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[Kazuma Kuwabara x Reader] - After Kuwabara saves you, you offer to tutor him as repayment, but you weren't expecting to fall for him in the process. [DISCONTINUED]

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I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho nor any of its affiliated characters and settings. Any original characters, original settings, and the plot are the property of myself.

1. Chapter 1 by Sunkittie [Reviews - 2] Liked (1582 words)

So, as I was reading about Kuwabara, it was pretty apparent that he and Yukina are a thing by the end of the series. I like them together and don’t really feel like splitting them up for the sake of this story, so I’m having this take place right before the very beginning of the series when he doesn’t know Yukina.

Also, this won’t be a very long story. It will probably be between 2 and 5 chapters, depending on where my muse takes me. >.> I usually just let her do her thing, and I go along with it.