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Story Notes:
I haven't actually written anything like this before but I hope you like it!

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach or it's respective characters.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach or it's respective characters.

Also I am not a doctor, please speak to the professionals if you are pregnant!
The strangely shape little plastic stick mocked you as you held it in your hands. Breathing heavily, you reached for the instructions for the third time, ignoring the fact it would not change the outcome.

The pregnancy test was positive.

You were pregnant.

The numbness of your mind was interrupted with an explosion of questions, how? What? Why?

Questions which kept repeating themselves until your brain settled on one important query.

What were you going to do now?

You were a young woman weeks away from graduating from University, the tickets were booked and the cap and gown ordered. You had just started outlining the plans for starting a new business, but where did a baby factor into all of this?

Sitting back down on the toilet seat lid, you took a deep breath, what on earth were you going to tell the father?

Yes, you were absolutely besotted by him and had been dating for almost two years and been living together for about three months but you were both so young and so unprepared for this responsibility. He lead such a busy life, with so many people depending on him which wasn’t helped with the unpredictability of his work. Would he even have the time to raise a baby?

Throwing the pregnancy test in the small bin, you tried standing on your shaky legs. Could you do this? Could you really become a mother? Could you even consider an abortion?

No. You flinched at even thinking of it.

Sighing and attempting to compose yourself, you opened the bathroom door. Kurosaki Ichigo, the love of your life, father to your unborn child stood waiting by the door. Anxiety was written all over his face, as his hand went straight to your forehead checking for a temperature. Kurosaki Ichigo stood unwavering as he tried to assess you. Dissatisfied with the lack of answers, Ichigo’s hand travelled to your cheek, cupping your face.

“Are you alright?”
His voice was strained with worry, he knew something wasn’t right but your silence was scaring him. Releasing a shaky breath and forcing a smile, you leant into his chest, your arms wrapping around him.

“I’m fine, just tired.”

His arms wrapped around you, his head resting on yours. Ichigo knew you were not fine, having watched you sneak into to the bathroom and was called out to a hollow situation before he could check on you, only returning a few minutes ago just as you were emerging, he had been out for well over thirty minutes and you looked like you had seen a ghost.

You kept trying to form the words to tell him, words that seemed to escape from existence every time you thought of them. Maybe you should go to a doctor before you told him anything, what if you got his hopes up and it wasn’t true?

Finally breaking the embrace, you kissed Ichigo on the corner of his mouth, before you rushed to the kitchen to fix yourself a glass of water. The silence was thick with tension as his stare never left your form.

Could the pregnancy test be wrong? You’ve heard of it, of course, but what else could explain being two weeks late on your period and the nausea and throwing up in the morning, the reasons you got a pregnancy test in the first place. Ichigo being, Ichigo didn’t really know what was going on but had caught you once throwing up one morning and completely freaked out.

How were you expected to tell the man you loved you were carrying his child?

It wasn’t exactly talking of the weather.
Gulping down the cool liquid, Ichigo walked in, leaning against the counter, his eyes were still trained onto you, his arms folded over his well-toned chest.
Saying your name you turned to him, hating the worrying in his eyes.

“What’s going on?”

His voice was firm, you involuntarily gulped. Why the hell were you so scared?

Opening your mouth to speak, the room began to spin. Reaching out in your dizziness, Ichigo had quickly lifted you bridal style.

“We’re going to a doctor.”

With the room still spinning, your voice came out slurred.

“No, don’t take me to a doctor. I just want to sleep.”

Ichigo stood, torn between what to do. Sensing his
dilemma you decided to put your foot down.

“Ichigo, take me to the bed.”

With a sigh and a hasty glance, Ichigo did as ordered.
Gently placing you down, the spinning slowed but didn’t stop. Lying down beside you, Ichigo began stroking your hair seeing you visibly relax and after a while finally succumb to sleep. Maybe you were right, maybe your body did just need sleep, you had been stressing lately. The thought was not reassuring to the young substitute shinigami, he did however, know you were hiding something, which frustrated him a lot, to his knowledge you two didn’t have secrets.

Watching your features as you slept, Ichigo sighed and placed a kiss on your forehead before getting up off the bed and leaving the room.

Running his hand through his bright hair, maybe it was a woman thing? Should he call someone? Rukia? Orihime? Although they were his friends, they were definitely the wrong people to ask about this. Maybe he should call his dad? No, definitely not. The old man would be all weird and not help the situation. Urahara? No, would probably perform some experiment on you instead.

Why the hell was he so weak when it came to you?

Walking into the bathroom and lifting up the toilet lids, Ichigo’s eyes caught something in the bin. Picking it up, he looked at it in confusion, seeing instructions thrown next to it he scanned over it quickly only to make a strangled noise from his throat, a pink tinge flushed upon his cheeks as his eyes grew wide.

Well, that would explain everything.

*3 Hours Later*

You became increasingly aware that Ichigo wasn’t beside you as awoke. Slowly opening one eye, you scanned the now dark bedroom, Ichigo was sat with legs crossed, his eyes still wide they stared your stomach, his hands clutched at the evil plastic stick from earlier.

Sitting up bolt straight in shock, Ichigo didn’t move, his eyes still trained on your stomach.

“Ichigo?” Your voice came out as a squeak.

Waiting for a response, you felt fear bubbling in your gut. Tears started falling down your cheeks.“Oh God, Ichigo.” You couldn’t look him in the eye, instead you stared at your feet.

“I’m so sorry, Ichigo. I got scared I didn’t know what to say or what to do!”

You didn’t know how he was going to react, would he walk out and leave you? That definitely wasn’t like Ichigo but you hadn’t been in this situation before.

Trying to calm your breathing, you felt him shift on the bed; you tensed as you waited for him to leave. Instead you felt your chin being lifted up, forcing you to look into his eyes.

“Don’t you trust me?”

You let out a noise of surprise.

“Of course, I did but with you having to take care of hollows all the time and the amount of people you are trying to protect I-”

You were cut off as Ichigo wiped the newly sprung tears that had fallen down your cheeks; gently pressing his lips against your trembling ones.

A smile graced his lips as he watched the confusion on your face, placing a hand on your flat stomach, he kissed you again passionately.

“We’re going to have a baby.”
Chapter End Notes:
Thanks for reading! I Hope you enjoyed it!
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