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Beta readers: Fluff and Melee!
Chapt. 1 - A Night to Remember

Your eyes snapped up to the tower that stood over the city. It shone like a beacon, even in the dead of night, as cars honked in the distance and the stars were outshone by the neon signs. You were bundled up tight, it was the middle of winter after all, though you couldn’t tear your eyes away from the night sky.

“Hey!” A man shouted behind you, “Move it, lady!” He brushed past you, not even sparing you a glance as he pressed onwards, down the snowy sidewalk. Huffing, you moved on as well, so much for your stargazing. The buildings towered over you, making you feel minuscule in comparison. Within minutes you finally arrived at your work, a far too small cafe just by the subway station.

A short, bald headed man greeted you upon entering. He was your boss, of course. His gaping smile brought only a dash of a good mood to you as you escorted yourself back behind the counter where you would spend the rest of your night, only going home to take a shower before rushing off to school. Laying your coat down, you began to take in the orders of the stragglers that walked through the door.

It was almost 3 in the morning when a man with dark hair and even darker eyes strutted through the door. Your boss had long since left, leaving you to close the shop. Though the man was interesting, he gave of a vibe of violence and anger that you didn’t want to deal with.

“How can I help you?” You chimed out like you had with every customer before him.

He eyed you quietly, apparently assessing whether or not you were a threat to him, before approaching the counter. “Coffee.” He grunted simply.

You turned around moving towards the coffee pot, almost robotically. “And how would you like that, sir?” You asked, beginning to pour the cup.

He never got to answer.

Gunshots rang out, shattering the large windows that decorated the front of the store. The strange man leaped over the counter, forcing you down onto the tiled floor before you could ask questions. The gunfire rang out again, this time whizzing just over the top of the counter and hitting the many appliances that occupied the back of the store.

“Come with me!” The man yelled over the pop of the bullets, crawling towards the only other exit that existed at the very back of the establishment. You followed him, though the thought that this could be some sort of elaborate trap did enter your mind.

Rushing out the door, and nearly getting nicked in the ear, you both sprinted down the back alley and onto the street. It was only then that your savior paused, and only for a second, before shooting straight down the stairs to the subway tunnel.You were right behind him when he reached the train platform, bending over to catch his breath.

“You okay?” he questioned looking up at you as you panted.

The confusion and fright you had previously faced now boiled into anger “Who the fuck are you!?” you yelled, causing the man to back away.

“Quinn.” He said, shifting away from you uneasily “I’m Quinn, and you are?”

How could this guy be acting so calmly? You two had just been shot at. “I’m ___.” You responded, your eyes baring his. “And you’d better have a good explanation for what just happened.”

A horn sounded from down the tunnel and before you knew it the subway train pulled up to the platform. All Quinn did was smile mischievously at you, and with dawning realization, you reached out to snatch him by the collar, determined to get your answers.

It was all for nothing though, Your new “friend” essentially bounced out of your grip and onto the train just before the doors closed.

You growled in frustration, watching as the train pulled out of the station.

A sigh of defeat escaped your lips, and briefly you wondered what to do, before coming to the conclusion that you should head home.

In retrospect, that had been a bad call.
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