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Author's Chapter Notes:

I posted this on AO3 before, but removed it because I wasn't happy with it. Now, I am. I'm hope I'm getting better at writing. I really do.

I don't own anyone mentioned in this story. None. No one. Blah, blah, I could go on.



No matter what names he called you, it wouldn't be enough to draw you out of hiding. Feeling that you were no longer safe, you quickly stood up and ran to a new spot. Within seconds, the rock you hid behind exploded into pieces. That could have been you.


"Why won't you come out and fight me? If you didn't want to die, then you should have given up while you still could."


Slowly, you peeked your head out from the edge of your hiding spot. Hiei knew exactly where you were. He stared at your hiding spot, almost as if he could see you. To tell the truth, you wouldn't be surprised if he did. There wasn't a person you knew who didn't know of Hiei and his history. From his time in the Dark Tournament to his time within Mukuro's command. To think that you were given the honor of fighting him. It was an honor you would be happy to hand over to another.


Your friends had tried to convince you to step down. They didn't want to see you hurt or worse dead. Regardless, you refused to listen to them and went off to fight. Only when it was too late did you see the error you had just committed.


Swallowing the lump in your throat, you moved to another hiding spot. "Is it really too late to surrender? Even if I do, you'll kill me?" There was only silence to your question. You berated yourself for assuming he would answer your question. Of course he wouldn't. There was only one thing left to do. You slowly stood up, keeping your back to Hiei. "I surrender."


The minutes ticked by slowly. You listened as they announced Hiei the winner and you waited for the inevitable. You waited for something to end your life. His sword, his fist, his dragon, anything at all. When nothing came, you looked over your shoulder to look for him.


You were alone.

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