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Summary: [Rune Factory 4] Just a few demo scenes I wrote to gauge interest for a Doug (Rune Factory 4) fic. These scenes may or may not be in the final product (or at least will be heavily edited since this was just a demo) but it's fun to read anyway! The real story is in progress though so go check it out!
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Published: 11/20/13 Updated: 11/20/13
Story Notes:
Alright sooooooooooooooooooooooooo I'm addicted to Rune Factory 4. Like...very much so. It's probably extremely unhealthy. BUT I LOVE IT! And I think Doug is the reason I like it so much. IT'S SO WEIRD but it was like as soon as I met him in game I was just...floored. I dunno. I mean I've played Harvest Moon and Rune Factories in the past but I've never gotten the feeling quite like I got when I saw Doug. Heart beating excitedly and just...phew! IT WAS WEIRD.

So anyway, I fell in love with Doug and he's the reason I continue to play like the mad woman I am. AND HE'S SO FREAKING CUTE AND SWEET. When he gets there of course. Throughout the story I was like...eh...is he really worth it? DX He's kind of an ass... BUT ONCE YOU GET HIS HEART LEVEL UP AND DATE HIM. OMG. It's great.

*ahem* SO YES. I'll save the gushing later for the real story. First I--

YOU: Real story?

Yes. Sadly... Er, wait. Okay, so usually when I write these mini fics, I write the full thing out before I post it. I WOULD do that for this, but I'm totally not sure about the Rune Factory fanbase, or if anyone would even be interested in this. I suppose that shouldn't stop me, seeing as I've written for both Mana Khemia games which only netted me like...2 faithful reviewers...BUT STILL. I dunno. I just want to gauge and see if there is any interest in this story before I write the full thing.

So this isn't so much as a first chapter as it is a...trailer? Of sorts? Basically just really ...basic, scenes. They will almost definitely get rewritten when I actually get to that point, but I just wanted to throw some things down that I'll include just to see who might be interested.

So yes! If there is anyone out there who would be interested in a Doug mini-fic, please let me know! Or if you don't give a crap about Rune Factory 4 and just like this story based on my writing, then that's cool too!

Of course there will be SPOILERS! None in this as they're short scenes, but when I do the actual thing there will be. So for those of you who have played the game and are interested, leave me a note on how far into the game you are. Try not to mention any spoilers in the reviews in case others haven't made it as far, but basically I'm just wondering if you've made it past the point where Doug's LP actually goes past 3. That alone will tell me if you're past the spoilers XD

Alright! Well I'll keep this short. So let me know if you'd be interested in seeing the full thing! :3 Thank you~! Please enjoy!

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