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Story Notes:
I wrote this poem after watching a couple of documentaries about 9/11. My heart for some reason wanted to write something for the families of the victims. So, I dedicate this poem to them.

All the families who lost loved ones that day. This poem if for all of you. this is also for the one who had fallen, for I will never forget about my 3,000 brothers and sister who had been killed that September day.
A day that started like any other
The sun was high in the sky
And little sisters teasing their brothers

But in the morning the news changes all of that
The Twin towers were now under attack
Tears fall down American’s faces
And the tears soon came from all over the places

You had men and women fought on Flight 93
They did not know where they were going to be taken
With the battle for the plane it fell to the earth, and the earth was shaken

The pentagon was also under fire
And the Hijackers all filled their deadly desires

We had heroes who sprung to life
We had heroes who paid a great price
And we know they fought with all their might
For trying to do what they knew was right


Don’t ever forget the events that day
Don’t try to wash them away.
For people should always remember that day
For it is the day when all Americans were the same

I will never forget.
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