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Categories: Ouran High School Host Club Characters: Fujioka Haruhi, Haninozuka Mitsukuni, Hitachiin Hikaru, Hitachiin Kaoru, Houshakuji Renge, Morinozuka Takashi, Ootori Kyoya, Suoh Tamaki, Various
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Published: 01/03/14 Updated: 01/14/14
Story Notes:

Hey~ I'm excited to be back on here.  Even so, it's still the same place, just revamped.  I was planning on transferring my stories over, but I realized that I got a new computer and didn't keep the files...so yeah.  Starting 2014 off with a drabble set to make up for my lost stories.  

It's not a big deal, anyway.  I wasn't really satisfied with them, but nonetheless, I'm glad to be back.  Hope you enjoy~

1. Open by Meowijuana [Reviews - 8] (498 words)

If I had my stories transferred over here, you would all have noticed by now that I'm one to drop stories whenever I get a new idea.  But alas, it is 2014, my dears, and I do not intend to do that.  Hopefully.

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3. Experience by Meowijuana [Reviews - 0] (157 words)

*pushes fingers together in a Tamaki-esque fashion*

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