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Summary: Don't you hate it when you try to explain why your character isn't a Mary-Sue, but they don't listen because they think your character isn't "realistic"? What's the definition of "realism" in fiction anyway?
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Series: Mary-Sue: Who is She?
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Published: 10/22/13 Updated: 10/22/13
Story Notes:
I started writing these in 2009 or 2010 solely because I hated what other people were claiming Mary-Sues to be. OH, she's beautiful? She's got to be a Mary-Sue! OH, he has all of these superpowers? He's definitely a god-mod Gary-Stu! It's all stupid, so I made my own definition, and I am quite satisfied with what I've come up with so far. This is the fifth part of ten in my Mary-Sue: Who is She? series. That's right, TEN!

1. Mary-Sue: Realistic . . . According to the Universe by HatedLove6 [Reviews - 0] (2866 words)
When analyzing if your character is a "Mary-Sue" the universe and it's laws should always come first, but if you don't agree, I would love to hear it. I always encourage you that if you don't agree, make your own rules.