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Summary: What is fan fiction?
Is it copyright infringement and plagiarism?
Why write fan fiction and not dive into original fiction?
What's with all of these terms?
Do I have any rights as a fan fiction writer?

These questions must be answered!
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1. Introduction by HatedLove6 [Reviews - 1] Liked (2302 words)
So I can write something other than Mary-Sue guides after all!

2. Glossary by HatedLove6 [Reviews - 0] (3046 words)
Keep in mind that GotVS does have a dictionary, so you might want to refer to that also when it comes to this site, but this is how I've known the terms. In addition, there are other terms here that aren't listed in the dictionary, or ar pretty obscure. This is a necessary chapter because it ties in to the next chapter.

3. Tagging by HatedLove6 [Reviews - 0] (904 words)

4. Why Write Fan Fiction? by HatedLove6 [Reviews - 0] (1060 words)

5. Fan Fiction Writer Rights by HatedLove6 [Reviews - 0] (1184 words)
This chapter is the sole reason why I wanted to write this whole thing.