High Maintenance by Ysa Is A Bell
Summary: You still hadn't decided if he was worth it. [Oikawa x Reader]
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2. Two by Ysa Is A Bell

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4. Four by Ysa Is A Bell

5. Five by Ysa Is A Bell

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One by Ysa Is A Bell
“Aobajosai High, huh…” You mused, staring at the two men towering over you. You pursed your lips and sighed, letting your head hang dejectedly. Iwaizumi raised an eyebrow at you while Oikawa looked on expectantly.

“Is she okay?” Iwaizumi asked, turning his head towards his childhood friend but keeping his eyes on your trembling form. Oikawa only laughed in response, a victorious grin plastered on his face.

“I called it, Iwa-chan! [Name]-chan is going to Aoba Johsai, too! We’re inseparable!” He laughed again. You froze as Oikawa spoke, the corners of your lips tugging downward. Hearing it out loud felt like a spike in the face.

You had known Oikawa and Iwaizumi since you were a child. You skipped past the park one day, ice cream in hand, when a volleyball collided with the back of your head. Much to your horror, you had dropped the cool dessert in the process.

”Sorry!” Voices called out as the sound of little, running footsteps grew louder. You whipped your head towards the culprits, holding back tears.

“You guys are mean and stupid!” You screamed, eyebrows furrowed in frustration.

A boy with swept hair stepped back behind a boy with spiky hair.

“You deal with her Iwaizumi,” he whispered with wide eyes.

“You’re the one that hit her,” the boy named Iwaizumi replied with eyes narrowed at his friend.

“I can hear you!” You huffed, arms crossed. You watched on as Iwaizumi spun around to push his friend forward at you. The friend yelped in surprise, gulping as he walked towards you slowly.

“Sorry,” he started, looking back at his friend for support. Iwaizumi gave a nod in encouragement. “I’m Oikawa. That’s Iwaizumi. We were playing volleyball.”

Oikawa waited for you to reply, and when you didn’t, he scratched the back of his head nervously.

“Do you want to get ice cream again? We can go with you and we won’t start playing until you finish.”

Honestly, you were already hooked in at the mention of ice cream, but you were surprised by his thoughtfulness.

You grinned and introduced yourself, walking back to the store with the two boys.

On that day, your love for the two started as well as your hate for their sport.

Fate had decided that now wasn’t the time to grow distant; it was the time to grow closer.
Two by Ysa Is A Bell
“Oh? We’re in the same class?” You twitched at the playful tone coming from behind you. You turned to glare at the chocolate brown eyes teasingly narrowed at you. “Again?” He snickered, sticking his tongue out with a wink. You frowned, elbowing him in the stomach. Your frown grew when he only laughed louder, unfazed by the impact.

“Iwa-chan,” you groaned, turning to Iwaizumi to grab him by his white blazer and shake him lightly. “Trade places with me. Or let me be in your class instead.” Iwaizumi grabbed your wrists to shake off your hold.

“You’re going to wrinkle my coat,” he said with a sigh. “I’m also glad not to be in the same class as Oikawa. Or you.”

“Mean…” You and Oikawa stared at Iwaizumi with wide eyes. Your friend only shrugged.

“The two of you would only get me in trouble.”

And that was something you couldn’t deny. You and Oikawa were known as the exasperating duo amongst the teachers -- always getting into trouble for being too loud (laughing or bickering) or for being too quiet (zoning out or sleeping).

“That’s only Oikawa!” You whined, but Iwaizumi rolled his eyes in disbelief.

You blinked out of your childlike state to stare up at Oikawa as he slung an arm lazily over your shoulder.

“Don’t worry [Name]-chan,” he hummed. “It’s our last year, anyway. Push through.”

“I guess you’re right…but now I wish Iwa-chan was with us, too.”

“There will be plenty of time with Iwa-chan after class!” Oikawa stated matter-of-factly. When realization dawned on you, you shook your head violently.

“I am not staying for practice.”

Although you were never interested in volleyball -- or in any sport for that matter -- you were proud that your best friends were chosen to lead the Aoba Johsai Volleyball Club.

“When will you ever change, [Name]-chan?” Oikawa grumbled with a pout.

“Never,” you laughed, walking in between Oikawa and Iwaizumi to class, with Oikawa’s arm still around you.

“I can’t deny the wonderful change of your body though,” Oikawa sang in a made up tune.

You and Iwaizumi visibly tensed, the vice-captain of Aoba Johsai sidestepping as you swung your leg out to kick Oikawa in the face.

“Ah, [Name]-chan, you can’t do that in a skirt!” Oikawa ducked under your leg and dashed forward.

“Oikawa, you’re an idiot!” You screamed after him, leaving behind Iwaizumi who pinched the bridge of his nose to ease his irritation.
Three by Ysa Is A Bell
You looked up from your book at the soft murmur of your name.

“Oh,” you blinked in surprise. “Hi, Iwa-chan. No practice today?” You asked in a whisper as Iwaizumi took the seat in front of you.

Iwaizumi shook his head, shuffling inside his school bag to pull out a book and notes.

“The coach cancels practice before big tests.”

“That’s nice of him.”

“He only gives us one free day to study everything.”

“Oh…” You gave Iwaizumi a sheepish grin. “Not so nice of him.”

Iwaizumi grunted in response, his lips twitching upward before bringing his attention back to the text in front of him.

Iwaizumi was one of your closest friends. Sitting together with him in the library, you thought about how he wasn’t so different outside of it. To Oikawa, he was strong and scary. But to you, he was always gentle. You squeaked in surprise at the light tap of a pen to your forehead.

“What are you looking at?” Iwaizumi raised an eyebrow at you.

“Sorry. I’m just not used to studying with company, okay?” You grinned brightly. “You and Oikawa are always busy. By the way, where is he?”

“He’s practicing in the gym.”

Tut-tut-tut!” You furrowed your eyebrows. “On a free day!? He’s going to fail his tests for sure.”

“For sure?” Iwaizumi teased which made you pout.

“Eh!? Iwa-chan, I’ll show you! I’ll get better grades than him this time around!”

Iwaizumi looked on at you in amusement as you immediately brought your attention back to your notes.

The two of you studied in silence until both your phones buzzed due to continuous messages from the captain of the volleyball club, demanding your whereabouts.
Four by Ysa Is A Bell
“Wait!” You called out, quickly jogging towards your two best friends.

The two boys paused and turned to face you. You noticed their synchronization looked a bit silly, but you weren’t surprised considering they were practically inseparable.

“Hi, [Name]-chan~”


They regarded you. You stopped in front of the boys with your hand in the air -- a wave and a signal to wait for you to catch your breath. Oikawa blinked at you with wide eyes while Iwaizumi shoved his hands into the pockets of his varsity jacket. Letting out a long breath, you straightened your posture and flashed a grin.

“I have something for you,” you said with excitement, sticking your tongue out in concentration as you tried to rummage through your bag to find your mysterious object.

“Huh!?” Oikawa gasped dramatically, clutching Iwaizumi’s shoulder to pull him closer. “Did [Name]-chan get us something for Valen--“

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Zumi-chan!” You beamed, holding out a tiny red box in front of Iwaizumi.

“Wha--" Oikawa went to speak, an obvious frown on his lips.

“Don’t call me that…” Iwaizumi interrupted, plucking the box out of your hands. “But thank you.” The corners of his lips twitched upward.

“[Name]-chan,” Oikawa cried. “Why are there no chocolates for me?” The captain spoke while simultaneously trying to snatch your chocolates from Iwaizumi who was successfully dodging.

“Oikawa, you’re literally holding a paper bag full of chocolates. You couldn’t possibly need more.”

Oikawa huffed, wearing the most childish pout. He turned his attention to you, bending down to your level to grab your shoulders to shake you lightly with his every word.

“Your chocolates matter, [Name]-chan! Especially when you give them to Iwa-chan! We’re friends, too, right? And where is my cute nickname? Why have I lost to Iwa-chan? I’m smarter and more handsome than he is!”

You were laughing with each shake, noticing Iwaizumi’s eye twitch with Oikawa’s unintentional insults. You reached forward to mimic Oikawa’s hold on you.

“Calm down,” you said with a giggle, Oikawa still pouting. “You are such a child.” You shook your head, swatting away Oikawa’s hands. You dug into your bag to pull out an identical box to Iwaizumi’s.

“I was just teasing.” You said, watching Oikawa’s expression brighten instantly. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Oikawa delicately took the box from your hand and examined it closely. He flashed you a cheeky grin, pulling you in for a one-armed hug while still beaming at your chocolates over your head.
Five by Ysa Is A Bell
Although a bit embarrassed, you hugged all water bottles to yourself, approaching the Seijoh players one by one. They all thanked you, but you lingered a little longer with the third years. They had invited you to have dinner with them after practice, and it made you happy to know that Mattsun and Makki were fond of you.

With the final blow of a whistle, all the boys gathered around for the coach’s last words and they dispersed just as quickly. You waited for the seniors to get changed and tagged along for ramen. You talked about school, family, prospect future universities, until Makki asked the lingering question.

“So after all these years, what made you come to practice? And as manager?”

A blush immediately formed on your cheeks.

“D-don’t get us wrong, [Name]-san. We really appreciate your help!” Mattsun added quickly after seeing your reaction.

Your eyes darted from one man to the other. Makki and Mattsun looked at you curiously, Oikawa eagerly, and Iwaizumi teasingly.

“I, uhh,” you started.

“I asked her and she said yes!” Oikawa piped in. You glared at the captain’s interruption, but more at his answer.

Asked? You nagged!” You whined, bonking him on the head with a clenched fist.

“Only because I knew you’d say yes eventually, [Name]-chan,” Oikawa replied innocently.

“Eh? That’s how nagging works, Oikawa. I said yes because I was tired of you asking.”

“You said yes because you were just shy! I knew that if you knew how much we wanted you on the team, you would gain the confidence to join us.”

“W-what? Don’t say cheesy things like that.” You swatted Oikawa’s hand away as he went to pat your head.

“[Name]-chan, you’re so cute when you blush~”

Amidst the commotion, Makki and Mattsun glanced at Iwaizumi. The vice-captain only smirked before bringing his attention back to his meal.
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Six by Ysa Is A Bell
Author's Notes:
I'm a little slow to the Haikyuu!! fandom because I just finished watching it. But I have too much love for the anime that I had to write something. I write in my own time and whenever I feel like it, but this chapter is for NeonCupcakeAvalanche - my first reviewer! Knowing that someone reads this story (and enjoys it) just makes me excited to get something out. Hehe.
And so practice became routine. Every day after class, you and Oikawa would wait for Iwaizumi by his room before heading to the gym. Today, you were being slow; and today, Oikawa was being impatient. The captain leaned against the teacher’s table, tapping his foot as he watched you talk to the class president. You were asking about the math homework you weren’t able to copy since you fell asleep. To no surprise, Oikawa didn’t catch the homework either for he was busy doodling. Oikawa took a glance at his watch before pushing himself off the table to walk towards you.

“Yo!” Oikawa chirped, getting the attention of you and the president. “Thanks for the homework, president,” you squeaked as he grabbed your wrist. “But we really have to get to training now!”

Without a goodbye, Oikawa turned to leave, tugging you along with him. You frowned at the glares and whispers by girls in the hallway. They would never give you a break. It was incredible that some of them would approach you, asking you to give their love letters to Oikawa. A faint blush would always make its way up to your cheeks when you declined. Seriously! You hated saying no to people, but it was a ridiculous thing to ask for. It was also probably why you could count the number of female friends you had with one hand. A lot of them were jealous of you, what with you being close to the volleyball team.

“Oikawa, this is hardly appropriate!” You hissed, trying to pry away from his grasp. He looked back at you with a playful smile, unrelenting. You sighed in defeat as you stumbled here and there, trying to keep up with his long strides.


“Why don’t Oikawa’s fan girls apply, then?” You grumbled, arms crossed as you watched the Seijoh team warm up.

“Being a manager comes with responsibilities,” Iwaizumi explained, bent down to tighten his shoelaces. He straightened himself, stretching his arms above his head.

"The coach doesn’t just accept anyone, you know.”

“Told you I’m responsible,” you grinned at your friend. Iwaizumi scoffed.

“You better be, or we’ll have to find a better manager.”

Your lips pressed together as you mused - trying to figure out if Iwaizumi was teasing or threatening. The vice captain chuckled, ruffling your hair before jogging back to his teammates.
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Seven by Ysa Is A Bell
Author's Notes:
To NeonCupcakeAvalanche again~
It was the start of Interhigh’s Miyagi Preliminaries. Iwaizumi wasn’t kidding when he said being the manager of Aoba Johsai was hard work. Both coaches took turns teaching you the rules of volleyball and explaining the different positions and strategies of the team.

“Well, Oikawa, since you suggested to have [Name] as manager with no knowledge on volleyball whatsover,” Coach Irihita paused, rubbing his chin in thought. “You have to fill her in.”

You groaned inwardly at Oikawa’s excitement.

“Of course, Coach! You can count on me~”

Then there was Oikawa who shared useless gossip with you about the other teams rather than helpful information. He left that to Iwaizumi because he said it was boring. Speaking of…

“Where is Oikawa?” You and Coach Irihita asked at the same time.

“Oh! Um…” Yahaba hesitated, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. “Girls from other schools have him in their clutches.”

“Iwaizumi.” Irihita called out with a secret command.

Before Iwaizumi could turn around to drag the setter back, you bowed in front of your coaches. “Excuse me, Coach. I’ll handle it.”

You grabbed the ball from Iwaizumi’s hand, storming out of the gymnasium. Iwaizumi watched you until your form disappeared.

“Crappy Oikawa.”


You weren’t even trying to spot him. You were trying to pinpoint where the sound of squealing girls was coming from.

“A picture? Sure~”


You aimed and prayed the ball would hit the back of Oikawa’s head. When the ball bounced back into your hand, you wanted to pump your fist in the air, but that wouldn’t look cool.

“Not even the coach hits me!” Oikawa complained, whipping his head back. He blinked in surprise to see you.

“[Name]-chan!?” The setter pouted. He looked back to apologize to the group of girls around him before walking over to you, childish pout still on. “That was mean.”

“You should be inside.” You said coldly, turning your back on him to walk back into the gymnasium.

“What’s with the attitude?” Oikawa’s frown only grew as he followed you. The two of you walked in silence. You quickened your pace when Oikawa playfully bumped his hip to your side. The captain paused in his steps, covering his mouth with a hand to stifle a laugh. It wasn’t hard to catch up to you.

“You’re so cute when you’re jealous.”

“I’m not jealous!” You glared at him. The setter had a silly grin on his face, to which you rolled your eyes. It was your turn to pause, watching Oikawa’s back. You growled, stomping over to him. He yelped as you kicked the back of his knee.

“And I’m not cute!”
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Eight by Ysa Is A Bell
Author's Notes:
Thank you NeonCupcakeAvalanche, for always reviewing. ;3;
“I think I’m going to be sick,” you hissed through clenched teeth, clutching your stomach. The coaches sat next to you on the bench smiled understandingly. The three of you on the bench looked on, observing the team.

“I believe in all of you.”

Your eyes widened at Oikawa’s words. As he walked towards the court with his team behind him, the mood had dramatically shifted. The determination in everyone’s eyes seemed to cure your nerves. You sighed, your whole body relaxing. A soft smile crept its way over your lips as you followed Oikawa with your eyes. He liked to tease, play dumb, cry, and go the extra mile to get what he wanted -- whether through charm or by force. But you could tell, that on the court, he was going to play hard and fair. You had never seen a harder resolve than the captain of Aoba Johsai’s volleyball team.

The whistle was blown to signal the start of the match, and your lips trembled in excitement and delight.

Then as soon as it started, it was over. Finally, you had released your iron grip on Coach Sadayuki as you jumped off the bench to pump both fists in the air at Seijoh’s victory. They had beat Karasuno 33-31. You were laughing with the coaches, seeing the team ruffle each other up on the court. You clenched your fist over your heart, attempting to slow it down. Aoba Johsai shook hands with Karasuno, bowed to the supporters, and went to circle around the bench. While the coaches expressed their congratulations, you sneakily raised a thumbs up to Oikawa and Iwaizumi. The ace gave you a curt nod with a tired smile while the setter flashed you a peace sign.

God, you loved them; you wondered how you could ever hate their sport.
Nine by Ysa Is A Bell
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“Sorry I’m late!” You bowed at the entrance of the gymnasium. You straightened yourself to see the volleyball players acknowledge you. Inwardly, you sighed in relief noticing that the coaches hadn’t arrived. You jogged over to those on water break, scanning the court again.

“Oikawa isn’t here?” You asked. The boys shook their heads which made your eyebrows furrow.

“He walked his girlfriend home,” Yahaba said with a shrug. At the mention of a girlfriend, you dropped your clipboard.

“O-oh!” You laughed, swiftly picking it up to hold it to your chest. You were hugging it to you tightly, cursing your heart for clenching and your hands for shaking. The boys blinked at you and that only put you more on edge. “Hey, get back to your drills!” You scolded, turning your back on them to make your way to the washroom.

You walked hurriedly, mind going haywire.

Oikawa? Girlfriend? Who? From school? From your class? How? For how long? When?

You entered the washroom, slamming the door behind you. Your hands grabbed at the edges of the sink and you stared at yourself in the mirror.

“Why…?” You whined, glaring at the eyes brimmed with tears in the mirror. Breathing deeply and slowly, you let yourself relax. You weren’t going to cry. You weren’t going to cry. You weren’t going to cry. Then you laughed -- unsure of whether it was at Oikawa or at his dumb girlfriend or at yourself. “Whatever,” you muttered to yourself, dousing your face with cold water in hopes of relieving the redness of your eyes.

“Oh! [Name]-chan~” You froze as you slid the door shut. You turned your head slowly to see Oikawa about to enter the men’s room. You simply stared and he blinked. “What’s wrong?”

“You’re late,” you said through gritted teeth. Oikawa has known you for years, so he narrowed his eyes at the tone of your voice. Each step he took towards you; you took the same number of steps back. Curse the captain for being tall -- with one long stride, his arm shot out to grab your wrist.

What’s wrong?” He asked again, his childish mirth gone. His grip on you tightened as you tried to pull away. It tightened some more when he noticed you wouldn’t look him in the eye.

“Nothing’s wrong,” you hissed, wrenching your wrist out of his hold. The captain went to grab your shoulders but you swatted his hands away.

“[Name], I just--”

“Stop!” You groaned, mentally smacking your head against a wall for being so affected by something so stupid.

“Just…get changed. You’re late. You should get back to the gym before the coaches arrive.”

You walked past Oikawa without another word. When he called out to you, you walked faster.
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Ten by Ysa Is A Bell
Author's Notes:
This was fun to write. I'm excited for the next one! Also, I don't know if I need to point it out, but Rea's relationship with Iwaizumi is deep buuut platonic. They totally love each other, but I'm biased towards Oikawa so he's getting all he future kisses. If they ever make up. DUN DUN DUN. (But lol duh)

This is for Cupcake who thinks her name is too long ♡
The tension was high inside the gymnasium. You worked diligently, marking every serve, receive, and spike on your chart. You were, however, tempted to lie about Oikawa’s statistics. If the coaches saw a decline in performance, they would make him do extra drills and clean up alone. He would hate that. You snickered to yourself, pursing your lips together to stop yourself from grinning like an idiot.

“Don’t you think [Name] looks like an idiot?” Iwaizumi asked from the opposite side of the court, water bottle in hand. The seniors chuckled, except one. Oikawa frowned at you. He couldn’t understand why you were enjoying your notes so much when, just a moment ago, you were acting so strangely towards him. You had foul moods sometimes, but he would get you to break eventually. His frown deepened as he remembered how upset you were by his touch.

“Iwa-chan,” Oikawa started, eyes not leaving your form. “Did you say something to her?”

“We haven’t spoken. I was doing drills when she arrived.” Iwaizumi raised his eyebrow at Oikawa’s genuine concern. “Did you say something to her?” The captain looked to the floor in deep thought.

“I don’t think so, but I ran into her earlier and she wasn’t happy.”

“I’ll talk to her later,” Iwaizumi said, looking back at you before returning to drills with the rest of the team.


Earlier it was hard to tell if something was wrong. But from where Iwaizumi stood as the coaches shared their final word for the day, he frowned at your avoiding gaze. With a final bow to the coaches, everyone dispersed for cleanup. Oikawa nagged his vice captain to go after you as you left the gymnasium. “Okay, okay, okay,” Iwaizumi sighed, stuffing a face towel in his bag before slinging it over his shoulder and running after you.

You jumped slightly at the call of your name.

“Iwa-chan!” You turned to wait for Iwaizumi as he jogged towards you.

“Are you okay?” He asked as he slowed down to stop in front of you.

You didn’t know if it was his serious tone that made your breath hitch. You didn’t know if it was his towering height that made you feel vulnerable. You didn’t know if it was his interrogating gaze that made your lips quiver. You didn’t know if it was his concerned frown that made your eyes tear up.

But you were tired, and you knew Iwaizumi would understand.

So you stepped forward and grabbed him by his shirt, burying your face in his chest.

“H-hey,” Iwaizumi said in surprise, holding his hands up, unsure of where to put them. When he felt wetness seep through his shirt, he sighed. He wrapped his arms around your trembling form and rested his chin on your head.

A comforting silence for a silent cry.


Back at the gymnasium, Yahaba bowed apologetically to his captain before excusing himself; and Oikawa’s eyes were left open wide with anxiety and dread.
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Eleven by Ysa Is A Bell
Author's Notes:

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You walked the hallways reluctantly, dragging your feet to delay the inevitable. You grumbled incoherently under your breath. Crying to Iwaizumi was a mistake. Of course he’d wait for you to stop before calling you childish. But pride was important to you! You wouldn’t let Iwaizumi get away with calling you that, so you told him you’d fix things with Oikawa since you were a responsible adult.

“Stupid Iwa-chan,” you muttered as you took your first step into your classroom. Trying your best not to make eye contact with anyone, you turned to the clock at the back of the room. There wasn’t enough time to talk to him before the bell, so you maneuvered around your classmates to make it to your seat and brought out your notes to ‘study.’

How lame… You thought to yourself, but the bell had rung at the same time, and you didn’t have to worry about a thing (for the time being). You would talk to Oikawa at lunch.

A squeak came out of you when you saw that Oikawa already had his eyes dead set on you, and he was pushing himself off his seat to approach you as soon as your teacher walked out of the room.

“Can we talk?” He asked, eyes filled with worry. Your stomach churned in guilt. You always adored your childhood friend for his cheerful and energetic personality because he would always get you to cave in. No matter how deep your mood plummeted, Oikawa would be able to bring you back up. To see him so serious -- and to know that you’re at fault -- made you feel horrible. He was stupid sometimes, but he still meant so much to you. You were snapped out of your reverie when he opened his mouth to speak again. Mumbling an apology under your breath, you nodded, and turned to exit the classroom.

Just outside the school building, Oikawa led you to a bench. You took a seat with a sigh, eyes on his leather shoes.

“I’m sorry,” the two of you said in unison. You lifted your gaze to see an equally stunned Oikawa.

“You…” He started, taking an experimental step forward. He pressed his lips together when you waved your hands in front of you frantically, cheeks pink.

“Y-you go first,” you huffed, turning your head to the side. Oikawa’s eyes softened at your flustered state.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.” You frowned at the simplicity of his statement. That’s really all it was, wasn’t it? There was nothing more to apologize for. This whole thing was really your fault.

“Well why didn’t you?” You muttered, looking back at the captain. It was his turn to avoid your gaze.

“I…don’t know,” he admitted. “I didn’t think you’d like it.”

He wasn’t wrong, you mused to yourself, embarrassed about it. You still couldn’t figure out why it made you so angry. Just thinking about it again, you seethed inwardly. But you had your own life, and Oikawa had his. You couldn’t be stuck to his hip forever, you supposed.

“Yeah, I’m sorry about that.” You fumbled with your fingers. “But what I hated more than anything was finding out from someone else. Yahaba of all people. Actually, now I don't know why Iwa-chan didn't tell me either. Maybe I should be angry with him, too. I hope you understand! We’re friends, you idiot! We’ve been friends forever, so you shouldn’t be keeping important things like this for me. Well, I mean, you can if you want to. I can’t tell you what to do, but that would suck! Because I thought we were best friends. Best friends tell each other everything... I’m rambling now.”

You stood abruptly, holding your hand out to Oikawa.

“We’re good then?” You confirmed. He blinked at your hand before taking it, but yelped when he pulled you in.

“Don’t be a stranger,” the Seijoh captain whispered into your hair as he tightened his hold around you.

Although your arms stayed limp at your sides, you closed your eyes, surrendering to the warmth of Oikawa’s embrace.
Twelve by Ysa Is A Bell
Author's Notes:
Iwaizumi...keeping up with his two best friends. :P Let's keep things light for a while. The advantage AND disadvantage of this story is that I started it on a whim - so I have absolutely no idea what comes next or how it ends. Hahaha. My internet has been wonky lately, so when it's offline, I write. Not my best, I admit, but here it is!

I'm so happy to have this out quick for you, Cupcake!!! But I'm not happy that my internet is weird! My internet is down while I'm typing this. >:(

Iwaizumi looked over his shoulder to see two eager figures creeping by the door. The vice captain turned back to zip his bag.

“Ah, he’s ignoring us!” The male voice cried which struck a nerve.

“Just wait out here! He’ll be angry if we enter!” His eye twitched at the female’s voice.

“But we’re going to be late for prac--“

Oikawa hid behind you when Iwaizumi growled, stalking towards you both.

“Don’t talk to me about being late for practice, Trashykawa.”

You laughed at the insult while Oikawa stepped away, arms raised in surrender. “S-sorry, Iwa-chan…”

Iwaizumi shrugged, walking past you both. You matched his pace with Oikawa in tow.

“He’s right, Oikawa!”

“Eh!? [Name]-chan is still fighting me? Why aren’t you mad at Iwa-chan?”

“Wow, really? It’s too early for that. I’m still mad at you. Don’t turn this on Iwa-chan.”

“But you said we were good!”

“Maybe we’ll be a hundred percent good if you buy me lunch.”

Oikawa opened his mouth to retort but was silenced by Iwaizumi’s warning gaze. You snickered behind your hand, grinning at the captain. “Even Iwa-chan agrees.”

“Anyway,” Iwaizumi rolled his eyes, “you’re not walking Koda-san home today, Oikawa?”

Immediately your mood plummeted. You realized that Oikawa had admitted to having a girlfriend - if it was possible, your mood plummeted some more at the thought - but you never asked about her. You weren’t sure if you wanted to know about her. You glanced at Oikawa as he hummed, arms behind his head.

“No, not with Spring High nearing.”

You let out the breath you didn’t notice you were holding. A quick nudge to your hand made you look up at Iwaizumi. His knowing eyes eased you out of your tension. You smiled to yourself, remembering when you once refused the idea of watching their practice. Now it was all you looked forward to. Even if Oikawa had a stupid girlfriend, after-class practice would be your time with your boys. For as long as you could, you were okay with acting like nothing had changed.
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Thirteen by Ysa Is A Bell
Author's Notes:
I had fun writing this one. Hehe.

For Cupcake...forever~
Your relief was short-lived when amongst the sounds of squeaking rubber shoes, bouncing balls, encouraging shouts, and laughs - you heard a name.

“Hitomi-chan!” Your eyes followed Oikawa jog to the gym entrance, where he stopped in front of a girl in a Seijoh uniform. From where you were standing, you couldn’t hear what they were saying. You could only see Oikawa throw his head back from laughter, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. The girl smiled at him, tucking her hair behind her ear. Her blonde, lobbed hair was unfamiliar to you.

“Who is she?” You asked the boys taking a break, eyes not leaving the - dare you say it - couple. Mattsun turned his head in the direction you were looking. “Ah, Koda Hitomi. Third Year, Class Two.”

You grit your teeth, blowing your whistle. All players looked to you at the sound. “OIKAWA!” The captain cringed at your scolding tone. “GET BACK TO PRACTICE!” You huffed as Oikawa smiled nervously at you. He looked back at stupid Koda, and you frowned as he gestured for her to watch from the second floor.

“Tch,” you frowned, turning back towards the court, “stupid, stupid, idiot Oikawa.”

“Well, I should get back to practice before [Name]-chan gets any angrier.” Oikawa chuckled. “Do you want to watch from up there?”

“I-it’s okay, Oikawa-kun," Koda shook her head, "I just thought to pass by before heading to the library.”

“Eh? Alright. Thanks for stopping by, Hitomi-chan. I’ll see you later,” he pat her head before running to the court.

Koda stared at you momentarily before turning to leave.

“Who does she think she is anyway!?” You spat, kicking loose gravel. Iwaizumi walked beside you, a tired expression on his face (a sign that you’ve been ranting for over ten minutes).

“Koda Hitomi of third year, class two…” You hissed. “I don’t know why the coaches aren’t stricter with Oikawa! They don’t let more than ten squealing fan girls watch practice, but they’ll turn their heads away from him taking his own break to talk to his dumb girlfriend? I would rather have a hundred fan girls around!”

A pause.

“Okay,” you continued, “maybe just fifteen fan girls. The point is… Oikawa shouldn’t have a girlfriend!” Although Iwaizumi wasn’t interested in your current problem, he raised an eyebrow at your statement. You looked at Iwaizumi for a reaction, but the look on his face made you rethink what you just said.

“W-what!? I obviously meant that his girlfriend shouldn’t be visiting the gym! Don’t be ridiculous, Iwa-chan!” The vice-captain’s eye twitched. He hadn’t said anything. As you sputtered nonsense to justify your words, he sighed.

“Why do you care so much anyway?”

When you sputtered even more nonsense, waving your arms frantically, face bright red - Iwaizumi wondered why he even had to ask.
Fourteen by Ysa Is A Bell
Author's Notes:
I got carried away with this one. Hahaha. We are making progress with Rea's feelings, people!

This is dedicated to Cupcake. What's new!? :P I'm excited for you to read this, I had a lot of fun writing it!
“Damn it!” Oikawa pulled on his hair as the volleyball bounced back from the net.

“Don’t mind!” His teammates called, but you frowned at the sheet in your hand. This was Oikawa’s third failed service in a row. You looked from your paper to the captain who was now on his hands and knees. “Damn it,” he gritted through his teeth; and when the captain gave up, so did the whole team.

All heads turned turned to you at the blow of your whistle.

“Let’s take a ten-minute break!” You ordered, and the players slowly walked away from the court -- except for the moping Oikawa -- sending each other nervous glances. As you walked over to him, Iwaizumi was already by his side.

“Oi,” the vice captain nudged Oikawa with his foot, “get up already.”

He looked up at Iwaizumi, eyes filled with tears.

“Iwa-chan, what’s wrong with me!?”

Iwaizumi narrowed his eyes irritably, grabbing Oikawa by his collar to pick him off the ground.

“Cool off, Trashykawa, or I’m going to punch you.” The captain pressed his lips into a tight smile with a curt nod, prying Iwaizumi’s hands off his uniform. The boys turned their heads toward the direction of the sound of laughter, to see you standing only a foot away with your hands on your hips.

“Iwa-chan knows just what to say, doesn’t he?” You mused which made Oikawa stare at you pointedly.

“You’re letting him get away with threatening me?” He whined while you and Iwaizumi shrugged at the same time. “Mean…” Oikawa turned his head away from his betraying friends with a hmph! Iwaizumi walked back to the bench, giving up on his captain’s attitude. You watched Oikawa gape at his childhood friend’s retreating form for a few seconds before approaching, rubbing his back in comfort. “Come on then,” you said, as Oikawa tilted his head questioningly at you, his face still sporting the look of betrayal-from-Iwaizumi-again.

“It’s your knee, isn’t it?”

“Oh~” Oikawa’s abrupt shift in mood didn’t surprise you anymore. He beamed, throwing an arm over your shoulder. “Yes, [Name]-chan! Please take care of me!”

The Aoba Johsai team watched you stagger out of the gymnasium with Oikawa playfully leaning all his weight on you, drowning out your curses in his sermon of how you should be able to carry him in case he really got injured.

Even after Oikawa stopped his fake limping, the Seijoh captain never withdrew his arm around your form. You walked together without conversation; although Oikawa hummed a soft tune without a care in the world, you cleared your throat as you started to feel dizzy.

“It’s getting hot, don’t you think?” You asked, wiping your clammy hands on your pants.

“Hmm?” The male beside you was silent in thought before he frowned. “It’s not hot at all…” Then your face heat up some more in embarrassment.

Oikawa paused, tightening his hold around you to will you to stop, too. He turned to face you while you followed suit. "O-oh!" You tensed as he lightly touched the back of his hand against your forehead.

“You’re heating up,” he said with a scowl, and you prayed to all the gods that Oikawa would let go of you for just one second.

“I’m fine,” you answered, swatting his hand away. “Let’s go, the nurse’s office is right there!” You called back as you walked forward quickly, chewing on your bottom lip, telling yourself to calm the hell down. Sliding open the door to the small clinic, you sighed in defeat when you realized she was missing. “She’s gone again, huh?” You jumped as the voice piped in from behind you. You entered anyway, shuffling through drawers, sneaking a glance at Oikawa who took his seat on the bed.

“You’re really good at that, [Name]-chan~” Oikawa teased, making you scoff. You were kneeling in front of him now, applying kinesiology tape to his right knee for pain relief. “I’ve had tons of practice on you,” you teased back, as you applied the last piece of tape around his knee. You massaged the taped area to create heat, grabbing Oikawa’s knee support and slipping it back on. “All done,” you said, blush forming as the captain flashed you a wide grin. He stood, taking your arm to help you up.

“Thanks,” you murmured. Oikawa shook his head with a smile. “No, thank you, [Name]-chan~”

At the gym doors, you held Oikawa back by his jersey. He looked at you questioningly, causing you to look away in embarrassment. “Stop overworking yourself, okay?” His eyes softened, a fond smile on his lips.

“No promises,” Oikawa said, and when you opened your mouth to make a snarky remark, you lost your thought to the fire in his eyes. With a wink and a quick ruffle to your hair, he jogged back to the court. You stared at the captain's back, stunned and completely smitten.

Your heart filled with pride and then with regret when you realized how unfortunate and inappropriate it was to have fallen for your childhood friend, who was in love with someone else.
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Fifteen by Ysa Is A Bell
Author's Notes:
Quick update as I'm rewatching Haikyuu!! for the fourth time. MY LOVE FOR THIS ANIME AND OIKAWA WILL NEVER DIEEE

For the ever loyal Cupcake who comes back to review every chapter, it always makes me happy when you enjoy :D
“Ack!” You yelped in surprise, stumbling forward at the sudden weight on your back. By instinct, you glared at the intruder-of-personal-space, also known as the captain of the Seijoh volleyball team who had his arms around your neck. “Get off me!” You whined, squirming out of his grip.

“You’re usually happier to see me,” Oikawa muttered, opting to hook his arm with yours instead. His eyes were wide in anticipation to see if this type of physical contact was allowed. “You’re usually less touchy,” you answered back, eyes narrowed in suspicion as you pulled your arm away. Oikawa huffed in defeat.

After acknowledging your feelings for the setter, it had been easier to control yourself around him. You had stopped lashing out, stuttering, and blushing, but you could never seem to calm your racing heart around him. But you ignored the sound of your heartbeat together with Oikawa’s complaints about you acting cold, because he had a girlfriend; if you gave in, things would never be the same again. It was exactly because you loved him that you refused to cave. You couldn’t bear the responsibility of complicating his relationship with Koda or with you.

…Not that you had anything more than a friendly relationship, you reminded yourself, with a twinge of disappointment.

You quickly swatted away the hand that poked your cheek. With a cry, Oikawa rubbed the hurt area, “Ow, [Name]-chan! You’ve been so quiet, are you okay?”

“I’m fine, Oikawa,” you said, elbowing his side playfully, “stop worrying about me!”

Oikawa watched as you ran ahead, waving goodbye without looking back.

“That damn [Name]…” He turned his head towards the sound of footsteps to see his vice captain looking at your form as well, albeit exasperatedly. “I waited to walk her home because she asked.”

“Demanded, you mean?” Oikawa corrected, chuckling when Iwaizumi sighed. “You can walk me home, Iwa-chan~” He laughed louder, dodging the punch aimed at him.

“So why hasn’t Koda-san come by the gym again?” Iwaizumi asked as the two left school premises. He raised an eyebrow at the setter’s suddenly tense form.

“R-right,” Oikawa started, scratching the back of his head in embarrassment. “Did I forget to mention she broke up with me?”

“Oh?” Iwaizumi’s eyes widened in amusement.

“Is that funny to you, Iwa-chan!?” The captain cried.

“So even someone like you who has a fan club squealing at him all the time can’t keep a girl, huh?”

“You’ll have to choose between me or her, Oikawa-kun.”

“Oya, I’ve kept [Name]-chan all these years, right?” Oikawa stuck his tongue out playfully, at which Iwaizumi just rolled his eyes.
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Sixteen by Ysa Is A Bell
Author's Notes:
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Cupcake, I love you!
“She what!?” Your cry echoed off the gymnasium walls before Oikawa thrust his arm out to clasp a hand over your mouth. Your eyes were wide in surprise as your captor let out a huff. “Geez, [Name]-chan, don’t cause a scene!” He hissed, pouting as you twisted your head away from his hold.

“Why would she do that?” You ignored his plea, mouth agape, and you almost felt guilty that you were excited. Oikawa tensed momentarily, mouth pressed into a flat line as he thought of seventeen different cover ups in a second and a half. “Because I play too much volleyball!” If you weren’t so distracted by the fact that Oikawa and Koda were no longer together, you would have noticed the nervous twitch of the setter’s smile. If your thoughts of having a chance with Oikawa weren’t clouding your judgment, you would have narrowed your eyes suspiciously at the captain’s nonchalant tone at explaining his breakup. Oikawa was the type to crumple on the ground and create a puddle of tears, after all.

Iwaizumi dropped his face into his hand in exasperation from the bench as he, and all the other players, watched your interaction. Oikawa was lucky to have gotten away with his poor acting and lying skills.

After all, the captain wouldn’t tell you that you were the reason for the break up. He didn’t blame you, but because he knew you well, you were the type to take responsibility for everything. He knew you would apologize to Koda, explain yourself, and make sure they reconciled. But truthfully, as Oikawa watched you hum in thought, rubbing your chin, he was happy. Sure it was nice to have a cute girl to have cake with, to walk home, to flirt with, but he would never give you up for that.

“You know…” You lifted your gaze to see Oikawa blinking questioningly at you (and out of his inner musings). “Hitomi wasn’t worth it if she asked you to give up what you love.”

When Oikawa widened his eyes at you, expressionless, you had to rethink your words over and over. You were just trying to comfort him! How could you screw that up!?

You flinched as the captain placed a hand on your head after a moment of silence. It was your turn to widen your eyes at Oikawa’s bright smile.

“You’re right, [Name]-chan,” he murmured, eyes softening at you.

Oikawa chuckled to himself as he walked past you and toward his team mates. You turned to watch his back, eyebrow raised.

“I guess he really loves volleyball,” you muttered, shrugging off the setter’s unusual post-break up behavior.
Seventeen by Ysa Is A Bell
Author's Notes:
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For Cupcake~
Oikawa stopped abruptly and you grunted as you collided with his back.

“Oikawa-san,” a voice started while you blinked in confusion, “what are you doing here?”

“I’m watching my nephew,” he replied, unamused.

“Hey!” Takeru greeted, raising an arm up in a wave. You peeked behind Oikawa to see a boy wave unsurely at Takeru.

“Kageyama-kun!” You exclaimed, stepping closer to him. It took you a while to recognize him as you had never seen him outside his volleyball uniform or training clothes. Karasuno’s setter blinked in surprise, murmuring your name with a bow in acknowledgment. You missed Oikawa’s eye twitch in annoyance as you were too busy fawning over his rival. “What are you doing here?”

“Well, I--“

“Let’s go,” Oikawa growled, grabbing your wrist with one hand and pushing Takeru forward with the other.

“Wait, Oikawa-san!” Kageyama called out. Oikawa turned with his tongue sticking out mockingly, refusing to listen. “Hey!” You shook the arm he was holding to get his attention with an unimpressed glare. “Be nice,” you hissed. The Seijoh captain sighed exasperatedly, casting Kageyama a sideway glance.

“What do you want? I don’t have a lot of time.” Oikawa muttered.

“Eh? You said you had time since your girlfriend broke up with you.”

“Shut up, Takeru!”

“You said you didn’t know what you did wrong, too.”

“Takeru, I said shut up!”

Kageyama blinked at his rival being underhanded by his nephew. His eyes moved to you as he heard suppressed laughter, then to Oikawa’s hold on your wrist. He tilted his head to the side, realizing then if that meant you were the new girlfriend…?

You clasped a hand over your mouth to stop yourself from laughing at Oikawa and Takeru. You were about to apologize to Kageyama when your curiosity was piqued by whatever he was staring hard at. Your eyes matched his gaze before widening at Oikawa’s long fingers around your wrist. Swallowing thickly, you pulled your hand away, trying your best to stop the warmth creeping up your face.

Oikawa’s voice faltered for a second as he felt you pull away, cursing himself internally for keeping his hold on you for too long. He had honestly not noticed but was embarrassed that you did. The captain cleared his throat before finally giving in to Kageyama’s request to listen. It was something about the little shrimp and spiking and tossing, but Oikawa was more concerned with you. He averted his gaze from Kageyama to you but blinked in surprise to see you looking right back at him. As soon as your eyes met, you both looked away.

Well that certainly did it. Your feelings had won you over, and you were sure that your face was bright red. While Oikawa was answering Kageyama’s predicament about Hinata, you bit the inside of your cheek. Looking anywhere but at the setter beside you, your eyes found Takeru whose eyes were narrowed at you knowingly, a silly grin on his face. Your eyes hardened at him warningly, but Takeru’s smug look did not waver. You sighed in silent defeat, disappointed in yourself for being found out so easily by a child.
Eighteen by Ysa Is A Bell
Author's Notes:
For Cupcake!!! AAAAA
“Bye, Takeru!” You bent down to hug the thin boy, rubbing your face against his cheek affectionately. Takeru groaned, pushing you by the shoulders, face red. “[Name] Nee-san, I’m not a child anymore!” You laughed, wrapping your arms around Takeru tighter. “You’ll always be a baby to me!”

The little boy growled playfully before pushing at you hard enough to escape. With a snicker, you straightened yourself and pat his head. “Go on then.”

“Later, Takeru,” Oikawa jut a fist out for Takeru to bump, chuckling at the playful tussle.

“Tooru, you should bring [Name] Nee-san around more! She’s not boring like the other girls.”

You and Oikawa were frozen in place as you watched Takeru walk up the steps to his house, waving a last goodbye before leaving the two of you outside. You wouldn’t dare look at Oikawa without calming your nerves.

So Oikawa’s brought girls to watch Takeru… That was none of your business, right? He used to ask you, but you always declined. That probably meant Hitomi had met the boy for the short time that she and Oikawa were together. What mattered anyway was that they weren’t together anymore, but what bothered you was that -- even as you felt a sense of pride that Takeru preferred you -- you had become Oikawa’s last resort as company.

You disguised your shaky breath in a laugh, unnerved by the silence. “I should get going,” you said, stretching your arms over your head, already turned away from Takeru’s home. You blinked before looking down at the large hand around your wrist for the second time that day.

“[Name]-chan,” You looked up at the setter, surprised to notice a lack of confidence in his always-beaming eyes. “Let me walk you home.”

“You don’t have to,” you frowned.

“I insist,” he replied, eyes shining again which made you doubt your earlier observation.

“Alright then.” You smiled as Oikawa sighed in relief. He released his hold on you, sticking his tongue out playfully. “I knew deep down you wanted this~”

You gasped, take aback by Oikawa’s teasing. You punched his shoulder while laughing, furrowing your eyebrows in an attempt to look angry. “You insisted, idiot!”

Oikawa snickered into his hand before reaching out to tousle your hair.

“You’re so cute, [Name]-chan.”

The Seijoh captain had warm hands. From your hair he slid a hand to cup your cheek, rubbing a thumb between your eyebrows. Your eyes widened at his gentle touch, mouth parting to speak with no words coming out.

“You’ll get wrinkles,” he murmured, his lips tilting into an amused smile at your reaction.

“Tooru, you’re still here!?”

Oikawa flinched his hand away from you as you whipped your head towards the familiar voice to see Takeru at the door.

“J-just about to leave, Takeru! Bye!” The captain replied as he rubbed the back of his neck. He turned around to leave, signaling for you to follow with a sheepish smile.


You shut the door to your home as Oikawa disappeared around the corner. Taking a deep breath, you rested your head against the door, eyes closed, lips trembling… face the brightest red its ever been. Even if the walk home was uneventful (aside from the usual banter), the warmth of the setter’s hand over your cheek never left. You brought a hand up to your face to mirror Oikawa’s actions, wondering if you would ever tell your best friend about your feelings.

You scoffed at the thought, pushing yourself off the door, and wondering if there was an equation that could solve for the chance (in percent because you hated fractions) that he might feel the same way.
Nineteen by Ysa Is A Bell
Author's Notes:

You narrowed your eyes as the sound of a pleasurable moan filled your ears. You knew Oikawa loved milk bread, but you didn’t think this much. Sighing, you rested your cheek in the palm of your hand, observing your surroundings. It was your first time at this café, which Kindaichi said was old, so you were relatively surprised to see that the place was so busy and that you had never heard about it. You took notice of a couple situated two tables diagonally from yours when the girl laughed obnoxiously. She leaned forward, holding up a fork of cake for the man across her to eat. You blushed when she leaned in some more to press her lips against his.

When another moan floated in the air, you blushed darker, leaning over to flick the forehead of the male in front of you. “Oikawa!” You whined, “please stop making those s-stupid sounds!”

With a huff, you sat back and slouched in your seat, arms crossed as Oikawa blinked at you with his doe eyes, cheeks puffed out and full of milk bread.

“[Name]-chan, I can’t help it! The milk bread here is the best!” You rolled your eyes and frowned. “Why am I here again?”

“Because it wouldn’t be a date if you weren’t~” And before you could retort--

“Then why am I here?”

“Because this isn’t a date,” you hissed at Iwaizumi beside you.

Oikawa took another bite of his beloved milk bread, “Iwu-chum urmf muframph nmrufmphun.”

“Whatever, Trashykawa.”

You looked on incredulously as Iwaizumi shrugged and Oikawa narrowed his eyes at his vice captain. How Iwaizumi could understand the setter, you had no idea. You rested your head against the tabletop with a whimper. “I’m surrounded by idiots.”

“But we’re your idiots, [Name]-chan~”

“Don’t put me in the same category as him, [Name]…”

“Ah! Iwa-chan, you think you’re better than me!?”

“I’m better than you at everything,”

“Except at being a setter,”

“Okay, then are you better at spiking?”


“You’re a dumbass.”

While your childhood friends argued with each other, you hadn’t lifted your head, but your body had begun to shake.


You straightened your back slowly, wiping tears away from your eyes. Oikawa gaped at you as Iwaizumi tensed at the sight of tears. The Seijoh captain sputtered and grabbed his bag to rummage through it and find you tissues.

“O-oi, [Name], what’s wrong?” Iwaizumi asked, hand hovering over your shoulder hesitantly.

“Hmm?” You looked up to see the worried expressions of the boys. “Oh,” you blinked before throwing your head back in laughter. “Sorry, I’m not crying! I was just laughing so hard at how ridiculous the two of you were being.” You wiped away your tears of laughter again.

Oikawa and Iwaizumi visibly relaxed at the same time, and you smiled inwardly at their synchronization. You would never bring it up because you knew Iwaizumi would be too proud to admit how close they were.

“I love you guys,” you said with a sigh of content.

Oikawa watched as Iwaizumi nudged you playfully with a quick ruffle to your hair; he watched as you swatted the ace’s hand away; and he heard his heartbeat in his ears when you looked in his direction and flashed him the brightest smile he had ever seen.
Twenty by Ysa Is A Bell
Author's Notes:
My Oikawa Nendoroid came in today, and he is so beautiful, SO HERE'S AN UPDATE!

I hope you enjoy this one too, Cupcake~
You did your best to weave through your schoolmates but in your rush, you called out apologies to those you inevitably bumped or pushed aside. The sea of students turned their heads towards you and narrowed their eyes in annoyance, but that wasn’t your main concern at the moment.

Reaching your destination, you slid the door open in one quick motion -- mouth parted to take quick breaths, shoulders heaving, knees trembling, your eyes wide as they zeroed in on a cheeky grin.

“Yo, [Name]-chan~” Oikawa greeted with a lazy salute, seated at the edge of the clinic bed.

Still panting, your eyes shifted to the floor to see Oikawa’s foot wrapped in an elastic bandage. Your eyebrows furrowed and you looked at the Seijoh captain’s face again, expecting him to look apologetic, but his face would not have given away anything. All he did was stare at you with those dumb doe eyes, head tilted in curiosity like any normal day.

You grit your teeth and stormed towards the setter, fists clenched tight enough to make your knuckles turn white.

“You…!” Oikawa winced slightly as you raised a hand to his cheek. At his reaction, your breath hitched and your body froze. “You…” With a deep breath to calm yourself, you brought your hand back down to your side. You hung your head dejectedly and opted to stare at the floor.

“What happened to you?”

When long fingers wrapped around both your hands, you pressed your lips into a thin line. His hands were big enough to cage yours in, you realized, as he brought them to his chest and gave a tight squeeze. Looking up through your lashes, Oikawa offered you a small smile. Your eyebrows knit together even tighter, and your lips tilted downward, at which the setter chuckled softly.

“It’s nothing,” he murmured, letting go of your hands to pat the space beside him. Taking his cue, you plopped down next to him.

“Don’t lie to me,” you muttered, looking straight at the first aid cabinet rather than your friend beside you.

Your eyes narrowed as Oikawa leaned his head against yours with a hum.

“I twisted my ankle.” You pursed your lips in frustration. “But it didn’t sprain. It will heal quickly,” he added, attempting to lessen the blow.

Oikawa lifted his head to look at you and gauge your reaction, and when you turned at him to look at him with glassy eyes, he frowned.

“The point is,” you sniffed as the first tear rolled down your cheek, “you hurt yourself.”

“When are you going to listen to me?” You sighed. Oikawa listened with a somber smile, reaching up to wipe your tears away with his thumb. “You seriously need to stop overworking yourself.”

“And will you stop smiling at me? I’m mad at you.” Oikawa paused with wide eyes before letting out a breathless laugh.

“I know,” he said before sticking his tongue out at you. “I just never knew you cared this much, [Name]-chan. It makes me happy, but I’m sorry for worrying you.”

With a sigh, you leaned your head on Oikawa’s shoulder, staring back at the medicine cabinet.

“Of course I worry about you, stupid.”

Oikawa leaned his head over yours.

“Thank you.”

You and Oikawa had never been this affectionate before. If this physical contact had happened yesterday, you would have blushed madly and shied away. Perhaps tomorrow you would recall the events and feel like throwing up from embarrassment at the out-of-place intimacy. But at present, your heart and mind were at peace.
Twenty-one by Ysa Is A Bell
Author's Notes:
Just a quick filler because things start picking up at the playoffs. :D

Cupcake, literally, I'm dedicating the whole of High Maintenance to you. Hahaha! Thank you for loving Oikawa and Iwaizumi enough to make you keep reading this. ♥
You scowled at Oikawa who was on his knees, stepping back as he tried to reach for you.

“[Name]-chaaan…” The setter’s mouth was open in a silent cry, and you sighed as he squinted his eyes “ his own little evil trick at forming tears.

“Look at you! Get off the ground.” You threw your arms up in exasperation before moving in to pull him up by his outstretched arm. Oikawa dusted off his knees, rocking on his heels as he waited expectantly for your next order. Crossing your arms, “I’m still not letting you play.”

As the Seijoh captain grabbed your shoulders and started shaking you lightly with a touch of whining, you turned your face away from him to watch the team play. Everyone was getting better, you noticed with a sense of pride. Perhaps your godforsaken drills (as the team liked to call it) paid off in the end. After a strong spike, Iwaizumi looked over his shoulder to glance at you. You smiled as he blinked at your small form being shaken by Oikawa before sighing and turning back to the 4v4 match.

“Oikawa,” you said, turning to see him looking at you with hopeful eyes. “You don’t want me to call Iwa-chan, do you?” Immediately, Oikawa let go of you to raise his hands in front of him in surrender.

“Don’t do it!” He pouted, eyes darting between you and Iwaizumi on the court nervously.

“I won’t,” you replied with a chuckle, reaching up to pat his shoulder as he took to watching his teammates play.

“Hey,” you said softly, poking his cheek to get his attention, “you will play again, okay? But you can’t train on an injured foot. We can’t afford to not have our captain play at the Spring High Playoffs. We need you Oikawa, so you have to heal.”

Oikawa’s lip trembled at your surprisingly gentle demeanor and comforting words, a faint blush on his cheeks.

You cleared your throat, trying to keep your mind off of how cute the captain looked like that. “Come on then,” you said, walking back to the bench, refusing to look back at Oikawa as you felt an oncoming blush of your own.
Twenty-two by Ysa Is A Bell
Author's Notes:

Sorry, Cupcake owo
What?” You squeaked.

WHAT!?” Oikawa growled as he abruptly stopped his serve mid-jump, grunting as the volleyball bounced off his head.

All the other members froze, whether on court or by the bench, because they barely heard Kyotani talk, but more importantly, none of them would have expected the Mad Dog to confess to their manager.

You held your clipboard closer to your chest, suddenly conscious after looking around the gymnasium to see all the players staring at you. With a sigh, you brought your gaze back to Kyotani who was staring at his feet.

You really wanted to run. Not because it was Kyotani confessing to you, but because no one had ever confessed to you, so you never learned how to accept or reject someone’s feelings. Of course in this case, you would have to reject because you were head over heels for the captain of your team, but also because it was Kyotani who had never shown any hints of liking you whatsoever.

“W-where is this coming from, Kyotani-kun?” You scratched your cheek sheepishly, looking to the side.

The male in front of you lifted his head to speak but was interrupted by an obnoxious laugh.

“Exactly, Mad Dog-chan~” You blinked at Oikawa who had appeared beside Kyotani, wiping a comical tear away from the corner of his eye.

“What could you have possibly seen in our manager?” The captain snickered as he smacked Kyotani’s back teasingly.

Your eyes widened and your face grew hot once Oikawa’s words had finally registered, but he wasn’t finished. There were much cuter girls, he said. You were strict. You rarely acted like a lady. You had a short temper; and he still wasn’t done. Your eyes made a quick sweep of the gymnasium again to see that all players looked away now, except for Iwaizumi who was storming towards the commotion with eyes narrowed into slits.

“You might want to think again, Mad Dog-chan,” Oikawa said while shaking his head.

But before Iwaizumi could roughly grab his captain’s shoulder and tell him to shut the hell up, the sound of a slap against Oikawa’s cheek had silenced him just fine.

The setter’s eyes widened as you brought your hand back down to your side, fist clenched as the other held your clipboard tight enough for your knuckles to go white. The hand you used to hit Oikawa was hot, but whether it was from impact or anger, your mind couldn’t process.

“Think of everything you just said,” you gritted through your teeth. Oikawa’s lips pressed into a tight line as he failed to read the emotions swimming in your eyes, “and remember that those were your words.”

Confusion. Betrayal. Sadness. Anger.

“I’m sorry this happened, Kyotani-kun,” you said with a bow.

Turning on your heel, you refused to look back, humiliated as you felt everyone's eyes on you. As soon as you exited the gym, you leaned against the wall, letting out a shaky breath as you finally let the tears fall.

“You really are a shitty guy,” Iwaizumi sighed beside Oikawa from inside. While Iwaizumi talked to Kyotani, the setter couldn’t tune in on what they were saying. Your words filled his head along with the things he said about you.

Oikawa was known for his pride and vanity, but at that moment, he hated himself.
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