu-chan! _____-chan!" Hiro cried out as the two of you prepared to dive into the pool.

"Hey what are you kids doing here?"

Extended Ending

"You're grounded."

"You can't ground me." You retorted. "I did nothing wrong."

"You snuck out." Your mother stated.

You sigh, rolling your eyes at her.

"Yeah, but only to swim. That's nothing bad."

"That doesn't matter. What matters is that you snuck out. What if something terrible happen to you?"

"There's nothing wrong if she snuck out to swim." Rin stated as he walked into the living room.

Your mother sends him a stern look.

"Mizu and the others were with her."

"You're grounded." Rin stated.

"That's not fair!"

Rin refused to hear your explanation.
Chapter 16 (Rain) by Ame Yuki
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Reader's age; 15

You were walking home with Hiro since he had an umbrella. You didn't mind the rain, but your shirt was white and you didn't want to take any chances.

"There's something in my eye." You rub as your right eye.

"Let me take a look at it." The brunette leans closers, his fingers wrapping around your wrist to stop you from irritating your eye.

Unfortunately for you, you never noticed the navy blue hair girl that was a few feet behind the two of you. Nor did you notice how the umbrella obscured her view of Hiro softly blowing into your eye.

Extended Ending

"You kissed Hiro." Miki announced out of the blue.

"Eh?!" The emerald eye teen blushes a bright red.

"What?" You ask blushing a faint red.

The navy blue hair girl before you glares at you.

"Don't deny it. I saw the two of you after school." Her hands were on her hips; a smug smile directed toward you.

You smack your hand to your forehead, groaning at her stupidity. Hiro chuckles wearily.

"_____-chan and I didn't kiss." He clarified. "There was something in her eye and I simply blew into her eye."

"Oh . . . I-I still don't believe you!"
Chapter 17 (Departure) by Ame Yuki
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Reader's age; 13

"I'm leaving." You avoid meeting anyone's gaze.

It was a week after your relay race. You had plan on telling Mizu and the others that you would be attending school elsewhere for next year. You would have told them sooner, but you didn't want to give them anything to worry about during the race.

"How long?" Yuji asked, his pink orbs lacking their usual shine.

"It's not-"

"You're a coward."

Your gaze shots up to meet Mizu's; his blue eyes unreadable.

"Mizu!" Hiro stares at the raven hair boy surprised.

"I'm not a coward!" You glare at the boy. "How am I a coward?"

"You're running away just like your dad."

"My dad is not a coward!" You try launching forward, but Shuji restrains you. "He never ran away from anything."

"He left for two years, all because he couldn't beat my dad."

Hiro had stepped forward, grabbing hold of Mizu's forearm.

"You're lying." You snapped, struggling against Shuji's hold.

"He's still a coward."

Neither Shuji nor Hiro could prevent you from doing what you did next. Mizu himself didn't see you coming until it was already too late. A look of utter surprise was written over his face. His hand slowly reaching upward to the side of his face. An angry hand print was evident.

"He didn't run away." Your (e/c) orbs were obscured by some of your (h/c) hair. Your hands fisted as your sides. "He wanted to make my grandpa's dream a reality, but your dad was the one holding him back."

You were beyond angry; tears streaming down your face now and you didn't bother to hide them.

"It's only a year." You wipe away your tears. "It's not long. You're still my rival and when I come back I'll race you and beat you!"

Extended Ending

"What happen?"

Rin didn't know whether to question your cousin or to comfort you first. You had arrived in tears and Shuji had simply stayed by your side trying to comfort you.

"I want you to teach me how to swim better than Nanase." Your (e/c) orbs burn with determination.

He didn't know what happen between you and Mizu, but Rin found himself disliking the kid more and more.
Chapter 18 (Cheated) by Ame Yuki
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I do not own FREE or you, but I do own my OCs.


Reader's age; 15

You had pulled yourself out of the water; removing your goggles and throwing them to the floor as you stomped toward the locker room.

"You!" You had caught up to the raven hair boy just as he was exiting the boy's locker room.

Your hands grab the front of his shirt; glaring at him as you do so.

"I didn't train a whole year just so that you could do this!"

You had train an entire year. Day in and day out you had had forced yourself beyond your limit just so that when you returned back home, you would be able to beat Mizu. And you had, but it wasn't the victory you wanted. Unlike you, Mizu seem to have no interest in your race. He swam just for the heck of it; letting you beat him.

"You ass!" You glare at him. His calm expression only making you more angry. "You were supposed to take our race serious."

Tears were beginning to surface and you lower your head a bit to obscure the blue eye teen's view.

"You said you would." Your voice trembled.

Gently his fingers wrap around your wrists, prying your hands away from him. He releases you once you remove your hold on him.

"I never promised anything." He bluntly stated as he turn away.



He's cut off by his father calling his name and you watch as he takes his leave. You turn to leave when your dad calls your name.

Extended Ending

"You alright?"

Rin had witness your encounter with Mizu. He had seen you compete against him and as he watched, Rin couldn't help, but remember when he had challenged Haru.


He knew that look of yours; it was all too familiar to him. It was the same look he had when he had given up.

"I'm done with swimming."

He understood you. You felt cheated because of Mizu's lack of interest in competing against you. While you trained day in and day out, you still struggled to catch up to the boy. Mizu didn't understand what it was like to work hard to attain his goal. He didn't know how much you struggled and he didn't care. He didn't acknowledge you as his rival and that was what hurt you the most.

"I'm here if you need me, kid."

Rin just hoped you would figure this whole mess out soon.
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Chapter 19 (Candy) by Ame Yuki
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Reader's age; 15

You had planned on going home right after school ended, but Yuji had cornered you just as you had exit your classroom. You were still in a terrible mood from the other day so when the blonde had babbled on and on about swim practice you had snapped. Although you regret it the moment you meet his gaze and notice the concern swimming in his pink orbs.

"I'm sorry." You avoid his gaze. "I'm heading home."

You turn and head in the direction of the school gates.

"______-chan wait!"

You're surprised to see a turf of blonde hair rushing toward you. You stagger backwards as the pink eye teen embraces you. His face nuzzling into your hair and you try to calm your oncoming blush.

"I'll walk you home." Yuji murmured as he pulled away; his hand reaching for yours.

You had protested against the idea, but Yuji had silence you by handing you a bag of sweets. You stare down to the bag in your hands to the boy standing before you.

"What's this for?"

"You can keep the candy, but only if you promise to be happy for the rest of our walk." His pink orbs are set into a stern look.

You can't help, but to crack a smile as you open the bag and retrieve a shark gummy.

Extended Ending

"I'm home." You set your things down in the hallway; slipping your shoes off before heading into the kitchen to grab something to drink.

"Welcome home sweetie." Your mother greeted you as you entered the kitchen.

"Why is Yuji making his way down our front steps?" Rin questioned.

You sigh while your mother simply rolls her eyes.

"Were you spying on me?"

"I'm going to go talk to him."

You knew what talk your dad meant and it wasn't something you liked.


"Rin, stop. He was only walking _______ home."

"Why were you spying?" You questioned, sending your father an annoyed look.

"You took too long." Rin stated as he made his way to the door.

"DAD!" You race after him.
Chapter 20 (Crush) by Ame Yuki
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Reader's age; 12

Your mother was convinced that you must like someone. She had cornered you just as soon as you arrived home from school.

"There must be someone you have a crush on." Your mother pouted as your remained quiet. "Do you like Yuji?"

"As a friend." You reply.

She playfully glares at you. "Sweetie, I'm your mother, you don't have to keep your crush a secret."

"I don't like anyone."


"No!" You sigh in annoyance. "He's like my best friend."

"I thought Shuji was your best friend."

You sigh once more. "He is. Arata is my other best friend."

Your mom stares at you in disbelief. "What happen to having a girl best friend?"

You level your gaze with your mother's.

"I haven’t tried befriending anyone."

"Why not?"

"Because." You give a shrug.

You hadn’t tired it simply because you hadn’t really thought of it. You were fine with the friends you had.

"And the reasoning being?" Your mother questioned.

"I don’t see the reason as to why I should."

“Maybe you just don’t get along with the girls in your classroom. Have you tried befriending others outside your classroom?"

You didn't know if your mother was dead set on finding out who you liked or who was your best friend.

"No and I have tried."

"Your younger cousin doesn't count." Your mother pitched in. "What about Miki?"

"She doesn't like me."

She falls silent for a moment.

"Fumio? He’s kind of adorable. Have you seen the way he blushes when he's embarrassed?"

You resist the urge to face plant.

"He's a friend."

"Hiro? He's just like Makoto; kind and gentle."

"Also my friend." You said.

Your mother hums to herself.

"Miki's mother says that Miki has a crush on Mizu."

"So?" You really didn't care since that wasn't your business.

"Do you like Mizu?" Your mother questioned her eyes trained on you. "Miki said you're her love rival."



"You're to young to date." Rin stated as he ambled into the kitchen, where you and your mom were currently residing.

"She's of age." Your mother shot back at the redhead.

"But she's still living in my house." Rin bluntly stated. "My house my rules."

"Rin!" Clearly your mother's opinion differs from your father's. "You can't forbid her from dating. It's something every kid does."

"Not my kid." His eyes land on you.

"I don't care about that stuff." You say as you leveled your gaze with your father's. "Swimming is the only important thing to me."
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Chapter 21 (Thoughtful) by Ame Yuki
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Reader's age; 15

You had avoided them all throughout the day. Excusing yourself in the morning when they had gathered at the bottom of the staircase that led to the roof top. During lunch you had opted to staying inside; eating your bento in your classroom alone.

"_____-chan." You are surprised to see Hiro standing before you.

He knew that you were avoiding him and the others. He knew that it was all due because of Mizu. They all knew what had happen when you had returned. You had given up swimming and that had hurt Hiro for reasons he couldn't explain.

"Hiro, don't you have swim practice?"

"Yes." He replies and you watch him as he steps forward. "But . . ."

He didn't exactly know how to word what he was thinking. He had seen how your gaze lingered on the pool. He had seen that familiar look in your eyes (the same as Mizu's) and at times he thought you would give in. That you would return to your old self, but you would always prove him wrong. Your eyes would linger on the water, but you always walked pass it. Your (e/c) eyes fixated forward as you distant yourself from the pool.

"But I'm worried about you."

"Me? Why?" You hadn't expected him to say that.

It wasn't like you to be this quiet; this distant from him and the others. Sure your love for water challenged Mizu's, but unlike the ebony hair teen, you weren't reserved. You were easy going and cheerful, so your recent behavior had caused the brunette to grow concern.

"You're someone important to me." He pauses for a moment and then decides that he'll speak his mind. "And to be completely honest, I don't think you should have done what you did."

What happen to the girl that had brought him and the others together? Where had your bright smile gone? Had Mizu's lack of interest in you as his rival really affected you so deeply? You weren't someone who was easily discouraged by something as simple as Mizu's lack of interest.

You can't help, but to smile at the emerald eye teen. It was just like him to be nothing, but honest and worried. Although that last sentence did hurt you a bit.

"Then what do you think I should have done?"

"Why did you take up swimming?"

You give the brunette a questioning gaze, but nonetheless you answer.

"It's something I enjoy doing. Why-"

"Then why give up on something you enjoy?" His gaze was stern. "Isn't the point of swimming is so that you can prove to yourself what you're capable of and not others?"

You remain silent, letting the brunette's harsh (but true) words sink in.

"Tachibana are you lecturing me?" You question; a teasing smile evident on your lips.

"Maybe." Well at least he was being honest and blunt. "I just don't think anyone should give up something they love just for the sake of gaining someone else's attention."

Yep he was being blunt now. Under that kind personality was a confident boy who wasn't afraid to speak his mind when it came to one of his friends acting childish or unreasonable.

"I'm not forcing you to do anything." Hiro clarified. "Just think about it."

The brunette bids you farewell and you soon find yourself alone, replaying his words in your mind.
Chapter 22 (Comfort) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
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Reader's age; 15

"We need to talk." (E/c) eyes move upward to meet with a pair of amethyst ones.


You had been eating your lunch at your desk until Miki had demanded your attention.

"C'mon." The navy hair girl leaves you no room to reply as she drags you out of your classroom.

You protest the whole way, tugging your hand from her grasp, but only to have her grab your forearm with a deadly grip. You sigh in defeat as she shoves you down on to a bench. You were outside, shaded by a cherry blossom tree.

"Hiro told me about his confrontation with you."

"And?" You had a feeling he told Miki on purpose.

She plops right down beside you; eyes trained forward. You wait in silence; your own eyes trained on the tennis court to the side.

"He's right, you know." You shift your gaze over to her. Her eyes were still trained forward on something you couldn't see. "You shouldn't let what happen with Mizu stop you from doing what you enjoy."

"No offence, but why should I listen to you?"

This time her amethyst orbs land on you. A small glare directed at you, but a moment later they soften.

"I know what it's like to be ignored."

You chew on your bottom lip as you realize what she means. Years ago, Miki had declared that the two of you were love rivals, but you had brushed her off. Ignoring her, the same why Mizu had ignored you.

"I'm sorry." You hadn't met to do so. You just weren't romantically interested in Mizu like she was, so you had thought nothing of the rivalry.

She shakes her head, navy blue locks slipping from her perfect ponytail.

"It wasn't just you." Her eyes shift upward and you follow her gaze up to the roof top. "Mizu never pays attention to me no matter how hard I try."

You feel the urge to place a comforting hand on her shoulder, but reframe from doing so. Mizu had never acknowledged your rivalry, but it differed from Miki's reason. Unlike the navy blue hair, you intents were never of romance so you had no way of comforting her in that subject.

"Are you really going to give up?" Amethyst orbs lock on to yours. "Because if you are, then you’re accepting two things. One, that Mizu is better than you and two; that you acknowledge me as your love rival because people only give up something when they're in love."


"When people are in love they sacrifice what they love the most to be with the one they love."

You couldn't comprehend what she was saying, but you weren't going to admit that out loud.

"I'll take up swimming again, but," Your eyes glance over at the school building. "I'm won't return to the team."

Silence settles between the both of you. Miki pondering over your words and you lost in thought.

"You plan on forming a swim team for girls."

You nod your head and then you bounce to your feet.

"Miki." Your gaze was leveled with hers. "From this day forth I acknowledge you as my rival."

It wasn't because you suddenly developed romantic feeling for Mizu. It was because you both wanted the ebony hair teen to acknowledge you (of course for two very different reasons), but any reason for a rivalry was good enough for you. After all she never once given up, so why should you?

"Alright." The navy blue hair girl stated as she stood to her feet. "I'll join your team."

You were just about to cheer in pure joy, when you stop; blinking owlishly at the girl.


"Yep! By being on the swim team Mizu will have to notice me." She sends you a playful wink. "Plus I know a few girls who would love to joy our team."

"Are you serious?" You couldn't contain your excitement as the girl before you nodded in confirmation. "Miki, you're the best!"

"H-Hey!" Said girl stumbles backwards as you launch yourself forward, wrapping your arms around her neck.
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Chapter 23 (Hug) by Ame Yuki
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Reader's age; 15

Fumio was surprised to see you standing before him; a smile on your face as he let you in. when he had gone to answer the door he had expected it to be Yuji or maybe even Hiro. Although he had been proven completely wrong when he realized it was you. You never really visited unless your mother did seeing as his mother and yours seem to get along well.


"Hi, Fumio." You greeted the navy blue hair teen. "Is your sister home?"

"Uh, no. Why?" Lately he's notice the amount of time the two of you seem to spent together.

Miki would usually disappear around lunch time at school and sometimes she wouldn't even be at swim practice. Although his sister wasn't on the team, she still attended the swim practice just to hang around Mizu.

"Oh. Do you know where she is?" Your (e/c) orbs were hopeful.

He was curious as to why you were here. Curious as to why --all of a sudden-- you were asking for his sister. From what he knew the two of you didn't get along very well.

"She’s over at a friend's house." He replied, answering your question.

"Oh okay. Thanks." You surprise him with a quick hug.

You head down the front steps, biding the boy farewell as you head down the street and back in the direction you came from.

Fumio simply shrugs his shoulders at your behavior, thinking nothing of it. Maybe Miki and you had grown out of your rivalry. It only seem reasonable, seeing as you had no romantic interest in Mizu.


A faint pink dusts Fumio’s face as he realizes that you had hugged him.
Chapter 24 (Training) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
This is by far my favorite chapter. Also this is the year Rea moved away.

I do not own Free, but I do own my OCs.


Reader's age; 14

You adjust your goggles, snapping the back just like you had seen your father do many times. It was a habit you had learned from him. Positioning yourself, you wait for the signal and just as it's given you dive in. The cool crystal water surrounding you the moment you dive into the pool. Adrenaline pumps throughout your entire body as you glide across the water. (E/c) eyes focus forward as you ready yourself for the quick push off that you would soon do.

You curl, bringing your legs up from beneath you. Bare feet touch the concrete and then you push off, gaining more momentum as you do so. Your speed increases as you drive yourself to swim faster. A moment later your hand smacks against the concrete and you emerge from the water.

"How did she do?" Rin questioned the male beside him.

"She beat her time."

You slip your goggles off and pull yourself out of the pool. You head over to your bag that lay up against the wall.

"But it's nothing compared to Nanase." You say as you pull out your towel and begin to dry yourself off.

"Nanase?" Sousuke shifted his gaze toward Rin.

"Haru's kid." Rin supplied as if that answered all of Sousuke's questions.

"Why are you so determined?"

The dark hair male was curious as to why you were relentless in your training. Had you lost against the boy?

"I made him a promise." Your (e/c) eyes were set into a determine glare.

"Promise?" Both adults questioned.

"That and I want to prove him wrong."


Your determination and your desire to prove someone wrong, reminded Sousuke of your father.

"I'm no coward and neither is my father." With that said, you turn and head toward the locker room.

Extended Ending

"You do realize it's more than just a simple rivalry?"

"Yeah." Rin sighed as he took a seat in the chair directly in front of his childhood friend. "She's giving it all she has."

Sousuke slides a drink across the table and Rin takes it without question.

"It's not just about her pride." Rin's gaze shifts from his drink to Sousuke. "It's more than that. It has to do with her pride in her family; in being a Matsuoka. In being your daughter."

"I know, but she's pushing herself to hard." Rin rakes a hand through his maroon locks.

The male across from him understood. It was only natural for the redhead to worry; it was his instincts as a father to worry over you.

"She'll succeed."

"How do you know?"

It wasn't that Rin doubted you, far from it. He knew that once you set your mind on something you would achieve your goal no matter what. He was only curious as to why Sousuke thought so?

"Because," Sousuke leans back in his chair, his gaze leveled with Rin's. "She takes after you."
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Chapter 25 (First Recruiter ) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
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First Recruiter

Reader's age; 15


You barely side step a pink haired girl, who comes rushing by. She tackles Miki and you watch as said navy blue haired girl goes down with the pink haired girl following close behind.

"I told you not to hug me!" Miki growled out as she stood to her feet.

"Aw, but I like hugging you." You can't help, but laugh at the girl's pout. "Plus you're the one who asked me to meet you here."

Miki sighs in frustration. "I promised _______ something."

At the mention of your name, the pink hair girl's gaze falls on you. She stands to her feet and approaches you.

"How does this concern me?" She questioned; her eyes now on Miki.

"I want you to join my swim team." You speak up.

"Hmm, I don't know."

"Damn it, Aya! Just say yes." Miki surprises you as she grabs hold of the girl's front shirt. "You know you want to join. You've talked about a swim team for girls for months now."

Aya stares at Miki with a deadpan look. "Not unless you ask nicely."

Miki stares at the girl in disbelief. "She already-"

"Not her." Aya cut in. "I want you to ask me nicely."

"Urgh! You're unbelievable."

"And you're always so mean. It's no wonder Mizu doesn't like you. Have you ever-ow!"

You can't help, but to laugh at the two girls. Aya sure knew how to press all of Miki's buttons.

"You either join or I can always find someone else."

"Ah, I don't think that was asking. It was more like a threat." You tease.

"_____-chan is right. You're threatening me."

"You two are unbelievable. I can't believe I agreed to join the swim team."

"You're on the swim team too?" Aya claps her hands together. "In that case I want to join too!"

Extended Ending

Rin jumped in surprise when the front door slammed shut followed by feet pattering upstairs. He ambles into the hallway to find you, Miki, and another girl rushing back downstairs and straight for the kitchen.

"Hi, dad."

He nods to you in return and Miki follows in greeting him with a polite hello and he returns the jester. As for the girl with pink hair, she stares from you to him and then back again. It goes on for a few minutes and then she screams in excitement, which has you and Rin jump in complete shock.

"Aya-" You begin, but you're interrupted by said girl tackling you with a hug.

"______-chan! You didn't let me Rin Matsuoka was your dad. He's one of the best Olympic swimmers there is!"

"Sorry, I guess I forgot to mention it." You try to pry her arms away, but she only tightens her hold.

"It's obvious by her last name." Miki stated as she took a seat at your table.

"A-Aya, I can't breathe."

Rin didn't know whether to help you out or not seeing as the pink girl just might attack him in the same way she had done to you.
Chapter 26 (Trouble) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
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I do not own Free, but I do own my OCs.


Reader's age; 15

Miki had told you that your next recruiter usually spent time at her uncle's swimming pool; the girl liked to help her uncle with running the place. So on Saturday morning you had ran off to Shuji's place, texting Arata to meet you at your cousin's house.

"You're up to something, aren't you?" You had stopped dragging the redhead and Arata into trouble in middle school and since then your small group of three had disburse.

"No, not really, I'm just on my way to recruit someone."

"And you brought us along because?" He had heard about your plans for a girl's swim team, but he hadn't bothered to ask how things were going for you since he was busy with his own life.

"It's been a while since the old trio's been together."

Shuji looks to Arata and said boy gives you a weary look that you didn't pay attention to. The redhead sighs and Arata pats his back, a sign that let him know that things couldn't possibly end as badly as he thought they would.


"_____-chan let's go, he's obviously not the person we came looking for." Arata said as he tried to restrain you from advancing toward the idiot.

"Better do what the shorty tells you, girly."

You had gone to the place Miki had told you and once there you had set out to find your soon to be teammate, but two annoying teens decided to try their flirting tactics on you and it had only gone downhill from there.

"The only one girly here is you!" You snapped as you launched forward, but Shuji managed to grab hold of you at the last second. "You couldn't even handle a rejection!"

"_______, let's go already." You shook your head at Shuji's words.

"Not until I bet some sense into him."

He should have known this would happen. It always somehow seem to happen whenever the three of you were together. Trouble seem to like to follow you when the three of you were together and often times Shuji was the one who had to restrain you and in the process you would end up landing a few blows on him.

"I'd -"

"ENOUGH!" Yelled a girl with violet hair.

She turns toward the two boys and commands them to leave. Her angry hazel eyes leave no room for arguments. Once they're gone she turns to your group.

"You're Matsuoka-san, right?"

You reply with a nod of your head.

"I'm Tama. Miki told me you would drop by."

"So I'm guessing you already know why I'm here then."

"You're recruiting."

"Yep." Your bright smile surprises both Shuji and Arata. Weren't you angry just a few moments ago? "So are you in?"

Tama also smiles as she shakes your hand.

"I'm in."

"Welcome to the club, Tama."

Extended Ending

"There is one condition, though."

You eye the girl before you.

"What sort of condition? Don't tell me you want to see my dad shirtless too."

Rin was just walking pass your room when he heard you say those words.

"Because if you do, then I think I'll have to start charging."

Cue door being slammed open and you jumping to your feet.

"Mom's going to be angry with you." You stated as you stared at your now broken door.

"I don't think your mom would approve of what you're doing for your swim team."

"It wasn't my idea it was mom's." Rin looked at you in disbelief. "She's the one who said it would work."

He should have known the two of you would work together on something like this.
Chapter 27 (Team) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
Thank you to DazedKitsune, NeonCupcakeAvalanche, and Melanie96 for reviewing last chapter.

I do not own Free, but I do own my OCs.


Reader's age: 15

Miki had told you to meet her after school, so currently you were waiting for her to show up. When she did you were not surprise to see that Aya and Tama were with her. You figured this had to do with your swim team.

"So who's the next recruiter?"

"There's two this time." Tama replied as the four of you made your way around the school building.

Miki makes her way toward the soccer field were the girls' team was practicing. While you and the others stay behind, Miki makes her way on to the field and then pulls two girls over. Both with the same crop of blonde hair. They spot the navy blue hair girl right a way and they both make their way over to her. They speak amoung each other and a few moments later the twins' gaze lands on you. Before you know it, they make their way over to you.

"Matsuoka, right?" You nod to confirm their question.

"I'm Kasumi." The twin with a ponytail said.

"I'm Shika." The twin with pigtails introduced herself.

"So now that you met _____, what's your desicion?" Miki questioned the twins.

"We'll join." They both answered.

"Wait, aren't you two on the soccer team?" You didn't want to force them to quit soccer.

"Were. Not anymore." Kasumi replied.

"It wasn't working out for us anyways." Shika supplied.

"So we'll join your swim team." They both declared.

Extended Ending

When Makoto arrived at the Matsuoka household, he was surprised to see the place so crowded. Usually it was only three, but today there were eight people.

"Tachibana-san." You stand from your seat.

"Makoto." Rin makes his way into the living room.

"I just came over to-" A sudden sheirk startles the brunette, who hides behind Rin.

You sigh, your attention on a girl with pink hair.


"I'm sorry." The girl apologize, her hand removing itself from over her mouth. There's a smile on her lips and her eyes shine with excitement. "It's Makoto Tachibana."

Cue both you and Rin sighing at the girl.

"You have a thing for older men don't you?" Tama questioned.

"So?" Aya whipped her head in Tama's direction. "What's wrong with that?"

The twins giggle, while Tama only sighs. Miki smacks the girl over her head and Aya whines at the navy haired girl's cruel ways.

"Aya, he has a kid your age." You say.

"Yeah, but you already taken Hiro as yours. Miki said the two of you kissed." Aya stated.



Rin turns toward Makoto. His maroon eyes were narrowed.

"Your kid-"

"It's not true!" You snapped, catching everyone's attention.

"Is too!" Aya sprung to her feet. "Miki even took a picture. "See?"

And to Makoto's and your's horror, there it was. A picture of you and Hiro beneath an umbrella, which hide your faces from view.

"It's not what it looks like." You quickly interjected. "There was something in my eye and Hiro simply leaned closer to check what it was."

Makoto had no clue that his son was so daring. As for Rin, he refused to hear you out.
Chapter 28 (Meeting) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
Thank you to Melanie96, Sarcha, Anonymous and TikiYiki for reviewing.

I do not own Free just my OCs.


Reader's age; 15

After school you and Miki were called to the principal’s office. Once there he explained that since you managed to group together a team, that he would go ahead and register it as a club. The only bad thing was since the school only had one pool both swim teams would have to use it.

"We have to swim with the boys!" Aya cried as the six of you made your way to the pool.

"Well at least we have a place to swim." Kasumi pointed out.

"There is one thing that bothers me." Tama spoke.

Your attention is on the hazel eyed girl. "We don't have a manager."

"I know." You look toward Miki.

"______ and I thought it would be best to ask who wanted to take up the manager role."

"Any takers?" You ask, but no one answers.

"I think we should first show you what we're capable of." Tama stated. "And from there you can choose who it is you want on your team."

You stop in your tracks causing the other girls to do the same.

"I thought Miki explained everything to you guys."

"She did." Tama stated. "But you recruited us without even seeing what our abilities were. How can you tell if we're any good?"

"It's true I don't know if you're the best in swimming or the worst. What I do know is that I chose each and every one of you because you had a strong desire to swim, isn't that enough for you?"

There's silence for a moment and then Aya tackles you with a hug.

"I want to swim with you, ______-chan! I'll do my best!"

"Aya is right, if we do our best, then there's no problem." Shika stated.


You hadn't thought that it would be awkward when you would encounter Mizu and the others after what had happen. Well in fact you never ever gave it a thought. Aside from your, self-loathing and recruiting members for your team, you didn't really have the time to ponder over how your first encounter with the others would be now that you had decided to take up swimming once more, but with a different crew. It was a bit awkward, well aside from Hiro and Yuji greeting you like always. Those two didn't seem to mind that you had decided to swim, but with a different group. Fumio seem surprise to see you, but nonetheless he greeted you as well. Mizu on the other hand had simply ignored you and the rest of your team.

"You're swimming on a different team?" Fumio questioned, baffled.

"Yep." You had gone ahead and introduced the girls to the boys.

"I'm glad to hear that you took up swimming again." Hiro stated.

You give said boy a playful glare.

"I really didn't have a choice. You and Miki sort of chewed me out for quitting." The brunette chuckles at your words.

The rest of the time was spent warming up and seeing what the girls were capable of doing. By the end of the day, the six of you had headed to your house.

Extended Ending

"I've never seen ______-chan with so many friends over." Gou stated as she watched you take a bag full of snacks upstairs.

"I never allowed her to have more than one friend over." Rin said as he handed Gou her drink.

"You mean you never allowed any of the boys over because you’re too over protective."

Rin admitted he was over protective when it came to you, but what father wouldn't be when their little girl was surround by boys; teenage boys.
End Notes:
Next chapter you meet Sousuke's son.
Chapter 29 (Visit) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
A huge thank you to Melanie96 for reviewing. You really are a wonderful person!

I do not own Free just my OCs.


Reader's age; 15

"Where's your brother?" You questioned your redheaded cousin.

"I don't know. Hitoshi just told me to meet him here." Shuji replied with a casual shrug of his shoulders.

"He told me the same thing." Arata said as he approached you and Shuji.

"Well we're here and he's not." You had other things to do then running around just for the amusement of your older cousin.

You took a seat on a wooden bench just beneath a tree that shaded you from the harsh sunlight. Arata followed your lead, while Shuji remained standing. His crimson eyes searching for any signs of his orange haired brother.

"What is this place anyways?" Arata asked as his eyes followed a mother and her child as they entered the building.

You and Shuji glance in the direction that the shy boy was looking in. A few seconds later and you turn to your cousin, a fond smile on both your faces.

"It's-" You began, but another voice interrupted you.

"It's were we first learned to swim."

Whipping your head around you spot an all too familiar turf of black hair. The small smile on your lips forms into an all-out bright smile and you can't help, but to rush toward the male.

"Hisoka!" You fling your arms around the tall male.

"Hey, how come I don't get a hug like that?" Your cousin Hitoshi whined.

Hisoka chuckles at your child like behavior; ruffling your hair as a form of greeting.

"Because I don't see Hisoka very often." You had released the ebony hair teen from your embrace.

"But I'm your cousin."

"So Shuji is too and I hardly ever hug him." You pointed out. "Plus I've known Hisoka since our diaper days."

"That's because I don't like your hugs." Said redhead stated.

"You're cruel, Shuji." You pout, but the redhead simply rolls his eyes. "See this is way I prefer Hisoka."

The five of you were already making your way toward the indoor swimming pool.

"Lies." Shuji retorted. "You only prefer him because he spoils you."

"No he doesn't!"

"Yes he does." Shuji shot back. "And-"

The redhead's words are cut off by his younger sister's cry of excitement.

"Onii-san!" A blur of orange rushes pass you and the next thing you knew, Koyuki had her arms around her brother. "Let's go swim!"

You stare from Shuji to Koyuki and then back to the redhead. Shuji gives you a questioning look as he tries to pry his sister off of him. A sudden smirk appears on your lips.

"Ne, Shuji." Said redhead turns to look at you once more. "You spoil Koyuki all the time."

"That's different I have to."

"You mean you don't like me, onii-san?" The girl's kicked puppy look was enough to have the redhead regret his words.

"I didn't mean it that way."

"Hitoshi, nii-san! Shuji is being mean again!" Koyuki cried as she run toward her oldest brother.

The orange haired male comforts his younger sister.

"Shuji apologize." Histoshi ordered.

"I'm sorry." He glares at you from the corner of his eye.

You were too busy laughing to notice his death glare.

"You're so dead, _____." You make a run for the pool, Shuji right behind you.

"Hisoka, help!"

Both Hisoka and Arata chase after you and Shuji, while Hitoshi tended to his younger sibling.

Extended Ending


You had begged Rin to let you go swimming, but he had been stubborn since Mizu and the others would be there. Of course you said you didn't care since you were planning on going with your cousins and Arata. So seeing as you were going with your cousins and that Arata was just a friend he gave in and took you.

"Rin." The tall male greeted his childhood friend.

His gaze doesn't linger long on the redhead, it quickly shifts toward the other end of the pool, where you and Hisoka were currently standing. Taking a closer look and Rin could see the frown on Hisoka lips and the concern look in your eyes.

"Let's go, Hisoka." You pull on the male's arm, but he doesn't budge.

The redhead frowns as well when he notices the way your eyes avoid looking at the male before Hisoka. As well as the way said male stood protectively in front of you. His crimson eyes slide over to land on Mizu and suddenly everything clicks into place.

"He's become very protective of _____ ever since he found out what happen between her and Nanase."

"Yeah, I can see that."

And he couldn't help, but wonder when this whole problem would blow over. You couldn't continue to hide behind your friends. You weren't someone who would easily shy away from a problem. Since when had you changed?
End Notes:
So you met Hisoka. :) And Rea got to hang out with her cousins.
Chapter 30 (Haunted) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
Thank you to DazedKitsune, Melanie96, and Sarcha for reviewing last chapter.

I do now own Free, but I do own my OCs.


Reader's age; 15

"Let's call it a day." Shuji said as he pulled himself out of the pool. "I'm tired."

The redhead laid down on the wet tile floor as if to prove his point. You on the other hand were still swimming laps.

"But I thought we agreed to hang out with each other for the day." Arata said as he swim up to the edge of the pool.

Shuji gives the boy a deadpan stare. His maroon locks sticking to his forehead as he rolled onto his side to face his friend.

"I'm not a swimmer like the rest of you."

"But daddy taught the three of us how to swim." Koyuki said as she exit the pool and appeared at her brother's side.

While Hitoshi enjoyed swimming, Shuji didn't. Shuji was a decent swimmer, but swimming had never perked his interest. So he never joined the swimming club.

"Stop being a baby." You had long since exit the pool. "You're always complaining."

You came to a stop just before your cousin. His eyes gaze up as you as you toss him a towel.

"Says the one who cries every time you don't things your way."


"You two are worse than five year olds." Hisoka said as he and Hitoshi made their way toward the rest of you. "Not everything has to be about swimming."

Just like Shuji, Hisoka wasn't into swimming like you were. Sure he was an excellent swimmer, but he prefers to swim for the fun of it.

"We should hurry up and catch up with the others." Hitoshi said. "We promised them we'd meet them at the abandon amusement park."


"It’s about time you guys came." Miki said as she appeared out of the shadows.

"Gah!" You instantly hid behind Hisoka. "Don't creep up on us like that!"

Koyuki giggles, while Miki simply rolls her eyes at your behavior.

"What are we doing here anyways?" The orange hair girl questioned.

"Nothing really." Tama said as she made her way over to your group, Aya not far behind. "It’s just a way to get everyone together."

You were standing before the park's entrance. The gates to the amusement park were closed, an old rusted chain place on said gates to insure that no one would slip in. You could hear the creaking of metal as the wind blew and the cawing of crows.

"I'm out." Shuji stated as he turned on his heels.

"W-Wait! Shuji, I'm coming too." You turn as well.

You were a few away from the others when suddenly someone grabbed the back of your shirt. You let out a squeak.

"Sorry, _____-chan." Hiro said as he stepped out from behind a tree, Mizu right along with him. "I didn't mean to frighten you."

"You people need to stop appearing out of nowhere!" Or else you might have a heart attack.

"Everyone's here." Hisoka said.

"Yay! Now we can have fun!" Yuji rushes toward the entrance, dragging Fumio along.

"This is pointless." Mizu spoke.

"It may be, but aren't you at least glad that we're all together?" Hiro question the raven hair teen.

The entire gang was split into small groups. There were five groups with three members each. Why they had decided on groups, you had no clue as well as the purpose as to what you had to do. The following were the groups;






So once everything was settled each group went their separate ways. Somehow your group ended up inside the house of mirrors. It wasn't so bad until you got near the end where there were tons of glass planes. You had bumped into a glass window when you took a step forward. Shuji ended up doing the same by accident when he had turned to his right.

"Why?!" You had bumped into countless glass windows by now. "We need to find a way out."

"I say we break the glass." Shuji said.

"I don't think we should do that." Hiro responded as he stuck his hand out in front of him. "This one's open."

Seeing as Hiro's way worked, you had decided to do as the brunette did. Sticking your hand out in front of you to see whether or not there was glass before you.

"We made it out!" You cheered, then just as you did so, you heard a scream.

Shuji jumps, startled and you latch on to Hiro's arm.

"Let's go check it out." Hiro said and to your horror your cousin agreed as well.

"Hey, wait don't people usually run the other way when they hear a scream?"

Both boys ignore your question as they proceed ahead and you reluctantly follow. A few moments later and you hear another scream only this time it was closer and it caught both Hiro and Shuji by surprise. You on the other hand recognized the voice.

"Miki?" You race forward, slipping pass a sign that read do not enter.

And sure enough you stumbled upon an annoyed Hisoka, an expressionless Mizu, and a frighten Miki.

"Something moved again!"[1]

"I didn't see anything."[2]

"That's because you weren't looking in the direction I was."

You make your way over to their group, bumping shoulders with Hisoka to gain his attention while Miki was busy clinging on to Mizu.

"What are you screaming about?" You ask which only serves to startle the navy blue hair girl.

Upon realizing that it's you, Miki glares at you as she smacks the side of your head. You return the jester and Miki would have hit you once again had it not been for Hisoka, who pulled you away from the girl.

"Nothing that concerns you." She retorted.

"True, but Mizu over there isn't looking to good." The boy was lacking oxygen due to Miki's tight grip on him. "I don't think his dad would approve of you choking his son to death."

"Shut up. Hugging isn't choking. You just want him all to yourself." Hisoka raise a brow in question.

"I told you before I'm not interested in him!"

"Don't you remember, you acknowledged me as your love rival!"

You fall silent; you had done as she said. You weren't going to deny that she was your rival, but it wasn't like she said it was. You had no romantic feelings for Mizu!

"Okay, but-" You're interrupted by something growling.

"Please tell me that was your stomach."

"I thought it was yours." You shot back. "Unless it’s not and you just farted, which would be very un-lady like for you."

At your words both Hisoka and Mizu made a face and Miki in turn glared at you. She releases her hold on Mizu.

"You're so dead." Another growl was heard.

"We all will be if we don't leave." You said as you raced off.

The others had followed your example, running all the way back toward the entrance. Hiro and Shuji joined you a few moments later. In the end whatever game you were playing was won by your two cousins and Shika.

Extended Ending

"EH?!" Everyone stared from you to Miki and then to Mizu, who was swimming laps in the pool.

"Is it true?" Hiro asked, while the other awaited silently for your answer.

School had ended and you were currently at swim practice, but you weren't swimming like you had hoped for. Nope. You were currently confronting Miki again.

"Yep." Miki replied. "______ has acknowledged me as her love rival!"

"A rivalry between teammates, that's so awesome!" Aya said with excitement in her eyes.

"Don't feed her ego." You sigh.

Extra Extended Ending

You were in the kitchen when your mother appeared, a knowing smile on her face. A smile that had you feeling uneasy for many reasons.

"Is it true?" There was a hopeful glint in her eyes.

"What?" You questioned her.

"That you and Miki are love rivals? So this means you have a crush on Mizu, right?"

The sound of glass shattering startles you, but you're not surprise to see your father standing in the entry that led toward the kitchen.

"It’s not-"

"You're grounded until you're married."

"RIN!" Your mother turns on your father.

"It’s not like that!"

You were beginning to regret agreeing to being Miki's rival all for the sake of swimming.

[1]Miki speaking.
[2]Hisoka speaking.
Chapter 31 (Truth) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
Thank you to Anonymous, Sarcha, and Melanie96 for reviewing last chapter.

I do not own Free just my OCs.


Reader's age; 15

Today you had set aside some time to spend with Hisoka since you hardly ever hung out with him. One because he lived in a different town then you did, so you hardly had the chance to spend as much time with him as you would have liked. And two because you weren't sure when he would drop by again for another visit. Hisoka and his father usually dropped by every now and then or whenever there was a holiday, but even than it was never enough time for you.

"So what's the really reason for what you're doing?" Hisoka questioned you.

The raven hair teen was leaning against a tree and you were seated on the ground beside the tall male. Earlier the two of you had gone to the bakery to buy some sweet pastries, which was something you always did whenever you hung out with Hisoka. From there you had walked to the park to enjoy said treats.

"I already told you." Your eyes were settled on the water fountain up ahead.

"No. I know the reason you gave the others. Not the reason."

"The other reason isn't a lie if that's what you're thinking. I-"

"I know you want to swim." He sighs. "What exactly did Mizu say to you? Whatever he said set you off. I know you, you don't usually let someone like him get under your skin easily."

You had told Hisoka about your race against Mizu and how you lost. You told him about how Mizu didn't acknowledge you as his rival and how he didn't take you serious when you had competed against him. You had told him everything, but of the one thing that hurt you the most.

"He called my dad a coward."

Hisoka's eyes widen in surprise. He knew that in the past your father and Mizu's father were rivals. He never thought that the same rivalry would be passed on to you.

"It's not only that, is it?" He watches as you stand to your feet, dusting yourself off.

Silence settles over the two of you for a handful of minutes before you speak.

"I admire him. He makes me want to do better." You turn to face Hisoka and to his surprise he could see the tears you were trying to keep at bay. "Why can't Mizu see that?"

Hisoka says nothing instead he pulls you into a hug, his chin resting on top of your head as you bury your face in his chest and cry.

Extended Ending

Rin had noticed it earlier he just chose not to mention it. He wanted you to calm down before he spoke with you. He wanted to give you enough space so that you could pull yourself together.

"Hisoka said she's calm down a bit." Sousuke informed him as he entered the kitchen.

When you had returned you had headed straight to your room, Hisoka following close behind. The dark hair teen would come downstairs every now and then to retrieve things that Rin assumed you needed.

Once Sousuke and Hisoka leave Rin heads upstairs. He stops right before your bedroom door. The redhead felt out of place in a sort of way. Usually when you were upset or frustrated about something your mother was usually the one who consulted you. Although she was currently away on some business trip. Sure Rin had given you advice and comforted you, but you were usually the one who came to him. Exhaling, the redhead knocks on your door before announcing that he was coming in.

"Did Hisoka tell you?" Was the first thing that came out of your mouth.

He wished that Hisoka would have told him that way he wouldn't have to keep guessing.

"He didn't need to, I figured it out from the start."

Rin makes his way over to your bed, taking a seat beside you. Silence settles over the two of you. When it seems that you had nothing to say, Rin stands to his feet. He makes his way to your closet where he knew that you kept your swimming gear. He turns to you after a few moments, tossing a towel in your direction.

"Meet me downstairs in five minutes." Before you could ask any questions he continues. "We're going swimming."

He didn't know why, but for some reason whenever you swam with him, you always managed to calm down. And right now he knew that you needed it.
Chapter 32 (Practice) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
Thank you to Sarcha and Ninjagirl for reviewing last chapter.

I do not own Free just my OCs.


Reader's age; 15

After school you and the others had gone to the pool to begin your training for your first competition. Shika had announced that she would be your team's manager and Kasumi has stated that there was one condition for her twin being the team's manager.

"Can the manager even participate?" Aya asked.

"Usually no." Tama calmly stated.

"But?" The pink hair girl beside her questioned.

Tama looks to you and to Miki.

"You two know the loops to swimming better than anyone else." You were about to speak, but the violet haired girl speaks before you. "I'm sure you've figured it out."

She was right about your knowledge on swimming. At a young age you had learned to swim and with that you had also learned everything you could about the sport. So knowing the rules for said sport was no big deal to you.

"There's no real limit on the number of people on a swim team." You said. "Although there is a limit for the relay."

"But we're allowed to compete in any other event that we want?" Kasumi asked.

"Yeah. That's all up to you."

In the end things had been settled and you had all agreed to train for the time being. You could all decide who would be competing in the relay race another day. Beside most of the girls seem to want to improve their timing before making a decision.

For two weeks your team trained from the moment you arrived at the pool until the sun would set. By the time practiced ended most of the girls were ready to just head home and call it a night. Miki has voiced her concerns about everyone pushing themselves beyond their limits, but Shika had responded with saying that it was necessary if the team wanted to gain good results.

A week later, Shika had shortened practice and a meeting was held at the twins' house. In a few days you would be at your first competition and the time had come to discuss who would be in the relay.

"Well it's only right that ____-chan is in the relay since she's the one who brought us all together." Aya said as she took a seat next to you.

"Obviously we all know that." Tama retorted.

"And the other three?" You questioned.

You had decided to leave the choice up to the others since it all depended on whether they wanted to compete or not.

"Well earlier I was reviewing your time scores and I came to the conclusion that Aya should participate in the relay." The blonde looks toward Aya. "Of course the choice is still up to her-"

"I'll do it!" Said pink hair girl tackles you with a hug which sends the two of you falling down.

"Aya!" Miki pulls the girl off you, while Tama helps you to your feet. "Control yourself!" Miki chided the girl as she smacked her on the back of her head.

"You're so cruel, Miki." Aya cried as she held her head in her hands.

"Who are the other two?" You question Shika.

"Well Tama's timing was spot on." The blonde replied. "But it’s up to her if she wants to-"

"I'm in." The violet hair girl said.

"Yes!" Aya cheered as she launched herself at Tama, but the hazel eye teen manages to avoid her.

"As for the last two, that's up for them to decide."

"Kasumi, you can go ahead and join."

You turn to Miki, surprise evident in your eyes.

"What?" You question the girl.

"I think it's only fair." Miki replied.

You had no clue what she was speaking of, but one thing was for sure you had thought that Miki would join the relay. The day you had acknowledged her as your rival, you had thought that she would also join the relay team.

"How is it fair?" Kasumi (to your surprise) questioned the navy blue hair girl.

"I've been thinking about this for quite some time now and I thought it would be fair if I let you take my spot."

"I don't agree." Kasumi stated. "I say it’s only right that you join it since you obviously joined the team because _____-san is your rival."

"This doesn't have anything to do with her."

You didn't want to admit it, but her words stung, which was something you hadn't thought they could do. Here you were finally taking Miki serious and only to have said girl back down. What had that whole lecture been for? Why had she come to you back then and persuaded you to swim again? Had she only done so because Hiro had asked her to?

"Miki." Her gaze lands on you. "Tell me the truth. All that big talk you did on that day, what was it for? Are we rivals?"

Silence had settled in the entire room. Your other teammates watching the encounter between you and Miki. You exhale, trying to calm your anger.

"This isn't-"

"Don't." You cut her off. "Don't even say this isn't about that because you damn well know it is. This is about our rivalry and you can't back out because you know what that'll mean if you do."

You knew you shouldn't do what you were about to, but you needed to do so if you wanted Miki to take you serious.

"If you back out then Mizu is . . . it means that I can confess to Mizu."

Extended Ending

Rin hears the front door close shut, which meant you had returned from practice. You walk into the kitchen to grab a drink from the fridge and then you take a seat at the kitchen table, where Rin was currently chopping some vegetables on the cutting board. You sigh loudly as you leaned back in your chair; your feet coming to rest on the table top.

"What is it?" Rin questioned you without taking his eyes off the vegetable he was cutting. "And get your feet off the table."

You do as he tells you, mumbling about him being so strict. In return he throws a piece of carrot your way and you yelp as it hits you right on your forehead.

"I did something stupid today." You say after a handful of minutes pass in silence.

"How stupid?"

"I told Miki that I had feelings for Mizu, but I did so-"

"You're not upset about her confession?" You jump in your seat startled by the voice coming from the kitchen doorway.

You whip your head around to see Haru standing there a grocery bag in one hand. You turn back to your dad, your face red.

"You didn't tell me Mizu's dad would be here!"

Rin remain silent and you watch him as he continues cutting vegetables.

"I am, but I'm trying not to strangle you right now." Rin's eyes shift from Haru to you. "I thought your mother told you we're having company over for dinner."

"No she didn't tell me." You wanted to disappear. "A-And Nanase-sama d-don't say anything to Mizu."

You race out of the kitchen before either adult could say anything.

"Don't you dare say anything about this to your kid." Rin threaten Haru. "What's in the bag?"


"Why am I not surprise?"
Chapter 33 (Movie) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
Thank you to Sarcha, Ninjagirl, Anonymous, and NeonCupcakeAvalanche for reviewing last chapter.

I do not own Free just my OCs.


Reader's age; 15

You were out on the soccer field with Shuji. Soccer practice had ended not too long ago and Shuji had decided to rest out on the field for a bit. You had no problem with that so you had stayed. Currently your back was resting against your cousin's and your head was resting against his shoulder. You sigh loudly and the redhead beside you sighs in annoyance.

"What's on your mind?" He shrugs the shoulder you were leaning on to gain your attention.

"You mean you haven't heard?" You answer his question with one of your own.

He tugs on your hair. "No."

You return the jester.

"I told Miki that if she didn't join the relay then it meant that I could confess to Mizu."

Silence settles over the two of you and after a few moments Shuji decides to speak.

"But you don't like him, do you?"

"Romantically? No. The other day we were deciding on who would be on the relay team and Miki wanted to step down for Kasumi. Although Kasumi and I didn't agree with her decision." Even now when you thought about it, Miki's words still upset you. "Miki . . . she doesn't take our rivalry as serious as I thought she would."

"Did you ever stop to think that it's not just her?" The redhead's words were kind, not at all meant as an insult of any kind.

"I . . ."

You knew for a fact that in a way you weren't either, but you still tried. You may not have any romantic feelings for Mizu, but in the end both yours and Miki's goal was to gain his attention. You as his rival and Miki as his love interest.

"I realized that and that's why I said what I said the other day to Miki." It had seemed like the only way, not only for her, but for you as well to take each other serious.


You and Shuji had made your way to Hiro's house since your cousin had a project to work on and the brunette happen to be his partner. You had just tagged along because you had nothing better to do.

"I'm bored." You whined as you nudged your cousin with your foot.

"Then go home. No one is forcing you to stay." The redhead said as he swats your foot away.

"You're mean." You nudge him once again. "You use to be so nice when we were kids."

"I'm not mean." He pushes your foot away once again and this time it causes you to lose your balance and fall off Hiro's bed. "You just got really annoying as we grew."

Hiro enters the room just as Shuji had pushed your foot which caused you to fall off the bed. He chuckles at the sight.

"Hiro, Shuji is being mean." You cried as you stood to your feet.

"We're cousins so you have to deal with it." Shuji retorted.

The brunette laughs once again.

"I brought you guys some snacks." Hiro said as he set a tray of food down on the floor where you and Shuji were currently sitting.

The two of you thank the brunette before reaching for the snacks. Shuji reaches for a drink and you reach for a small sandwich.

"_____, that's my drink." The redhead next to you stated as he stared at you with an annoyed expression.

You smile kindly at your cousin.

"That's fine." You say as you put the cup to your lips. "We're cousins so you have to deal with it."

Shuji sighs in defeat as you drink from his cup. He decides to let you have the drink and he returns his attention on his school work.



"I'm still bored."

The redhead sighs once more.

"Then go home."

You sigh. "No, there's no one home."

You didn't like being home when your parents weren't there. It wasn't that you were afraid to be alone it was just that you had gotten used to coming home to either your mother or father at home. So when they weren't home you usually stay out until a few hours before your curfew or you would end up staying over at your cousins' house.

"We could go out if you want." Hiro suggested. "We still have a few days until the project is due."

You perk up at Hiro's words.

"Okay. Where are we going?"

"We can go to the movies."

"I'm in." You turn toward your cousin. "Shuji?"

"Sorry, can't. It'll have to be just the two of you this time." The redhead replied. "Mom already made plans for tonight."

"So then it's a date." Hiro stated.

"Eh?" You blush at his words.

"You're bold, Hiro." Shuji said to the brunette.

Shuji had already packed his things. His book bag hanging from his shoulders.

"Mom said to invite you, but I'll tell her you're over at the Tachibana household."

You bid your cousin good night as he heads home and you and Hiro make your way to the movies.


"You fell asleep." The emerald eye teen beside you stated as you stare up at him.


Horror films just weren't your thing. Sure you liked them to some extent, but not this one, luckily for you Hiro had proved to be your shoulder to hide your face in whenever a gory scene came up. He also proved to be a great pillow when you had arrived back at his house and before you knew it, you had fallen asleep on the brunette.

"It's fine. Do you want to watch something else?" After you had gone out the two of you had returned to Hiro's house to watch more movies since the theater didn't have much of an interesting selection.

Unlike his father; Hiro wasn't one to easily be frightened. He resembled Makoto in his hair color and emerald eyes as well as his kind demeanor. But unlike his father, Hiro enjoyed horror films.

"No." You nuzzle closer to his shoulder. "I just want to sleep more."

He chuckles at your antics. "Alright." He spoke as he rest his head on top of yours.

Extended Ending

"Makoto." Said brunette turns toward Rin, who was standing in the entry to the living room. "How long have they been like this?"

Makoto's eyes flicker over to couch where you and Hiro were fast asleep. Your head resting against Hiro's shoulder and the brunette's head resting on top of yours. He saw nothing wrong with it, but he knew Rin was overprotective of you.

"Rin, there's-"

"They're holding hands."

Rin had come to pick you up seeing as you weren't home when he returned from work. He understood why you disliked staying home alone and he was fine with you staying over at a friend's house. He even trusted Makoto enough to let you stay at his house since he knew the brunette would keep a watchful eye on you. That and he had thought that Hiro had no romantic feelings for you.

Emerald eyes travel down toward your hands and indeed they were intertwined. One thing was for sure; Makoto never thought his son would be so bold.
Chapter 34 (Tutor) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
Thank you to Melanie96, Sarcha, Anonymous, and Ninjagirl for reviewing.

I do not own Free just my OCs.

And look! Fumio makes and appearance, well sort of.

Reader's age; 15

With forming a new team and recruiting members as well as with practicing for your upcoming competitions, you had forgotten about your grades. And if you were anything like your father (which you were) you couldn't have your grades slipping. Normally you were fine with doing things by yourself, but since swim practice was taking most of your time lately you tended to forget when you had homework or when you needed to study for a test. So you had gone to the one person you knew who would be fine with helping you with your studies. Fumio had agreed to tutor you until your grades were back to normal.

Each morning you would walk to school together. In that time frame he would quiz you on the material he had taught you the night before. After swim practice you would head to his house and work on your homework and he would quiz you whenever you would have a test. It was time consuming and all you wanted to do was head home and sleep. Swim practice was tiring so when it came to your school work you were usually beyond tired. Yet you would pull through and do what you needed to do.

"I brought-" Fumio cuts himself short when he notices your sleeping form.

You were fast asleep on the living room couch. Papers littered on the floor. Fumio had gone to get you something to drink and when he returns you were already fast asleep. Said navy haired teen makes his way toward you. Picking up your homework and neatly stacking the papers on the coffee table. Once that's finish he heads upstairs to grab a blanket. When he returns you're still sleeping and ever so gently he places the blanket over your sleeping form.

Extended Ending

A note about your grades dropping had arrived in the mail today. Rin realized that it wasn't the first one. You had been hiding them all. He didn't know what angered him more. The fact that you were doing poorly in school or that he hadn't noticed earlier. It was his job as a parent to notice when things were off with their kid, but then again things with you had been off for quite some time now. For a moment he was worried that this somehow involved Mizu, but Rin knew you would never let your grades drop for a boy or so he hoped.

He had decided to wait until you returned home to have a talk with you. He was upset with how you were going on about things. When the time passed for when you usually arrived home, Rin had decided to go get you himself. He knew that nowadays you spent your time with Rei's daughter.

"Rin." Rei greeted the redhead.

Rei wasn't surprise to see him standing on his front door step.

"Is she here?"

Rei takes a step to the side to allow Rin in. Once he's inside, Rei tells him that you're in the living room. The redhead is surprised to find you fast asleep. He makes his way toward you and as he nears you he notices the stacks of paper on the table. He takes a glance at them and he realize that it was all homework and test reviews. You had been studying to bring your grades up. Rin was disappointed in himself for doubting you.

"She told Fumio that she couldn't face you with the grades she had now." Rei said as he entered the living room. "She doesn't want to disappoint you."

Rin could never be disappointed in you. He never has been. From the moment he laid eyes on you, all he ever felt was pride. Even now when you were under so much pressure, he still felt pride because you were giving it your best to overcome your obstacles.

Rin can't help, but smile fondly down at you as he gathers you in his arms. For a moment he's reminded of when you were younger and how you use to fit perfectly in his arms. Now you were slowly out growing that small child you use to be.

"Thanks for everything." He was grateful to have friends like Rei who took care of you like you were his own child.
Chapter 35 (Relay) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
Thank you to Anonymous, Sarcha, and Fluffy McFluffenstein for reviewing last chapter.

I do not own Free just my OCs.


It was the moment you and your team had trained for. All those afternoons spend swimming had led up to this moment. Exhaling softly, you take a moment to calm yourself. You were nervous and excited at the same time; it had been a while since you had last swum competitively.

"I'm so excited!" Aya exclaimed as she dashed forward.

"Calm down." Tama said as she grabs hold of the pink hair girl's arm. "It’s only our first relay."

You and the rest of your team make your way over to Aya and Tama.

"I think it’s a reasonable thing to get excited about." Kasumi said.

"Still it’s no reason to celebrate." Miki spoke as the six of you made your way to the girls' locker room.

"If we make it to the next round it is." You said. "Let's give this our best!"

All five girls agree a smile on each of their faces as they prepared for the relay. Kasumi would be the first to swim since she was in a separate event and as well as Shika. After the two finished their events, then the relay would begin. In the mean time you would cheer your teammates on.


"Hey look." Aya points towards the stands. "Mizu and the others are here to watch our race."

You follow her gaze and sure enough the boys were sitting were Aya had said. Shuji gives you a short wave and you return the jester. Next to him was Koyuki. In her excitement she yells your name out, which causes you to smile. As for the others they all give their own form of encouragement, well all except for the raven hair teen. Ignoring the raven hair teen, you shift your attention back to your team.

"You guys ready?"


Aya is the first to start. She takes her place just like the other competitors. The entire place becomes silent as they wait for the signal.


She dives into the pool, gliding through the water just like she had practiced. Your heart pounds in your chest as she begins to slow down when she takes the turn to come back. You can hear yourself cheering her along with Tama and Miki. Aya's hand smacks against the pool wall and soon Tama dives in.
Her speed is unlike anyone else; she's ahead of the others; giving your team an advantage for now. Before you know it she's already made the turn. Within moments her hand contacts with the pool wall and Miki dives in without hesitation.

The navy hair girl swims with all her might. After the turn she gains momentum and soon you find yourself position in spot, ready to dive in. With one more adjustment of your goggles; you snap the back just like you always have.

In no time Miki's hand touches the wall and soon you find yourself diving in. Cool water surrounds you as you glide through it. The sounds of cheers fade as the sound of your heart pounding echoes in your ears. Adrenaline pumps through your veins as you force yourself to speed up.

You're legs give a power kick against the wall of the pool, giving you enough momentum to advance ahead of the others. You reach forward as you near the other end and with one more powerful kick of your legs, your hand makes contact with concrete.

The sound of a horn reaches your ears as you emerge from the water and then you find yourself being tackled by your teammates. The sound of laughter drowns out any other noise as you celebrate your first win.

Extended Ending

"Ah, this brings back memories." Nagisa said as he watched the girls by the pool still laughing.

Rin stares at the blonde for a moment before shifting his gaze back to you and the others.

"Everything our kids do reminds you of our high school days." Makoto said with a chuckle.

"But it does!"

For once the redhead did agree with Nagisa. Your relay today reminded him of the one he swam with Haru and the others.

"Ah!" Rin turns to the brunette beside him. "Haru's gone!"

All three turn in the direction of the pool when they hear a splash.

"Damnit Haru!"
Chapter 36 (Goggles) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
Thank you to NeonCupcakeAvalanche and Fluffy McFluffenstein for reviewing last chapter.

I do not won Free just my OCs.


Reader's age; 6

It was your first competation and it was clear to Rin that you were nervous. You hadn't said a word about it, but he could tell. He figured you didn't want to trouble him with your worries, but that's one of the reasons he was here.

"You're nervous."

"A little." You admit, averting your gaze.

Rin kneels down to your level, one hand landing on your shoulder.

"What is it?" He kindly questioned you.

Your gaze shifts from your feet to his red eyes. You blink several times, trying to force away the stinging in your eyes. After a moment you exhale and Rin gives your shoulder a reassuring squease.

"I'm scared." You admit finally meeting your father's gaze. "This is going to be my first time without you in the next lane beside me."

You were right. Since the day Rin had first taught you how to swim, he had been by your side. When he was giving you instructions he stood beside you. And when you swam your laps he was in the lane next to you, giving you advice on how to improve your swimming and time. He was always there, not to far from your reach. If you felt like you were about to drown, all you had to do is reach your hand out and your father would be right there.

Rin realized that there would be more situations like this. Moments were he wouldn't be able to stay by your side like on your first day of school or like your first play. And (this was something he was definetly not looking forward to) your first date.

"Here." Rin slips his goggles off from around his neck, handing them to you. "Will having something of mine help?"

He remember when you were three you could only ever fall alseep with the help of his goggles when he was away. He figured this was sort of similar.

"Yes!" He's rewarded with your bright smile and a tight hug. "Thank you daddy!"

He returns the jester, embracing you in his arms before you run off. Once your gone Rin stands to his feet. He knew he would dread the days on which you would have to take more of those first time, but for now he would enjoy the moments he had with you.

Extended Ending


Rin shifts his gaze from the photo album to the entry of the living room where you stood.

"Hey." You were still in your school uniform so Rin figured you had just made it back from said place.

"Can we go-" Your eyes land on the photo album in his hands. "Where'd you find that?"

"You're mom left it on the kitchen table." Rin replied as he turned to the next page.

The next picture was of you and him in a pool; smiling as your mother took a picture. Rin closes the book, setting it aside.

"Did you need something?" His gaze was once more on you.

You shake your head. "No. I just wanted to know if we could go swimming together."

He answers you with a yes and soon you're racing up the stairs to grab want you would need. Rin himself heads to his room to grab a towel and his swim wear. After ten years you were still the same kid. No matter how busy you or him were, you always jumped at the chance to swim with your dad.
Chapter 37 (Challenge) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
Thank you to Fluffy McFluffenstein for reviewing last chapter.

I do not own Free just my OCs.


Reader's age; 15

It happen during swim practice, you had been swimming laps and so had Mizu. It hadn't started out as a race, but somehow it had become one. You could hear your teammates and friends cheering the two of you on as you swam against each other. Then before you knew it the race was over and you were pulling yourself out of the water.

"Race me again." Mizu had said, taking you by surprise.

The race had been a tie. You weren't upset; you had improved in your swimming and your recent race had shown it.

"Why?" You stared at the raven hair teen in confusion.

"Just race me."

Your breath hitched in your throat as you noticed the look in his eyes. The determination that swam in their depths. The tension in his shoulders and the way his lips were formed into a thin line. It was all too familiar to you.

"Why?" You avert your gaze.

You knew that he understood what you meant. Why was it that now he was willing to race against you when not too long ago he had refused to? What was it that he wanted? Had the race just now affected him? What was his reason behind his challenge?

Mizu closes his eyes, exhaling as he calmed himself down. When he levels his gaze with yours, you offer him a small smile.

"I'll except your challenge, but on one condition." He waits for you to continue. "You'll acknowledge me as your rival."


You sigh, turning to retreat your bag off the bench.

"Then I can't accept your challenge."

Extended Ending

You were sitting in the living room watching TV when the front door bell rang. Your mom pokes her head out from the kitchen and kindly asked you if you could answer it. You have a smile on your face as you open the door, but upon seeing who it was your smile disappears and you quickly shut the door.

"Don't be rude." Rin said as he went to open the door.

He frowns when he's greeted by Haru and Mizu. And just like you he promptly shuts the door on their faces.

"You two honestly have no manners at all." Your mother chided you as she went to open the door.

"What are they doing here?" Rin questioned.

"I invited them to dinner." Both you and Rin sigh.

Rin moves back into the living room and reappears moments later.

"Let's go." He said as a set of keys dangled from his hands.

You follow your dad to the back door.

"You two get back here!"

Startled by your mother's sudden change in attitude, the two of you rush out of the house before she could reach you.

"We're staying out tonight, aren't we?"

Rin nods his head to confirm your question. There was no way he would go back there to face your mother's wrath. Nope. It was better if the two of you returned tomorrow when she was calm.
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Chapter 38 (Teammate's Confession) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
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I do not own Free just my OCs.

Teammate's Confession

Reader's age: 15

You had woken up early to jog to school. Shika had prepared a training regimen for the swim team and excising in the morning was part of your new training schedule. Half way to school Miki and Tama had joined you. Once at school the three of you headed to your usual meeting spot, which was at an old tree that stood a few ways way from the school building. Aya and the twins were already there talking amongst themselves.

The six of you then discuss your training schedule for today. Shika cutting in every now and then with some useful information or tips for improving your time.


Aya had spoken your name softly, but she had still managed to gain your attention.

"What's up?"

Her aquamarine orbs avoid your gaze as she nervously messes with the hem of her shirt. After a moment she meets your gaze.

"I need to-" Her words are cut short by Arata's and Shuji's sudden yell of your name.

Both males jog over to your group and as Shuji comes to stand next to Aya, you notice a faint blush dusting her features. You raise an eyebrow, but otherwise remain silence.

"Hey Miki." Said girl was walking next to you as you headed outside to meet with the others for lunch. "Have you noticed that Aya is acting a bit strange?"

"Aya has always been strange." The navy blue hair girl next to you spoke.

You shake your head at her words. "No I meant a different strange."

Miki rolls her eyes. "What are you getting at?"

"Something is bothering Aya."

"And you tend to find out what is, aren't you?"

Lunch was as always; your group eating and talking amongst yourselves and then a few moments later the boys would show. As you were talking with your cousin, Aya had stood to her feet and quickly excused herself from your group. You excuse yourself as well, following the pink girl back inside the school building.


"______-chan!" Her eyes show her surprise at you having followed her.

"You've been acting strange and I was-"

"I like Shuji!" Her face was flushed as she confessed her feelings for your cousin.

"Oh." You stood there dumbfounded at her confession.

That was her reason for acting so strange? You smile at her and the nervousness in her eyes disappears.

"Um, _____-chan?" You give the girl your attention once more. "C-Could you help me confess to Shuji?"

"Eh?" You were not cut out for that kind of thing.

Aya is nervous once more, you could tell by the way she blushed and by her unusual quietness.

"I figured you would be the best to go to since you hang out with Shuji so much."

You resist the urge to say that you hung around Shuji so much because he was your cousin. Maybe you should drag Miki into this, but then again she would probably make a whole mess of this. Yeah it was better if she stayed out of this. You didn't want her causing a scene.

"So will you help me?"

"Uh . . ." You had no clue on how this whole confession thing was supposed to go. Maybe you would need Miki for this one. "Sure just let me go grab Miki."


"Why Shuji?" Miki had asked as the three of you had waited for the end of class. "Well he isn't bad looking. I mean sure he has a few feminine features, but those features work for him. He doesn't really look feminine now that I think about it."

"What are you even saying?" You questioned.

"Your cousin is attractive." Miki stated. "Especially when he plays soccer and have you seen Shuji shirtless?" Miki fans herself.

"Stop!" You seriously did not want to know what Miki thought of your cousin.

"And those abs of his-"

"No stop!" You clamp your hands over your ears. "Not listening!"

Miki had it all plan out and you had a feeling that she was going a bit overboard with it all, but you said nothing all for the sake of helping out your friend. So after school had ended you had headed out to find your cousin before he left the school grounds. And like always Shuji was out back on the soccer field warming up for practice along with Arata.

"How serious is this?" Shuji asked as he followed you back to the front of the school.

"You'll see in a moment." You said as the two of you made your way over to the school gates.

Upon seeing you with Shuji, Aya had tried to make a run for it, but Miki had grabbed hold of the pink-haired girl's arm.

"Hi Shuji!"

The redhead beside you raises an eyebrow in question.

"What's going on? Miki is never this nice to me."

You laugh as Miki glares at your cousin, then she smacks your arm.

"Actually this has nothing to do with Miki." You said as you glance at Aya, who looked like she was ready to bolt. "Aya has something to tell you."

Miki gently shoves the nervous girl forward. Shuji offers her a smile and you notice her blush turn a scarlet red.

"I . . . I like you." Aya confessed her eyes focused on her feet.

"I like you." Shuji said to which Aya had then turned her gaze on him. "As a friend too."

Aya's aquamarine orbs show her disappointment and Miki sighs in annoyance.

"She like likes you." Miki said. "As more than a friend."

"Oh." His face slowly begins to heat up.

"Shuji, your face is as red as your hair." You nudge his arm with yours. "You alright?"

"Well?" Miki pressed.

"I'm flattered." The redhead stated as he smiled at Aya once more. "Although I'm not interested in being in a relationship at the moment."

Aya nods her head. "That's okay, I understand."

Shuji then turns to leave, but then he stops. He looks over his shoulder; back at Aya.

"I am honored that you feel the way you do about me." Then he's walking away.

"What the heck just happen?!" Miki asked in frustration.

You glanced at Aya; noticing her blush.

Extended Ending

Dinner at your cousins' house was never boring.

"You rejected her?" Hitoshi stared as his younger brother in disbelief.

"Shuji!" Gou stared at the redhead.

Somehow your parents and Shuji's parents had found out about Aya confessing to your cousin. Gou had been over joyed to hear that her son actually had a few fangirls. Seijuro of course said that it was expected because Shuji was a handsome young man and then he had gone off on to saying something about girls.

"Can we drop this subject?" Shuji glared at the orange haired teen.

"I think Aya is a nice person." Koyuki said.

"Not you too." Shuji sighs.

"Maybe he wasn't interested in the girl." Rin said as he took a bit of his food.

You mother looks at Rin.

"Do you even know who this girl is?" Your mother questioned him.

"Does it matter?" He really didn't see why everyone was making such a big deal over something so small.

"It's Aya." You stated.

Ah, he remembers that girl; the one who was always bubbly and hyper. The pink haired teen that had a thing for older men.

"You rejected a pretty girl?!" You all covered your ears at Seijuro's sudden outburst.

Now Rin remembered why he mostly decline Gou's invitation for dinner.

"He was a gentleman about it." You cut in. When Rin gave you a questioning look, you sigh before explaining things. "I was there when he let her down. She was okay with it."

"Wait, you knew all along and you still dragged me into it?"

"Hey it was either go along with the plan or get stuck with Miki who was describing how attractive you looked shirtless and something about your abs."

Shuji's red eyes widen in surprise.

"I thought she was into Mizu."

"Apparently she's still able to drool over other guys."

"Oh, that reminds me." Your mother spoke up. "How's your love rival thing going? Have you won Mizu's heart yet?"

"What?!" Rin whips his head in your direction.

"It's not what you think dad!"
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Chapter 39 (Confrontion) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
Thank you to NeonCupcakeAvalanche and Fluffy McFluffenstein for reviewing last chapter.

I do not own Free just my OCs.


Reader's age; 15

You have no idea how it had come to this. One moment you were swimming; practicing for your next tournament which was in a few days. Then the next moment both you had Mizu end up racing just like before and now currently you were confronting each other. He had cornered you just as you were exiting the girls' locker room.

"Race me."

"No. We just raced not too long ago." You stated as you narrowed your eyes at the raven hair teen.


"No." You shove pass him, but before you could leave Mizu grabs hold of your wrist. Anger bubbles within you as you turn to face him. "Why do you keep doing this?"

"You know why." He replied.

You yank your hand away from him. You were tired of this; tired of Mizu insisting that you race him.

"Why now?" You clench your hands at your sides. "Why do you keep insisting when you know that what I want, you won't do?"

This time it was Mizu who turns to leave, but you grabbed hold of his hand before he could even take a step forward.

"Don't you dare walk away." You glare at the teen. "If this is about me leaving that year, I couldn't do anything about that and I came back just like I promised! So why do you keep refusing to make me your rival?"

He averts his eyes. "You wouldn't understand."

Your grip on his hand tightens. "No it's you who doesn't understand. That entire year I spent away all I could do was train. I trained to become better then you, Mizu!" At your confession Mizu's gaze lands on you. You had lowered your gaze down to your hands. "I thought that that's all I wanted; to beat you, but then I realized something." By now you had leveled your gaze with his. "It's not that I envied you. What I realized was that I idolized you. You inspired me to do better. That's the reason as to why I want to be your rival."

The raven hair teen before you was speechless; his eyes widen in surprise at your confession.

Gently Mizu removes your hand from his. "You could never be my rival."

You gaze at him in shock; your eyes following him as he disappears from your sight.

Extended Ending

Rin had been at one of the indoor pools that he usually visited whenever he wanted to practice for his next tournament, when his coach had told him that someone was there to see him. He never had any visitors and he was surprise when that someone was you. One look at you and Rin knew that something had happen. Your cheeks were a slight tint of red, no doubt from running and he could see traces of tears on your face.

"What's wrong?" One look at your father and you had raced forward; embracing him in a hug.

Rin who is taken by surprise does his best to comfort you. A moment later you detach yourself from your father.

"How did you and Nanase settle your problem?"

It all clicked into place at the mention of Haru. No doubt something had happen with Mizu; something that had caused you to come crying to him in tears.

"We both realized something."

"Which was?"

Rin places a reassuring hand on your shoulder.

"That we inspired each other to do our best." He gives your shoulder a reassuring squeeze. "Don't let Mizu get to you. You're a worthy rival no matter what he or anyone says."
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I seriously don't mean to torment Mizu, it just happens.
Chapter 40 (Team Conflict) by Ame Yuki
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Team Conflict

"Her time is dropping." Shika said as she watched you do another lap.

"Maybe she's tired." Aya pointed out.

"I don't think it’s that." Tama said. "She's been like this for days."

"There's nothing to worry about." Miki said as she dried herself off. "_____ won't let anything distract her from swimming."

Tama turns to leave; slipping the strap of her bag over her head.

"Let's hope you're right for the sake of this team."


"Senpai, your time has been dropping." Shika said as you dried yourself off.

You exhale; setting your towel aside as you took a seat on the bench. The blonde beside you continues to stare at you; a worried expression on her face.

"The others are starting to worry about you."

You turn your attention to her.

"Sorry, Shika." You said as you slipped on your sweatpants and a light jacket. "I'm just a bit nervous and tired." You offer her a smile. "Don't worry, I'll be okay."

Your confrontation with Mizu replays in your head as you and your team gathered together. Shika offers a few words of encouragement and you force the memory to the back of your mind. Today wasn't about Mizu; it was about your team and your chance to advance to the next level.

You were fine as long as you didn't think about him; about the words he had said that had hurt you. You step forward; preparing for your turn. One glance at the audience and that memory resurfaces as you catch sight of Mizu. Suddenly the signal to start goes off and you dive in.

"Damn." You punch the pool wall with your fist.

"What was that about?" Tama asked as you stepped out of the pool.

What could you tell her? That you just didn't have it in you to swim today? That there were other things on your mind beside this race? Your team didn't deserve this. They didn't deserve to suffer because of your lack of determination. You hadn't meant to get distracted.

"Sorry." You turn to go.

"Don't." Tama grabs your forearm; stopping you from walking way.

"Tama, stop." Aya said as she tried to pry the girl's hand of you. "It doesn't matter we still made it in."

The violet hair teen shoves Aya's hand off.

"No." Her hazel eyes are narrowed. "You once stated that you swam because you enjoyed it; because you wanted to. What I witness out there today wasn't the sight you gave us the first time. It's about him, isn't; this has to do with Mizu."

"Tama, stop. Now isn't the time to do this." Miki said.

"Matsuoka I want to know your reason. Why did you create this team? Was it to forget about your old team or was it because you truly wanted to swim with us?"

Why had you created this team? Was it like Tama had said or did you really want to swim with Miki and the others.

You turn your gaze to her. "I don't know."

You ignore your team's surprise expression; turning your back on them and continuing to walk away even when Aya and Shika called out after you.

Extended Ending

Rin watched as you punched the wall. He watch as your teammates confronted you. He watch helplessly as you turned your back on the ones who you had grown so close to over the course of time. Sighing, Rin stands to his feet intent on finding you.
Chapter 41 (Dilemma) by Ame Yuki
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Reader's age; 15

You knew that you should have expected it; the tension. The argument between you and Tama had unsettled your team and it was only logical for it to be there, but you had been stupid; thinking that the problem would blow over. And now you could only stand rooted in your place as you stared at the violet hair teen in utter shock.

"You can't-"

"I can and I have." Tama stated; cutting you off mid-sentence. "I'm quitting the swim team."

You could hear the others gasp in surprise as Tama turned to leave.

"Wait!" You reach out for her hand.

Angry hazel eyes glare back at you as you stopped Tama from fleeing.

"Don't make such a reckless decision."

You wondered how your voice could sound so calm when on the inside you were trembling and your heart was pounding in your chest. You couldn't lose a teammate; a friend.

"You should have thought of the consequences when you let Mizu affect our tournament." She yanks her hand free.

"Tama wait!" You take a step forward intending on following her to try and reason with her, but Miki stops you.

"Let her go." You stare at her in disbelief; eyes shifting from Tama's retreating form back to Miki.

You sigh, doing what Miki had asked of you. The blue hair girl releases her hold on you and you quickly grab your things and leave.

Extended Ending

Rin watched as you took the next turn and began on your other lap. How long had you been swimming? He had lost track of what number lap you were on. It had been hours since you came to the indoor swimming poo that he was currently swimming in. He had known you were annoyed with something and so he had let you swim in peace, hoping that you would relax.

"Hey." He called out to you before you could start on another lap. "Let's head home."

"Not yet." You splash back into the water; continuing on with your laps.

Rin frowns at your words. He didn’t like this; you were avoiding something again and he was beginning to worry for you.
Chapter 42 (Terrible News) by Ame Yuki
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Terrible News

Reader's age; 15

You knew that your teammates were beginning to worry. Heck even your dad had noticed that something was up. Rin had gone as far as to order you to stop swimming so much. You of coursed had not listened. You needed this; needed to train harder to become a better swimmer. Tama had quit and it was your job as a captain to take up reasonability and step up. You would have to take her spot if only for the next upcoming tournament. And so for the next few weeks you spent your free hours swimming and jogging.

"______-chan." Aya sighs as you continue to swim. "______-CHAN!"

You're startled by her sudden outburst.

"It's time to head home."

You nod your head in agreement. The last of the afternoon sunlight had faded into what would soon be the night.

"I'll be out in a bit." With that said you continue with your lap.

Seconds later Miki yells your name out; demanding you to get out of the pool. No doubt Aya had gone to fetch her when it became apparent that you had ignored her. And when you ignore her, she continues to yell at you. It wasn't until a few minutes later that you had stopped swimming and Miki gazes at you in shock when she sees the pain written on your face. She dives into the pool; calling the others as she does so.

"I'm fine." You insisted as Miki keeps you from sinking.

Even with the slightest of movement your ankle would protest and you found yourself biting down on your bottom lip to keep from crying out in agony.

"A cramp in the water isn't good news." Miki said as Aya held her hand out to help you out of the pool.
"How long have you been swimming?"


You patiently wait for the doctor to return. Rin stood right beside the chair you were seated in. You nervously chance a quick glance at your father. When you do, you're surprise to meet his stern gaze, so just as quickly you break eye contact. Your gaze falls down to your ankle which was tightly wrapped. The door opens and both yours and Rin's gazes land on the doctor.

"Well, it's not broken." She stated.

"I can still swim right?" There was hope in your eyes.

At your question, she shakes her head. Sitting the clipboard in her hands down, she then turns back to you.

"It's not broken, but I recommend that you stay off of it. Any form of activity will surely cause the sore muscle to strain and possibly even cause your bone to break."

"How long?"

"Excuse me?"

"How long does she have to stay off her ankle?" Rin questioned.

"A month, but I think two would be better." She grabs a notepad and pen. "In two months’ time, I will check to see how she's doing."

She hands the paper to Rin and then she tells you that you're free to go.

The ride home was quiet, earlier you had declared that you would still swim and Rin had said that you would not. Words were thrown back and forth until Rin had pulled the father card; stating that you would do as he said. After that you had remained silent. Once home you had stomped upstairs to your bedroom, refusing to open the door when your father had calmly asked you.

Extended Ending

"How'd she take the news?" Sousuke asked as he and Rin made their way off the train.

"Not good." The redhead sighs, running a hand through his hair. "She has to stay off her ankle for two months."

Sousuke knew what that meant. It meant you weren't allowed to swim for two months. You would have to stay away from any form of activity until your ankle healed.

"You're going to make sure she stays off it." He knew Rin would do what was best for you.

"Yeah." He didn't want what happen to Sousuke to happen to you.
Chapter 43 (Promise) by Ame Yuki
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Reader's age; 5

Mouth shaped into an 'o' and bright (e/c) orbs sparkle with fascination.

“That was amazing!" You excitedly declared as you handed Rin his towel.

A fond smile reaches his lips as you continue to shower him with compliments. Rin takes a seat on a nearby bench and your small form excitedly follows his actions. As he continues to dry his hair off, you begin to recount your day to him.

Once again the redhead finds himself smiling as you pout about something that had happen in school. It wasn't very often that the two of you would spend most of the day together. Rin was usually busy training for tournaments and well you had school. So whenever the chance arose for Rin to spend the day with you, he usually took it because who knew when there would be a next time.

As Rin stands to his feet and gathers his things, you stand as well; racing to catch up to your father. On the way home, Rin buys ice cream and the two of you stop at the park to enjoy your treat. After you had finished your ice cream you had gone off to play on the playground.

Around the late noon Rin was just about to call your name when suddenly you appear. Your clothes drenched; sticking to your small form and your (h/c) sticking to your face. A wide smile apparent on your face as you excitedly yelled out to him.

"What-" His maroon eyes widen in surprise as you launch forward and Rin is quick to catch you.

He stumbles a bit; a smile forming on his lips as you giggle. Your face is buried in his cloth chest, but after a moment you pull back a bit in order to gaze up at him.

"Guess what?" Without waiting for him to answer, you continue. "I raced someone in the nearby lake and I won!"

Once again you begin to giggle and Rin chuckles at your reaction. There was no point in him scolding you; plus he didn't have the heart to dampen your mood. Once you had detached yourself from Rin; the redhead then hands you a towel. You gladly take it and wrap it around yourself.

On the way home Rin is baffle that you had stopped in your tracks. He turns to face you; it was clear that something was on your mind.

"What is it?" He questioned as he buried his hands into his pockets.

Your determined gaze catches his interest. Your small hands clench into fists as if you've decided something.

"I'll become one of the best swimmers there is and then I'll race against you!" Red eyes stare at you in utter shock. "So you can't quit until we've had our race!"

Rin smirks at your bold words; he closes the small gap between you. His hand slipping from his pocket to land on to your head. You stare up at him in confusion and Rin can't help, but to smile fondly down at you.

"Is that a promise?"

"Hmm, it's a promise!"

Extended Ending

Anger flared inside him, but Rin knew he had to control. He knew that if he was in your shoes he would be doing the same. Yet that still didn't excuse your reckless behavior.

"Well?" His frown deepens when you avert your gaze.

He had gone out to buy something that your mother needed for tonight's dinner and just as he was exiting the store he had spotted you. Right across the street you had been jogging and from the looks of it every step you took was as painful as the last. It was clear to Rin by the way your face conjured and without a second thought Rin had yelled your name out. Now the two of you stood beneath a lit street lamp; Rin with his arms crossed and you with your hands hidden behind your back and your eyes down cast. Sighing, Rin un-crosses his arms and lays a hand on your head. You glance up at him.

"Do you remember your promise to me?"

The flicker of recognition in your eyes is enough of a reply for him.

"But I can't swim!" It pained Rin to see you so depressed.

He's shock to see you in such a state; to see you so heart broken and helpless.

"I'm losing everything I care about!"

Rin knew what you meant. He knew of your trouble with Tama quitting the team. He knew that your friendship was in a rough spot.

You quickly wipe away your own tears that had managed to fall. Sighing, Rin places a hand on your head and you in turn stare up at him in question.

"Then ask for help." Rin said as he ruffled your hair. "You have friends for a reason. They're there to lend you a hand, all you have to do is ask."

"But I . . . things with my friend aren't-"

"It's never too late to fix things."

The walk home was silent, but Rin knew that you were deep in thought. Once home you had disappeared upstairs to your room and it wasn't until an hour later that you emerged.

"I'm heading out." You declared as you slipped on your shoes by the front door.

"Where?" Rin asked as he walked toward you.

Once you had your shoes on you stand and turn toward him; a smile on your face.

"To fix things with Tama and the others." You were halfway out the door when you turn around and call out to Rin. “And I still plan on keeping my promise to you.”

And with those final words you dash down the front stairs.
Chapter 44 (Decision) by Ame Yuki
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Reader's age; 15

Fumio had invited you in as soon as you had knocked on the Ryugazaki's front door. The teen had informed you that Miki and the others were upstairs in his sister's room. You thanked him and then you had taken two steps at a time to reach the girl's room. Once you stood before Miki's bedroom door you take a moment to calm your nerves. You could hear the others through the door; their voices muffled. Exhaling softly you prepare to knock on the door; Miki’s voice gives you permission to enter and once you do the whole room falls silent.

"Hey." You greet the girls.

Aya and the twins greet you cheerfully. Miki gives a more calm hello and as for Tama, she complete ignores you.

"So what did you gather us here for?" The twins asked.

"There's something I want to tell you." You exhale before continuing. "I haven't really been . . . I've been nothing, but selfish lately and because of that I made the team suffer. I've . . . and because of my actions we've lost a teammate."

You lock gazes with Tama.

"I'm sorry for being selfish. I-"

"I won't accept your apology." Tama cut in. "Not until I know that you truly do mean what you're saying."

You stood there; gaze level with hazel eyes that were narrowed into a glare. Your hands clenched into fists as you tried to keep calm. You had gather your team; your friends here to apologize. You were swallowing your pride in order to repair your friendship with them. What else did Tama want from you? How could she accuse you of not meaning what you said?

"I mean what I said and-"

The violet hair teen stands to her feet.

"Did you settle your rivalry with Mizu?" Tama questioned you.

Four other pair of eyes land on you as Tama quietly waits for you to reply. After a moment she sighs and her shoulders seem to slump; the tension vanishing.

"My decision remains the same then."

Tama gathers her belongings and then she makes her way over to the door. Without warning you grab hold of her arm; stopping her in her tracks and surprising her.

"I . . . the team needs you!" You were speaking the truth with your injury there was no way you would be able to participate in the upcoming tournament.

"You should have thought of that before everything went downhill."

Tama takes your shock to slip from your grasp and exit the room.

Extended Ending

Rin, Sousuke, and Hisoka had all been seated in the kitchen when you had arrived home. You had stomped upstairs without greeting any of the three males; slamming your bedroom door shut as well. Hisoka had silently slipped away to check on you and after a few moments he returned looking defeated.

"That bad, huh?" Sousuke asked his son.

"She refused to let me in as well as to speak to me." Hisoka said with a sigh of defeat.

Both adults sigh as well. Rin had hoped that this mess would have been clean up before the day was over. The sound of footsteps catches the three males' attention. Rin calls out your name as you walk pass the kitchen.

"Where are you going?"

The redhead follows you to the front door, where you busy yourself with slipping on your shoes.

"I'm gonna go talk to Mizu." And with that you slip out the front door.
Chapter 45 (Advice) by Ame Yuki
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I do not own Free just my OCs.


Reader's age; 15

The sun had set awhile go; the moon shined high above you and the cool night breeze blew fallen brown leafs down the street. You stood before Mizu, who had turned away from the front door to face you. You calmly waited for the raven hair teen before you to continue. You clench and unclench your hands at your side.

"I already told you-"

"Yes, you told me that you didn't see me as a rival, but not why." You cut in; your control finally breaking. "I need to know why. Why can't I be your rival?"

You had stopped by Mizu's house so that you could work things out and settle whatever problem the two of you had. You had hoped that it would be an easy thing to fix, but it seems that you were wrong. It’s been three hours since you arrived and you argued over the same thing.

"Just go home." Mizu said as he turned; his right hand on the door handle.

You reach out to stop him from leaving. You wouldn't let him escape so easily like he had before. You need to fix this. You needed to come terms with each other because if you settled this problem, then things would be okay.

"Stop running away!" Your grip on his wrist tightens. "Stop avoiding me. Just tell me why-"

Mizu yanks your hand away and you could only stare in shock as he glared at you.

"We will never be rivals." And with that he disappeared inside, leaving you alone beneath the night sky.


If Haru ever had to recall when his son had his moments, he would classify this as one of those rare moments. The boy had slammed the front door shut and then he had stomped to his room. There was no point in guessing what was wrong, Haru already knew the answer. Mizu's conversation with you had upset the boy and no doubt you were probably in the same mood as Haru's son.

Sighing, Haru turns the faucet off and dries his hand on a towel before heading outside. To his surprise he finds you sitting on the bottom step of his home. Silently he takes a seat beside you; gazing up at the night sky.

"Thank you for having me over for dinner, Nanase." You said with a sniffle.

Haru simple gives a small nod and as you stand to your feet he follows. You turn to the older male; giving a slight bow before turning to go. Haru stops you by placing a hand on your shoulder.

"Don't let others influence your passion for swimming."

The surprise look on your face clearly states your confusion.

"I know. I quit swimming once because of Mizu." You exhale softly. "I won't do it again."

"That's not what I meant." That look on your face was similar to Rin's and Haru knew you were definitely the redhead's daughter. "There's a reason as to why you took up swimming again. Don't lose that reason chasing after someone else."

A flicker of realization dances in your eyes.

Extended Ending

Rin was surprise to find you sitting outside with Haru, but from the looks of it you were in a better mood then when you were earlier. Moments later you stand to your feet as you spot the redhead. Rin greets Haru with a curt nod and the raven hair male does the same.

"Thank you." You bow slightly before Haru. "I'll keep your advice in mind."

Rin rises a brow in question; whatever the two of you had talked about it seem to do you some good. There was a smile on your lips as the two of you bid Haru good night and there seem to be a bounce in your steps as you headed home.

"Nanase told me not to lose sight of my reason for swimming." You said as the two of you approach your front door step. "And he's right. I lose a teammate and friend because of my selfishness. I was so caught up with wanting to be Mizu's rival that I didn't realize I was pushing my friends away."

There it was again; the determination burned brightly in your eyes.

"I know what I have to do now."

With a smile, Rin reaches out to ruffle your hair.
Chapter 46 (Change of Heart) by Ame Yuki
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I do not own Free just my OCs.

Change of Heart

Reader's age; 15

Seeing as your next relay race was today and seeing as things didn't work out with Tama, Kasumi had volunteered to take the girl's spot at least for now.

"Shika won't mind filling in for you, but she isn't feeling very well." The blonde beside you stated as she grabbed her goggles.

You sigh, it seem that you had no other option, but to participate in the relay. So as Aya, Miki, and Kasumi gather their belongings, you follow their lead and head to the locker room. To your surprise Tama was waiting for the four of you. Once she spotted your group she makes her way over.

She reaches her hand out and you stare at the hazel eye girl in confusion.

"You can't swim in the condition you're in." She offers you a small smile. "And I'm sorry for saying what I said to you."

Aya, Kasumi, and Miki all turn to you; waiting to see what you had to say.

"What's up with you?" Miki asked as she noticed your bottom lip trembling and your watery eyes.

"Nothing." You sniffle and then surprise Tama with a hug. "I'm sorry too."

"This is no time to get emotional!" Miki stated, but her words fall on deaf ears when Aya tackled the navy haired girl with a hug. "Not you too! Aya get off."

Tama and you laugh as Aya tugs Kasumi into the hug as well.


"Do you think they'll be able to pull it off?" Shuji asked as you joined him and the others on the blenchers.

You knew what your cousin meant. Usually it was you down there with Tama, Aya, and Miki. The four of you knew each other’s' swimming techniques. This would be Kasumi's first time in a relay race and well people weren't expecting excellent results, but you knew your team; your friends better than anyone else. They would pull it off.

"Without a doubt." You flashed your cousin a smile. "My team won't lose."

"You sound very confident." Fumio said. "What if they do lose?"

"They won't." You defended your teammates.

"Have some faith." Hiro said with a chuckle. "If ____-chan's says they'll advance to the next level then they will."

Shuji's attention shifts over to the brunette.

"You're only saying that because you like my cousin."

"Shuji!" You could feel the heat crawling up toward your face.

"True, but that's not the reason as to why I said to have faith." Hiro boldly stated.

You hide your face in your hands.

"Look!" Koyuki points toward the pool. "They're about to start."

And so Hiro's confession is forgotten as everyone focus on the girls.

As always Aya is the first to start and as you expected her timing was as perfect as before. Within moments the pink hair girl is on her way back to the others. Kasumi is next; your heart pounds in your chest as she positions herself.

"She hesitated." Fumio stated as Kasumi dived in.

"She's behind the other competitors." Shuji said.

"She'll make it." You said; your eyes focus on your friend below. "She still has time."

Silence settle between you and the boys as you watch the blonde below.

"She's falling behind." Fumio stated as Kasumi took the turn that woud bring her back to were Tama was waiting. "She'll still have a chance if-"

"GO! KASUMI!" Both Koyuki and Yuji cheered.

Their cheer seem to do the trick because seconds later Kasumi passes one of the other competors. You join in on cheering her on and soon even Fumio, Shuji and Hiro are doing the same. You leap out of your seat when Kasumi is the second to touch the pool wall and Tama wastes no time in diving forward.

In the end your team landed third place and not being able to contain your excitement you had rushed down to the pool to celebrate with your team. Upon your arrival your friends tackled you with a group hug.

Extended Ending

Rin quietly walks beside you as you continue to ramble on about your team's relay race from earlier today. He can't help, but chuckle when you race over to Sousuke, Hisoka, and Momo when you arrive home. Of course you were surprised, but your shocked expression soon melts away when you start to recount today's event. Soon Momo mentions something about their swim team back in their days and both you and Hisoka are fascinated by the orange haired male's story.
Chapter 47 (Discussion) by Ame Yuki

Reader's age; 15

“. . . are you sure about this?" Hisoka raised a questioning eyebrow in your direction.

You ignore the dark hair teen in favor of your phone. Giving the contents of the text message a quick look over, you smile in satisfaction before sending it out to Miki and the others.

"Definitely." You reply as you sit your phone off to the side of the kitchen counter.

Hisoka moves from leaning on the nearby wall; stopping to ruffle your hair on his way out of the kitchen.

"I'll see you around." The tall male said as he removed his hand from its place on your head.

"Why don't you stay?" You asked; grabbing hold of Hisoka's hand. "You can help me with explaining things to the girls."

Aside from Hisoka being capable of explaining things better, you also wanted him to stay simply for the fact that this was a rare occasion in which Sousuke had let Hisoka stay behind while he and your father went out.

"Fine." The dark hair teen sighed; sending a small smile in your direction. "I can never say no to you."

You cheer in victory; taking Hisoka by surprise with your sudden hug and the ebony hair teen finds himself stumbling backwards and colliding with the wall. You quickly apologize as Hisoka rubs his head and then you race off to retrieve an ice pack for his injury.


"Wait I don't think I understand what you're trying to say." Tama stated as she grabbed one of the many snacks lying about on the coffee table in your living room.

You sigh turning to glance at Hisoka, who was off to the side watching you and the others. Exhaling and then inhaling you then begin to restate what you had said earlier. You took it slow this time; trying to contain your excitement in check. Hisoka pitched in whenever you left something out or to elaborate on something that you had said.

"A friend of my dad's came over the other day and he mention something about the ultimate swim team."

"Which means?" Miki questioned as she tried to push a hungry Aya always from her food. The twins were busy sneaky sealing some of Aya's sweet treats and Miki sends them a small glare when they try to steal her snack as well.

In truth you hadn't really thought much about it. The thought of recreating said team was an impulsive move since Momo's words had sparked a fire in you. His passionate words had captivated you as the fire that burned in his eyes sparked something inside you. He had meant to tell you more, but he had other places to be so you were left with a new fire lit inside you and so you craved to learn more about your father's old swim team. Although Rin hadn't had time to do as you wanted since he was busy.

"I want to recreate their swim team, but in our own way."

The twins had stopped messing with Aya, who whined due to Miki smacking her hand away from her food. Tama wore a blank expression and Miki stared at you in curiosity.

"I want to create the next generation ultimate swim team."

"Sure why not." Tama stated, shrugging her shoulders. "It'll give us something to concentrate on and relieve us of some stress as well as pressure."

"We're in two." The twins pitched in.

"I'm sure it'll be fun!" Aya cheerfully said.

"I'm in as well." Miki said. "Although we'll have to hold off on the team thing."

The twins and Aya stare at Miki and said girl sighs.

"We can't be the ultimate swim team with our captain being in the condition she's in."

You smile at the girl, catching her by surprise when you tackle her with a hug.

"Hey! Get off!" Miki ordered, but you ignored her.

Then to Miki's horror Aya yells out something about a group hug and then she joins in. Shika and Kasumi follow soon after and then Tama does as well; laughing as Miki yells at each of you. Fortunate for Hisoka, he had slipped out of the room just before it had all happen.

Extended Ending

Rin came home to find his living room littered with empty chip bags, candy wraps as well as half-finished drinks. The redhead shares a questioning stare with Sousuke before laughter and yelling is heard from the kitchen.

"Please, Hisoka?" Rin was met with you giving Sousuke's son your best puppy pout.

The teen before you had his arms crossed; his eyes closed and his face facing off to the side. The rest of your team was off to the side, hands over their mouths; muffling their laughs.

"You know I'm not interested in swimming like you." Hisoka stated as he finally faced you; his eyes meeting yours. "This has nothing to do with me."

Once again Rin notice your pout was evident.

"True, but your dad was part of my dad's swim team so therefore you have to help me." You childishly cross your arms. "Plus I thought we were childhood friends. Aren't childhood friends supposed to help each other out and stuff?"

Hisoka sighs; uncrossing his arms. "Alright I'll go with you to ask them."

"Hisoka, you're the best!" Once again you surprise the teen with a hug.

Laughter echoes throughout the kitchen as Hisoka loses his balance, sending the two of you tumbling down to the floor. You are quick to apologize and as you stand to your feet you notice Rin. You rush toward him, an eager smile on your lips.

"Hisoka and I have something to ask you." You stated proudly.

Sousuke eyes his son and Hisoka rubs the back of his head sheepishly before explaining things to the two adults.

"She wants to compete against the original Ultimate swim team in a relay race."

Rin and Sousuke share a quick questioning gaze before shifting their attention back to you and Hisoka. With a smile that shows most of Rin's sharp teeth and with an unknown emotion in his red eyes; Rin agrees. You cheer, but your victory is short lived when Rin informs you of the condition he has.

"You have to heal properly before you compete against us."
Chapter 48 (Festival) by Ame Yuki
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Reader's age; 15

You were rudely woken by your younger cousin; Koyuki. For someone of her age she was extremely bossy and you found yourself rushing to get through your morning routine. You were just about to sit down to breakfast when Shuji had informed you that the three of you were running late for school. So with a quick good-bye to your parents you raced out the front door, but only to rush back inside to grab a piece of toasted bread before heading out once more.

"Why the rush again?" You tiredly asked as you rubbed the sleep from your eyes; all the while you munched on the toasted bread that you held in your mouth.

"Today's the day." Koyuki replied beside you. "Or did you forget?"

Her small frown has you looking over to Shuji for help. He shakes his head at the sight of your uncomfortable expression. There was no doubt; you didn't have a clue on how to handle someone who was on the verge of tears.

"She's been busy with the swim team, Koyuki." Shuji supplied. "It's easy for the festival to slip from her mind since she has practice every day after school."

The orange hair girl brightens at her older brother's words and you send the redhead a silent thank you.

"But the swim team has been preparing for it, right?" Koyuki asked as you stopped at the fork in the road, which was where you and Shuji would part ways with Koyuki. "Each club has to participate."

To be honest you had no clue. You were busy everyday with practice after school and on days that you had no practice, you took the chance to study for any upcoming test or exams.

"Don't worry." You flash your cousin a reassuring smile. "Everything will be set by the end of the day, so you'll enjoy the festival without any worries."

"Okay." Koyuki tugs you into a short hug and then she moves on to do the same with Shuji. "I'll see you guys later this afternoon. “Bye!"

"You have a lot to do." Shuji stated once his sister was no longer in sight.

"Tell me about." You follow him in the direction of your school.


"So we don't have any clues as to what we're doing?"

"No, we do." Shika stated as she poked at her food.

"But we never agreed on which idea." Kasumi added.

You gave the twins a questioning look.

"And why not?"

"Because the boys' swim team doesn’t want to do anything girlie and we don't want to do anything to . . . well boyish." Tama replied.

You groan; slumping down in your chair as your friends around you continued to eat their lunch.

"Where are you going?" Miki asked as you stood to your feet.

"I'm gonna go talk to the others."

As it turned out Tama was right; the boys had no intention of doing anything that was too feminine for them and well the girls didn't want to do anything too masculine. Shuji and Arata weren't so worried since both were on the soccer team and they were already set for the festival. So with the help of Hiro, you gather both teams in order to come to terms on something.

"How about a cafe?" Fumio asked. "It's simple and doesn't require us to do anything too complicated."

"But another club is already doing that." Aya supplied.

"How about a play?" Yuji questioned; his pink orbs hopeful. "We can find the fastest play to memorize."

"No!" You, Miki, and Mizu cried out union.

Your sudden outburst caught your friends attention. You give a small laugh as you sheepishly rub the back of your head.

"Why not?" The twins asked; eyeing you curiously.

"I'm not going through that again." Mizu stated without farther explaining what he meant.

"I agree." Miki stated. "I won't let ____ get away with that situation again."

The rest of the girls turn toward you; their eyes all hold the same question within their depts. You cross your arms and nod your head in agreement.

"I agree."

"What is going on?" Tama had decided to ask what exactly had the three of you so down.

You turn your gaze toward the violet hair teen; your eyes meeting with her hazel orbs.

"I never got to be the Shark King in the last play I was in."

Tama, Aya, and the twins stare at you in confusion at your confession.

"That's why you won't do the play?" The twins asked.

You nod your head. "Yep because I never get to be the character I want to be."

"And what about them?" Tama asked, pointing toward Miki and Mizu.

Hiro can't help, but laugh a bit.

"Well let's just say that ______ ended up getting the part Miki wanted and as for Mizu . . . well he was forced into the play."

The twins lean toward Tama and whispered about how it didn't make any sense. In the end Fumio and Yuji had suggested combining the cafe and play to create a cafe theater. You agreed to go along with it as long as you either acted the part you wanted or you were one of the waitresses. Once everything was sit, the rest was simple seeing as Tama had taken it upon herself to oversee the decorations and the twins were in charge of the menu for the cafe. Yuji and Fumio were in charge of the play and as promised it was one that you all could memorize without trouble. Aya and Miki had taken care of the costumes since Aya had once been in some drama/acting club.


"You guys lied to me." You glared at Tama, Aya and the twins.

"Not really." Shika spoke up; a smile evident on her lips.

"You asked to be the shark princess." Kasumi added. "And we gave you the part."

You had read over the script and the play was about a mermaid princess and a mermen prince who were in love, but their loved was forbidden by their fathers. Their kingdoms were on opposite sides; one kingdom was allied with the dolphins and the other was allied with the sharks.

"I meant an actually shark." You huffed. "Not some princess."

Yuji pops his head in to inform you that the play would soon start. Tama applies the last of your jewelry on to you and then the twins put you into your proper place, which was in an enormous glass tube.

"Remember you're doing this for Koyuki." Tama reminded you. "You don't want to disappoint your cousin, right?"

With a sigh you give in and do as you're told which is wait for the curtains to be pulled and for the show to begin.

Extended Ending

Your mother had convinced Rin to attend the festival that your school was hosting. Parents and everyone else were welcome so they weren't the only parents attending. Rin was just glad that Sousuke had decided to tag along as well. Hisoka was also here seeing as he was finished with school for the day. To Rin's left was your mother conversing with Haru's wife and just a few feet ahead of him were Gou and her daughter. They had all tagged along to see this play that you and the other would be in.

Things were running smoothly until he realized that there would be a kissing scene. Why were you always in a kissing scene? And to make matters worse, Mizu was the suppose merman prince that would be doing the kissing. The squeals of your mother and Mizu’s mother catch the redhead's attention as they wait for the two of you up on stage to perform the kiss.

Rin stands to his feet and marches up on stages; the surprise gasps of the audience aren’t enough to stop him from yanking you away from Mizu.

"You're not kissing her." Rin stated angrily.

Haru had also stepped on to the stage; yanking his son behind him as Rin had done to you. Both adults stand glaring at each other.

"What's this?!" Nagisa's voice ringed clear throughout the entire cafe; no doubt he was using a microphone. "The King of Sharks and the King of Dolphins had ruined the young lovers' plans!"


Said blonde made a run for his life before either you or Rin could catch him.
Chapter 49 (Gift) by Ame Yuki
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Reader's age: 6

He didn't understand why you were making such a big fuss over something so small, but then again kids your age usually fussed about anything. So with a defeated sigh, Rin does just as you had asked him.

"Alright my eyes are closed." He said and he could hear you sniffle; no doubt you were wiping away the last of your tears.

Earlier you had rushed into the living room, your hands behind your back. With a bright smile you had stated that you had something to give to Rin before he left for his next tournament. The redhead had said that he would open it on the plane, but you had shaken your head. You had said that it was important for him to open it here at home because there was something special about this gift. Rin had tried to explain to you that he needed to get to the airport, but then you had begun to cry and like any father your tears were his greatest weakness.

"Hold your hands out." He does as you say once more.

After a bit of shuffling around Rin feels something small and light fall into his hands.

"Open your eyes." You tell him and he does.

Nestled in his hand was a small white box decorated with shark stickers and a sea green bow on top of the box. Rin's eyes shift over to you and then back to the box. Once open he spots a necklace with two charms. A smile makes its way to his lips as he lifts the necklace out of the box.

"The big shark is you and the little one is me." Your words draw Rin's attention toward you. "I asked mommy if you get lonely when you're away. She said she didn't know, but I think you do." You were seated next to him, your small hands in your lap and your bright (e/c) eyes staring at the two sharks. "So I got you the necklace to remind you of me that way you won't ever be lonely."

For someone your age you somehow always managed to surprise him with how considerate you were of others.

"Thanks." Rin said as he slipped the chain over his head so that it lay comfortably around his neck.

Extended Ending

"I'm home." You announced as you slipped off your shoes and head upstairs to your room.

Rin could hear you moving about and he wondered what had you so occupied. A few moments later and you descend the stairs biding your parents farewell before heading out the door.

"Where is she going?" Rin questioned your mother.

"Out with friends." She replied.

Your mother frowns at Rin's expression.

"Rin, she won't always-"

"I know, but today's my birthday."

His wife sighs, shaking her head at his childish behavior.

"You two are exactly alike in almost every single way." She giggles. "Well I guess there's no use in hiding it from you now. C'mon we should be going anyways."

"A surprise party?"

"Yep. Even after all these years she's still daddy's little girl."

You had been gone most of the day and Rin had assumed that it was due to swim practice. He had no clue that you were preparing a surprise party for him. He was shock to hear that you were able to gather all his friends for this event.

"Surprise!" The sound of cheerful cheers surrounds the redhead as he enters Gou's house.

Rin stares at everyone in shock and then his expression changes.

"Are you crying?" Your mother asked him as he rubbed his eyes.


"Happy birthday dad." You surprise Rin with a hug.


You were still that same little girl. You were still his little girl.
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Chapter 50 (Chocolates) by Ame Yuki
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Reader's age; 15

You slump down on the bench you had just reached; dropping the bags in your hands to your feet. Miki rolled her eyes at your actions and the twins followed your lead. Aya was happily feeding a stray kitten and Tama was busy pour some milk into a bowl.

"My hands hurt." You whined as you rest your head back against the bench. "Do we really need all that for something so simple?"

"First off yes and second, it is not something simple." Miki said. "This is the most important day."

Shika lazily rest her head on your shoulder and Kasumi does the same; resting her head on her sister.

"Can we eat them once we finished?" Kasumi asked.

"No." Miki stated to which you and the twins groan.

"Why not if we're the ones who will be cooking them." Shika retorted.

"Yeah. The twins are right; it’s only fair that we get to eat some." You added.

Miki glares at you for a moment and you glare back. Your glaring contest is interrupted by Aya.

"Well we should get started if we plan on giving them out on time."

"We could have just bought chocolates from the store." You stated.

"It certainly would have made things easier." Tama agreed.

"Yes, but that's not the point." Miki said. "The purpose of all this is-"

"We know, Mizu." The twins cut in. "You've said it like a thousand times today."

You stand to your feet, shrugging your shoulders which make a popping noise as you stretch.

"Well the sooner we do this the sooner we finish."

"And the sooner we get our hands on the chocolates." Shika and Kasumi pitched in.

Miki turns toward the three of you, a glare directed at each of you.

"If any of you so much as eat one chocolate I will drown you."

You shrink away from the navy blue hair girl, the twins hiding behind you.

"Let's go." Tama said as she gave the small kitten one last pat to its head.

Aya and Miki follow the girl.

"We're still eating some of those chocolates, right?" Shika asked.

"Yep even if it's the last thing I do."


Valentine's Day was two days away and Miki had gotten the bright idea to give everyone a box of chocolates and so you had all gone to a nearby store to buy the ingredients you needed. Seeing as you, Shika and Kasumi were eager to get your hands on the sweets, Miki had instructed you three with the task of decorating the boxes in which the chocolates would be delivered in. Tama, Aya and Miki were in charge of baking the sweets. So for the next few hours you and the twins lazed around until the chocolates were ready and you could properly decorate the boxes.

"They look . . ."

"Boring." Kasumi finished for her sister.

The two blondes look to you and you nod your head, agreeing with them.

"Can I see that?" You take the small tube container from Aya.

Shika and Kasumi watch as you open a box and begin to decorate the chocolates. You then switch to a different color of icing and soon the twins join you. After an hour you smile to yourself with satisfaction.

"I think this is better."

"How?" Miki hissed. "You drew sharks and other sea creatures."

"You have to admit her craftsmanship is amazing." Tama stated.

"It wasn't only me. Shika and Kasumi did it too."

"We thought an ocean theme was a nice touch."

"Hey, look they even drew us all in chibi form." Aya pointed out as she held up a square shaped chocolate that had a chibi Miki with hearts floating around her. "Aw, Miki you look so cute!"

"Put that down!"

Lucky for you and the twins, Miki had decided to let the subject drop, but only because you had not made it all about sharks.

"Oh my gosh!" Aya's cry of excitement startles you and the others. "Look!" The pink hair girl says as she holds up another chocolate. "It's a chibi Makoto-san as a fire man!"

"Aya put that down!" Miki reaches over to take the chocolate away. "Don't you even think about- hey! Get back here!"

"Maybe a chibi Makoto was a bad idea."

"Then it's a good thing I didn't show her chibi Shuji."

Tama looks at you in surprise.

"Let's keep that a secret for now."


You had arrived early at school on Miki's orders. You met her by the oat tree near the enterance of the school gates. Once everyone arrived she handed each of you a certain amount of small boxes. After everything was sorted out the six of you went off to find the boys.

"Hiro!" The brunette turns in your direction, a smile evident on his lips as soon as he spots you.


"These are for you!" You hold out a small box decorated with a single orange bow.

Surprise is evident in his eyes, but nonetheless the male takes the box and opens it. His eyes are drawn to the small decorations on the sweets.

"Did you make these?"

"Well Tama, Aya and Miki made the chocolates, but the twins and I decorated them." You reply with a smile.

"Thank you for the sweets." Hiro said. "They're very beautiful, but I think this one is the most beautiful." He picks a chocolate up and turns it around so you could see it.

"Oh." Your cheeks flush red as you stare at the chibi which so happen to be you dressed as a mermaid princess.

"I wonder if you would be this bold with Hisoka around." Shuji stated as he made his way to the two of you.

"Shuji, I have a box for you too." You dig through you bag for his.

"Yeah I kind of figured. Tama and Aya already gave me theirs." He takes the box with the red bow on it. "I can't believe you remember him."

Peeking into the box you realized who he was speaking of. A few of the chocolates had white rabbits drawn on them. Shuji's rabbit had died a few years back from old age and at the time your cousin had been sadden.

"How could I forget him?" You offer your cousin a sincere smile. "He was the best pet ever."

You bid Shuji and Hiro good-bye as you go off in search of the others. You have no trouble finding Yuji and when you hand him his box of sweets he tackles you with a hug.

"I'm glad you like them." The blonde had a weakness for anything cute so chibi drawings of animals and your friends were what you had done for him.

"You're the best!"

Fumio was a bit hard to find, but only because he was trying to avoid Miki who was angry with him for some reason that you didn't know. When you found him you had accidently startled him which caused him to accidently hit his head with yours.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you."

"I know. It's not you I'm avoiding right now." Fumio replied.

"Yeah. Miki can be really scary when she wants to be. Anyways here I made these for you."

Fumio take the box of chocolates from you. The amount of detail each design had was astonishing and Fumio could only imagine how much effort and time you put into making them. He didn't have the heart to tell you that he didn't really like sweets, but nonetheless he accepted your gift.

"Thank you."

"No problem." Your smile made the teen smile as well. "I'm glad you like them."

Mizu was the one person you dreaded to see, but you had promised yourself that you would not let what happen between you affect you anymore. So summing up your courage you strode over to the ebony hair teen.

"Here, these are for you."

Mizu takes them without question.

"Thanks." Is all he says.

The two of you don't stand around for long. You bid each other good-bye and then you head in opposite directions.

Extended Ending

"So how did your love confession go?" Your mother asked you as you, Hisoka and Arata walked into the living room.

"Confession?" Rin shot up out of his seat in a blind of an eye. "What confession?"

"It wasn't a confession." You stated as you sigh. "The girls' swim team handed out chocolates to the boys' swim team. Hisoka, Shuji and Arata got some too since they're our friends."

Rin's frown deepens at your words. He didn't like this whole business with chocolates; people usually got the wrong idea.

"Here I made one for you too." Taken by surprise Rin stares from you to the small box in your hand for a minute longer than necessary.

Upon opening it Rin smiles; shaking his head at the designs on the sweets. Some were of him and his friends while others were of you and your friends.

"Oh I like this one." Your mother said as she took one from the box. "Who drew this one? I love it!"

Rin glances at the chocolate and his anger begins to boil. It was of you and Mizu dressed as a mermaid and merman just like from that play from a few weeks ago.

"Why are you two kissing?"

"It wasn't me! One of the twins must have done that!"

"Rin it's not like it happen!"

"As far as we know!"

"Where are you going?!"



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Chapter 51 (Matchmaker) by Ame Yuki
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The next few chapters will kind revolve around reader-chan and some of the love interests.

I do not own Free just my OCs.

Part I

Reader's age; 15

"What's going on?"

"Convince them to leave me alone." Aya cried out as she rushed over to you.

You stare from the pink hair girl to Miki and Tama. Aya quickly hides behind you as Miki approaches you.

"The soccer team is holding a fundraiser." Miki informed you.

"I still don't get it." You bluntly stated.

Miki rolls her eyes at your confused expression.

"She may be just who we need, Miki." Tama pitched in. "After all Shuji is her cousin, so this could prove to be an advantage for us."

Aya peeks from over your shoulders; her hands tightening their hold on the back of your jacket.

"My answer is still no!"

"Well we already have everything planned out so we're going through with it." Miki stated.

You sigh, rubbing your temple as Miki continues to argue with Aya.

"Can someone please explain?"

"As Miki stated earlier." Tama began. "The soccer team, which your cousin is part of is holding a fundraiser." The expression on your face is a sign for Tama to continue. "Anyways if you buy a ticket and if your number is pulled then you're able to go on a date with the soccer player of your choice."

"Shuji is my cousin." You stated. "As in we share the same blood."

"We know that, idiot." Miki growled; smacking the back of your head. "We just need you to buy a ticket."

You sigh once more, mumbling something under your breath.

"We're all buying tickets so that Aya has a better chance at landing a date with Shuji." Tama informed you. "We're just trying to help in getting those two together."

"But didn't you guys hear what Shuji said last time?"

"Yeah, so?" Miki asked.

"He isn't ready to date anyone." You give Aya an apologetic smile.

"But he did say he was happy that Aya harbored those types of feelings toward him." Miki supplied.

"That not the point. Shuji isn't ready to date and I'm not about to go behind my cousin's back." You cross your arms. "I have nothing against any of you." You clarified. "I just don't want to force my cousin into doing anything he's against."

Just as Miki was about to respond, Shika and Kasumi appear out of nowhere.

"If we're going through with the plan then you guys better hurry." Kasumi said.

"The soccer team is almost out of tickets." Shika informed your group. "They're selling their last batch."

Tama and Miki share a look and then Miki returns her attention toward you.

"So are you in?"

You sigh, gently shrugging Aya off of you. Once she releases her hold, you turn on your heels.

"Yeah I'm in." You reply, shoving your hands in the pockets of your jacket.


"What are you doing here?" Shuji stared at you with questioning (accusing) crimson eyes.

You had headed over to the soccer team's locker room which was you went to buy a ticket. You ignore Shuji's stare and hand him the amount of money needed to buy a ticket.

"_____-chan?" Arata had appeared, surprise written over his face.

"Hi." You greeted the boy with a friendly smile.

"What are you doing here?" The boy quickly corrects himself. "I mean it's nice to see you, but-"

"Oh! You mean why am I buying a ticket?" You continue to ignore Shuji's gaze. "Well I figured since I hardly see you two let alone hang around the two of you, that this was the only way to guarantee that we'd be able to spend some time together."

"That's a load of bull-"

"We always have time for you." Arata stated, cutting Shuji off. "Sorry if we haven't spent time with you, practice has been lengthen since we've reached finals."

You hand Shuji your money and the redhead hands you your ticket although you knew that he didn't believe one word you had said. Shuji knew you to well and you had no doubt that he would figure things out before the end of the day.

"Did you get one?" Tama asked you during your lunch break.

You pull the small grey piece of paper out of your pocket and hand it over to the violet hair girl. After a moment she hands it back once everyone took a glance at the number on your ticket.

"So when do they announce the winner?" You asked.

"Tomorrow morning." Shika informed you.

You draw your attention over to Aya.

"And you're okay with this?"

"Yeah." Her eyes glance at you with concern.

You shrug your shoulders, your attention back on your food.

"Just as long you guys don't involve me any longer I'm fine."

The rest of the day went by fast. Your lessons consisted of lectures from your teachers and of course you jotting down notes, page after page. By the end of the day, you were heading home since practice was cancelled due to the twins having a doctor's appointment this afternoon. Just as you were exiting the school gates a turf of red catches your attention and before you know it Shuji stands right before you, blocking your path. You curse your luck and your injured ankle. If you hadn't injured yourself then you would have been able to run, but in your current condition you wouldn't get very far.

"Just admit it." Shuji said.

"Admit what?" You blink owlishly.

Shuji glares at you; his arms crossed. You exhale softly and decide to explain things to the redhead.

"I'm just trying to help Aya overcome her shyness and get the two of you together." You told him honestly.

Shuji sighs, moving aside to let you pass and the two of you exit the school together.

"You know all you had to do was tell me the truth."

You stare at the redhead with questioning eyes.

"I know Miki put you up to this whole thing."

"Wait if you knew then how come-"

"I didn't, but I know that pairing people together isn't your thing." Shuji stated. "Although it was nice of you to help Aya out."

You stop in your tracks which causes your cousin to do the same.

"Wait so you're not upset?"

"No, just a bit annoyed."

"About?" The two of you had resumed your walking.

"You guys kind of ruined my plans." The redhead next to you stated.

You stare at your cousin confused.

"What plans?"

"Plans that I had for White Day." Shuji replied; his face a faint pink.

"You mean . . ." You blink owlishly and smile at your cousin. "Does it have something to do with Aya."

"Maybe." Shuji quickens his pace.

"Shuji! Wait!"

You're left to rush after your cousin who had starting running.

Extended Ending

Rin arrived home around the afternoon and to his utter surprise the entire girls' swim team was scattered all over his living room. All six girls were focus on the television before them and as Rin made his way toward the kitchen your mother greets him.

"What's going on?"

The redhead had noticed Miki and Tama with a huge ice cream container placed between them on the couch, each girl held their owe spoon. Shika's and Kasumi's eyes were trained on the television, but it was clear that they weren't paying attention to whatever was on. As for you, your eyes would shift from the television to Aya every so often; who held a pillow to her chest. Rin watched as you whispered something to the pink hair girl, who in turn tried to smile.

"Their scheme didn't go as planned." Your mother replied.

"What scheme?"

"To get Aya and Shuji together."

"Oh . . ." The redhead was speechless.

Rin would have to calculate his actions tonight. With one grown woman and six teenage girls; one misstep and the redhead was sure he would have to face each of your wraths. Maybe it was best if he went out tonight and just spends time with Sousuke. Yeah that seems like a good idea. He would mostly likely survive the night if he went out.
Chapter 52 (Curious) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
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I do not own Free just my OCs.

Reader's age; 4

"You're doing it again."

Your father's voice startles you and you manage to tear your gaze away from the other children who were running around over by the playground. After a moment your gaze travels back to the playground as a small girl with orange pigtails cheerfully yells your name out.

"Sweetie, why don't you go over and play with Koyuki." Your mother kindly encouraged you.

Koyuki calls your name out once more, but a moment later Hitoshi runs over to her and says something to her and soon they both run off to the swings.

"I don't want to." You huffily stated.

Rin raises a brow at your sudden change. He takes a seat beside you on the picnic table.

"What is it this time?" He knew without a doubt that something was bothering you.

You shake your head, indicating that you either didn't want to tell or there really wasn't anything wrong. Although Rin knew you better then you thought he did. Seeing as you weren't going to answer him, Rin decides to wait for when you want to tell.

"Why don't I have a brother or a sister?" You suddenly asked; your (e/c) eyes focus on your cousins.

"Well . . ." He couldn't believe that you were bothered by something so simply. "Because you're the only one who can be my little shark princess."

Rin did his best to crush down the embarrassment he felt at saying those foolish words. He ignored your mother's muffled laughter. He had no doubt Gou probably heard him; hell even Seijuro, him say it, but one look at you and Rin could care less. Your (e/c) orbs were bright and shimmering with happiness and your frown had turned into that adorable little smile that Rin loved to see. Your small arms wrap around his neck and you plant a quick kiss on his cheek before running off to play with your cousins.

His gaze had turned into a soft stare as he fondly watched you enjoy a game of tag with your cousins. A few moments later and he tear his gaze away from you to shift his attention over to your mother, Gou, and Seijuro.

"Don't-" Rin began only to be cut off by your mother.

"Aw, now I remember why I fell in love with you!"

And as your mother continues to gush over the bond you shared with your father, Rin could only shake his head at her behavior.

Extended Ending

Rin came home to a house full of visitors; Sousuke and Hisoka as well as your swim team. After a quick greeting, the redhead excuses himself to head to his bedroom to change into comfortable clothing.

"I'm curious about something." Rin caught a bit of Tama's speech as he ambled back into the hallway.

"What is it?" Your voice drifted into the empty hallway.

"Whites Day is approaching fast." Your silence meant that you were uncomfortable with the direction Tama had taken your conversation. "I wonder if your secret admirers will give you something. I'm betting that Hiro might take an opportunity to make a move."

Suddenly the sound of something shattering startles everyone and your mother yells Rin's name.

"This time it wasn't me!" Rin retorted as he made his walk into the living room.

It certainly wasn't him, but he sure did feel like breaking something.

"Sorry." Hisoka said as he appeared in the kitchen doorway. "The plate slipped from my hands."

Rin's eyes met Sousuke's and the redhead wondered what really happen.
End Notes:
What's this, does Hisoka have feelings? Or is he just being a protective friend, hmmm? Well tone in next time!!!
Chapter 53 (Matchmaker cont.) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
Thank you to Fluffy McFluffenstein, Sarcha, Anonymous,NeonCupcakeAvalanche, and masamasan for reviewing last chapter.

I do not own Free just my OCs.

Today's chapter is a bit lengthy. Eights pages to be exact. Anyways enjoy!

Part II

Reader's age: 15

Checking one last time to see that you had everything you needed for the day, you zip up your book bag and exit your room. Once you descended the stairs you enter the kitchen, where your dad was currently busy eating his breakfast. Your mother greets you with a cheerful good morning as you quickly make yourself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

"Alright, I'm off to school now." You give your mom a quick peck on her cheek and then to Rin. "Bye!"

You were just about to slip out of the front door when Rin called your name.

"Why don't you stay home today?" His eyes didn't stray from the newspaper in his hands.

"Can't, I have a test today." You said as you wrapped your fingers around the door knob.

"Make it up some other time."

You stare at your dad with confusion.

"Why do-"

"Rin." Your mother sternly said your dad's name. "Just because it's White Day doesn't mean you have to become paranoid."

"I'm not." Rin retorted. "I'm just being protective."

Your mother sighs; shaking her head at her husband's behavior.

"She'll eventually start to date someone." Your mother calmly stated. "You won't always be able to prevent those sorts of things from happening. Plus, we already have plans today and it wouldn't be fair if we went out and _____ didn't."

You would have reassured your father, but before you could say a word your mother quickly reminded you that you were running late. So with a quick good-bye you rush out of the house.


You were in your classroom when you saw your cousin, Shuji.

"So, what's the plan for today?" You questioned the redhead.

Shuji simply rolls his eyes.

"Something that doesn't involve you."

"But it does involve Aya, right?" You teasingly ask.

"S-Shut up." Shuji blushes to which you respond with a laugh.

Around lunch break you headed off to find your friends and you're quite surprise to see that Shuji has pulled Aya aside to speak with her privately. You quickly join the others who were hiding around the corner of the school building.

"What do you think he's saying?" Kasumi asked.

"Shh, I can't hear anything!" Miki whispered.

"Move your head, Miki." Tama nudge the navy blue hair girl. "I can't see."

"Guys be quiet." Shika warned. "They'll know we're eavesdropping if you guys keep talking."

"Wow." You shake your head in amusement. "And here I thought I was the only one eager to see how things turned out."

All four girls jolt up; startled, but sigh in relief when they see that it's you.

"I thought this sort of thing didn't interest you." Miki stated.

"It does when it concerns my family and a close friend." You retorted.

"You're late." Tama stated.

"So?" You retorted. "At least I got here before-"

"Whoa." The twins' voices draw your attention over to Aya and Shuji. "She just tackled him with a hug."

You squeeze in between the others, trying not to fall face flat on the ground. Sure enough Aya had surprised your cousin with a hug. Both teens were blushing, but Aya was laughing to cover it up while Shuji was simply smiling.

"Well that's one down." Tama stated. "One more to go."

"Who's the other one?" You asked as you all began to make your way inside the building.

Tama gives you a deadpan stare and the twins giggle.

"I'm betting it's gonna be Hisoka." Shika said.

"Hiro." Tama said.

"Well I say Mizu." Kasumi confidently stated.

"As if." You heard Miki mumble which earn her a quick glance from Kasumi.

"What are you three talking about?"

"You." Tama replied.


Your teacher had just stepped out due to some emergence conference the school had decided to hold. You were busying conversing with a friend when Shuji said your name.

"Hiro is waiting for you." The redhead said as he pointed toward your classroom door.

You excuse yourself and make your way to the door. Once you exit the classroom you quickly shut the door behind you.

"Hi, Hiro." You greeted the brunette. "Is there something you need?"

The brunette greets you with a smile.

"Yeah, actually that's the reason I'm here." He calmly stated.

You stare at Hiro with confusion.

"What reason?"

"I have something I want to ask you." He pauses for a moment and when he sees that you make no attempt to move he continues. "Will you go out on a date with me?"

Silence and then you suddenly feel your face flush.


"Wow, you're as bold as ever."

"S-Shuji!" You turn toward your cousin. "What are you doing here?"

"I figured since you eavesdropped on me when I asked Aya out on a date then I could do the same to you."

You glare at Shuji, but he either ignored you or didn't take you seriously because of your blush.

"Anyways," the redhead beside you continued acting disinterested in the situation. "Are you gonna answer him?"

Still flustered by the brunette's question, you turn toward the tall male. Suddenly your hands begin to feel clammy and you avert your gaze.

"You don't have to answer me right now." Hiro said as he offered you a gentle smile. "I'll wait until school ends. How does that sound?"

You give a slight bow; hoping to hide your embarrassment.

"Thanks Hiro. I'll definitely give you an answer before I head home today."

"Okay." Once again he smiles. "Just to clarify things, I'm not trying to pressure you."

You reassure the brunette that you did not feel pressure at all and with a final good-bye you both promise to meet by the school gates later on in the afternoon.

"Well what's your answer?" Shuji asked you as the two of you returned to your class.

"You'll know later." You stated.

"You're nervous." The redhead stated.

You don't bother to reply or deny his statement. He was right; you were a bit nervous, but not because you had suddenly developed feelings for the brunette. The reason was completely different. You had known Hiro from a young age and you had always seen him as nothing more than a friend. And you had always assumed that he saw you as nothing more than a friend. Sure he did drop hints every now and then about how he might possibly feel, but you had never thought much about them simply because you didn't want to take a risk in what would happen if you actually acknowledged his hints. Although you knew that playing dense wasn't the right way to go about it either and it could possibly end badly for you.

The redhead beside you smirks. "You're actually taking the time to consider what he said."

"Shuji if you know what's good for you then can it." You huffed; a faint blush creeping on to your face.

Your cousin simply paces a reassuring hand on your shoulder.

"I'm sorry if my teasing is making you uncomfortable." Shuji offers you an apologetic smile. "I'm here if you wanna talk, alright?"

"Thanks." There wasn't much for you to say, but you knew that Shuji didn't have any trouble realizing that you were really grateful to have him at your side at that moment.

"Don't stress yourself over it." Shuji advised. "If you feel uncomfortable at the thought of going out with Hiro then you know that you don't harbor the same feelings toward him as he does for you."

You ponder of your cousin's words and take a moment to reconsider your decision. Did you feel uncomfortable around Hiro?

"I don't feel uncomfortable around him." You said; glancing over at your cousin.

"Then you knew what your answer is, but again it's all up to you." Shuji said.

That afternoon the two of you had walked to the school gates; ready to bid one another farewell when Shuji had stopped mid-sentence. His crimson eyes glanced over to your right and you slowly shift your gaze in the same direction. Mizu comes to a stop not to far from where you and Shuji stood. Shuji greets the raven hair teen and Mizu does the same. Then his blue orbs fall on you and you stare at the teen.

"Here." He said as he held out a fairly large box.

"What is it?" You ask as you blink owlishly for a moment and then you take the box that was being offered to you.

Inspecting it a bit more and you realized that the box was certainly heavy and you handled it with care; fearing that whatever laid inside could easily break if you jostled it too much.

"It's a cake." Mizu replied as he glanced off to the side. "I know how much you liked my dad's desserts so I figured giving you one as a White Day's present would seem fair since you gave me chocolates."

You blush at his words. Your friendship with Mizu was still a bit rocky, but you couldn't help feel pleased to know that he had liked your sugary treats and that he wanted to repay you for being kind. Carefully you adjust your hold on the box as you stick your free hand out. Mizu stares at you with confusion.

"I would give you a hug as thanks, but a hand shake is all I can manage at the moment." You explained. "Is that okay with you?"

To your delight, the raven hair teen nods in agreement and takes hold of your hand, giving it a firm shake. Even if things between the two of you were complicated, this was a start in the right direction of trying to fix your relationship.

"Well I'm heading home." Shuji said as he waved to the two of you before heading out.

"I don't think I can eat this all." You stated once your cousin was out of sight. "Do you wanna come over and help me eat this? We can invite the others as well."

Mizu shakes his head. "We have relatives coming over for dinner tonight."

"Oh, okay. Maybe next time?"

Mizu nods as if to agree and then he's off; making his way off the school grounds.


To your left Hiro was just a few feet away.

"I have my answer." You stated as he stops right beside you.

"Which is?"

"I-I'll go on that d-date with you." You blush in embarrassment at your stuttering.

Hiro smiles at your positive response.

"What's that?" The brunette questioned as his green orbs land on the box in your hands.

"Oh, this?" You glance down at the box. "A gift from Mizu for White Day."


When you arrived home you stored your gift in the fridge and then you head to your room to grab something to where for your date with Hiro. Once you had what you needed you then headed to the bathroom to take a quick shower. After you had finished your shower and you were in your room, your mom had gone to see what had you up and about.

"Just want to let you know that-"

"I know, make sure I lock the door when you and dad leave." You interrupt your mom.

She shakes her head at your behavior, but her kind smile was evident.

"Yes, but that's not what I was going to say."

"Really?" You stare at her with confusion. "But you and dad are always-"

"Well it's true that you do sometimes forget to lock the front door, but we understand that you have a lot on your plate with school, your swim team and of course your injured ankle. Although that what I was about to say had nothing to do with that."

Your mother giggles at your confused expression.

"Just have fun on your date tonight, okay?"

"Wait!" You stare at her with widen, shocked eyes. "How did you know?"

"It's a mother's instinct." She flashes you a smile once more. "Anyways your father and I will see you when we get back from our date." Hurrying over to you, she pecks you on the cheek. "Bye!"

Extended Ending

He was suspicious about your mother. Rin knew she acting strange; avoiding him whenever he had asked about what had you running back and forth. He knew his suspicions were confirmed when your mother had ascended upstairs to your room. He could hear your muffled voices and after a good handful of minutes he had decided that enough was enough. He was going to head upstairs himself and find out what the two of you were discussing. Although just as his right foot landed on the first step, your mother was already heading down the stairs.

"What was that about?"

"Nothing just some girl talk." Your mother replied.

"I don't believe-"

Suddenly there was a knock at the front door and Rin goes over to answer. Standing outside was none other than Makoto's boy; Hiro. Rin puts two and two together and it all suddenly clicks into place. With narrow eyes, Rin directs his glare at his wife.

"They're coming to dinner with us." The redhead stated.

Your mother's eyes widen in disbelief and her lips tug into a frown.

"Rin, that's not-"

"You're not going out like that!" Rin said as you made your way down the stairs in a simple dress that showed to much of your shoulders.

"Rin, there's nothing wrong with her dress." Your mother stated.

"The straps are too thin." Rin retorted. "_____ go put on a jacket."

Rin left no room for arguments and to your mother's dismay you and Hiro joined your parents for dinner. Rin made sure that Hiro sat far away from you. No doubt he’d have his head chewed off by your mother, but it was worth the danger especially when it involved you.

"You're sleeping on the couch tonight." Your mother hissed at Rin. "In fact the living room can be your bedroom from now on."

"You're being unreasonable."
End Notes:
Heehee . . . yeah Mizu made an appearance. ^__^ And yeah, Hiro's plans didn't go as planned. Don't worry there's always next time . . . that's if Rin doesn't know about them.
Chapter 54 (Trip) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
Thank you to Anonymous for reviewing last chapter. I know its been a while and I'm terribly sorry. Life has sprung up some problems on my end.

I do not own Free.


Reader's age; 15

This week was one of those rare chances where the kids were out of school on a short vacation and the parents also had a mini vacation. So your parents along with your friends' parents had decided to take the opportunity to spend time together at some resort.

“. . . and make sure you also-"

"Yeah yeah, I know I got everything packed, mom." You interrupted your mother; reassuring her that you packed all the essentials that you needed for your vacation.

Your mother had gone ahead to the resort with Hisoka's mother. So Rin had decided that the two of you along with Sousuke and Hisoka would head over to the resort together.

"Make sure your father doesn't forget anything. I'll see you when you get here, okay bye!"

She ends the call and you put your phone away in your pocket. You take one last glance at your suitcase before zipping it up and heading out of your room. Downstairs Sousuke and Hisoka are waiting in the hallway of your home. Once Sousuke spots you he takes your suitcase and heads outside to the car to store it away with all the other suitcases.

"Do you have everything?" Rin asked you as he made his way outside.


Rin heads over to aid Sousuke in packing your luggage. Once the luggage is put away, Sousuke slips into the driver seat and Rin takes the passenger seat.

"Ready?" Hisoka asked as you slipped into the empty seat next to him.

"Yeah." You reply as Sousuke starts the car.

The beginning of the drive starts off pleasant; Hisoka and you chat to pass the time. Two hours later and you had somehow convinced your dad to recount some of his high school swim tournaments. After another hour had passed you begin a game of 'I spy' with Hisoka, but after a few minutes into the game the two of you become bored.

"You're lost, aren't you?" Rin directs his stern gaze toward Sousuke.

"No." The dark hair man stated.

"We're lost." Hisoka confirmed with a sigh.

"How long have we been lost?" Rin asked.

"I'm sure it's not that bad." You said as you looked over to Hisoka, hoping that he would reassure you.

Hisoka shakes his head and your heart sinks as he frowns.

"I missed the right turn about three hours ago." Sousuke spoke; sighing.

"We'll figure something out." You said; trying to reassure the male. "We can back track or maybe turn on the next exit and head from there."

"Pull over." Rin said. "I'll drive."


"Great just our luck." You huffed as you unbuckled your seat belt. "First we get lost and then the car breaks down."

Sousuke glances in your direction as you mention getting lost. You offer Hisoka's father an apologetic smile.

"Sorry Sou-kun, I didn't mean to offend you." You apologize and Sousuke sends you a small smile in return.

"What happen to you being the reassuring one?" Hisoka asked.

You turn your gaze on the dark hair male as he lightly bumped his shoulder with yours. Rin had stepped out of the car to inspect the engine. Sousuke joins your dad a few moments later.

"I'm frustrated." You mumbled.

Hisoka leans over and ruffles your hair and you try to swat his hand away, but he quickly captures your wrist with his other hand. You tug on your seized hand causing Hisoka to lose his balance and fall into you; knocking you on your back in your seat. You feel heat crawl up on to your face as Hisoka's face looms inches above yours. His dark eyes shine with surprise and a faint pink is evident across his face.

"S-Sorry!" You quickly scrabble away and as you do you accidently kick Hisoka in the stomach.

Hisoka moves away from you; his arms wrapped around his stomach. His breathing coming out as heavy wheezing.

"Hisoka!" You place a hand on his shoulder; concern sinking into you when he shrugged your hand off. "I'm so sorry! I didn't-"

"I'm . . . fine." He said as he slowly sat back up straight. "I can see why you're a swimmer."

You avert your gaze as Hisoka smiled at you.


A firm hand on your shoulder has you gazing up at your childhood friend. He flashes you a smile and you offer a small smile of your own.

Extended Ending

Rin had pulled into a gas station and while he was inside buying some snacks, Sousuke directs his gaze up toward the rearview mirror. You and Hisoka were seated as far away as possible from each other. It wasn't anything strange, but your silence was.

"What's up with you two?" The dark hair male asked.

You shift in your seat while Hisoka ignore his father's question and stare out of the window on his left.

"It's nothing." Hisoka huffed out.

"I-It's . . . I accidently kick Hisoka in the stomach." You said; your cheeks tinting a rosy red hue.

"Really?" Sousuke raise an eyebrow in question. "And why is that?"

Hisoka tears his gaze away from the window to shoot his dad a warning look. Sousuke ignores the boy's glare and encourages you to continue, but the teen next to you lean close to you and clamps his hand over your mouth. Sousuke glance from you to Hisoka; noticing the blush adoring his son's face.

"I said-" Hisoka is cut off by Rin slipping into the drive seat with a plastic bag full of snacks.
Chapter 55 (Green, Red and Blue) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
I was planning on waiting until next week to post this, but I changed my mind.

And as you can see the OVA influenced me for this chapter. I did try to give some screen time to Rea's love interests, but it wasn't a lot. -_- Thank you to Anonymous, Fluffy McFluffenstein, anon and Sarcha for kindly leaving a review.

I do not own Free just my OCs.

Quick note: Something I forgot to mention last time. Reader calls Sousuke, Sou-kun because she's closer or rather more comfortable around him then the others who she usually calls them by their last names.
Green, Red and Blue

Reader's age; 15

"Uncle Momo just got the best idea!" Koyuki cried out in excitement as she raced toward the side of the beach were you, Shuji and Hisoka were currently standing.

The orange hair girl rushes pass both males and collides right into you. Her arms wrap around your waist as the two of you tumble downward. Shuji yells out something, but his words are muffled by the sound of water rushing into your ears. Seconds later you're tugged out of the salty water by Hisoka, while Shuji pulls his younger sister off of you.

"So what's Momo's brilliant idea?" Shuji asked.

"He said we should have a water gun fight." Koyuki said; bouncing on the ball of her feet.

You and Hisoka share a look.

"Didn't our dads do something similar when they were in high school?" You asked as you ringed your hair out.

"Yeah as well as Mizu's and Hiro's dads." Hisoka replied.

Koyuki urges you and the others to head over to where your parents and a few of your other friends were. Once there Momo begins to explain how he wanted to do another survival game, but this time with you and the others.

"Yeah!" Nagisa said; the excitement in his eyes clear as day. "It'll being fun!"

"It should be girls vs. boys!" Yuji said.

Miki hits the blonde on the side of his head.

"We're outnumbered."

"Well I would have suggested the new generation vs. the old generation, but there's still the problem of outnumbering." Fumio said.

"And there's also the problem of location." Tama stated as she took a quick glance at the beach. "The beach doesn't have any cover."

"I don't think we'll play anytime soon." You said as you leaned on your cousin; Shuji while everyone else discusses which place would be ideal for the game.

"Get off." The redhead said as he gave a slight shove.

"How about we spilt into teams?" Makoto suggested. "Three teams, how does that sound?"

"The resort would be the best place for the survival game." Rin said.

Everyone agreed with Makoto's and Rin's idea. Rules were set and everyone was given enough time to dry off and change into dry clothing before beginning the game. So once everyone was ready, you were spilt into teams; the green, red and blue team.

Green Team

Red Team

Blue Team

Once that was settled your team headed off to a less crowded area. There your team decided on what strategy would be best.

"Makoto's team has Rei." Koyuki said. "So anything we try he'll be able to see."

"And let's not forget they also have Miki, so that's double the intelligence." Yuji added.

"And the red team has Fumio." You stated.

"Fumio and I are close friends." Yuji said as he nudged your arm with his elbow. "Don't worry about him; I'll take care of him. I know how to distract him, so we'll be fine."

"Koyuki and Yuji have a point." Kasumi agreed. "But Momo-san had stated once that Sousuke-san had managed to surprise Rei-san."

You look over to Haru and Sousuke; both adults were simply quiet, waiting for you and the others to conjure up a plan.

"Sou-kun, Nanase-san, do you guys have a plan?" Both males remain quiet at your question.

"Our best chance right now is that we stick together." Hisoka said as he picked his water gun up off a nearby picnic table where the rest of your water guns laid.

Haru and Sousuke stand from their crouched position from where your team had formed a circle near the picnic table.

"For now we'll go in pairs of two." Sousuke added. "Haru and I will head out first. We'll distract them while the rest of you surprise them from behind and the sides."

"Got it!" You and the others confirmed as you went off with Hisoka while Koyuki went with her dad and Kasumi ran off with Yuji.


"They're going to want to try and take us by surprise." Miki stated; glancing over at her dad, Rei. The glasses wearing adult nods his head in approval. "Be prepare for their ambushes from the back and as well as from both sides." Miki added as she moved the stick she was holding, over to a small map she had made on the dirt ground.

Makoto and the others listen intently to Miki as she continues to inform them of the other teams’ possible strategies. Momo and Shika had volunteered to be the decoy that way their team would at least have an idea as to where the other teams were hiding. If the blue and red team fell for their trick then it would give away their position thus giving the green team an advantage.

Aya and Arata and brought up that the red team had Fumio, but Miki had reassured them that there was no need to worry. She could outsmart her brother so he didn't stand as a threat to her and her team.

"So is everyone ready?" Makoto asked once Miki had finished and Rei had tossed in his two cents of useful information.


Shuji sighs as Nagisa tries to encourage Fumio to formulate a plan, but the navy hair teen is becoming more and more annoyed by the blonde male's antics.

"Uncle what's the plan?" The redhead asked Rin; ignoring the blonde male next to him who had suddenly decided to annoy him.

Rin takes a moment to think and then he motions the others to lean in close; forming a circle as they move closer to him.

"Rei and his daughter will try to predict our strategies." At this he looks to Rei's son, who in turn mumbles an agreement. "As for the other team, Haru and Sousuke will act as a form of distraction for their team."

"Another important thing to remember." Fumio spoke up as everyone took hold of their weapons. "Stay away from open areas. It's likely that those places will be dangerous. There's a high possibly that they're ambushed."

Each team was given another minute to themselves and then the game begins. You along with Hisoka head to your destination hiding spot as Haru and Sousuke get into position. Silence rings in your ears and then the sound of shouting and the pounding of feet against concrete reach your ears.

"Looks like someone was on to our strategy." Hisoka said as he moved away from his spot next to you.
"We should get going."

"You're right." Looks like your team would have to switch up their strategy.

You move along the buildings of the resort, making sure to survey the area before proceeding. Just as you were about to cross a small garden, Hisoka pulls you back behind a bush. You shoot him a questioning look, but he silently points toward the other side of the garden. You peek through the bush and notice Koyuki facing off against Tama.

"Sorry, Koyuki." The older girl said as she held your cousin at gun point. "But I can't lose."

Without thinking you jump through the bush catching both girls by surprise. You rise your water gun to Tama; determination written on your face. You hear Koyuki mumble your name as you take a step in her direction

"You're not as clever as you seem." Tama said as she pulled out another water gun. She aims the weapon toward you while still keeping the other one aimed at your cousin. You stop moving as she her index finger comes to rest on the trigger. "Tell you what, I'll take pity on you and shot Koyuki first that way you don't feel bad about being the first one out. How does that sound?"

"Well-" Without waiting to hear what you had to say she pulls the trigger.

In that same second you are tackled to the ground by Hisoka and Tama is hit by your uncle Seijuro. The violet hair girl cries out in surprise as the water hits her right in the face.

You glance at Hisoka, who mumbles an apology for tackling you to ground so suddenly. He averts his gaze as he offers you a hand; helping you to your feet.

"I'm not as helpless as I look." Koyuki stated as she happily skipped over to her dad.

"Never threaten my little girl." Seijuro said as he and Koyuki headed off to another location.

"An ambush." Tama shakes her head. "I'll admit, it was impressive."

You and Hisoka head off to another area of the retort. To your surprise your phone vibrates and you fish it out of your pocket. On your screen is a picture of Tama and a bold red x over her picture, the captions at the bottom read, "defeated'". Tama's picture disappears and in it is a short video of what had happen after the video a chart of the teams and the current players flashes on your screen.

"Looks like Tama was the first one out." Hisoka stated as you glance over to see him storing his phone away. "We should keep moving; no doubt her teammates will want to avenge her."

"Wait a second." You grab hold of his arm. "Who hacked into our phones and into the resort's surveillance cameras?"

"Before we started the game, Nagisa along with Fumio and Yuji set up some program or code to gain control of the resort's camera s in order to make keeping track of who's out easier." Hisoka explained as the two of you moved to hide behind a staircase. "They did better than I expected, but then again we're talking about the Hazuki family."

With that said Hisoka motions for you to follow him as he headed up the stairs. He crouches down as the two of you reach the balcony and silently you make your way across and over the bridge, descending another staircase and rushing behind a building as a squirt of water zones pass your; inches away from your right ear.

"_____-chan. Hisoka-chan." Both you and Hisoka tense up at the sound of Nagisa's cheerful voice. "You should come out here."

Hisoka chances a quick glance, but quickly ducks back just as more water shoots pass.

"Aw, Fumio you almost got him."

"_____, when I give the signal you race for that stairwell." Hisoka stated as he readied his weapon.
"I'll be right behind you."

"Wait, we're a team and Nanase and your dad said to stick together." You argued. "Plus I'm sure they're figured out our plans, so we'll have to do this differently."

Hisoka stares at you in disbelief, but sighs in defeat after a moment.

"I can never say no to you." You flash your childhood friend a smile which he returns. "Alright, we'll do it your way."


"Nagisa look out!" Fumio yells out as you appeared out of nowhere; well actually you had just jumped off the balcony water gun in hand and shoot right were Fumio and Nagisa stood.

Fumio raised his weapon toward you, ready to shot you, but the sudden pressure between his shoulder blades stopped him.

"Shot her and I'll end you." Hisoka threaten.

"Nice work, Hisoka!" You praised the dark hair teen momentarily forgetting your enemy.

Nagisa takes that as his chance to strike, his finger on the trigger, but Hisoka pushes Fumio into the blonde adult; throwing both males off balance. In that same moment you had squirted both males with water, effectively defeating them.


"Thirty minutes into the game and already we've lost three members." Shuji said as he replayed the video on his phone.

"Those two are better than expected." Rin mumbled to himself.

He wasn't surprise that you were teamed up with Hisoka. The kid was your childhood friend and it was only logical that Sousuke and Haru teamed you up with someone who knew just as well as you knew yourself. Rin knew that your bond would be an advantage for you two, but what he hadn't expected was that your friendship with Sousuke son to be so powerful. The two of you were communicating without much words, it was as if the two of you knew what the other one was about to do just by sharing a simple gaze.

"So what do we do now?" Nitori asked as he shifted his gaze away from his phone that displayed the chart with the current players.

"There's only one thing to do." Rin replied. "We separate them."

"It won't be easy." Mizu said and Hiro nodded in agreement.

Haru's kid levels his gaze with Rin's.

"I have a plan."


"Shika is out." Hisoka informed you as he handed you his phone.

There's a picture of Shika's picture crossed out with an x and the word defeated beneath it. A video pops up and you watch the confrontation between Shika and her twin sister Kasumi. Both girls were shooting at each other, but Kasumi had been the first one to run out of water and Shika had taken that as her chance to eliminate her sister. Kasumi had dodged the oncoming water and then she had surprised her sister by tackling her to the ground, effectively knocking the water gun out of Shika's grasp. Both girls wrestled on the ground, each one trying to reach for the gun before the other.

Kasumi had bitten Shika's hand and as Shika released her hold on Kasumi, she had taken it as her chance to grab the water gun. The video finishes with Kasumi pulling the trigger and water splashing on to Shika's chest.


"Those idiots." Miki growled out as she clutched her phone in her hand.

"What is it?" Aya asked as she made her way toward the navy blue hair girl.

On the screen of Miki's phone were two pictures, one of Momo and the other of Hitoshi. A video popped up of their encounter with Koyuki and Seijuro. Hitoshi had jumped out of the bushes just as Koyuki had be running by and Momo had also appeared before her. The orange hair girl had looked frighten, but at the same time determined. She held her gun up at Momo.

"If you shot uncle, then I have no choice, but to shot you." Hitoshi had said.

Koyuki had turned to stare at her older brother.

"Two against one isn't fair." Koyuki said as tears began to well up in her eyes.

Than in that moment Seijuro had appeared and without a moment's hesitation he had shot Hitoshi. Momo had reacted quickly and ducked just in time to avoid Koyuki's attack. Although Seijuro had chased after him, but Momo had outsmarted him and hit Seijuro with water. Koyuki had acted quick and avenged her father; taking out Momo.

"We'll have to be careful with Koyuki." Makoto said.

"We’re in tie for last place with the red team." Arata pointed out as he held phone out for the others to see the chart of the current players on his screen.

"We'll have to be more caution." Rei said. "For now let's concentrate on eliminating some of the blue members."


You were on your own for now, Hisoka had gone to aid Koyuki who was ambushed by Miki.

"S-Shuji!" You leaned back against the outer wall of a building; making sure to stay hidden from view.

"Aya." Your cousin calmly stated.

Looking in their direction you could see that Aya was nothing more, but a blushing mess and Shuji was completely calm; his normal self. He held his water gun toward the pink hair girl; his hold steady as his index finger rested on the gun's trigger.

"I . . . I didn't think we would confront each like this. T-That and my gun is empty." Aya murmured, but you could easily hear her.

Shuji narrowed his eyes. "I have nothing against you, but this ---I'm doing this for my team." Shuji said, his expression changing back to his old one. "Just like you're doing for your team."

"This is very unlike you, Shuji." Said redhead tensed up as Makoto appeared from behind a tree.

"Makoto!" Aya sighed with relief.

"You're out numbered." Makoto said after he had flashed Aya a friendly smile.

"Am I?" Shuji smirked; his crimson eyes darting to his left and Makoto's eyes widen at the sight of his son.

"Well that's surprising, but you're still outnumbered." As Makoto finished his sentence Arata stepped out from behind a building. "And while we're at it why don't you step out as well, _____."

Your (e/c) eyes widen in shock, but you do as you're told and head to the small clearing where everyone stood.

"You're alone aren't you?" Shuji asked you; his gun still pointed in the direction of Makoto and Aya.
You give no reply and the redhead sighs. "That's an idiotic move."

You ignore his comment and hold your gun up toward him.

"I won't do that if I were you." Arata said as he held his gun up toward you. "You're out numbered."

"He has a point." Hiro said as he too held his gun up; aimed at you. "You're in no position to threaten anyone. I'd rather not have to use this against you, so please hand over your gun."

Your eyes shift from one person to the other. Arata had his gun pointed at you and you had yours pointed at Shuji, while he had his pointed at Makoto. Makoto was standing in front of Aya; protecting her from Shuji's gun. The brunette's water gun was also pointed at Shuji while Hiro's gun was pointed at you.

Hiro was right, you were outnumbered; you had no one to back you up. Hisoka had gone to help Koyuki and you had only been trying to keeping moving, hoping to avoid any confrontations with anyone, but you had gotten caught.

"So what-" Hiro began, but the click of a water gun interrupts him.

"You're beyond confident." Hisoka said as he held his gun to Hiro's head. "Did you really think I would leave her alone?"

Hiro glance at Hisoka from the corner of his eye.

"One teammate does not make a difference."

"I'm not just a teammate." Hisoka said as he added more pressure to Hiro's head. "I'm her childhood friend."

"That doesn't mean anything." Hiro said.

"It does, it means protecting her from someone like you." Hisoka said as he pulled the trigger.

Hiro's eyes widen in surprise; falling to his knees as his hand reaches to his left side of his head.
After a second everyone else reacts or at least tries to, but Hisoka stops them.

"The rest of our team is in position ready to attack if you guys try anything."

Hisoka's words are proven to be true when Shuji tries to aim his gun at you. Out of nowhere he is hit with water. Hisoka quickly takes your hand and the both of you race of to a safer location.


"It's done." Sousuke informed Haru; handing the blue eye male his phone to show him the video. "Hisoka and the other managed to save _____."

"Who's left from the green team?" Haru asked.

Sousuke shows him the chart with the current players. Arata, Makoto, Shuji, Aya, and Hiro had all been defeat by Hisoka, Kasumi, Yuji, and Koyuki. Now all that was left from the green team were Miki and Rei and from the red team were Rin, Mizu and Nitori.

"We should split up and finish this quick." Sousuke said.


Miki listened intently as Rei went over his plan. It was just the two of them now and if they were to succeed then Miki would have to follow her father's instructions.

"Will it work?"

"They'll be on guard now that they know they're close to winning. It's simple and something they know that we know they expect, but that's where the advantage lies."

Just as they were heading off to perform their trick, their phones vibrated. The screen displayed a picture of Koyuki and Nitori. Both had shot at one another at the same time thus resulting in both of them being out.


"We're losing to fast." You said as you watched another video that had popped up.

"The other teams are acting more aggressive now that the game is close to ending and we're in the lead." Hisoka said.

Yuji and Kasumi had carelessly fallen into one of Rei's traps and so your team was now reduced to four players. Now more than ever you would have to be caution when you were on the move and of course sticking close to your partner was more important than ever now.

Haru leaned back against the tree, hiding from view as one of his opponents ran by. He was alone now, Sousuke had gone to aid _____ and Hisoka. Now that the green team was down to just Miki and Rei, they would try to eliminate you. Haru quickly and quietly makes his way across to the other side; ducking down behind a bush. His phone vibrates in his back pocket and the blue eyed male fishes his phone out.

His screen blinks with the images of Miki and Hisoka followed by Sousuke and Rei. After their pictures disappears a video pops up. You and Hisoka were trapped in an alley between two buildings; Miki and Rei blocking your only two forms of escapes.

Hisoka and you stand back to back; you facing Miki while Hisoka faced Rei. The four of you stood there staring at each other; waiting to see who would strike first.

"Miki, now!" Rei commanded and without hesitation the girl before you charged forward.

You quickly move to side step her attack; accidently hitting her with the back of your water gun. Hisoka had dodged to the right as Rei had begun to shot.

"Did you just hit me?" Miki glared at you as she nursed her injury.

"Sorry!" You quickly apologized. "I--- it's reflexes."

"Now is not time to apologize to her!" Hisoka said as he ducked one of Rei's attacks.

"No one asked for your opinion!" Miki growled as she smacked you upside the head.

"What was that for?" You cried out as you massaged your head. "I said I was sorry!"

"We're even now." Miki smiled.

"I told you not to apologize to her."

"Shut up, Hisoka before I hit you too."

"If you're gonna do anything, shouldn't you focus on taking me out?" Hisoka said with a smirk.

Forgetting you for the moment, Miki aims her gun at Hisoka just as Rei does the same. Hisoka aims his gun at Miki while you point yours at Rei.

"______, this is the part where you run." Hisoka said.

"What?" You asked, confused.

"I'll handle these two while you regroup with Haru and dad." To your surprise the dark hair teen pulls out another gun from his back pocket. "Remember your dad and Mizu are still out there."

"You can't take them on all on your own." You said trying to reason with him. "That's an idiotic move."

Hisoka spares you a quick glance.

"I'm doing what I said I would do; protecting you."

You stare at your childhood friend in disbelief and in that moment Miki charges forward, her gun pointed right at you. Hisoka pushes you to the side; grabbing hold of Miki's arm which surprises her. He knocks her gun out of her hand and splashes her with water. Rei takes the distraction as his chance to eliminate Hisoka, but he freeze before he could even take a step forward.

"You've underestimated me again." Sousuke said as he pulled the trigger.

"And you're as careless as ever." Another voice said.

The video finishes with Rin taking out both Sousuke and Hisoka. Now all that remained of the blue team were you and Haru. Placing his phone back in his pocket, Haru then stands. He needed to find you. No doubt Rin would try to corner you and finish you off.


You had seen the video; Hisoka and Sousuke had been eliminated by your father. You had to regroup with Haru and see what strategy you would form from there. The sound of a click catches your attention and from the corner of your eye you spot a turf of dark hair.

"Mizu?" You hadn't expected him to be the one you would face off against.

Mizu stood before you, his gun aimed at you and a look of determination in his blue orbs.

"So you've finally decided to see me as your rival."

Mizu shrugs. "Just for the sake of this game." He said; the corners of his mouth twitching upward.

You rise your water gun. "That's fine with me, for now."

You pull the trigger taking the raven hair teen by surprise, but you miss your target. Rin had appeared at the last second, grabbing Mizu by the back of his shirt and pulling him out of the way. Then he had aimed his gun at you, but Haru had come to your rescue; wrapping an arm around your waist while with his other he shot at the others.

"Nanase!" The two of you were hiding behind two cherry blossom trees. "You . . . how did you find me?"

Rin and Mizu were hiding not too far way; also hiding behind some cherry blossom trees.

"Hey, Nanase where are you going?" You stared at Mizu's father as he stood to his feet and rushed forward.

You too stand to your feet; about to follow your teammate, but you stop in your tracks. Haru had his gun pointed at Mizu, but Rin had step in between them in order to defend Mizu. Your father's eyes land on your form and just as he was about to angle his water gun in your direction, Haru stepped before you; blocking Rin's path. Both adults pull the trigger at the same time and you react without thinking, splashing your dad with water. It looked like Mizu had the same idea as you for he had done the same to Haru.

Now you and Mizu stood feet away from each other; water guns aimed at one another and your index fingers positions on the trigger. Your expression as determine as Mizu's. In your mind you count backwards from three and once you finished you press down on the trigger.

"EH?!" The clicking of your gun is all you heard.

Mizu had a look of utter confusion as he shook his own water gun.

Extended Ending

The game had ended a while ago and now everyone was back on the beach relaxing.

"I can't believe it was a tie!" Nagisa whined as he slumped down into an empty seat at the picnic table.

You and Mizu had run out of water and so the two of you had decided to call it a tie. Rin had wanted a rematch, but Haru had pointed out that it wasn't their decision. So Rin had reluctantly accepted the tie.

"It was unexpected." Makoto said as he busied himself with grill where he was currently cooking dinner for everyone.

"Well it's better than losing." Rin mumbled under his breath.

Sitting at the other picnic table were you, Mizu, Hisoka, Shuji and the rest of your friends. You were seated between Shuji (who was on your right) and Mizu (who was seated on your left). Currently your attention was on Haru's son who was nodding his head every now and then as he listened to whatever you were speaking about. It baffled Rin to see you acting so cheerful around Mizu.

"It's great to see them getting along." Your mother said with a fond smile on her face.

Rin continues to watch as the two of you interact and then he suddenly finds himself shooting to his feet when Mizu had said something which had you standing to your feet and following the raven hair teen.

"Don't." Haru told the redhead.

Rin ignores Haru and begins to make his way to the beach which was where you and Mizu were currently standing.

"I'm not gonna sit here while your son is with my daughter." Rin's eyes widen in disbelief as he spots the two of you stripping down to your swim wear.

Rin ignores your mother's words to stay put. He glances over toward Haru and his rival stands to his feet as if he had already read Rin's mind.

"Where are they going?" Your mother had asked as she watch Rin and Haru race toward the beach shore; stripping down to their swim wear.

"They're challenging each other." Makoto said with a chuckle.

"Like father like daughter." Sousuke said with amusement.

Extra Extended Ending

"Wait, _____!" Your mother shouted. "You can go swimming, you're still injuried! Get back here right now!"

You looked over to your father, but Rin shakes his head and you sigh; shoulders slumping in defeat.

"But dad, I-"

"You heard your mom." Rin said in a stern voice.

"But I wanna swim!" You cried; putting on your best kicked puppy expression.

Rin crosses his arms and averts his gaze.

"I said no."

"That's not fair!" You shift your attention toward Haru. "Haru tell him to let me swim."

Haru than turns to Rin and the redhead just knew that he'd dread what the dark hair male would have to say.

"You really are a cruel parent, Rin." Haru said.

"What?!" Rin glares at his childhood rival. "I'm doing what's best for her." Rin then turns toward you. "And since when do you call him by his first name?"

"What's wrong with that?" You tilt your head to the side, faking innocence. "I call Hisoka's father by his first name too."

Rin's answer was still no and not even your tears could change his mind.
Chapter 56 (Honesty) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
I am so sorry for not updating in such a long time. Hopefully this chapter kind of makes up for it.

Thank you to Fluffy McFluffenstein, NeonCupcakeAvalanche and Naoko Kiseki for reviewing last chapter you lovelies are amazing.

I do not own Free just my OCs.

Reader's age; 15

There wasn't much you were allowed to do since your ankle was still injured and your parents forbid you from doing any form of excising. So while everyone else was out and about; either swimming or doing some sort of other activity, you were left behind. Well technically you could have tagged along with either your mom or dad, but there really was no point in you being out since your freedom was pretty much stripped away. So you had stayed behind to do the only think you could do; relax.

You were seated on your bed; resting against the mountain of pillows you had arranged together to prop yourself up. A remote in your hand as you carelessly surfed through the channels, after ten minutes you've concluded that there wasn't anything of interest on TV. You turn the television off and stand to your feet; slipping on your sneakers and grabbing your phone, some money and your room key before heading out. You head down to the main lobby and down a hallway; heading out the back entrance of the hotel. Once outside, you trek down the sidewalk, stopping about a block away from the hotel and entering a small ice cream shop.

Upon entering the shop, you're surprise to see Mizu making his way to the front door of the ice cream shop. Surprise flashes through his blue eyes at seeing you out and about. You greet the male with a cheerful hello to which he only nods. He heads out while you make your way toward the counter.

With your favorite ice cream in hand, you exit the ice cream shop and pause in your tracks when you see Mizu standing just outside the shop. The two of you fall into step; the silence between you, comfortable. The silence is broken by someone yelling your name out. You turn to your right and your (e/c) eyes lands on a man waving enthusiastically at you from across the street. You raise an eyebrow in question; the man seemed familiar. You knew for certain that you had seen him somewhere before, but you couldn't seem to put a name to his face. You glance at Mizu, who seems focus on losing sight of the pink hair man, but you pull him back to your side before he had the chance to escape. You direct your gaze over to the two kids at the man's side; one with a side ponytail, her hair the color of cotton candy or some shade of pink. The other girl's hair was the exact same color as her father's, but her hair style was a pixie haircut instead of a ponytail. Before you realize it, the three of them jog across the road and come to a stop right before you.

The man shouts your name once more as he neared you and Mizu. The male before you surprises you with a hug and you struggle to keep your ice cream from falling to the ground.

"You've grown so much!"

As he sits you back on your feet, you're quick to take a few steps back. You stare at the pink hair male with confusion. His attention is on Mizu, much to the raven hair teen's dismay. He reaches over to give the boy a friendly hug, but Mizu quickly seizes the man's arm; effectively avoiding the jester.

"You're just like Haru." The man said; not at all bothered by Mizu's glare. He returns his attention to you, noticing your confused state.

"Ah, you don't remember me?" His bright smile is replace by a pout, but in the next second he's back to his cheerful self. "Well it has been a few years, so I'll forgive you."

The girls at his side stare at their father in confusion.

"Uh, who are you?" If he hugged you one more time you would smash your ice cream into his face. Favorite flavor be damned, the man was creeping you out.

"Kisumi; I'm an old friend of Rin's." He stated; his arms out stretched as if he was preparing to hug you once more.

You side step his hug, but Kisumi just turns back to you. He flashes you a smile as he ruffles your hair. You frown; not having been able to avoid him like Mizu had.

"Oh, I remember." His smile widens at your words. "You're the guy who ate all my gummy sharks."

You were around eight when you had met Kisumi. He had dropped by to pay your dad an unexpected visit when you were in school and when you return home, you were distraught to find out that he had eaten your favorite candy.

"Haha, your annoyed expression is just like Rin's." One of the girls’ tugs on his shirt; gaining Kisumi's attention. "Oh, right!" He turns back to you. "Well we'll see you two around; we have somewhere we have to be."

To your surprise and annoyance, Kisumi embraces you in a tight hug; spinning you around for a bit and then sitting you back down on your feet.

"Bye! It was nice seeing you again!" He gives you and Mizu another quick hug before heading back across the street with both his daughters at his side.

When you can no longer see him, you turn your attention to Mizu, who was openly glaring in the direction Kisumi had disappeared.

"So . . . I guess we head back?" Mizu nods his head, continuing on his way back.


Once you arrived back you made your way to the outdoor pool, which was surprisingly deserted. Maybe the others were at the beach? Swimming was out of the question, so you had settled for just dipping your feet into the cool water. Mizu had disappeared somewhere (you hadn't even noticed he was gone) so you simply take the time to relax and enjoy the afternoon breeze. You occupied yourself with splashing water on yourself every now and then to stay cool; when you felt someone nudge your left shoulder. You redirect your gaze over to Mizu; who takes a seat next to you. You raise a brow as he placed a plastic grocery bag between you.

You inspect the bag and find that it contains ice cream. You take one popsicle for yourself and hand the other one to Mizu, who quietly thanks you. A comfortable silence settles between you as you both enjoy your frozen treat.

"You never did give me an answer as to why you don't want to be rivals." You spoke up out of the blue; your eyes focus on feet as you splashed some water over your legs.

"And I still don't understand why you want me as your rival." Mizu said with a sigh.

You had confessed before that he inspired you to do better, to aim higher than what was expected of you. Yet there was another reason, could it be that he returned it to? You had made your decision years ago and you promised not just yourself, but your father (the one person who praised you more than you deserved) that you would keep your word.

"I told you before." You stated.

"The truth."

Exhaling softly you turn toward the raven hair teen at your side.

"You remember that day, don't you?" Mizu's attention shifts over to you. "I could handle being called a coward, but when you accused my dad of being a coward that's when I came to a decision. I promised myself that I would become a better swimmer and prove you wrong. That my dad is no coward!"

Silence settles between the two of you once you had finished. You had hoped that he would say something, but it seems that Mizu was lost in his own thoughts while you struggled to calm your anger. You constantly remind yourself of your father's and Haru's advice.

"You think to highly of your dad."

"W-What?!" Mizu's words cut through your train of thoughts, but what surprises you more is the fact he seems to be leaving again like the last time you had confronted each other. "Of course I do, why wouldn't I?"

You are momentarily distracted by someone yelling your name and you had no doubt that the others had come looking for you. You scramble to your feet, following after the raven hair teen. You call after him and come to a sudden halt when he stops in his tracks.

"Is this what you really want?" His expression turns into a scowl at the sight of your confused state. "Or are you just following someone else's dream."

"There you are!" Aya stated cheerfully as she and the others arrived.

Mizu uses their distraction as his chance to slip away before you could call out to him again.

Extended Ending

"UNO!" Nagisa excitedly yelled as he reached for the stash of goods in the center of the round table.

Momo cries out in distress while Nitori pats the orange hair male on the back as a form of comfort. Sousuke is quietly examining the cards in his hands, obviously not pleased with losing once again. Rei mumbles theories to himself as he tries to figure out where he went wrong while Makoto tries to reassure Rei that there's a possibility he could win on the next round. Of course the brunette is also keeping an eye on Haru; making sure his childhood friend doesn't jump into the large fish tank that just so happens to be near their table.

Rin tosses his only card onto the table, standing to his feet as he does so.

"I'm done for the night." Rin stated.

Sousuke nods in understanding while Momo and Nagisa try to persuade him to stay. Rin wouldn't be heading out early, but he hadn't seen you all day and he at least wanted to make sure you had been staying off your ankle like the doctor had ordered you to.

"I think I'm done for tonight as well." Rei said to which Nagisa quickly protested.

"Not you to, Rei-chan!"

Rin turns his back on the blonde launching across the table to secure his arms around the glasses wearing male.
End Notes:
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Chapter 57 (Secret) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
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I do not own Free just my OCs.

Reader's age; 15

It was no surprise to you when Hisoka invites you out the next day. In fact you were certain he had this planned out otherwise he wouldn't have lured you out with the promise of treating you to your favorite pastries. So as you sat across from your childhood friend in a cozy little cafe, you wondered what exactly was it that Hisoka wanted to talk about.

"Your face will permanently stay like that if you keep glaring at me." Hisoka said as he reached for another pastry.

"I'm not glaring." You childishly pouted as you take a sip of your hot chocolate which had now gone cold. "Spit it out Hisoka, I know we're here for a reason."

Sighing, Hisoka wipes his hand on his napkin before addressing you. "What exactly did you and Mizu talk about yesterday?"

You had expected his question, but you hadn't expected him to catch on so soon. Had Mizu told him? No Mizu never spoke about his problems and if he did he only ever told Hiro. So how had Hisoka found out so soon that you and Mizu were at a standstill once again?

"You're like an open book, so it's easy to tell when something's wrong." Hisoka said.

Damn and here you thought that you had been fooling Hisoka yesterday when he has asked you about Mizu. Yet you should have known better the dark hair teen across from you never gave in easily when he was suspicious. Reluctantly you begin to recount yesterday's events to Hisoka.

"Are you two on a date?"

You whip your head in the direction of the familiar voice. Your face just as red as Hisoka's, but unlike you who is staring at Sousuke in bewilderment, Hisoka is openly glaring at his father.

"O-Of course not!" Hisoka retorted, being the first to compose himself.

"Well it looks like the opposite of what you're saying." Sousuke stated, a teasing smile playing on his lips.

You look over to your dad, surprised to see his amused expression.

"I wouldn't take her out without asking Rin for permission first." Hisoka's words draw your attention back toward the father and son banter.

"Alright alright," Sousuke ruffles his son's hair to which Hisoka only mumbles under his breath. "I was only teasing."

"Did you need us for something?" You asked redirecting your gaze over to your dad.

"You never answered your phone." Rin stated as he showed you the screen of his phone and the number of times he had called you.

You dig inside the pocket of your shorts only to discover that your phone was not there. Worried you begin to pat yourself down only to come up empty handed.

"I lost my phone." Your voice was laced with panic.

Rin digs into his pocket to retrieve your phone.

"You forgot it on your bed."

You take the device and clutch it to your chest, relief washing over you. As you store your phone away your dad and Sousuke inform you and Hisoka that they had come looking for the two of you since the four of you had made plans to go to the aquarium a few days ago. However, Hisoka has already made plans with a few of your friends for today so it's just you, Rin and Sousuke.

"Sorry." Your childhood friend apologized as he stood from his seat. Hisoka is quick to act, patting you on your head in a gentle manner.


It wasn't like he liked snooping around or putting his nose where it didn't concern him. Hisoka was simply looking out for you; his childhood friend and the girl, he unintentionally developed feeling for. His feelings aside, Hisoka was once again confronting your problems for you, but only to save you of any depression that would no doubt follow if Hisoka didn't step in. He had thought that if you and Mizu talked then the two of you could settle your difference and come to some form of agreement, but it seem that each time you interacted with Mizu things only worsen. So Hisoka figured he'd meet with Mizu and hear what he had to say.

"You're late." Hisoka said as Mizu comes to a stop right beside him.

Mizu remains quite; his eyes focus on the horizon watching as the afternoon sunlight blended into the ocean. Sighing, Hisoka decides to get right to the point.

"Why won't you just agree to be her rival?"

Could it be that Mizu harbored feeling for you? It was the only logical explanation to Hisoka. What guy would what to be rivals with the girl he liked?

"It's none of your concern." Mizu's harsh words cut through Hisoka's train of thoughts.

"It is when the person I care about the most is constantly being hurt." Hisoka is quick to grab a hold of Mizu's forearm, stopping the raven haired male from running away.

Hisoka's grip tightens as Mizu tries to yank free.

"You've been dragging this out too long and all for an unnecessary-"


Hisoka stands speechless, eyes widen in disbelief as Mizu's words sink in. The other male's sudden outburst wasn't what he had expected and Hisoka is having a difficult time forming any words.

"She wouldn't understand."

"So you rather have her dislike you?" He may not be close to Mizu as he was to you, but Hisoka had spent some of his childhood with the boy. You had all met at a young age, brought together by your fathers because of their friendships. "Wait, then all this time-"

"Do you realize how difficult it is to get people to stop seeing you as your father's shadow?" Mizu clenches his hands into fists. "Everything I do only results in people comparing me to my dad. What's the point of being a prodigy when in the end I'm still my father's shadow?"

For once Hisoka has no way to comfort a friend. If this was his reason for denying you as his rival then Hisoka understood. Yet Mizu's words have Hisoka wondering if the raven haired male will give up swimming.

"Are you giving up?" If so then what would you make of the news when you finally found out?

"Not until the end of the school year." Mizu wasn't selfish enough to just suddenly quit and leave his team hanging. He valued his teammates and the bonds they created over the months.

"She deserves to know." Hisoka stated.

"She'll just do something reckless." Mizu said as he glanced at Hisoka.

It was true, Hisoka knew firsthand how stubborn you could be, but that still didn't excuse the fact that you had a right to know. Even if he disagreed with Mizu, it wasn't his place to tell you of Mizu's secret. So for now Hisoka would remain silent and hope that Mizu would change his mind.
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Chapter 58 (Appreciation) by Ame Yuki
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Reader's age; 15

The last day of your vacation came sooner than you wanted, but you were content with the fact that everyone was spending time together. Currently all the parents were seated in the dining area while you and the others were in the kitchen preparing dinner.

"Do you even know how to cook?" Tama asked as she watched you handle a few pots and pans.

"We don't want you serving our parents something deadly." Miki stated.

You ignore both of your teammates as you concentrate on not dropping anything.

"Where are Hisoka and Mizu?" You asked as you set the pots and pans on the counter. "They should have been here by now."

"Does Hisoka know how to cook?" Shuji asked as he pinned his hair back with a few bobby pins. "Maybe it's better if we let him do the cooking."

"I never tasted ______-chan's cooking." Koyuki cut in as she finished tying the back of her apron. "I bet it's delicious."

"Now that I think about it, neither have I." Shuji said.

You stop what you're doing, turning to face the others.

"Why is everyone questioning my abilities to cook?"

"Because we're worried and because this was your idea." Miki retorted. "And we want someone to blame if our parents don't like the food."

"You guys are terrible." Hiro cut in as he and Fumio entered the kitchen area. "I'm sure our parents will be fine."

"Sometimes I wonder if your feelings overpower the rest of your senses." Shuji's expression has his younger sister giggling.

"Shuji, love blinds you and even someone's imperfections are perfect in your eyes when you're in love." Koyuki said with a smile.

"That is true." Fumio agreed. "But I don't think love is that powerful."

"Well then I'm concerned for Hiro." Shuji said as he moves away.

"Did you guys bring the menus?" Your question was directed toward Hiro and Fumio.

"Yeah, we'll go hand them out to our parents." Hiro said.

Out in the dining area Momo, Nitori, Rei and Nagisa were having a go at UNO while they waited and from Momo's continuous cries of defeat; you could only conclude that Nagisa was winning, again. Seijuro was off entertaining Gou and the rest of the mothers with stories. Haru was currently gazing out one of the many windows. His blue eyes gazing longingly at the ocean. Makoto, Sousuke and Rin were in deep conversation and Makoto would glance toward his childhood friend from time to time just in case he attempted to escape.

"So Aya and Yuji have a few more adjustments to make before showing our parents the surprise." Hitoshi announced as he entered the kitchen, adjusting his tie and vest. "Were these uniforms necessary?"

"Most definitely." You replied as you tied your hair up into a ponytail. "And the twins?"

"They're," Hitoshi takes a quick glance at his clipboard. "Serving the appetizer now."

"Good. Everything is going smoothly. Any word from Mizu and Hisoka?" You asked.

"Yeah," Came your childhood friend's voice. "Next time add a location right next to the ingredients you need."

"Did you get lost?" It wouldn't surprise you if he did, he was Sousuke's son after all.

"No, but going from store to store to find the ingredients you needed was time consuming."

"Did you get everything?"

"Yeah." Mizu answered as he began to store the items in their respective places and leaving out the things you would need in a few moments.

"Alright, you two go get dressed into your proper attire and the rest of you go tend to our guests."


Mizu was in charge of desserts which you would serve your guests after they finished their meals. You and Hisoka were responsible for cooking the main meals which would be whatever your guests ordered. Koyuki and Shuji were your assistants, helping you in whatever way possible.

The sound of glass shattering startles you.

"Yuji, what did you do?!" Miki's voice reaches your ears.

Another crash is heard and then seconds later Yuji races pass Mizu just as the raven haired teen picked up a stack of clean plate. Slightly taken by surprise, Mizu stares after the blonde who had just disappeared through the back door.

"Wonder what that was about." You said as you stared in the direction Yuji had gone.

Mizu nods in agreement continuing with his task when Miki's voice is heard once more. Although this time she rushes into the kitchen clearly focus on murdering a certain blonde and fails to see Mizu before her. She crashes right into him, knocking the stack of plates out of his hands and into the air as she tumbled to the floor with Mizu.

"M-Mizu!" Miki's face is a bright red as she stares into Mizu's startled eyes. "I-I'm sorry!"

"Well that's one way to get his attention." Hisoka says as you move to help Miki to her feet.

The navy haired girl glares in Hisoka's direction, but he ignores her glare. Mizu stands and dusts himself off before he begins to clean up the mess of now broken plates.

"Here let me help you-"

"It's fine, I can handle this." Mizu said as he waves Miki away.

Miki's expression falls and you place a hand on her shoulder.

"Yuji escaped through the back door." You informed her.

"Thanks." There's a small smile on her lips as she exits through the back door.

You return to preparing the meals since in another hour or so the surprise you had all pitched in for would be revealed to your parents.

Extended Ending

"Look Rei, my cake is a penguin." Nagisa excitedly said as he moved his plate closer to said male.

"Haru got a dolphin." Makoto said with a chuckle.

Rin glanced down at his plate and stared at the mini cake that was shaped into a shark. Haru's son may have been the one who baked and decorated the cakes, but there was no doubt that you were the mastermind behind the theme for the small cakes.

"Alright so," you had appeared right beside Rin, a grin on your face. "We have a surprise for you."

The way you shifted from one foot to the other, Rin knew you were nervous. Rin stands from his seat and you motion him down to your level.

"Since this is a surprise and I don't want you ruining it for yourself, I have to blind fold you." You take out a piece of cloth and tie it behind his head then you do the same to your mother.

Once both your parents were blind fold you take both of their hands leading to your destination. Rin is surprised by the sudden feel of cold water and from the gasps he could hear, Rin knew that the other must have been blind folded as well.

"Okay, we're here." You take a moment to undo their blind folds.

Rin is surprise by the sight before him; the ocean as still as he has ever seen it. No waves and the night sky above is littered with billons of shining stars. It was as if he was standing amongst the stars or better yet swimming in a sea of them.

"It's beautiful." Your mother exclaimed.

"So you like it?" You questioned your eyes on Rin.

"Yeah. And the food was great to." Rin replied and you launch forward, surprising him as you wrap your arms around his neck.

Rin stumbles backward, but manages to regain his balance before the two of you could fall into the water.

"I'm so glad. It was difficult, but I had a lot of help from my friends." You confessed with a shy smile.

"You did good." Rin said as he ruffled your hair.

"It's the least I could do to show my appreciation for all you do for me."

Your smile was more than enough for him.
Chapter 59 (Affection) by Ame Yuki
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Reader's age; 4

You glanced from picture to picture, staring at each photo that showed the man with maroon hair and matching eyes. In the majority of the photos you were also present, smiling and laughing.

"Do you miss him?" Your mother's voice interrupts your train of thoughts.

"M-Maybe?" Your stuttering causes her to smile.

You move away from the wall decorated with picture frames and over to the sofa where your mother was
seated. She giggles at the sight of your pout; finding it adorable how you tried to hide how you truly felt because you didn't want her or Rin to worry.

"It's okay if you do. I know he misses you too." Your mother said to comfort you.

After all it had been more than five months since Rin had left to another country to prepare for the upcoming Olympic tournaments. It was reasonable for you to miss him since Rin had been by your side since day one. There had never been a moment in your life where Rin hadn't been involved.

"What's your fondest memory with your dad?"

"Memory?" You asked slightly confused.

"A memory is something that happened and that you'll always remember. Like when your dad and I kiss." Your mom said with a grin while you made a face of disgust to which she laughed. "So what's yours?"

You become quiet for a handful of minutes and then a look of delight takes over your features as you motion your mother closer. She leans down to your level and you reach out with your small hand, placing it on the top of her head.

"When he does this." You say as you ruffle her hair.


You stood near the school entrance waiting for your mom to pick you up like she had promised. Earlier Shuji was standing with you, but Gou had come to take him home. She had offered to take you as well, but you declined since your mother said she would. Although after an hour you began to wonder if she had forgotten about her promise.

Was she running late or had something come up at work? Maybe you could walk home? Although you barely even remember the name of your street. Yet you didn't want to stand here any longer and you had no idea when your mom would arrive. You could at least give it a try and see if you got lucky with finding your way home, right?

"Hey." A familiar voice interrupted your train of thought.

Glancing up at the person who had spoken you gasp in surprise as Rin places a hand on your head as he kneels down to your level.

"Sorry for being late." Rin said as he ruffled your hair.

The panic you felt suddenly disappears and in its place you felt calmness and reassurance wash over you. You launch yourself forward, your tiny arms wrapping around Rin's neck as you embraced him.

"It's okay." You say as Rin gently pats the top of your head.

"Let's head home." He said as you detach yourself from him.

Rin takes your small hand in his as the two of you make your way home.

Extended Ending

It was late afternoon, the sun just beginning to set, casting everything in an orange hue. Aya and the twins had been the first to depart after practice had finished. Miki, Tama and you had headed to the locker room for a quick shower before heading home.

"Our next tournament is in two weeks." Tama said as the three of you made your way to the school entrance. "Kasumi is still filling in for you, right?"

"Yeah." You reply.

"Her timing has improved since her first relay race." Miki stated as your small group exit the school grounds.

"She's more confident in her performance which is a good thing to." Tama added.

As a team you had all agreed that Kasumi would take your place in the relay race until your ankle healed. The blonde had been uncertain about taking your place and worried that her timing wouldn't help the team to advance to the next level. Yet despite her insecurities Kasumi did her best during practice as well as the day of the competition.

"She's giving us her best." You said as you stopped, turning to face your friends. “Everyone on the team is doing their best." Both girls stare at you with slightly surprised expression, but a moment later their expressions change to a fond smile. "I couldn't have asked for a better team."

"That's what friends are for." Tama stated with a smile, her hands on her hips as she does so. "We encourage and support each other."

Tama's words really got to you. It was nice to hear that with everything that had happened between you two she still saw you as a friend; someone who she could count on.

"Well it's nothing to get overly emotional about." Miki said as she crossed her arms. "Remember you're my love rival so of course I give this team my best. I can't lose to you."

"And you’re a very worthy rival." You stated with a smile.

"I'm being serious!"

"So am-" You cut yourself as you spot your dad not to far away. "Dad!"

The maroon haired male greets you with a gentle pat to your head. The bag hanging off his shoulder was evident that he had just finished his own swimming practice.

"We'll see you tomorrow." Miki and Tama bid you and Rin good-bye as they head home.

"Let's head home." Rin said as he ruffled your hair.

As the two of you walk home you recount your day to Rin; a smile on your lips and a bounce in your steps.
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Chapter 60 (Talk) by Ame Yuki
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Reader's age: 15

"Okay so this one goes like so and this other one--- ah man!" You growled out in frustration as you there down the supplies in your hands, ignoring the smaller children around you.

Arata is at your side in a moment, hushing the kids had gone into a fit of laughter at your annoyed behavior. While Arata gathers the things you had dropped, Shuji explains the instructions to you once more.

"I tried and it didn't work." You huffed, slumping down far into your chair as you crossed your arms.

"You're as scattered brained as ever." Your cousin said with a sigh as he chided you. "How is making a paper kite difficult?"

"Then you do it." You grumbled as you pushed the supplies Arata had set before you, over to your cousin.

The group of kindergarteners around you, giggle. Shuji sighs once again, pushing the items back toward you.

"Can't, I already have my own group of kids to teach." Shuji said.

You slump down in your chair as he pats your shoulder.

"Wait!" You cry out as you sit upright. "What are you teaching them to build?"

"Nothing." Shuji said. "I'm just gonna teach them how to decorate a small wooden chest."

"Shuji, let's switch!"

"No and besides we can't. Our teachers assigned us to our groups so it's impossible." With that said, Shuji takes his leave and returns to his group of kindergarteners.

Desperately you turn to Arata for help, but only to see him slowly taking a step back away from you.

"Sorry, but I'm not good with building things." The timid boy confessed as he too left you on your own.

"No fair." You cried out in defeat.

The children around you stared at you with confused expressions.

"Stop complaining and do as you were told."

You wince in pain while your small group of students laughs as Miki smacks you with a rolled up magazine.

"Go away." You said as you scoot your chair away from her. "I didn't ask for your help. Or your abusive behavior." You mumbled the last part which causes the kids to go into a fit of giggles.

"That doesn't matter-"

"Yes it does." you cut in.

"What matters is that you're being a terrible example of a proper role model."

"Eh?!" You stare at the kids who were all still laughing. "B-But I can't build a kite."

Miki smiles a reassuring smile before patting your shoulder.

"You'll figure something out."

"Some friend you are." You mumbled as she walked away.

"We're not friends! We're rivals!" The navy haired teen shot back.


“. . . then you attach the small trend to the end and you're done." Mizu looks up to see you staring at him with shining eyes; a look of fascination on your face just like the rest of the children around you.

"So that's how you make it, that's so cool!" Mizu stares at you in bewilderment, did your teacher ever take your lack of skills into consideration when assigning you to your group? The younger Nanase found it better not to dwell on questioning such things; he'd only end up with a headache if he continued.

The children around the two of you praise the raven haired teen as the follow his instructions and finish their kites. Usually Mizu didn't offer to help, but you were desperate and Mizu was also in need of help so it all worked out in the end.

"Mizu, you're the best!" He's taken by surprise as you embrace him.

Having not expected your hug, Mizu stumbles a bit before regaining his balance. It was awkward since you rarely ever surprised him in such a manner and even more so since he didn't know where to put his arms so he settled for keeping them at his side. He wished you hadn't caught him off guard because his flustered state was easy to see and the smile on your lips was enough proof that you knew to.

"Huh, the quit Mizu does blush." You lean in close, your breath fanning against his ear. "Miki is so gonna kill me for this."

"YOU’RE SO DEAD!" Faster than a blink of an eye you detach yourself from Mizu and make a run for it.

"She enjoys angering Miki." Shuji sighs as he and Arata chase after you and Miki.

Mizu returns to his group, opting to stay out of whatever trouble you caused.


School had ended and you really weren't obligated to attend practice since you still had an injury so you head off to make a surprise visit. You would have called ahead to inform Hisoka of your visit, but that was during school hours and well you couldn't really just whip your phone out. Although once school had ended you did call him, but he never picked up so you decided to just go on ahead. You figured a surprise visit along with some tasty pastries would due just in case he happened to be angry, but you doubted he would be, Hisoka could never be angry with you.

So currently you stood outside the Yamazaki resident's house, a box of freshly baked pastries in one hand and the other knocking on the door. There was no answer and when you reach for the door knob you're not surprise to find it unlocked, it's happened before. You let yourself in since no doubt you were sure Hisoka was inside since he always seem to forget to lock the door, Sousuke has gotten on his case about that a few times already.

"I'm coming in." You say out loud as you shut the door behind you.

You head into the kitchen and place the box of sweets on the kitchen counter. The stove was on and from the smell that wafted from the various pots and pans, you could only assume someone was preparing dinner. Leaving the kitchen you decide to search the house for whoever was home. You didn't make it pass the living room, where you spotted Hisoka fast asleep on the sofa.

"Hisoka." You shake the male awake.

"What are you doing here?" He murmured as he sat up, yawning as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes.
"Wait, does Rin know you're here?"

"Yeah, I texted him earlier." You said as you took the seat next to Hisoka. "Where's Sou-chan?"

"Dad's still at work." Hisoka replied as he combed his fingers through his hair. "Why?"

"Oh, I'll just wait then until he comes home." You said as you grabbed the remote and turned the television on. "I need to talk to him about something. And what about your mom?"

"She went to the store to buy a few things she needed for tonight's dinner." Hisoka leans back against the soft cushions of the sofa. "What exactly do you need to talk about with my dad?"

You continue flipping through channels to distract you. It wasn't like you weren't comfortable around Hisoka or that you didn't trust him enough to tell him. He was your childhood friend and the one person who knew everything about you, but this was a bit more personal. You knew if you told him he would understand, but he would also worry about and if you were being honest, Hisoka worried too much about when it came to you.

"Nothing important just about something my dad brought up."

It really wasn't important, you just wanted to know how Sousuke had coped with his shoulder injury and you wanted to know about the physical and emotional pain he endured. How did he manage all the stress while still having a positive outlook on things? How did he manage with his urge to swim when he was injured? Was it hard for him like it was for him? Did he feel useless? Did he feel like he was bringing down his teammates?

"Well he'll be here soon." Hisoka said.


You could always count on Hisoka to never pressure you into revealing your problems. He understood that when you were ready you would come to him and tell him.

Hisoka's mom had invited you to stay for dinner and after you had sent Rin a quick text to inform him that you were having dinner at Hisoka's place you agreed to stay. Dinner with the Yamazaki family was like having dinner with your parents, nothing was awkward in fact you felt right at home. You had grown up with Hisoka so his parents were like your own, of course completely different from your own, but their love for you was just as big.

"It was nice having you over." Hisoka's mother said with a smile. "You and your parents should come over more often."

"Then that means you'll have to prepare an even bigger dinner." Sousuke said.

"So, I'm more than happy to do so if they agree to come over."

"I'll tell them and I'm sure mom would help you with cooking. She loves spending time with you to." You said as you slipped your shoes on. "Sou-chan walk me home."

"You can't just order dad like that." Hisoka said as he sighs disapprovingly. "But I guess since it's you he wouldn't care."

"Hisoka, ______-chan always bosses you around and you don't seem to mind." Hisoka blushes at his mother's words.

"Hisoka can't say no to such a cute face." Sousuke said as he remerges from his room.

"T-That's not true!" Hisoka stuttered, glaring at his father as Sousuke ruffled his hair.

"Let's go."

"Bye and thanks for the food!" You waved good-bye to Hisoka and his mother.


"What's on your mind?" Your surprised expression is enough for Sousuke to realize that he was indeed on to something. Sousuke reaches over to pat your head gently when you avert your gaze. "Don't feel offended that I could read you so easily." Sousuke had known you since you were a baby so your body language and jesters were easy for him to read.

"Back in high school you had a shoulder injury, right?" Your eyes remain focus ahead. "How did you cope with the stress?"

The troubled look in your eyes and the slight frown of your lips; it all helped Sousuke understand just how down you felt. He wasn't surprised to hear you question him about his old injury and in fact he had been wondering when you would approach him with the topic.

"Rin was the one who helped me." If it hadn't been for Rin and the rest of their teammates Sousuke would have given up long ago. "His support was what kept me going when I felt like giving up."

You nod in understanding; you had every ounce of Rin's support. Although at times you felt like he was doing everything in his power to keep you from doing what you loved, you knew that Rin was only doing what was best for you. You knew that Rin was doing everything he could so that you didn't end up like Sousuke; so that you wouldn't lose the one thing you loved the most. Despite all of that you still felt as if you were falling behind.

"It's the fact that Rin put his friends before himself that impacted me. He was all about the team and how teammates help each to grow where as I only thought of myself and how far ahead I could get."

"Did you ever felt like you were bringing your teammates down?" There is a hint of fear in your eyes that takes the older male by surprise.

"You're not a burden to your friends, ______." Sousuke said as he stopped in his tracks and you did the same, facing the older male. "If they thought of you as so, then they would have given up on you a while ago."

You knew he was right; Miki and the others were giving you all their support.

"Then I promise I'll do everything I can to heal faster so I can join them in the next relay."

Extended Ending

"I'm surprised you walked her home instead of Hisoka." Rin said as he stepped outside followed by Sousuke.

"She had something she wanted to ask me." The dark haired male said.

"And how'd that go?" Rin didn't need to ask what it was you had questioned his childhood friend about; the two of you had discuss the topic more than enough times.

"I think she finally understands why you're so strict when it comes to her injury."

Rin sighs in relief, maybe now you wouldn't give him such a hard time when it came to your wellbeing.
Chapter 61 (Switch) by Ame Yuki
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I do not own Free just my OCs.


Reader's age: 6

Bright curious (e/c) eyes gaze up at Rin as said male pulls the shopping cart to a stop. The marron haired male retrieves a folded piece of paper from his pocket, reading over the words in silence. After a moment Rin puts the paper away and redirects his attention toward the fresh vegetables on display.

"Mommy always buys one bag of baby carrots along with the regular carrots." You happily stated from your seat in the shopping cart.

It made sense to Rin since you were just a small child and a kid your age usually ate in smaller portions. As a parent, Rin understood that you required a different diet, one that was nutritionally well balanced since you were just beginning to grow. He understood that much, but he never imagined that he had to buy specific foods of certain brands. Normally your mother dealt with the groceries since she had a better grasp on what kids needed. Although your mother was out of town on a business trip and she wouldn't return home until a few days later.

"Mommy says the fruit here isn't fresh so we have to go to the store across from here." Rin gently pats your head as he moves the cart forward.

He expected this trip to the store to be troublesome since he didn't really know what brands your mother bought when it came to food, but luckily you seem to have it all memorized.

"Which brand does your mom buy?" Rin asked as his eyes scanned over the various fish products.

You hummed in response, your eyes focus on the variety of fish that were neatly chopped up into squares and packaged securely.

"I don't remember." You admitted. "Mommy usually--"

"Do you need help?"

Rin turns around to face the source of the unfamiliar voice. A few feet in front of his stood a woman with short brown hair.

"Oh, you have a kid! She's so adorable."

Rin thanks the woman politely while you huff and turn your head to the side.

"I have a kid of my own so I know how to deal with this sort of thing."

"Mommy doesn't except help from others." Rin heard you mumble behind him.

Rin ignores your comment.

"Let's see, if you're going to serve your kid fish, doctors usually recommend you serve them something that isn't too heavy once it's in their stomach.

Rin had no clue how women could remember everything a doctor said. Raising a child was more difficult than he had thought; lucky for him he wasn't alone on raising you.

"Tuna is a good start." The brunette said as she handed Rin a few cans of tuna.


"What?" Rin stares at you confused.

"Mommy buys me mackerel."

Was Haru sharing his mackerel recipes with your mother again? He'd have to have a talk with your mom once she got back.

"Tuna is better for your heath." Rin stated.

"Aw, she's so cute when she's pouting." You glare at the brunette as she drew closer.

Rin is in utter shock as you try to bite the woman's hand as she pinched your cheek. Surprised, the brunette draws her hand back, mumbling a quick excuse as she begins to walk away.

"Walk faster!" You yelled out which earns you a scolding from Rin.

"You're definitely not getting mackerel."

"I'm telling mommy!" You shot back. "And I' telling her about the ugly lady too."

"She was only helping me out."

"She was flirting with you."

"Oi! That's not true!"

"Yes it is and I'm still telling!"

Extended Ending

Rin had stopped by the sport store to buy a new pair of running shoes and you had headed over to the bookstore nearby. Surprisingly he had bumped into Sousuke and Hisoka while there.

"So how's her ankle?" Sousuke asked.

"She doesn't apply as much pressure on it as before so she doing better." Rin said as they entered the bookstore.

The redhead is speechless as he spots you talking to a boy around your age.

"Oi!" You whip your head around at his voice. "What do you think you're doing?" His question was directed at the boy.

"Hisoka!" You rush over to your childhood friend, leaving the boy from earlier confused. "You didn't telling you were coming over."

“. . . eh?" Sousuke chuckles at Rin's expression due to you ignoring him in favor of Hisoka.

"I didn't know either." Hisoka said as you embraced him in a quick hug. "But I'm glad we did." He flashes you a closed eye smile.

"Let's go home then! Mom's making mackerel for dinner." Hisoka stumbles after you as you tug him toward the exit.

Rin sighs as he stares after you, shaking his head at your antics. Sousuke laughs, commenting on how he didn't need to worry about you being defenseless against strangers and their approach.

"Yeah." Rin then fix his cold gaze on the boy from earlier. "Stay away from my daughter."
Chapter 62 (Deal) by Ame Yuki
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I do not own Free just my OCs."

Reader's age; 15

Earlier today you had gone to your doctor's appointment where you were informed that your ankle had healed, but you were still not allowed to jump right back into swimming. You were allowed to do light excises so that you could build up your muscle strength once more, but as for swimming competitively, you would have to wait at least another month or so.

"This isn't fair." You begrudgingly stated as you stared out the passenger window.

"Stop whining." Rin said, his gaze flickering to you as he pulls the car to a stop at a red light.
"Your stubbornate attitude is what led to you being in the state you're in now.

You slump in your seat, remaining silent as the car begins to move.

"I know." You mumbled after a handful of minutes passed by. "And that's what irritates me the most."
Unconsciously you clench your hands into fists as you tried to control your emotions. You bit your bottom lip as you felt the stinging in your eyes, a sign that you were frustrated with yourself. "The fact that I screwed up so much all because I wanted one person's recognition."

You had given up swimming for Mizu, but Hiro and Miki had done their parts as friends and helped you realize certain things. Yet you continued with your goal for the male to notice you, hoping that you could change his mind. You had thought that if you insisted enough then Mizu would have accepted you as his rival. But all you gained was damaging your already broken friendship with the raven haired male which led to the conflict between you and Tama. You pushed yourself to hard and because of that you had hurt yourself as well as those around you. You acted without thinking and because of your recklessness you had come close to losing your group of friends.

"The fact that you realized that is enough." Rin said as he pulled the car into a parking lot and cut the engine.

"What's that supposed to mean?!" You glare at your dad as you slump down farther in your seat.

Rin ruffles your hair, telling you to calm down and he hadn't meant to offend you.

"What I meant was that you realized that chasing after Mizu wasn't worth giving up on what you love and your friends."

You turn away from your dad, opting to stare outside the passenger window. You ferociously wipe away a few tears that had managed to escaped. You should have realized it sooner, Rin had always noticed. From the very beginning he knew what you were going through and here you thought you had been doing a decent job at hiding your emotions. Your relationship with your father was close and so you felt that bothering him with your petty problems was a waste of his time when he had other important matters and you could solve your problems on your own. Although it wasn't like that at all, countless times you had run to your father crying so that he could comfort you. He never asked what happen or who the cause of you tears was. He had been supporting you right from the start, giving you a small push in the right direction, catching you when you stumbled or being your shoulder to cry on.

"You've noticed all along."

"You're my kid, how could I not notice." Rin gently pats the top of your head. "I figured if you needed any help you'd ask."

Yet no matter how bad things got you never asked for help. In fact you didn't want help whatsoever and Rin had figured it out and so he had done what any dad would have done. He gave you a small push in the right direction, knowing that you could handle the rest. Even if you had never asked him for help, he had given it to you because he cared about you.

"Although the next time something like this happens, I won't be so lenient." Rin said as he fixed you with a stern gaze.

"And I won't be so reckless, promise." You say with a bright smile.

It wasn't your brightest smile, but it was more genuine then your recent smiles, so Rin would do with it for now.

"Where are we?" You asked as you turn your attention back outside the passenger window.

"I'll explain on the way." Rin said as he got out of the car and you follow. "We're running late."


"Rin-chan! You're late!"

Nagisa's voice rings in your ears as you and your dad walk into the indoor swimming pool area. Shuji's uncle; Momo is also present, scolding your dad along with Nagisa. You take a moment to survey the place and you're surprised to see your dad's friends along with your friends, well most of your friends anyways; Hisoka was nowhere to be found. Miki and the rest of your team make their way over to you.

"What are we doing here?" Your question draws Rin's attention away from the blond and orange haired males.

"Remember your challenge?" Momo asked you.

A few months ago you had challenged your dad; the old generation against the next in a swimming relay race.


"Well we thought we'd give you guys a few tips." Makoto spoke up.

"I don't think that's necessary." Aya said.

"I think it's the opposite." Tama stated.

"How so?" The pink haired female questioned.

"There are a few important facts you might have missed." Shika pitched in.

"We're not going against just one tea, but two." Kasumi informed Aya.

"But I thought we were only competing against Samezuka. Isn't that the reason as to why the boys' swim team is also here. ____-chan is racing the original team with her first team as well.

"You are correct." Miki's father stated.

"But we'll talk about that later." Makoto said. "For now, we'll--"

"Well aren't all of you early." A man with blond hair mixed with grey hair stated as he made his way over to your group. His eyes scan over your group for a moment before he returns his attention to the other adults. "Wow time sure flies by, doesn't? The last time I saw you, you were barely graduating high school and now you've got kids."

"Coach Sasabe, you should see them when they swim especially Rin's daughter and Haru's son." Nagisa's words perk the old man's interest.

"Oh, really?" Coach Sasabe clasps his hands together. "Why don't we have them do a quick race?"

The thought of racing against Mizu has your heart thumping faster.

"She can't, not until a few weeks from now." Rin said and you sigh, remembering the words of your doctor.

"Eh, why not?"

"The idiot hurt her ankle." You throw Miki a glare, but she ignores your gaze.

"You still haven't told us why we're here." Hiro said, easily changing back to the previous conversation in order to avoid Miki's anger.

"If it was to swim, we could have gone to the school. We're allowed to use the pool on weekends." Fumio stated.

"And we usually use my uncle's indoor Olympic pool for our practice." Tama said.

"Tama-chan, you should be respectful toward your elders." Nagisa playfully chided the girl.

"Hazuki-san, I wasn’t being rude." Tama exhales before continuing. "But we simply do not have the time to slack off. Our next tournament will determine if we qualify for regionals or not."

"Well old man, Sasabe isn't here to waste your time." Yuji said which earned him a slap to the side of his head, courtesy of Coach Sasabe.

"What are you saying?" Yuji's words have seemed to perk the violet haired girl's interest.

"Not many of you know this since we just recently became acquainted this year." Miki spoke up. "But the man you see here." She motions to Coach Sasabe with a wave of her hand. "He once coached Haruka Nanase and Rin Matsuoka which as you all are aware of are both Olympic swimmers."

"Well I wouldn't go that far." Sasabe cut in. "I only taught them the basics, everything else they learned on their own."

"But that still counts for something." Hiro stated.

"Enough about that." Coach Sasabe said as he pulled out a folded up flyer from his pocket. "There's a reason you are all here."


"I still don't think we need his help." Tama stated with a slight frown. "If he needed volunteers in the first place he should have said so."

Coach Sasabe had agreed to train your swim team, the catch; each of you would volunteer to give swimming lessons to the children who had signed up for said lessons.

"He's the best shot we have at even being able to compete against my dad and the others." You said as you got into the pool, standing three lanes apart from the violet haired girl.

Teaching a few kids the basics of swimming was a simple and small favor Coach Sasabe was asking for compared to the favor your dad and the others had asked for. It was nothing difficult and by the time the swimming lessons were over with, your ankle would be in good condition and you would be able to swim.

"She's right." Hiro said as he crouched down near the edge of the pool. "If we want to even be able to swim on a close level to our dads’ then Coach Sasabe is only shot we have at this."

Extended Ending

Nagisa doubled over with laughter after having watched the interaction between you, Mizu and Hiro. Makoto could only chuckle in embarrassment, no doubt worried for his son's life. Haru was currently trying (but failing) escape the brunet's hold in order to jump into the pool.

"Haru-chan, Mizu is exactly like you." Nagisa said as he continued to laugh, tears welling up at the corners of his eyes. "Mako-chan, I never expected Hiro to be so bold. I bet he take after his mother."

Haru ignores the blonde’s comment in favor of trying to escape and Rin was currently glaring at Hiro from afar.

"Oh, Rin-chan is angry." Nagisa said with a smirk. "I wonder, is it because of Mizu or Hiro?"

For once Rin's anger wasn't directed toward the younger Nanase. If anything he was glad that the raven haired teen had shot down your challenge for a quick swim. Luckily you were not put out by the boy's rejection; instead laughing at how quick Mizu had been to decline your offer.

No, Mizu was not the problem. It was Hiro that was the problem. That boy of Makoto, he was either incredibly stupid or extremely brave. Rin would have bet the latter, but Makoto was Hiro's father and Rin liked to think that the boy had inherited the brunet's intelligence . . . well at least some of it.

"He really has his sight on _____-chan." Nagisa said with a laugh. "Especially if he's risking his life in asking her out on a date with Rin around."

"Makoto, I'm gonna have a talk with your kid." Rin begins to make his way over to the pool.

"E-Eh?!" Makoto release his hold on Haru as he chases after the marron haired male. "R-Rin wait!"



"Damn it, Haru!"
Chapter 63 (Surprise) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
So I was planning on posting this chapter up tomorrow, but I managed to finish it in time. ^__^

And I want to thank these lovelies from the bottom of my heart; NeonCupcakeAvalanche and Naoko Kiseki for always motiving me with their reviews. You two are wonderful individuals. :D

I do not own Free just my OCs and Marc beings to Naoko Kiseki.

Reader's age: 15

You started at the flyer in your hand, your eyes scanning over the words printed on the colorful paper. Beside you, Hiro takes the flyer from you, taking a moment to read what currently had all of your friends in a state of shock well all except for Yuji, Fumio and Miki who already knew about it. After a few minutes the brunet hands the flyer over to Fumio.

"So our tournament is now open to the public?" You questioned.

Your group was huddled together to form a circle and eleven pairs of eyes glance over to you; the flyer momentarily forgotten.

"Yep, old man Sasabe said it was the perfect chance to give the locals something to look forward to after the festival activities." Yuji explained. "Dad said he agreed and it's the best way to end the festival."

Earlier Miki had sent you a text during class informing you to meet her by the soccer field once lunch began. She had simply stated that she along with Fumio and Yuji had something to you and the others. You had thought it was information on who would be your competitors for regionals; you never imagined Coach Sasabe and Nagisa had decided to make your relay race a public thing. You've been volunteering at Iwatobi Swimming Club Returns for a week and Coach Sasabe had never once mention the idea.

"Does Hisoka know about this?" Mizu suddenly asked.

"Doubt it." Shuji replied. "We're the only ones who know so far."

"I was planning on telling him the next he visit, but I think ____-chan sees him more often then the rest of us so I think it better if she told him." Yuji stated as Fumio handed him the flyer and the blond puts it away.

"So this flyer is just like the ones we saw posted all over the neighborhood, right?" Shika asked as Kasumi recounted their morning walk to school.

"We thought it was some other relay race." Kasumi admitted

"Wait." Hiro said as he turns his attention toward Mizu. "What does Hisoka have to do with this? Why does he need to know?"

Mizu shrugs his shoulders; his eyes flickering over to you as he does so.

"Yamazaki-san is also going to compete." Mizu stated.

"That still-"

"He's right." You cut in, silencing Hiro. "If Sou-chan is going to be competing then Hisoka is going to want to know. Although he isn't going to be happy about that sort of information." You mumbled the last part to yourself.

You turn to Yuji, asking him for the flyer which he gladly gives to you.

"I'll let Hisoka know what's going on."

"Ok." The blonde smiles cheerfully.


Soka-chaaannn!!!!! We need to talk. :)

Hisoka reads over your message with a slightly terrified and also slightly annoyed expression, but nonetheless he replies back calmly.

How bad is it?

He quickly hits send and not a minute later his phone vibrates, notifying him of a new text.


The dark haired male sighs in annoyance as he begins to reply once again.

Don't play dumb. You only use that stupid nickname when something bad happens or will happen.

Awww u know me to well. xD

For a minute Hisoka had thought that you had somehow found out about Mizu's situation and to be honest he had sorted of hoped Mizu had told you. It wasn't easy keeping the other male's secret from you especially with how fragile your friendship with Mizu was. It wasn't noticeable to the others, but to him it was and not only was he worried for you, but for Mizu to. What would happen once you found out? Would you accept the raven haired male's decision? Or would you do something reckless again? Taking a moment to calm down, Hisoka clears his mind and once again focus on your text message. He could tell from your messages and how cheerful you were being that wasn't the case; Mizu had kept quiet for now.

It's not stupid! >_< Soka-chan is a cute nickname!

Hisoka smiles to himself at your childish behavior.

Stop being dramatic

"Is something wrong, Yamazaki-kun?"

Hisoka shifts his attention over to his classmate, ignoring the consent vibration of his phone for a moment. The brunette's brown eyes are full of concern as she comes to a stop right beside his desk. He quickly glances at the time on his phone and Hisoka realizes that school had ended for the day. Around this time Hisoka was usually at practice or home depending of what day of the week it was.

"No." Hisoka replied as his attention is back on his phone. "Just a close friend being--"

"Hisoka!" Said dark haired male's attention is drawn over toward the classroom door which had been slid open with force. "_____-chan just called me! She said she was coming over!"

"Kiseki-kun?" The brunette beside Hisoka stares at the other male with surprise.

"Tch, she's as reckless as ever. Her ankle is still healing and she's straining it by coming all the way out here." Hisoka gathers his things as he stands. "Marc, did she tell you where she was?"

"She was at the train station when she called me, but she said she was going to your house after she hung up."


"Mother is still at your place."

"Then we better hurry."

Both males race down the hall, rushing to whomever they were supposed to meet up with, leaving behind a confused brunette.

"He forgot about me again." The brunette said as she hung her head in disappointment.


Hisoka's cousin had gone home and currently you and Hisoka were sitting in a park bench enjoying the late afternoon breeze. A few hours ago both males had stopped you just before you headed down Hisoka's street. They had convinced you to go with them to get some ice cream and so you had accompanied them to buy said froze treat. As you enjoyed your treat you informed them of what Nagisa and Coach Sasabe had planned as well as who was going to be participating in the relay race.

"You know you still haven't told me about what you think of everything I just told you.:

Hisoka is silent for a moment; his eyes focus on the setting sun.

"Honestly even if I' against the idea, I can't stop dad from doing what he wants." Hisoka rakes a hand through his hair. "It's obvious he's made up his mind."

You watch your childhood friend as he stands to his feet, turning to face you as he held his hand out toward you.

"The two of you are alike in that aspect; reckless when you're determined to do something." Without hesitation you take his hand and Hisoka easily pulls you to your feet. "It's getting late, I'll walk you home."

"Just to the train station is fine." You said as the two of you begin to make your way out of the park. "I don't want you getting home super late."

"If I leave you on your own you're bound to do something reckless." Hisoka says with a smile.

"I'm not a child." You huffed as you crossed your arms and turned away from the male.

"But you're childish." Hisoka teased.

"You aren't so mature either." You retorted.

"And yet I'm still tasked with babysitting you." At the sight of your pout, Hisoka reaches a hand out toward you and gently pats your head. "But to be completely honest, I enjoy spending time with you."

You stare at the dark haired male in surprise and Hisoka begins to feel slightly uncomfortable and then you catch him off guard as you wrap your arms around his waist, you face buried in his chest.

"Really?" Your words are muffled by the fabric of his clothes.

Hisoka turns his face to the side as you peek up at him, waiting for him to reply. He reluctantly answers your question and once again you surprise him with another hug.

Extended Ending


Rin pokes his head into the living room where he heard his name being called by the younger Yamazaki.

"Have you seen my jacket?" Hisoka questioned the older male as he continued to look through the comforter and various blankets he had borrowed the night before.

"No." Rin enters the room as he goes to look underneath some pillows that were resting on the other couch.

At that very moment you come ambling down the stairs, clearly ready for another day at school. Hisoka stares at you and Rin turns to see what it is that has the younger male's attention.

"I should have known you were the one who took my jacket." Hisoka said with a sigh. "Give it back."

You wrap your arms around you as if to keep Hisoka from taking his jacket.

"No way!" You retorted as you shake your head.

"______." Hisoka sternly says your name. "Just give it back."

"No, it's cold outside and mom's washing all of my jackets right now."

Rin stares between the two of you, not really knowing what to do. It was like the two of you were five years old again and you were fighting over some silly toy. Or well it was usually you who was the fighter; Hisoka always let things go your way because he knew how you'd get when it was the opposite.

"I have to get home." Hisoka said trying to reason with you. "And when did you even take it?"

"Last night." You admitted to which Rin looked at you curiously. "I couldn't sleep and I remember when we were younger you always helped me fall asleep when I couldn't."

Hisoka sighs no doubt giving up on fighting over his jacket.

"Fine you can use it for today, but I expect it back the next time I visit."

"Ok." You cheerfully replied before heading out the door.

"Aw, that's cute." Both males turn their attention over toward your mother.

From the sly smile on her face, Rin had a bad feeling of what his wife's next words were.

"She needed something of yours to feel safe and protected." Her attention is on the blushing Hisoka. "You really are ahead of very one in this love maze."

Both males stare at the woman with utter disbelief.

End Notes:
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Chapter 64(Mishap) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
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I do not own Free just my OCs.

Reader's age: 3

Desperate and slightly frustrated, Rin is at the point of pulling his maroon locks. He knew he should have asked his wife to write down the types of food she feed you. He should have paid attention to what you ate whenever he was home to enjoy a meal with you because maybe than he wouldn't be racking his brain or examining the leftovers in the fridge in hopes of finding something edible. He missed the days where baby formula was your only source of food. Reluctantly Rin closes the fridge door, a sigh of defeat escaping his lips as he leans against the wall. His maroon eyes flicker over to the clock above the kitchen window. Another sigh escapes hi as he realizes that in another hour you would wake.

Rin is searching through the pantry when he hears your soft footsteps. You amble into the kitchen still in your pajamas.

"I'm hungry." You say as you try to rub the sleep from your eyes.

Abandoning his search for the moment, Rin makes his way toward you, picking you up as he heads into the living room.

"Stay here."

You stay seated in the living room sofa where Rin had placed you. Silently you watch him as he handed you a coloring book along with some crayons. Rin pats your head before heading back into the kitchen.

Deciding to give it one more attempt Rin holds off on calling your mother as he goes about gathering the ingredients he needs to prepare breakfast. As he's busy stirring the contents of the pot you appear in the entryway informing him that someone was knocking at the front door.

Rin picks you up as he heads back into the living room. Placing you back on the sofa and then heading to answer the door. It's a neighbor whose come asking for their pet and even after Rin had stated he had not seen the animal they continued to talk and it's not until he spots Sousuke on the sidewalk that his neighbor decides to continue their search for their pet.

"Dad!" Your scream has Rin rushing back inside.

Worried Rin picks you up and it's not until sees Sousuke rushing inside that he notices the smoke coming from kitchen. Rin takes you outside ---where Hisoka was quietly waiting--- before rushing back inside.


Rin watches you as both you and Hisoka stare at Sousuke with fascination, your eyes twinkling as Sousuke skillfully peels the various fruits and carves the pieces of fruits into all sorts of shapes. After the mishap in the kitchen, Sousuke had decided that he would cook something and to be honest Rin was fine with his childhood friend's decision. After all Sousuke had more experience when it came to preparing meals for children.

"Sou-chan, can you make a shark?"

Rin finds himself staring at you in disbelief, but finds himself smiling at your request while Sousuke chuckle and prepares to do as you asked.

Extended Ending

Rin hears your footsteps before he hears your voice. You amble into the kitchen as he's busy preparing for tonight's dinner.

"Are Sou-chan and Hisoka coming over tonight?" You questioned him as you began to tie your hair up into a ponytail.

"Yeah." Is all Rin says as he heads over to the fridge and begins taking out vegetables.

"I'll help too."

"Alright." Rin tosses you an apron.

It had taken Rin some time, but after a few attempts the redhead had been able to cook up anything you wanted. And since the times in which your mother left you with him occurred more often, cooking became something the two of you often did together as a form to spend more time together. Even now as you stood next to him chopping vegetables into pieces, Rin could still see the little girl who needed a stool just to reach the counter top. And it was moments like this that reminded the redhead that becoming a father was the best thing to ever happen to him.
Chapter 65 (Smile) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
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I do not own Free just my OCs.

Reader's age: 16

It's no surprise to Hisoka when you appear on his front door step on a Saturday morning. A smile adoring your face and your eyes twinkling with mischief as you hand him the box of pastries you've brought along. No this isn’t surprising to him at all because as childhood friends who live so far apart; any chance you get to spend with each other you take it. It's become the norm for you to appear unannounced and to be honest Hisoka is always looking forward to spending the day with you.

"They only had a few of your favorites so I salvaged what I could." You informed him as he follows you into the kitchen, pastry box still in hand.

"And you also added chocolate." Hisoka crunches up his nose as the smell of sugary sweet chocolate invades his nostrils. "You know I'm not a fan of chocolate."

"Don't be greedy." You scold him as he places the box on the kitchen counter. "I didn't bring them just for you. I'm forcing you to share."

Hisoka rolls his eyes at your mischievous smile.

"Mom doesn't like chocolate either so your excuse is of no use."

"Sou-chan does."

"Dad's not here, he's gone to visit my grandparents."

You stare at him with questioning eyes. "Why didn't you go?"

Hisoka shrugs his shoulders. "He didn't want me missing school."

"So he's visiting for longer than a few days?"


Silence settles between the two of you as you begin to eat the pastries.

"So what do you want to do today?" Hisoka asked as you finished off your pastry.

"Don't know, everyone is busy even dad."

Earlier your mother had rushed off, saying that she had some important meeting at work. Rin had stated that his coach had something to discuss with him regarding his swimming. As for everyone else, they all had their own excuses as to why they couldn't hang out with you.

Hisoka doesn't say anything on the matter only nodding his head before switching subjects and asking you once more what you wanted to do.


"Of all the places to go, you decide to visit Iwatobi SC Returns." Hisoka sighs, but in reality he's glad you decided on visiting the place since it would save him the trouble of having to drag you there. Reluctantly he follows after you as you head inside the building. "I'm starting to wonder whether you're Nanase's child or Matsuoka's."

"Matsuoka's of course!" Your eyes shine with adoration. "How can you ever doubt something like that?"

There's a playful glint in your eyes and Hisoka finds himself smiling. How long had it been since you smiled so bright? Just when had the twinkling in your eyes returned? And how had he not noticed the bounce in your steps? He couldn't help, but gaze at you as you tug on his hand, dragging him to the pool area.

"What is it?" You question the dark haired male as you catch him staring at you.

Hisoka shakes his head, flashing you a closed eye smile as his hand comes to rest on your head.

"I haven't seen you smile like that in a while." He replied honestly. "It's nice to see you smiling again."

He ruffles your hair and you feel your face heat up at his act of affection.

"Before we head over to the pool area, there's something I want to give you." Hisoka says, a light hue of pink now adoring his face.

You watch as he pulls a small white paper bag from his pocket. He holds the bag out to you and you take it, noticing right away how light it weighed.

"I was going to give it to you later, but I think now’s a good a time as any."

Opening the bag you gently retrieve the item that was inside. Your eyes shine with fascination as you gaze at the silver bracelet which had a shark as a charm. You gaze at Hisoka, your eyes a bit teary.

"I know how much you love sharks so--"

"Thank you so much!" Not being able to contain your emotions you tackle the dark haired male with a hug.

"Happy Birthday." Hisoka said as he patted your head.

Extended Ending

it wasn't easy hiding the fact that Rin and the others were planning a surprise birthday party for you. It was hard enough with everyone knowing and making sure no one accidentally let a word slip. Although Hisoka had done an excellent job in keeping you busy while everyone else prepared. So when the two of you arrived at Iwatobi SC Returns, everything was set and everyone was glad to see their plan had gone smoothly. The look of surprise on your face as everyone wished you a happy birthday and the teary eyes you had was a sign of how much you appreciated their efforts. And not to mention the bright smile you had. If anything your smile was what Rin had been aiming for. It was a sign that you were happy. After everything that had happen you were finally back to your old self.

"Rin-chan are you crying?" Nagisa asked with a teasing tone..

Rin glares at the blonde, rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand. "No, something got in my eyes."

Nagisa begins to laugh while Gou chides the blonde for teasing her brother.

"They grow up so fast, don't they?" Makoto questioned with a gentle tone, his eyes gentle as ever as he glances in the direction of the group of kids by the pool. "Not too long ago they depended on us and now they're almost ready to be on their own."

Rin agrees with Makoto, not to long ago you were always asking hi, for help. With everything you dud Rin always needed to be by your side.

"Mizu, last one to reach the other end of the pools pays for everyone's ice cream."

"I'm not swimming."

"Aww, don't be like that, Mizu. It's her birthday."

Rin, Makoto and the others watch as Yuji and you drag Mizu over to the pool.

"She takes after you." Haru said.

Rin chuckles. "Yeah."
End Notes:
I swear I'm not picking favorites. Hisoka just had to be the one Rea goes to when she wants peace.
Chapter 66 (Outburst) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
This hasn't been updated in a really long time like since the beginning of the year and I'm terribly sorry for that. Also I remember there was a review for last chapter, but it somehow got deleted. In fact I was certain this series had around 200 reviews and now it's down to 138. Oh well I just want to let those who reviewed that your comments are appreciated.

I do not own Free just my OCs.


Reader's age; 16

It's a Saturday morning as you make your way to Coach Sasabe's swimming club. The street are deserted for now as you cross the road to get to the sidewalk. Once you arrive at Iwatobi SC Returns you push the door open, a blast of cool air greeting you as step inside. You head toward the locker room, quickly changing into your swimsuit. After months of waiting and healing, you were finally able to swim. You were finally going to be able to dive into the cool water. You would finally be able to compete in your upcoming relay races.

With your goggles in place, you dive forward. Your heart pounding in your chest, pumping your adrenaline which drove you to swim faster. With each kick and stroke you became faster; the water seemingly creating an opening for you. Bending your legs a bit you quickly turn your body in the other direction. Your bare feet pushing off the pool wall, giving you the right momentum you needed. As you reach the other end you emerge from the water, pulling your goggles off. As your eyes wonder around, you are startled to see Mizu on the other end of the pool.

"Mizu . . ."

The male adverts his gaze, turning his back on you as he made his toward the men's locker room. You don't chase after him, not today. You didn't want to take any chance, not when your friendship with the raven haired teen was already fragile.

Having finished with your practice you had headed into the locker room to take a quick shower before returning home. The sound of two familiar voices stop you in your tracks as you exit the locker room. Confused you stay frozen in place, watching the scene unfold before you.


Hands clenched into fists, Mizu seems to be restraining himself from lashing out. Haru stares at his son in utter shock, his blue eyes swirling with emotions at Mizu's sudden outburst. He reaches out a hand toward the boy only for Mizu to slap it away. Unconsciously your grip on the strap of your duffle bag tightens at Mizu's action.

"Mizu!" Unexpectedly you find yourself approaching them, your eyes focus on the younger male. "You shouldn't-"

"Mind your own business." Mizu growls out, his anger now directed toward you.

For a moment you're taken aback by his words, but you ignore the hurt and focus on calming the boy.

"What's got you so upset?" You knew he wasn't the type to take his frustrations on those who had nothing to so with it.

"I quit." He ignores your question, his eyes trained on his father. "I'm done being your stupid shadow."

Without waiting for a reply he turn away from Haru, intent on leaving, but you reach for his arm and stop him.

"Listen I know it's none of my business, but disrespecting your-"

"Let go."

"Not until you apologize."

"For what?" His cold glare has you flinching slightly. "For refusing to be his shadow?"

"What are you saying?" You gaze at the male confused.

He takes the opportunity to yank his arm free.

"How long do you plan on chasing someone else's dream?" His words cut through you like a knife, reopening old wounds and causing your insecurities to resurface. "What's the point of being a prodigy if you'll always be your father's shadow. I'm not like you."

"Mizu." This time it is you who ignores Haru's stern voice.

You blink away un-ushered tears as you grab Mizu by the front of his shirt.

"What's wrong with you?" You barked out as you shook the taller teen. "Why are you always disrespecting my dad?!" Frustrated and fueled by your anger you draw your hand back only to have it connect with Mizu's cheek a second later. "What did I ever do to you?! All I ever wanted was to be your friend!"

You had always tried to put your differences aside, hoping that Mizu would eventually come around. And for a short time you had believed you had achieved your goal in being acquaintances, but it seemed you had been wrong. Every time you believed your relationship with the dark haired male was improving, Mizu always figured out a way to shove your efforts in your face.

With adrenaline still pumping through your body you ball your hands into fists, restraining yourself from striking at the boy again. Ignoring the boy, who was now nursing his cheek, you shift your attention toward Haru.

"I-I'm sorry." You hastily apologize as you give a quick bow before taking your leave.

Extended Ending

"How is she?"

Haru's question reminds Rin of the incident that happen earlier after you had arrived back home from your individual swimming practice. It was clear to Rin that you were agitated from the furrow of your brow and the way you had slammed the front door shut behind you. The redhead had questioned you, but you had simply stated that you didn't feeling like talking and than proceeded upstairs to your room. There was no doubt you had cried your frustration out.

"Probably sleeping by now." You hadn't come down for dinner and your mother had told him that you were too tired to eat.

"What about Mizu?" Haru had come over to apologize to you on behalf of his son which led to Rin being informed of what happened at the swim club.

". . . I don't know." Haru replied honestly.


"Makoto is letting him stay at his house until he cools down."

It wasn't in Haru's character to openly express his worries, but the concern in his eyes was evident enough that he was more worried than he let on.

"He'll come around eventually." Rin stated in attempt to ease his friend's concern.
End Notes:
Has anyone watched Free Starting Days?
Chapter 67 (Weary) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
This is looooooonnnng over d and apologize to those who have waited for this. Also thank you Naoko Kiseki for your reviews that encouraged me to continue with this story.

Reader's age; 16

Sunlight seeps in through the gap of your curtain, groaning you raise your arm over your eyes. Grumbling as you roll onto your side, turning your back on the sun. You tug the comforter up burying your face into the soft fabric as you close your eyes.

"How long do you plan on chasing someone else's dream?"

Mizu's words renounce within your mind overtaking your once tranquil thoughts. The events from your previous encounter with him flash behind your closed eyes. His secret coming to light. The resentment toward his father. The ugly words he spat in your face as he insulted your father. And how your emotions got the better of you as you lashed out. You didn't know how to proceed. What were you to do? How could you help when Mizu refused? Why was it always you that he striked out at? What did you ever do to him?

Eyes fluttering open, you exhale a shaky breath as your hand lies on your chest. Even if Mizu never thought of you as a friend; you considered him one. So for him to hide his true feelings for so long only proves that you never really meant anything to him.

The soft creak of your door opening pulls you from your train of thoughts. Standing in the entry to your room is Hisoka. His dark eyes focus on your face.

"Hey." He doesn't question why you're in such a state nor your tears.

"H-Hisoka." Your voice trembles and you realize that you can't keep bottling up your emotions.

Hisoka, ever the understanding childhood friend simply seats himself by your side. You launch yourself at him, welcoming the warmth of his arms around you as he tucked your head under his chin as you proceed to cry.


Iwatobi SC Returns is the last place you expected to be dragged to yet knowing Hisoka it was only logical. Why shy away from the place that brought you happiness?

"Hisoka. . ."

"Don't worry, no one else is here." The older male pats your head gently. "Coach Sasabe has closed it to the public since your relay race is coming up soon."

You're not sure how to respond. If it was closed off to the public, did it mean the others could still drop by to practice? Hisoka doesn't give you much time to worry about things since he leads you toward the locker rooms.

"I didn't bring my swimsuit.*

"Here. . ." Your childhood friend holds out the duffle bag, he had been carrying. "Your mother packed what you needed since I told her where we were going."

You take the bag from his hand, slipping the strap onto your shoulder as a smile tugs at the corner of your mouth.

"You're the best, Hisoka." You give the older boy a quick hug before disappearing into the girl's locker room, failing to notice the blush that bloomed on Hisoka's face.

Extended Ending

". . . So she's with Hisoka?" Sousuke questioned his former teammate, who was busy preparing lunch.

"Yeah." Rin replied as he poured chopped up vegetables into a pot.

"And you're not worried?" Sousuke, who was seated at kitchen island, asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Why would I be?" Rin questioned as he turned to look at his friend.

"They're not kids anymore." Sousuke explained, knowing the redhead would catch on.

"I know, but I also know Hisoka wouldn't try anything."

"But he is in love with her." Sousuke stated, exposing his son's secret.

"I know. . . " Rin had noticed, the boy's feelings were mixed in with his kind actions as a friend.

"Aren't you worried?"

"Why are you telling me all of this?"

Sousuke smiled, chuckling at his friend's annoyed expression.

"Because I don't think Hisoka will want to stay friends for much longer."
Chapter 68 (Reminder) by Ame Yuki
Author's Notes:
I didn't post this chapter last week, but only because I was busy and things were hectic. Thank you to Naoko Kiseki and NeonCupcakeAvalanche for leaving such encouraging reviews.

Reader's age: 16

You aren't sure how he had convinced you or why you had easily agreed, but what bothered you most was that Hiro knew. Had Mizu told him? It was only logical, right? They were childhood friends much like you and Hisoka. Hiro knew Mizu better than anyone else and from what you had heard, Mizu had been staying at his house since that day.

"Relax, I'm not here for that."  The brunette across from you, softly stated as he took a sip of his drink.

"But you do know, right?"  Why else would he had invited you out?  "You know about what happened between Mizu and I."

His mouth forms into a gentle smile; a smile that usually made you relax, but not today.

"Did you not want me to know?"  His voice gives nothing away, he knows how to keep his emotions in check. If he disliked the fact you were uncomfortable with him knowing so much than he did not let it show. "Hisoka knows too."

"Of course he knows, I'm the one who told him."  That day you had called your childhood friend, recounting the events that had occurred. The next day Hisoka had dragged you to the pool to help you relax.

"Are you sure about that?"

"What?"  You aren't sure what Hiro meant.

"I don't think Hisoka has been completely honest with you."

Hiro words unsettle you, why was he doubting Hisoka? Did he know something you didn't? Was he suggesting that Hisoka knew of Mizu's reason for disliking swimming? How did Hiro know any of this and why was he telling you?

"Why are you bringing Hisoka into this?" 

"Relax, I'm not trying to tear your friendship apart." Once again his kind smile leaves you feeling confused. "I just think you should pay more attention to Hisoka."  The brunette finishes off the rest of his drink, preparing to leave, but not before giving you one more piece of advice.  "If you pay more attention, you'll realize his true feelings."


Three days had passed since you're outing with Hiro and his words still haunted you. What had he meant by paying more attention to Hisoka? Was he hiding something? Should you confront him about it? Or should you wait until Hisoka came to you on his own? Why were you feeling frustrated by what Hiro had said?

The cool afternoon breeze whips your hair around your face as you took a break from jogging. Hands resting on your knees as you exhaled and wiped the sweat from your forehead. It seemed that no matter what you did, you couldn't clear your mind. Swimming practice had been shortened since your teammates didn't want to risk you injuring yourself again. So you had decided to jog in hopes of clearing up your mind, but it seemed to have the opposite effect.

Then there was still Mizu, your argument with him had left your friendship in ruins. The boy refused to acknowledge your presence when your group of friends were together and he did his best to avoid you, during school and out of school. Did he really want to leave things as they were?

"Are you okay?"

"Fumio?!" You swirled around to face the spectacles wearing teen. "You scared me."

"I apologize for startling you."

You wave off his apology, telling Fumio that you were find.


"I didn't mean to follow you."  Fumio apologized once again.


He bows his head in shame and you stare at him curiously. You suddenly remember what he had asked you and you wondered why he had asked such a thing.

"Something seems to be bothering you and well I thought maybe you needed someone to lend an ear."

You smile, touched by the boy's kindness. Fumio on the other hand becomes flustered at the sight of your smile.

"I-I mean w-when Yuji and I argue, Arata always listens to what I have to say and it helps to calm me down."

Once again you were worrying your friends as you worried about things you had no control over. You were being selfish and you had given your word not to be so self centered again.

"You don't have to talk about it, but know that if you need help we're all here for you."

A smile tugs at the corners of your mouth as his words help to sooth your troubled mind.

"Thanks, Fumio." You knew he meant what he said. You could rely on your friends when you felt helpless and needed a hand. You knew they wouldn't hesitate to help you out.  "I'll talk to one of the girls, if things get out of hand." 

Your friends were dear to you and while you wished to accept their help, but you couldn't always depend on them. You didn't want to burden your friends with your troubles. You wanted to figure things out by yourself without causing drama.

"Okay." Fumio, nods his head, satisfied with your answer. "Also. . ." You raised an eyebrow as he paused for a moment before continuing. "Don't let what Mizu said get to you, he may not show it, but he does value you as a friend."

If he did than why was he being so difficult? Was Mizu really okay with ruining your friendship?

"Thanks, Fumio.   .  ."  You offer him a kind smile before biding the teen goodbye.

Extended Ending

Upon hearing the front door opening, Makoto pokes his head out of the kitchen doorway to greet his son and Mizu. He's a bit surprised to see his son in such a cheerful mood.

"Did something interesting happen?" 

In response to the brunette's question, Mizu simply shrugs his shoulders.

"He's been humming since we met up." Mizu stated as he slipped his shoes off and headed into the kitchen.

Hiro follows the dark haired teen, taking a seat at the kitchen island.

"My humming is nothing weird." Hiro defended himself. "But if you want to know, I think things are about to get interesting."

Makoto frowned at the younger boy's words.

"What did you do?"

With a cheerful closed-eye smile, Hiro's reply has Makoto worrying.

"You'll find out soon."
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