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Author's Chapter Notes:
Kishimoto owns the rights to Naruto~ Lucky dog
It was another boring, dreary day for you. Your eyes gazed to the outside window. The rain pelted against the window pane. A deep sigh escaped your lips. You slowly lifted yourself out of the wooden chair. Your feet shuffled on the cold floor to the front door. There, you slowly put your shoes on, and grabbed your umbrella.

It was hard to see anything, but grey and rain. And whenever you looked at the rain, it would stab you in the eyes. It was just easier for you to stare at the ground as you walked. It wasn’t like anyone else was going to be out in this storm.

One minute, you’re slowly shuffling your way in the rain. The next, you’re laying in a puddle of water with something heavy on you. Your eyes tried to focus on your surroundings. It was hard at first with rain pelting you in the eyeballs. You gaze to your left to see your umbrella laying on the ground. On your right was the heavy object.

“Heeaavvyyy.” You whined. You couldn’t even shove it off of you.

“Heavy; dattebayo?! I am not heavy!” An orange blob released you from your torture. Once released, you brought your right hand to your face. It felt very tingly. The feeling of the blood rushing back to your fingertips. Pins and needles. How much you loathed that feeling. You slowly sat up; using your left hand to brace yourself.

There was this loud buzzing sound to your right. Out of all the grey you could see was orange. Why orange? Maybe you were going blind. Or were you dying? Oh no, you were dying! That buzzing sound was death trying to pull you to the river styx!

“I don’t want to die!” Your right hand had enough feeling to punch the orange blob.

“Gaahhh!!! That hurt; dattebayo! Why would I kill you!?” The buzzing sound went to a roaring sound. Your eyes finally adjusted to the orange against the grey. Your eyes saw a pair of crystal blue eyes. It was worse than the grim reaper. You could feel the blood rushing to your face, as your eyes kept locked on the blue ones.

There was only one thing to do. Run. Run for dear life. You didn’t need time to think. Your feet did that for you. Your left hand pushed you into a squat, and your legs kept moving forward. Your feet clashed on the puddles. Your arms pumped to try to make you move faster. You didn’t stop until you reach your destination. Your fingers weren’t working properly. They fumbled with the keys, and wouldn’t turn the lock to the door. Somehow with the fumbling, the door was unlocked. You pushed yourself inside, and slammed the door closed behind you.

After a few minutes, leaning against the door, your breathing finally stopped being rapid and stabbing. Your clothes were soaking wet. The wet fabric sucked onto your skin. Your fingers in working order, plucked the clingy fabric, and wrung out the excess water.

Next, you went to grab your visor. You put on over your puddle-mud hair. You turned on the lights inside, and even opened up the lights in the coolers. Your face deformed when you saw how empty the cooler was. Hopefully, no one will come in, so you could stock the cooler. Apparently, no one else knows how to fill it. Too much work to replace what their greedy hands have taken.

You unlocked the door, and turned on the tiny open sign in the window. You brewed some coffee, and decided the hot beverage would do you some good. Goosebumps were growing up and down your skin, and the hairs on your arms were standing up. The steaming, strong, brown elixir slowly went down your throat. You could feel it slowly turning the frozen insides to a warmer degree.

Whilst, you were enjoying your good ol’ cup of joe, your first costumer walked through the door. The tiny bell hanging up the corner of the door told you someone had come in.

“Welcome!” You turned around to smile. However, your smile had ran off your face. You eyes had saw someone you were not expecting. You wanted to scream and cry and run away. But you couldn’t! You could not afford to lose your job! What were you to do?! Blue Eyes just stood there; staring at you.

“Are you alright; dattebayo?”

The blood began rushing back to your face. Your hands covered your face. You couldn’t let anyone see you like this. Especially Blue Eyes.

“Are you sick? Hinata-Chan’s face get like that too, before she faints; dattebayo.” Blue Eyes placed his hand on your forehead.

“Don’t touch me!” You smacked his hand away, and darted behind the counter. Thank goodness, there was a baseball bat. You grabbed the red, wooden bat. Best defense is a good offense.

“Eh?! Calm down, Nee-Chan!”

“Nee-Chan?! How old do you think I am, Blue Eyes?!”

“Blue Eyes?” The boy tried to process his nickname. For once, it wasn’t something insulting. “I just came to return this.” He showed you the umbrella you had left at the scene of the crime. Your poor umbrella. Covered in mud and rain.

“.... Thank you. Put it down there.” You pointed to the far side of the counter. You weren’t going to let Blue Eyes have the upper hand.

The boy grunted, but did what you told him to. “You know, Nee-Chan, you’re a little crazy.”

“Walk away from the umbrella.” You glared at him. Blue Eyes made another grunting noise. However, his feet slowly shuffled away from the umbrella. Once he moved away, you slowly grabbed the umbrella, and placed it under the cash register.

“Anything else, Blue Eyes?” Your eyes never left his. He was dangerous. His every move had to be watched. You watched his eyebrows turned upside down at you. You watched how his hand fumbled in his back pocket.

“What are you doing?!” You violently shook the bat. He had to know, you were a force to be reckoned with.

“Counting my money; dattebayo. You’re different than most girls.”

“Well most girls don’t have to work a full-time job to support themselves.” You huffed. “Not that it’s any your business.” Blue Eyes had almost made you drop your guard. Almost. He was tricky. You had to watch out for this one.

“Ero-Sennin took my money!”

“Blue Eyes, just take a drink.”

“Eh?” He stopped his dance to look at you.

“Just take what you want. I’ll cover for you. I have to thank you for returning my umbrella. Even though, you were the one who plowed me down.”

“Eh? Sorry about that; dattebayo! I was looking for Ero-Sennin.” The boy freaked out. “Sorry for hurting you, Nee-Chan.”

“It’s fine.” You grumbled once more. Blue Eyes was slowly making you lose your defense. He needed to leave as soon as possible. Besides, there was an entire cooler to stock!

“Let me know what you want, and I’ll pay for it. Just hurry up, Blue Eyes. I have work to do.” A growl from the boy’s stomach answered for him. Your eyebrow twitched. Instead of answering, you walked over to the small grill. You placed two eggs on it. You hand grabbed the spatula, and you went on cooking the two eggs. You flipped them over, and tossed a piece of cheese on them. Then you cut open a roll. You gently placed the eggs and cheese on the bread. You sprinkled some salt and pepper, and placed the top of the roll on the egg. You sliced it half, and wrapped up the egg sandwich.

“Here, Blue Eyes.” You handed him the sandwich.

“Thank you, Nee-Chan!” Waterfalls poured out of his eyes.

“Just leave already.”

“I’ll return to pay you back!” He bowed eight thousand times.

“Not a big deal.” You sighed. This boy was mentally draining. However, he proceed to the door. Something strange caught your eye.

“Blue Eyes, where is your umbrella?”

“I don’t have one; dattebayo.” As much as you didn’t want to do anything else for this orange blur, you picked up your umbrella from underneath the register.

“Here, Blue Eyes. This way you don’t knock over some old lady this time.”

“Thank you, Nee-Chan!” His arms held wide; you feared what his actions were going to be.

“Just go already!” You pointed the bat in his face, before his arms held wide could embrace you.

“I’ll be back to return it you, Nee-Chan!”

“Just keep it, Blue Eyes!” You shouted at him, but he had already bounced out of the store. Once he was gone, your knees gave out. You slumped down behind the register. Your fingers slowly lighten up against the bat. Your knuckles were white for holding it too tight.

Blue Eyes. He was emitting everything you feared. What was a girl like you to do? You feared it. You tried to hold onto your logic. Yet, he crashed into you, and knocked you off your feet. Literally! Ugh. You feared it, but the feeling inside made you giggle. A part of you wanted Blue Eyes to return the umbrella, and the other part of you wanted him not to. This feeling needed to be crushed. Love was a cruel thing, and it will leave you all alone and hurt. It has many times before.
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