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Story Notes:
I do not own Resident Evil, nor its characters. I do not own you either.
Author's Chapter Notes:
I finally got my butt around to posting the things I've done for the 101 Theme challenge from Quizilla. This was on my SourPeep account!
Chris chuckled lightly as he watched you bustle around the house, picking up toys and putting them away, hurrying to the kitchen to make sure the kids food wasn’t burning on the stove. The poor man almost felt like a third wheel in his own family.

Two girls and one boy, but luckily for him; another one would be on the way.

“You need any help in there?” He asked softly.

You turned around quickly, remaining silent as you pointed at something behind him. Chris turned around in his chair, just witnessing both of his girls tugging on the cloth of the coffee table.

The girls managed to tear the cloth off the table, sending the objects sitting on it crashing to the floor.

Just then, you heard the front door shut, and your son was nowhere in sight.

“Hey, there’s my little man!”

Much to your liking, the voice belonged to Piers. You watched him carry your toddler son in his arms back over to where Chris was. Of course Piers came around now and then to help out with the kids. Even if it meant that the two men were going to sit around in the living room and talk.

You were part of one big, happy family.
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