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Author's Chapter Notes:
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Short chapter, I apologize; there wasn't much to do however and I wanted to get this out there so that people could get a taste. Plus, this first third of the trilogy doesn't have AS MUCH content as the other two, so I need a chapter or two to be shorter so I can still hit my goal of # of chapters.
“I assume you’ve read your briefing?”

You nodded vigorously. “The Alliance is requisitioning additional crew members for the SSV Normandy. The position I was offered was…” your eyes briefly scanned the paper in your hands as you assured yourself that you were getting the name right, “Stealth Systems Engineer operating under the supervision of Chief Engineer Lieutenant Greg Adams. Primary responsibilities are-“

“Yes, yes,” the ambassador sighed and waved his hand dismissingly at you, “I’m more than aware, I simply wanted to be sure you knew what you were getting into.”

“He was only answering as you asked, Udina. Quite frankly I’m surprised you managed to accomplish something for once, after your dealings with the Council.” The military man standing beside Udina had a wide smirk on his face, though it seemed tinged with sadness despite the jest.

“I will not have you berate me for the Council’s stubborn ways in my own office, Anderson!” Udina said, his teeth clearly gritted and despite his otherwise calm demeanor was very easily read as angered. He sighed and turned toward you with his emotions again in check. “As Anderson has already approved your qualifications, as has Lieutenant Commander Shepard, I see no reason to keep you here any further. Consider this interview over, and report to the Normandy in no less than twenty-four hours.”

“Welcome aboard. You’re officially a part of the SSV Normandy’s crew,” Anderson said, still smiling, this time at you. “Dismissed.”

You gave a quick salute and turned around, quickly walking out of the room. The tension between the two was palpable and not something you wanted to be around. Plus, you felt a little awkward; you’d been working as a civilian mechanic for most of your adult life, and you still were a little uncertain of how to act around a military officer. You hoped the people aboard the SSV Normandy were nice, and a little relaxed. You were just thankful that you weren’t a Turian – from what you had heard, their vessels were the strictest in the galaxy.

You headed for your home, going through a list of everything you needed to pack. You were about to embark on the journey of a lifetime, even if you would see most of it through the thick hull of a ship. You didn’t mind, though. Getting to work that closely with one of the most advanced vessels in the Alliance Fleet was exciting enough. Besides, just how exciting could the mission be, anyway?
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