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Story Notes:

Hey~ I'm excited to be back on here.  Even so, it's still the same place, just revamped.  I was planning on transferring my stories over, but I realized that I got a new computer and didn't keep the files...so yeah.  Starting 2014 off with a drabble set to make up for my lost stories.  

It's not a big deal, anyway.  I wasn't really satisfied with them, but nonetheless, I'm glad to be back.  Hope you enjoy~

Author's Chapter Notes:

If I had my stories transferred over here, you would all have noticed by now that I'm one to drop stories whenever I get a new idea.  But alas, it is 2014, my dears, and I do not intend to do that.  Hopefully.

It had all started with the simple push of the door.

You had wandered around the halls of Ouran Academy for a long time before finally admitting defeat and setting aside your pride.  Slowly approaching a boy, you tapped his shoulder gingerly, a worried expression on your face. 

He turned around, his eyes widening in surprise.  You greeted him with a slight curve of your lips, your smile not quite reaching your eyes.  “Excuse me, but do you know where I can find Music Room Three?  I’m looking for my cousin,” you explained, looking up at him with hopeful eyes.

“Oh, just follow the staircase to the top floor and you’ll find yourself in a long hallway.  Take a left from there and just follow the hallway until you reach the end of the hallway.  There should be signs to guide you,” the boy replied cheerfully. 

Gratefully acknowledging his words, you nodded your head slightly, beginning the journey up the stairs to Music Room Three.  Gently running your hands over the banisters, you grinned as dust collected on your fingers.  Arriving at the top of the staircase, you blinked as you saw many girls coming your way.  They crowded into little groups, giggling. Looking up at the signs, you finally arrived to the door of Music Room Three.  Tentatively pushing it open, you were greeted by the sight of a room with a few people haphazardly scattered around. 

“Sorry, but we’re closed,” two voices said in unison.  You blinked in confusion, your eyes falling on one person in particular.  Taking a step inside, your path was blocked by two tall figures that loomed over you.  Looking up, you were greeted with the sight of two redheads.

Sighing, you pushed past them, a frown marring your features.  “Haruhi, why are you dressed as a boy?” you asked. 

A cold breeze flowed throughout the room, a stunned silence blanketing itself over the occupants in the room.  You suddenly found yourself surrounded by a blond teenager and the two twins that had spoken to your earlier.

“Who are you and how did you know that Haruhi’s a girl?” the blond asked, a frown on his face as he shined a flashlight in your eyes, imitating a police investigation.  Your pupils dilated as the light hit it and you blinked rapidly, your eyes narrowed dangerously. 

Before you could do anything, the raven-haired male pushed up his glasses, making the light reflect off of the curved surface.  “Stop overreacting.  This is Haruhi’s cousin.  Be nice to her.  She may be Haruhi’s cousin, but she is still an aristocrat.  She has the ability to close this club down,” Kyoya said.

You smirked, watching as the hosts regarded you with awe.

Little did you know, meeting to Host Club would change your life forever.

After all, opening the door of Music Room Three was like lifting the lid of Pandora’s Box—it released a flurry of emotions inside of you that you didn’t know you had.

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